GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATER - 1954-57 (Transferred from 16MM Motion Picture Film, All Black and White) [46 Titles] 

getheater 12/19/54 Fred Waring Christmas Music Ronald Reagan introduction and conclusion, (no commercial)

 03/04/55 Feathertop starring Natalie Wood, Carleton Carpenter and Irene Tedrow. Ronald Reagan introduction and end commercial for Natalie Wood/James Dean movie "Rebel Without a Cause" 

11/06/55 Winner By Decision starring Harry Belafonte 

11/13/55 Farewell To Kennedy starring Alan Ladd, Robert Armstrong and Kathleen Crowley 

11/20/55 Prosper's Old Mother starring Ronald Reagan, Ethel Barrymore and Charles Bronson  

11/27/55 From The Top starring Jack Carter, Lisa Kirk and Buddy Rich. 

12/11/55 Seeds of Hate starring Charlton Heston, Steve Cochran, Diana Douglas and Nancy Kulp

12/18/55 Let It Rain starring Ronald Reagan and Cloris Leachman, Joe Greene and Lillian Bronson  

01/01/56 Portrait of A Ballerina starring Joyce Van der Veen, Lili Darvas and John Abbott 

01/08/56 Esteban's Legacy starring Ricardo Montalban, Movita, Eugine Iglesia and Edward Colmans 

01/15/56 Ballad of Mender McClure starring Thomas Mitchell and Vincent Price. Reagan does some TV magic in introduction.  

01/22/56 The Muse and Mr. Parkinson starring Edward Everett Horton and Barbara Jo Allen and Russell Hicks. Ronald Reagan introduction and commercial.  

01/29/56 Summer Promise starring Joan Fontaine, Scott Marlowe, Philip Ober and Sally Fraser 

02/19/56 The Honest Man starring Jack Benny, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Charles Bronson, Barbara Lawrence and Mary Lawrence. Introduction by Ronald Reagan 

02/26/56 Try To Remember starring Ronald Reagan, Kim Hunter, Angie Dickinson, Barry Kelley and Whit Bissell.  

03/18/56 The Night Goes On starring Rosalind Russell, George MacReady and Carmen Mathews. Introduction by Ronald Reagan

03/25/56 Reflected Glory starring Ethel Merman and Walter Matthau 

04/01/56 The Easter Gift starring MacDonald Carey, Mary Fickett and Michael Allen 

04/08/56 Judy Garland Half Hour Musical Production Introduction by Ronald Reagan. 

04/29/56 H M S Marlborough will Enter Port starring Joseph Cotton, George Mathews, Jan Merlin and Sean McClory 

05/20/56 The Hat With Roses starring Gisele MacKenzie, Betty Lou Keim and Betty Garde. Ronald Reagan introduction and closes show.  

05/27/56 The Golden Key starring Joe E. Brown, Van Dyke Parks and Kenny Delmar. Ronald Reagan introduces story with a reference to the 1912 World Series. 

11/04/56 Rider on the Pale Horse starring Marge Champion, Gower Champion and Kathryn Givney (No Ronald Reagan)  

11/25/56 The Road That Led Afar starring Piper Laurie, Norman Leavitt, Beverly Washburn and Edgar Buchanan (No Ronald Reagan)

12/16/56 The Chess Game starring Ronald Coleman, Adam Williams, Maxine Cooper and Russ Conway (No Ronald Reagan) 

12/23/56 A Child Is Born, Starring Nadine Conner, Robert Middleton, Marian Seldes and Harve Presnell. Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan and daughter Patti Introduction and Conclusion, Commercial about GE Employees.  

12/30/56 The Shadow Outside starring Terry Moore, Whit Bissell, Ann Doran, William Smithers and Michael Landon. Commercial: Ronald Reagan new home building in progress with Nancy Reagan.  

01/20/57 Lady of the House starring Myrna Loy. Commercial with Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan and Patti Davis. 

01/27/57 Doctor of Pawnee Kill starring Lee Marvin, Kevin McCarthy.  

02/03/57 No Skin off Me starring Ronald Reagan. (Reagan’s Message for Hungarian Refugees)  

02/10/57 Town With A Past starring Jimmy Stewart. (No commercial). 

02/17/57 The Big Shooter starring Eva Gabor, Art Linkletter.  

02/24/57 Flight From Tormendero starring Donna Reed. 

03/03/57 The Fenton Touch starring Jack Benny.

03/17/57 Victorian Chaise Lounge starring Joan Fontaine. (No commercial).

03/24/57 Too Good With A Gun starring Bob Cummings and Michael Landon. Introduction by Ronald Reagan. Commercial in Reagan home demonstrating G. E. Electrical Appliances. Ronald, Nancy, Patti Reagan all speak.  

04/07/57 Clown starring Henry Fonda. (commercial without Reagan).

04/14/57 The Cab Driver starring Imogene Coca and Keenan Wynn. (commercial without Reagan).

04/21/57 Bitter Choice starring Anne Baxter. Commercial in Reagan home demonstrating G. E. Electrical Appliances with Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan and Patti Davis.

05/12/57 A Question of Survival starring Ronald Reagan and Kevin McCarthy. 

05/19/57 The Man Who Inherited Everything starring George Sanders. Ronald Reagan Introduction and visit to Reagan's new Pacific Palisades home with Nancy and Patti Reagan.  

05/26/57 New Girl In His Life starring John Forsythe (pilot for" Bachelor Father") Ronald Reagan introduction and conclusion. 

06/09/57 The Invitation starring Kathryn Grayson.  

08/25/57 With Malice Toward One starring Bette Davis and Francis Bavier

11/06/57 Never Turn Back starring Ray Milland

11/13/57 The Earring starring Greer Garson, Eduard Franz. Introduction by Ronald Reagan