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C543-12, President Reagan, with Nancy Reagan, talking to House Speaker Tip O'Neill during the President's 70th birthday party in the oval office. 2/6/81.

C1673-6, President Reagan exiting the United States Capitol after economic speech to Congress. 4/28/81

C2199-10A, Meeting with Ted Kennedy to discuss the situation in Ireland and gun control. 6/1/81.

C2208-19, President Reagan and George Bush meeting with House Speaker Tip O'Neill to discuss Tax Bill. 6/1/81.

C7661-8A, President Reagan meeting with House Speaker Tip O'Neill, Senator Howard Baker and other bipartisan members of congress to discuss budget compromise at U.S. Capitol. 4/28/82.

C7742-22, The Reagan's arrive at Senator Howard Baker's Residence for dinner in Huntsville, Tennessee. 5/1/82.

C9078-6, Meeting with Senator Howard Baker and Representative Bob Michel and Republican Congressional Leaders to discuss Lebanon and Foreign policy in cabinet room. 7/14/82.

C9703-23, President Reagan walking with Republican members of Congress at Camp David. 8/15/82.

C12755-22A, President Reagan and House Speaker Tip O'Neill discussing the Budget in the oval office. 1/31/83.

C13466-30, President Reagan attending a luncheon in honor of St. Patrick's Day and hosted by Thomas (Tip) O'Neill at the United States Capitol Speakers office with Congressman Robert Michel and Ed Bolland. 3/17/83.

C13539-3A, Meeting with Jack kemp and a group of Republican Members of Congress to discuss the 1984 budget of the United States in cabinet room. 3/22/83.

C16217-3, President Reagan meeting to discuss the recent trip to the Soviet Union by Congressman Richard Cheney in the oval office. 7/25/1983.

C17592-20A, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Paul Laxalt, Bob Michel, Corrine Michel, and Carol Laxalt watch the Oak Ridge Boys performance during the Barbecue for Members of Congress on the South Lawn.  10/6/83.

C20310-10, President Reagan meeting with George Bush, Howard Baker, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Fred Fielding, Jim Baker and MB Oglesby to discuss the upcoming debate in the Senate on the Proposed school prayer amendment in the Yellow Oval Room. 3/2/1984.

C26304-6, President Reagan meeting with Senator Barry Goldwater in oval office. 12/12/1984.

C27608-19, President Reagan having lunch with Tip O'Neill in the Oval Office. 3/7/1985.

C28310-36, President Reagan meeting with Republican Congressional Leadership with Bob Michel, Bob Dole and Alan Simpson in cabinet room. 4/16/1985.

C29258-4A, President Reagan meeting with Congressman Newt Gingrich and other "Core" Members of the Conservative Opportunity Society (COS) in oval office. 5/20/1985.

C30375-20, President Reagan concludes a Bipartisan Congressional Leadership meeting in the White House Treaty room several days after returning from cancer surgery. From left to right: Representative Jim Wright, Senator Strom Thurmond, Senator Robert Dole. 7/23/85 .

 C31509-12, President Reagan and Senator Bob Dole in the Cabinet Room during a Republican Congressional Leadership Meeting.  10/22/85.

C31920-21, President Reagan at a Bipartisan Congressional Leadership Meeting with Alan Simpson, Bob Dole, Robert Byrd, Bob Michel, and Jim Wright in the cabinet room. 11/12/85.

C33079-7, Meeting with Senator Edward Ted Kennedy in oval office. 1/27/86.

C33477-2, Briefing with Senator Paul Laxalt regarding the Philippines and President Marcos in oval office. 2/24/86.

C36411-9, President Reagan meeting with Republican Senate Candidate John McCain in oval office. 7/31/1986.

C39369-13, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan greet John McCain in the Blue Room during a dinner for newly elected members of the 100th Congress. 3/3/87.

C43717-2, President Reagan, Robert Michel, Howard Baker, and James Baker meeting to discuss budget negotiations in the East Sitting Hall. 11/18/87.

C41302-9, President Reagan, Howard Baker, Kenneth Duberstein, James Baker and Frank Carlucci meeting with Bipartisan Congressional leaders Tom Foley, Robert Byrd and Jim Wright in the Oval Office. 6/15/87.

C41603-10, President Reagan meeting with Senator Strom Thurmond in the Oval Office. 7/1/87.

C43936-6, President Reagan talking during a bipartisan Congressional meeting to discuss the upcoming US-USSR Summit with Senator Robert Byrd, Congressman Jim Wright and Congressman Richard Cheney in the Cabinet Room. 12/4/87.

C44985-8, President Reagan in a meeting to discuss the 1988 legislative agenda including aid to the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance Contras with Republican Congressional leaders Robert Dole and Alan Simpson in the cabinet room. 1/26/88.