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C179-15A, President Reagan working at his oval office desk on his first full day as President. 1/21/81.

C236-4, President Reagan working at his oval office desk on his first full day as President. 1/21/81.

C283-12, President Reagan getting a haircut from Milton Pitts in the West Wing Barber Shop. 1/23/81.


C310-25A, President Reagan eating lunch at his desk in the oval office.1/26/81.


C315-2, President Reagan grabbing handful of jellybeans with Alexander Haig and Richard Allen during a meeting with Interagency Working Committee on Terrorism in the Cabinet Room. 1/26/81.


C1032-17A, President Reagan walks along the White House colonnade. 3/6/81.


C1234-18. President Reagan sharing a joke with Ed Hickey during a St. Patrick's Day party in the White House Military office. 3/17/81.


C1348-16, President Reagan walking to helicopter for a horseback riding trip at Quantico, Virginia. 3/25/81.


C1638-17, President Reagan working alone in the Oval Office. 4/24/81.


C1670-11, President at the U.S. Capitol before giving his Economic Speech to Congress. 4/28/81.


C2092-21A, President Reagan speaking at the eagle podium in the State Dining room during the state dinner for Chancellor Schmidt of West Germany. 5/21/81.


C2607-8, President Reagan reading a newspaper on the Truman Balcony. 6/23/81.

C2746-10A, President Reagan toasting Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser at a White House State Dinner in the State Dining Room. 6/30/81.

C2838-5, Sign on President Reagan's oval office desk. 7/7/81.

C3278-10A, President Reagan holding up one of his "doodles" to the press in the oval office. 7/29/81.


C3657-13, President Reagan meeting with staff in the oval office. 9/4/81.

C4237-6, President Reagan motions to a reporter during a White House Press Conference in the East Room. 10/1/81.

C4390-7A, President Reagan awaiting the meeting with former Presidents at the White House ground floor corridor. 10/8/81.

C5177-5, President Reagan eating lunch in the newly remodeled residence. 11/18/81.

C6243-13, President Reagan blowing out candles on his birthday cake in the Oval Office. 2/5/82.

C6289-25A, President Reagan speaking at a Rally for Senator Durenberger in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2/8/82.

C6287-7, President Reagan speaking at a Rally for Senator Durenberger in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2/8/82.

C6295-29A, President at a Rally for Senator Durenberger in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2/8/82.

C7186-27A, President Reagan visiting Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland with Dr. Daniel Ruge. 4/1/82.

C7552-23A, President Reagan holding a Press briefing with members of the press in the rose garden. 4/20/82.

C7825-9A, President Reagan working at his desk in the oval office. 5/6/82.

C8255-12, President Reagan walking to East Room to give remarks to White House staff on departure for Europe. 6/2/82.

C9501-21, President Reagan's viewing a large pig during a visit to Dee Family Farm in State Center, Iowa. 8/2/82.

C9713-22, President Reagan speaking with Nancy Reagan on the telephone from Camp David. 8/15/82.

C9744-33, President Reagan shaking hands with an unidentified young visitor to the White House. 8/17/82.

C10223-11A, President Reagan during aTaping session in Roosevelt Room. 9/22/82.

C10244-5, President Reagan working alone on colonnade outside of the Oval Office. 9/23/82.

C10311-15, President Reagan eating lunch on the colonnade. 9/28/82.

C10311-23, President Reagan eating lunch on the colonnade. 9/28/82.

C10362-9A, President Reagan standing at podium at Virginia Republican Party Fundraising Rally. 9/29/82.

C10362-13, President Reagan standing at podium at Virginia Republican Party Fundraising Rally. 9/29/82.

C10593-21A, President Reagan at a rally for Texas Republican Candidates in Irving, Texas. 10/11/82.

C11214-26, President Reagan making a telephone call to the space shuttle. 11/11/82.

C12259-11A, President Reagan writing in the Red Room before a press conference. 1/5/83.

C12966-9A, President Reagan shopping for a Valentines Day Card for Nancy Reagan at the Impressions card shop in Washington, DC. 2/14/83.

C14735-30, President Reagan receiving a jar of jellybeans during a Lunch at La Esquina de Tejas Restaurant in Miami, Florida. 5/20/83.

C13882-13, President Reagan having a Photo Op. with Tri-City Arena Development Group (TRIAD) in oval office. 4/11/83.

C14735-30, President Reagan receiving a jar of jellybeans during a Lunch at La Esquina de Tejas Restaurant in Miami, Florida. 5/20/83.

C14775-14, President Reagan greeting girl scout troop #6050 from El Cajon, California, in the Chinese Room at the White House. 5/23/83.

C14867-12, President Reagan sitting alone working during the Williamsburg Economic Summit in Virginia. 5/27/83.

C15025-24, President Reagan interviewing with journalists at the Williamsburg Economic Summit. 5/31/83.

C15139-6, President Reagan shaking hands with a boy named Josh holding a sign "I want to shake our President's hand" in Bethesda, Maryland. 6/5/83.

C15862-13, President Reagan at Rancho Del Cielo. 7/3/83.

C16499-14A, President Reagan giving a press briefing in the White House press room. 8/11/83.

C17827-27, President Reagan sitting in a limousine at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. 10/22/83.

C18011-24, Head shot of President Reagan during a meeting with members of Congress. 11/1/83.

C18085-17, President Reagan laying out acorns for the squirrels outside the oval office. 11/4/83.

C18754-9A, President Reagan working in the Cabinet Room. 12/5/83.

C19659-17, President Reagan speaking at the "Spirit of America": A Salute to Free Enterprise Rally at the Omni Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia. 1/26/84.

C19893-12A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan in the limousine waving to the crowd in Dixon, Illinois. 2/6/84.

C20053-16, President Reagan arm wrestling with Dan Lurie from Muscle Training Magazine in oval office. 2/16/84.

C20255-5, President Reagan watching television alone in the residence west sitting hall area. 2/28/84.

C21725-7, President Reagan listens to Lucy Tutwiler in the Oval Office. 5/10/84.

C22014-10A, President Reagan looking at his watch in Rose Garden. 5/23/84.

C22149-32, President Reagan salutes an Air Force cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy Commencement in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 5/30/84.

C22220-26A, President Reagan receiving gift of coat of arms at his arrival ceremony at Shannon Airport in Ireland. 6/1/84.

C22240-34, President Reagan at Ashford Castle in Ireland. 6/2/84.

C22825-5, President Reagan sitting next to Senator Laxalt holding up a "scram" sign during a cabinet room meeting with the Reagan-Bush advisory council. 6/25/84 .

C23259-32, President Reagan eating alone on the patio. 7/20/84.

C23319-7, President Reagan alone in the Oval Office. 7/24/84.

C24229-12, President Reagan holding "The Gipper" jersey at a Reagan-Bush Rally in Endicott , New York . 9/12/84 .

C24206-25A, President Reagan at a Reagan-Bush Rally in Endicott, New York. 9/12/84.

C24854-15, President Reagan at the Dedication Ceremony of Christopher Columbus Statue in Baltimore, Maryland. 10/8/1984.

C25144-30, Visit to McDonalds restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 10/15/1984.

C25451-7, President Reagan waving from a limousine in Fairfield , Connecticut . 10/26/84 .

C25485-8, President Reagan signing autographs for cub scouts during a trip to Parkersburg, West Virginia. 10/29/84.

C25748-10A, President Reagan touring John Wayne's Home in Winterset, Iowa. 11/3/84.

C26374-14, President Reagan with George Bush and Elizabeth Dole at a Ceremony to receive the 1985 Presidential Inaugural License plates on south lawn. 12/14/84.

C26415-36, President Reagan in a photo shoot in the oval office. 12/18/84.

C29619-30A, President Reagan at a fundrasier for Senator Mack Mattingly in Atlanta, Georgia. 6/5/85.

C28219-11, President Reagan at Rancho Cel Cielo. 4/8/85 .

C28510-31A, President Reagan meeting with members of Congress to discuss Nicaraguan Peace Proposal in oval office. 4/22/85.

C28545-27, President Reagan eating jelly beans during a Cabinet Affairs Briefing in cabinet room. 4/23/85.

C28585-8, President Reagan working in the Oval Office study. 4/24/85.

C29144-11, President Reagan in a cabinet meeting. 5/14/85.

C30170-14, President Reagan working at his desk in the oval office wearing a "Halt the Deficit" button. 7/8/85.

C30269-25, President Reagan in Bethesda Hospital for surgery to remove a polyp to his colon, meeting with Donald Regan and George Bush. Bethesda, Maryland. 7/17/85.

C30316-28A, President Reagan gives the "thumbs up" sign upon departing from Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland. 7/20/85.

C30312-12A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan wave from the state floor balcony at the Welcome Home ceremony for the President. 7/20/85.

C30661-5A, President Reagan in a cabinet meeting. 9/3/85.

C31064-24, President Reagan's remarks at a rally for tax reform at the McMinn County Courthouse, Athens, Tennessee. 9/24/85.

C31084-21, President Reagan at a Domestic Policy Meeting in the Roosevelt Room. 9/26/85.

C32360-23, President Reagan talking with a Vietnam veteran who was fasting on behalf of United States servicemen missing in action in Vietnam, New York, NY. 12/5/85.

C33090-7, President Reagan watching television replay of Space Shuttle "Challenger" explosion. 1/28/86.

C33267-17, President Reagan receives a riding boots foot stool birthday gift from George Bush at the State Department. 2/7/86.

C33495-15, President Reagan throwing a snowball on the White House Colonnade. 2/25/86.

C33600-10, President Reagan in the oval office. 2/27/86.

C33722-26A, President Reagan's departure via Marine One for Camp David, holding a T shirt "Stop Communism Central America" on south lawn. 3/7/86.

C33793-13, President Reagan getting an allergy shot from the nurse in White House Doctors office. 3/12/86.

C33952-14, President Reagan watching the H.R. 540 Contra Aid Bill on television in the Oval Office Study. 3/20/86.

C35235-28, President Reagan giving remarks to the convention of the National Association of Manufacturers at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC. 5/29/86.

C35336-34A, President Reagan speaking at a Rally for Senator Broyhill in Greensboro , North Carolina . 6/4/86.

C35710-12, President Reagan during a photo shoot with TIME Magazine photographer Diana Walker with Jim Kuhn on the colonnade. 6/24/86.

C37078-8, President Reagan walking through the Old Executive Office building with Donald Regan and James Baker holding a "Tax Reform" football. 9/23/86.

C37511-20, President Reagan standing alone in the Cabinet Room watching himself on television after a cabinet meeting. 10/16/86.

C38799-29A, President Reagan working on the State of the Union Address in the Oval Office. 1/23/87.

C38815-14, President Reagan and Vice President Bush warming themselves by the fireplace in the Oval Office. 1/26/87.

C39267-12, President Reagan working alone in Oval Office Study. 2/26/87.

C39900-19, President Reagan looking through window blinds during a visit to Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 4/1/87.

C41789-9A, President Reagan at a Cabinet meeting. 7/16/87.

C42273-10A, President Reagan looking at a puppet Howard Baker is holding in his Century Plaza Hotel suite in Los Angeles, California. 8/28/87.

44902-28A,President Reagan waiting in the holding room at Suitland High School after his remarks in Suitland, Maryland. 1/20/88.

C45758-23,President Reagan during a visit to the Doctor's Office with Dr. John Hutton and nurse Paula Trivette. 3/8/88.

C46075-16A, President Reagan listening to remarks by President Joaquin Balaguer Ricardo of the Dominican Republic , on the White House Colonnade, 3/25/88 .

C46186-14A, President Reagan on the Colonnade during an interview. 3/30/88.

C47049-32, President Reagan looking through at camera lens aboard the U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous in New London, Connecticut. 5/18/88.

C48324-4, President Reagan working at his desk in the oval office. 7/13/88.

C48446-21, President Reagan walking back to the White House after awards ceremony on South lawn. 7/26/88.

C50114-4, President Reagan working in the oval office. 10/26/88.

C51461-11, President Reagan prepares for his farewell address to the nation from the Oval Office. 1/11/89.

C51482-23, President saluting at the Armed Forces Salute to President Reagan and Nancy Reagan at Andrews Air Force base. 1/12/89.

C51623-17, President Reagan's jelly bean jar in the oval office. 1/19/89.

C51664-20A, President Reagan saluting as he boards the helicopter at the U.S. Capitol, Washington , DC on his last day as President. 1/20/89.