Order Information  Order Form, 1981 Inaugural Family Photo: (standing from left to right) Geoffrey Davis, Dennis Revell, Michael Reagan, Cameron Reagan, President Reagan, Neil Reagan, Dr. Richard Davis, Ron Reagan. (sitting from left to right) Anne Davis, Maureen Reagan, Colleen Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Bess Reagan, Patricia Davis, Patti Davis, Doria Reagan. 1/20/81., Patti Davis visits her father President Reagan in the Oval Office. 1/21/81., Nancy Reagan riding a tandem bicycle with son Ron Reagan on the south grounds of the White House. 4/22/81.

C2997-5, President Reagan talking with son Ron Reagan in the Oval Office. 7/14/81., Nancy Reagan visits her mother, Edith Davis, at her home in Phoenix, Arizona. 10/5/82., President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Edith Davis and Patti Davis at Edith Davis' Residence in Phoenix, Arizona. 12/27/82., President Reagan talking to daughter Patti Davis at Nancy Reagan's birthday party, Rancho Del Cielo. 7/2/83., The Reagan Family Christmas portrait by the White House residence Christmas tree: (from left to right) Patti Davis, Paul Grilley, Nancy Reagan, President Reagan, Doria Reagan, Ron Reagan. 12/25/83.

C19905-28A, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and Neil Reagan outside the Reagan Boyhood Home in Dixon, Illinois. 2/6/84., The Reagan Family at Patti Davis's wedding to Paul Grilley at the Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles, California. 8/14/84., The Reagan Family celebrate Thanksgiving at Rancho Del Cielo: (from left to right) Neil Reagan, Dennis Revell, Bess Reagan, Maureen Reagan, Nancy Reagan, President Reagan, Patti Davis, Paul Grilley, Doria Reagan, Ron Reagan. California, 11/22/84., President Reagan building a snowman with son Michael Reagan and his children Ashley Marie Reagan and Cameron Reagan in the rose garden.1/19/85., 1985 Inaugural Family Photo: (from left to right) Bess Davis, Maureen Reagan, Dennis Revell, Michael Reagan, Ashley Marie Reagan, Colleen Reagan, President Reagan, Cameron Reagan, Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, Ron Reagan, Doria Reagan, Geoffrey Davis, Anne Davis, Dr. Richard Davis, Patricia Davis. 1/21/85., President Reagan walking with daughter Maureen Reagan along the White House colonnade. 7/31/85., President Reagan talking with daughter Maureen Reagan about her recent trip to Africa in the Oval Office. 7/31/85., The Reagan Family at Rancho Del Cielo: (left to right) Michael Reagan, President Reagan, Cameron Reagan, Colleen Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Ashley Marie Reagan, Ron Reagan, Doria Reagan, Paul Grilley, Patti Davis. 8/17/85., President Reagan and Nancy Reagan sitting on the dock with their grandchildren Cameron Reagan and Ashley Marie Reagan. 8/23/86.

C38133-3, Visit to Rancho Del Cielo, Reagan Family Thanksgiving Photograph: (from left to right) Neil Reagan, Bess Reagan, Ron Reagan, Dennis Revell, Maureen Reagan, Doria Reagan, President Reagan. 11/27/86.