Statements, May 12, 1981

Statement on National Nursing Home Week

May 12, 1981

During National Nursing Home Week, we are particularly reminded of the needs of nursing home residents. They require special medical and health-related services delivered by individuals dedicated to their care in safe and healthful settings.

People in nursing homes also need contact with the community -- often possible only when the community itself reaches out to those who have no families or whose families are far away.

Let us remember the elderly and dedicate our efforts to enabling these citizens to remain healthy and independent while at the same time ensuring that the care provided them in nursing homes fulfills the human needs of the people whom they are committed to serve.

Statement on Action by the Senate on a Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Resolution

May 12, 1981

The people of this country won another great victory tonight when Members of the Senate passed the 1982 budget resolution. With the Senate vote, we are closer to achieving our goal of fiscal responsibility and a government that lives within its means.

Senator Pete Domenici, chairman of the Budget Committee that so promptly reported the resolution to the floor, put it well when he said that, in the past, we have been spending the blessings of America while forgetting where the blessings came from. Tonight, we are putting that kind of habit behind us, thanks to his able leadership and that of Majority Leader Howard Baker.

Just as Members of the House of Representatives did a few days ago, Senators of both parties worked together to shape and pass this resolution. This was an example of bipartisan cooperation and representative democracy at its best.

On behalf of all Americans, I thank the Senators who heard the voice of the people and found the courage to commit themselves seriously to budgetary restraint, tax rate reduction, and renewed national prosperity.