White House Statement on the President's Meeting With Islamic Ambassadors To Discuss the Incident at the Dome of the Rock Mosque

April 16, 1982

The President today met with six Ambassadors delegated by the Islamic countries represented in Washington. On this occasion, he expressed his deep personal sorrow and that of all Americans over last Sunday's violence at the hands of a deranged individual in an area sacred to three of the world's great religions.

The President expressed his sympathy with the concern of the Islamic world over the disruption of the tranquility of one of its most holy shrines. This concern is shared by the members of all faiths. He reiterated his conviction that the peace of the holy places of Jerusalem must be maintained and confirmed the dedication of the United States to encouraging the conditions necessary for the well-being of all those who draw their spiritual inspiration from that city.

The President called upon all the governments and peoples of the Middle East to work to decrease tensions in the area and prevent further acts of violence and loss of life.

The six Ambassadors were: Omer Salih Eissa, Sudanese Ambassador to the United States, Ali Bengelloun, Moroccan Ambassador to the United States, Faisal Alhegelan, Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States, Ejaz Azim, Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, Azraai Zain, Malaysian Ambassador to the United States, and Andre Wright, Niger Ambassador to the United States.