Executive Order 12416 -- Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs

April 8, 1983

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and statutes of the United States of America, and in order to allow additional time for implementation by State, regional and local governments of new Federal regulations which foster an intergovernmental partnership and strengthened federalism, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. The preamble to Executive Order No. 12372 of July 14, 1982 is hereby amended by inserting, after the words ``42 U.S.C. 4231(a))'', the following phrase: ``, Section 204 of the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. 3334)''.

Sec. 2. Section 5(b) of Executive Order No. 12372 is amended by deleting ``April 30, 1983'' and inserting in its place ``September 30, 1983.''

Sec. 3. Section 8 of Executive Order No. 12372 is amended by deleting ``within two years'' and inserting in its place ``by September 30, 1984''.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

April 8, 1983.

[Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 12:03 p.m., April 8, 1983]