Statement on the Death of Joseph R. Holmes

May 27, 1983

Nancy and I and all the members of the White House staff are deeply saddened today at the news of the death of our dear friend and respected colleague, Joe Holmes. In mourning Joe's passing, however, we can't help but admire the courage and tenacity with which Joe battled his cancer, always maintaining his sense of humor and conducting business from his bed until the very end.

Joe Holmes was a valued friend and a trusted aide. As a member of the staff during my days as Governor, he was responsible for coordinating my media program and earned the respect of all who knew and had the privilege of working with him. As a spokesman during the campaign, Joe always articulately and honestly answered the questions posed, and as Coordinator of White House Audio-Visual Services, Joe made a significant and lasting contribution to history and did so in a manner which exemplified the best of public service.

It is difficult to think of Joe not being with us any longer, but knowing him, he would not want us to dwell on sadness but rather to tell a funny story and enjoy life, as he always did.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his sons, Tom and Quinlan, and hope they will be strengthened by many wonderful memories of a very special man.