Appointment of the Membership of the Presidential Commission for the German-American Tricentennial, and Designation of Cochairmen

June 6, 1983

The President today announced the following individuals to be members of the Presidential Commission for the German-American Tricentennial. The President intends to designate Kenneth Rush and Horst G. Denk to serve as Cochairmen. The President also thanks the Chief Justice for his willingness to serve on the Commission in an advisory capacity and welcomes the Chief Justice's participation.

Flora Cameron Atherton, of San Antonio, Tex.;

Richard R. Burt, of Washington, D.C.;

Judith S. Carver, of Peoria, Ill.;

Fred F. Fielding, of Washington, D.C.;

Tobias Grether, of Camarillo, Calif.;

Traute Grether, of Camarillo, Calif.;

F. Otto Haas, of Philadelphia, Pa.;

Preston H. Long, of New York;

Charles Parry Tyson, of Washington, D.C.;

Charles Z. Wick, of Washington, D.C.;

Horst G. Denk, of New York;

Kenneth Rush, of Washington, D.C.;

Upon recommendation by the Speaker of the House of Representatives:

C. William Kinzeler, of Cincinnati, Ohio;

Goetz Grimm, of Bloomfield Hills, Mich.;

Jurgen Herbst, of Madison, Wis.;

Col. Walter Mannheimer, of Watchung, N.J.;

Judy Zehnder Keller, of Frankenmuth, Mich.;

Carmen Courter, of Hackettstown, N.J.;

Elizabeth S. Gathen, of Bloomfield Hills, Mich.;

Richard Lesher, of Washington, D.C.;

Robert Strodel, of Peoria, Ill.;

Representative Toby Roth, of Wisconsin;

Upon recommendation by the President pro tempore of the Senate:

Senator Charles Mathias, of Maryland;

Senator John Heinz, of Pennsylvania;

Senator Larry Pressler, of South Dakota;

Senator Alan J. Dixon, of Illinois;

Senator J. James Exon, of Nebraska;

Senator Ernest F. Hollings, of South Carolina;

Senator Frank E. Moss (Ret.), of Utah;

Brig. Gen. Ben Lewis Rushing, of South Carolina;

Joy Dirksen Baker, of Tennessee.