Announcement of the Naming of the U.S.S. Henry M. Jackson

September 9, 1983

The President announced today a nuclear-powered Trident fleet ballistic missile submarine will be named U.S.S Henry M. Jackson in honor of the late Senator Henry Martin Jackson of Washington State. Senator Jackson, who died September 1, was elected to the House of Representatives in 1940 and to the Senate in 1952. ``During his unique career of national leadership, he was a bipartisan champion of personal freedoms and of a strong national defense. One of his many legislative accomplishments was serving as principal congressional advocate and sponsor of the Trident submarine program,'' the President said.

The Henry M. Jackson, fifth ship of the Ohio class, will be 560 feet long, 42 feet wide, and will displace approximately 18,700 tons when submerged. She will carry 24 Trident I ballistic missiles, along with Mark 48 torpedoes.

SSBN - 730 originally was designated U.S.S. Rhode Island. The Navy now intends to name the Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine SSN - 719 U.S.S. Providence, in honor of the capital city of Rhode Island.

The Henry M. Jackson will be launched by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corp. on October 15, 1983, at Groton, Conn., and will join the Pacific Fleet in 1985, homeported at Bangor in Senator Jackson's home State of Washington.