Statement on Signing the Joint Congressional Resolution Condemning the Soviet Attack on a Korean Civilian Airliner

September 28, 1983

I am grateful to the Congress for its swift response to my request that it pass a joint resolution condemning the Soviet crime of shooting down a Korean airliner with 269 innocent persons on board. The strength of the joint resolution and the unanimity with which it was adopted will make clear to the Soviet Union that the American people are united in their condemnation of this dreadful act and in their demand that the Soviet Union take full responsibility for its action and publicly agree to take necessary measures to ensure this tragedy is not repeated. In its passage of the defense authorization bill the same day as this joint resolution the Congress has backed up its expression of outrage with a firm statement of American resolve.

I am proud to affix my signature to this joint resolution.

Note: As enacted, H.J. Res. 353 is Public Law 98 - 98, approved September 28.