Letter to Bishop Desmond M. Tutu of South Africa on Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

October 19, 1984

Dear Bishop Tutu:

Please accept my congratulations and those of the American people on being named the 1984 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of your efforts on behalf of peaceful change in South Africa. All Americans join me in recognizing your labors in seeking to promote nonviolent change away from apartheid, toward a form of government based on consent of the governed and toward a society that offers equal rights and opportunities to all its citizens, without regard to race. The United States has heard the appeal for justice voiced by South Africans who suffer under apartheid rule. We continue to urge the South African Government to engage in a meaningful dialogue with all its citizens aimed at accomplishing a peaceful transition away from apartheid. We applaud you in being selected for this honor, and assure you that we share in these goals.


/s/Ronald Reagan