Statement by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Speakes on United States Assistance in the Completion of the Airport in Grenada

March 2, 1984

We are pleased to announce today that the United States will assist the Government of Grenada in its efforts to complete the airport at Point Salines. Following a detailed feasibility study, commissioned by USAID, and after considering the Grenadian Government's request, the President determined that the airport is vital to the revival of Grenada's economy, which was left in shambles following 4\1/2\ years of mismanagement under the Cuban-supported Bishop regime.

In a February 27, 1984, letter to Nicholas Brathwaite, Chairman of the Advisory Council of Grenada, the President said that the United States is ``committed to the timely completion'' of the airport ``as quickly as possible.'' The airport is expected to boost tourism in Grenada, generating badly needed hard currency to enable the private sector oriented economy to revitalize itself.

While the United States plans to contribute a substantial part of the estimated $24 million to finish the project, other countries have indicated they are prepared to participate in the financing of the airport as well.