Message on the Observance of Secretaries Week, April 21 - 27, 1985

April 19, 1985

Secretaries Week offers us a yearly occasion to recognize the indispensable part played by secretaries not only in our nation's commerce and industry but in other activities essential to society, such as government and the professions.

In many cases the order and smooth functioning of an enterprise hinge on the efficiency and alertness of secretaries. Their attention to detail is well known. Communications would be cumbersome without them. It is no exaggeration to say that their work is essential.

With the rapid progress of technology, new challenges face secretaries. To maintain current standards they must often master new techniques of communication, and of the storage and retrieval of information. Constantly advancing systems of administration make the work of secretaries more efficient but at the same time make it more demanding. Secretaries often bear the heaviest responsibilities for adapting to new techniques.

I am happy to call attention to the important role of secretaries in our national life, and to the demands that their responsibilities place upon them. Nancy joins me in saluting the indispensable role they play in our nation's life.

Ronald Reagan