Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the Philippine Constitutional Plebiscite

February 3, 1987

On February 2, an estimated 20 million Filipinos went to the polls to vote on a new constitution. This plebiscite is a significant milestone on the path of democratic renewal which President Aquino has charted for the Philippines. Representative civilian government is the very essence of the democratic process. In view of our own history and values, it is an institution the United States encourages vigorously and supports totally. We congratulate the people of the Philippines on their latest, successful exercise in democracy and wish them equally well in the political contests ahead.

The United States pledges continuing support for President Aquino's courageous efforts to maintain her fellow Filipinos' freedom and participation in the political process. These are the surest guarantees that the Philippines will achieve the internal harmony, political stability, and economic prosperity it needs and has earned. The President has sent President Aquino a message conveying his personal congratulations on the successful conclusion of the plebiscite.

Note: Marlin Fitzwater read the statement to reporters at 12:08 p.m in the Briefing Room at the White House.