White House Statement on the President's Meeting With Secretary of Agriculture Richard Lyng on Drought Relief


August 5, 1988


Secretary Lyng reported to the President on the final House and Senate conference report to provide drought relief to farmers. The Secretary said the bill was within the limits of the congressional budget agreement and represented a sound relief effort. The Secretary said the final bill carries out the objectives outlined by the President in his speech in Marion, IL, on July 14, 1988.


The President said he was satisfied that the bill would offer payments to the farmers who actually suffer the losses. Secretary Lyng said the bill would provide real hope for those who suffered from this devastating drought.


President Reagan has followed the drought closely, receiving briefings from Secretary Lyng on a weekly basis for the last 2 months. The President visited with farmers in Illinois and Iowa for a firsthand look at the problem. The President looks forward to a vote early next week on the conference report and quick passage of the legislation.