This collection is part of the Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Papers and contains information regarding the participants and issues of the 1966 California gubernatorial election.  The records pertain to the Republican primary and the general election contest between Ronald Reagan and Governor Pat Brown. The 1966 Campaign is composed of five series, Campaign Correspondence, Campaign Schedules, Campaign Speeches and Statements, Campaign Subject Files, and Campaign Research Materials.


SERIES I: Campaign Correspondence (10.2 l.ft., Box C1-C29)


The Campaign Correspondence consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding a variety of campaign issues including: Civil Rights, disruptions on University of California campuses, crime and urban violence, the Vietnam War, the John Birch Society, and a proposed Redwoods National Park. In some cases, Nancy Reagan or Kathy Davis, Ronald Reagan’s secretary, wrote responses to letters when Reagan was out of town.  This series also includes correspondence of William Roberts, co-owner of Spencer-Roberts, which was a political management firm hired to assist with the campaign.  The material is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the correspondent. 


SERIES II: Campaign Schedules (.5 l. ft., Box C29)


The Campaign Schedules consist of the daily and weekly schedules of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan.  The campaign schedules for events in Northern California are filed separately.  The materials are arranged chronologically.


SERIES III: Campaign Speeches and Statements (.5 l.ft., Box C30)


The Campaign Speeches and Statements series consists of Ronald Reagan’s speeches and press releases issued by the Reagan Campaign.  Because Ronald Reagan composed many of his speeches by using a system of interchangeable index cards, we do not have a complete list of all campaign speeches.  The speeches were originally housed in two binders, each of which contains a subject index.


SERIES IV: Campaign Subject Files (2.1 l.ft., Box C31-Box 35)


The Campaign Subject Files consist of material pertaining to Governor Pat Brown and Reagan’s Republican Primary opponents. The files also contain information regarding major campaign issues.  The materials include inter-office Reagan Campaign memorandums, campaign brochures for Reagan and his opponents, news clippings and press releases, correspondence, and other background information compiled by the campaign staff.  The material is arranged alphabetically by folder title.


SERIES V: Campaign Research Material (1.0 l.ft., Box C36-C41)


The Campaign Research Materials consist of campaign background papers, issue statements, and a series of index cards (Boxes C38-C40) containing secondary source information regarding a variety of topics.  Much of this material was compiled by Stanley Plog and Kenneth Holden of Behavior Science Corporation of Los Angeles.  This firm was hired by Spencer-Roberts and assisted with the creation of the campaign theme, the “Creative Society.”


            SERIES I: Campaign Correspondence

Box C1

Aaronson - Adams

Adamson - Aldridge

Alexander - Allen

Alles - Andersen

Anderson - Andreas

Andren - Armitage

Armstrong - Atwood

Auchincloss - Ayers

Babcock - Bale

Baleria - Barber


Box C2

Barberis - Barro

Barron - Bassett

Bates - Beatty

Beaty - Becker

Bedell - Benedict

Benefiel - Berger

Bergi - Beyer

Bianca - Black

Blackburn - Blakemore


Box C3

Blakney - Bodel

Boenish - Bork

Borkoski - Bowler

Bowlin - Bradshaw

Bradstreet - Brazelton

Brearley - Broadus

Broan - Brower

Brown - Browne

Browning - Buckleman


Box C4

Buckley - Burgy

Burke - Busick

Bussert - Cagney

Cahill - Campbell

Camps - Carlson

Carlyle - Carroll

Carrigg - Cavitt

Cedick - Chattaway

Chauncey - Christianson

Box C5

Christie - Clawson

Claxton - Cohrt

Cole - Comet

Comfort - Conway

Cook - Corfee

Cornelius - Cox

Craddock - Crawford

Creagh - Crozier

Crumb - Currie


Box C6

Curry - Daggett

Dahl - Davies

Davis - Deland

Deloach - Dent

Dente - Dillon

Dills - Dobbin

Dobias - Douglas

Doushkess - Driver

Drobac - Duguid


Box C7

Duhagon - Dunning

Dupen - Dzera

Eadie - Edgerton

Edmonds - Eisen

Eisenhower - Ellingson

Elliot - England

Engler - Esser

Essick - Eymann

Fafek - Farrow


Box C8

Fassler - Fetzer

Feustel - Fischler

Fish - Fletcher

Flint - Foy

Fraleigh - Fraser

Frasier - Freshman

Freund - Funkhouser

Gabler - Gammon

Gantt – Gault


Box C9

Gautschi - Gideon

Giese - Givins

Gjerset - Gonzales

Gooch - Gouthro

Gow - Grant

Grapp - Grey

Griffin - Grover

Grubb - Gyerset


Box C10

Haaf - Hagge

Haggerty - Halin

Hall - Hamon

Hampson - Harding

Hardinge - Harris

Harrison - Hartke

Hartley - Haskins

Hassell - Haynes

Headley - Henderson


Box C11

Hendricks - Herring

Herschleb - Higsby

Higgins - Hilton

Hilts - Hodgkins

Hodgson - Holden

Holeman - Horvath

Hosford - Howbert

Howell - Hufstader

Huggins - Humes


Box C12

Hummel - Hyman

Icardo - Ivey

Jablon - Jarrett

Jarvis - Jennings, Irene

Jennings, Jay - Johnson, Dwight

Johnson, Ed - Johnson,Woodward

Johnston - Jones

Jongste - Jury

Kahlson - Karl


Box C13

Karnegay - Keily

Keiner - Kennedy

Kennell - Kilbourne

Kilduff - Klein

Kleiner - Koch

Koehler - Kraushaar

Krebs - Kutz

LaBonte - Landis


Box C14

Landom - Lathrop

Laub - Ledford

Lee - Lemon

Lenahan - Lewis

Leyland - List

Little - Longden

Longuevan - Lovell

Lovett - Lunbeck

Lundale - Lyons

Macauley - Main


Box C15

Major - Maree

Margwarth - Marshall, Rose

Marshall, Victoria - Mason, Harry

Mason, Lute - Mathews

Matheison - Maxwell

May - Mazzie

Meabon - Melchoir

Melchoir (cont.) - Menz

Merchant - Meudie


Box C16

Meudie (cont.)

Meuer - Middendorf

Middleton - Miller, Jack

Miller, James - Milner

Milotz - Mitten

Mize - Montgomery, Paul

Montgomery, R. - Moore

Moorehead - Morely

Morrell - Mott

Motz - Murphy, Dwight


Box C17

Murphy, Frank - Myers

MacArthur - McCart

McCarthy - McClennen

McClernan - McDonald, Clara

McDonald, Frank - McGough

McGowan - McKeegan

McKelvie - McLean

McLees - McNewar

McNicol - McWhorter

Nagai - Neilson


Box C18

Neiswender - Newbro

Newcomer - Nienalt

Niendorff - Norwood

Novak - Nyquist

O'Brien - Oakley

Obcamp - Olson

Opalek - Overby

Overfield - Oxman

Pacciorini - Palmer

Palmieri - Parkinson

Parks - Patrick


Box C19

Pattee - Payton

Peabody - Pecoraro

Pedersen - Peron

Perrine - Peterson, Nels

Peterson, Paul - Phillips, Glen

Phillips, J.C. - Pirkey

Pirner - Pollack

Pollard - Posey

Post - Pregl

Preiss - Prineas

Printz - Pyle

Quaal - Quinn


Box C20

Race - Rand

Randall - Raven

Rawlins - Records

Reddin - Reedy

Reemtsma - Reimel

Reinertson - Reyes

Reynolds - Rickerd

Ricketts - Richardson

Richbourg - Riley

Rimanoczy - Roberts, Gardner

Roberts, Howard - Roberts


Box C21

Robertson - Roche

Rock - Rodman

Roe - Rohrer

Rolph - Ross, Jack

Ross, John - Row

Rowan - Ruge

Rukeyser - Rys

Saab - Sanaille

Sanchez - Sanford

Santorelli - Saunders


Box C22

Saurer - Scharf

Scharlau - Schmad

Schmicking - Schulz

Schupp - Scott, Elizabeth

Scott, G.M. - Sear

Searl - Semkow

Semnacher - Sexton

Shackles - Shawie

Shay - Shimchik

Shinedling - Showley


Box C23

Shultz - Sims

Singer - Slyzwick

Smale - Smith, George

Smith, H. - Smith, Mary Ann

Smith, Maxwell - Snider

Snodgrass - Soule

Sousa - Spencer, Terrel

Spencer, Verdelle - Squires

St. Amant - Stanton, George


Box C24

Stanton, Nellie - Steers

Steffes - Stevenson, Cyril

Stevenson, J. - Stivers

Stock - Stoddard, Meryl

Stoddard, Meryl (cont.) - Straine

Stramler - Sucher

Sugden - Swainston

Swallow - Swig

Swim - Szmak


Box C25

Tackaberry - Taylor, John

Taylor, Kenneth - Teas

Teel - Thiele

Thomas - Thompson, Martha

Thompson, Millard - Tipton

Tirado - Traber

Tracton - Troupe

Trousdale - Turner

Turney - Tyrrell


Box C26

Ubil - Utz

Vail - VanKleeck

VanMeter - Venis, Martin

Venis, Martin (cont.) - Vivian

Voelker - Vukasin

Waddington - Wagstaff

Wahrman - Walker

Wall - Wampler

Wanamaker - Warwick

Washburn - Wayne


Box C27

Weatherwax - Weil

Weimer - Wendt

Wenger - Westman

Westmoreland - White, Carl

White, Ernest - Whitney, John

Whitney, Lloyd - Wilcox

Wilder - Williams, Helen

Williams, John - Williams, Walt

Williamson - Wilson, Pete


Box C28

Wilson, Robert - Winters

Wintersteen - Wong

Wood - Woodward

Woodyard - Wright

Wrigley - Wysinger


Yackle - Young, Douglas

Young, Fred - Yu

Zak - Zolli

Zook - Zwerneman


Mailing Lists


Box C29

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence – Goldwater, Barry Sr.

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence – Goldwater withhold c.11

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence – Nixon, Richard M.

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence – Buckley, William

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence – Letters of Congratulations – November

1966 (1)(2)

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence – Letters of Particular Interest [A-L]

66 Campaign: Gov. Personal Correspondence -  Letters of Particular Interest [M-Z]


SERIES II: Campaign Schedules

Box C29 (cont.)

Schedules: [Nancy Reagan]

Schedules: [Ronald Reagan] (1)-(5)

[Northern California Campaign Schedules] (1)-(3)


SERIES III: Campaign Speeches and Statements

Box C30

RR Speeches & Statements Book I (1)-(5)

RR Speeches & Statements Book II (1)-(6)

[Handouts: Issue Statements]

[Ronald Reagan Campaign Brochure]

Governor Campaign Material Catalog


SERIES IV: Campaign Subject Files

Box C31

66 A&S: Agriculture

66 A&S: Agriculture Unions

66 A&S: 160 Acre Limitation

66 A&S: Consumer Affairs

66 A&S: State Employees

66 A&S: Veterans

66 B&T: Business Climate

66 B&T: CHP

66 B&T: Highways

66 B&T: Housing [includes Rumford Act] (1)(2)

Birch Society (1)(2)

Christopher, George (1)(2)

66: The Creative Society

66: Campaign Debate

66: Campaign Debate (Issues & Answers/Meet the Press Transcripts)

Dorn, Warren

EGB (1)-(3)

EGB – Committee/Staff

EGB (material for EGB) (1)(2)

EGB – Material Against RR (see also 66: Labor)

EGB – Political Appointments


Box C32

R. Finch

Kuchel, Sen. T.

Knight, Goodwin

Murphy, George

Patrick, Wm. Penn

Canpaign Polls (1)(3)

Election Night (includes RR victory statement)

66 Campaign: RR (1)-(4)

RR Material (1)-(4)

RR Material [Folder Two] (1)-(3)


Box C33

RR Committee (1)-(4)

RR Endorsements

RR – Friends of (1)(2)

1966 Campaign Roster

RR- Staff

RR – Staff Inter-Office Memos (1)-(4)

RR-3 Q&A Session 1965

Waters, Laughlin

Community Relations

Economy, California

ED: Academic Freedom

ED: Campus Unrest


Box C34

66 ED: Early Childhood

66 ED: Elementary & Secondary

66 ED: Elementary & Secondary – Teachers

66 ED: Higher

66 ED: Higher – Faculty

66 ED: Student Aid

66 ED: Tuition

66 ED: University of California (1)(2)

66 Efficiency & Cost Control Task Force

66 Executive Appointments

66 H&W – Agency

66 H&W: Agency (Social Security)

66 H&W: Drug Abuse

66 H&W: Employment

66 H&W: Health

66 H&W: MediCal

66 H&W: OEO

66 H&W: Welfare (1)(2)

66 Finance: Budget

66 Finance: Tax

66 Foreign Policy: Southeast Asia

66 Labor (1)-(3)

66 Labor: Withhold

66 Legal Affairs: Capital Punishment

66 Legal Affairs: Courts

66 Legal Affairs: Gun Control

66 Legal Affairs: Judiciary

66 Legal Affairs: Law & Order

66 Legal Affairs: Law Enforcement

66 Legal Affairs: Night Racing

66 Legal Affairs: Pornography

66 Legal Affairs: Watts

66 Legislation: EGB

66 Legislation: RR

66 Legislature

66 Legislature: Withhold


Box C35

RR: Philosophy of Government – General

66 RR: Philosophy of Government – Citizen Participation

66 RR: Philosophy of Government – Economy in Government

66 RR: Philosophy of Government – Free Enterprise

66 RR: Philosophy of Government – Local Control

66 RR: Republican, Registration as

66 RR: Pre-1966 Speeches

The Speech, “Freedoms Finest Hour” – [“A Time For Choosing”], 10/27/1964

66: “The Speech” 1964 (Telegrams in response) (1)-(3)

66: Press/Media (1)-(7)

66: Press/Media – Interviews with RR (LA Radio & TV)

66: Press/Media – Magazine Articles on RR & Family

66: Republican Party

66: Resources: Air Pollution

66: Resources: Environment

66: Resources: Fish & Game

66: Resources: Parks & Recreation

66: Resources: Redwood Park

66: Resources: Water

66 Youth

SERIES V: Campaign Research Material
Box C36

[The Creative Society: A Framework]

[Binder: Creative Society] (1)(2)

Johnson Administration/Sample Sources

Johnson Administration (1)(2)

Standard of Living/Inflation/Economic Opportunity

Federal Spending

Vietnam (1)-(4)

Urban Insurrection/Crime (1)-(6)

[RR: Civil Disasters]

Box C37

Federal Spending

Johnson Administration

Standard of Living – Inflation – Economic Opportunity

Urban Insurrection – Crime



Box C38 [Index Cards re: General Issues]

A. Bits & Pieces

B. Black Militants

C. Court Cases – Examples

D. Court Cases – 5-4 Majorities

E. Court Cases – Police Problems

F. Crime – Administration of Justice

G. Crime – Causes

H. Crime – Gangs

I. Crime – Statistics

J. Crime – Victims

K. The Negro – Evades Census

L. The Negro – Psychological Direction

M. Police – Brutality

N. Police – Disrespect

O. Police – Hiring Negroes

P. Police – Needs

Q. Police – Review Boards

R. The Poor – Consumer Discrimination

S. The Poor – Education

T. The Poor – Employment

U. The Poor – Family Structure

V. The Poor – General

W. The Poor – Housing

X. The Poor – Psychology

Y. The Poor – Transportation

Z. The Poor – Urban Immigration

AA. The Poor – Urban Problem

BB. Rat Control

CC. Right to Revolt

DD. Riots – Aftermath

EE. Riots – Bipolarity Results

FF. Riots – Business Lost

GG. Riots – Causes Cited

HH. Riots – Communists and Other Agitators

II. Riots – Conditions Before

JJ. Riots – Economic Results

KK. Riots – Efforts to Curb

LL. Riots – Handling

MM. Riots – Insurance

NN. Riots – Organized?

OO. Riots – Psychology of the Participants

PP. Riots – Public Reaction

QQ. Riots – Sociology of the Participants

RR. Riots – Spreading Effect

SS. Riots – Statistics

TT. Riots – TV Coverage

UU. Riots – Who’s Responsible

VV. Social Uplift vs. Other Commitments

WW. Solution – Federal Action

XX. Solution – General

YY. Solution – Negro Self-Respect

ZZ. Solution – Self-Help

AAA. Solution – Social Legislation

BBB. Solution – Repression

CCC. Status Quo – General

DDD. Status Quo – Poverty Program

EEE. Status Quo – Welfare

FFF. Urban Programs

GGG. Financing Government Activity

HHH. Efficiency

III. Private Sector

JJJ. Public-Private Mix

KKK. Public Sector


Urban X File


Box C39  [Johnson Administration]

I.A.  Credibility Gap – Existence of

I.B.  Credibility Gap – Extent of

I.C.  Credibility Gap – Causes of

I.D.  Credibility Gap – Examples of

I.E.  Credibility Gap – Implications of

II.A.  Morality in Government (Lack of) – Where in Present Administration

II.B.  Morality in Government (Lack of) – Consequences of

III.A.  Power Grab – Where in Present Administration

III.B.  Power Grab – Implications of

IV.A. Descriptive Analysis of Johnson Administration – Campaign Positions

V.B.1. Descriptive Analysis of Johnson Administration – Major Legislative Programs


IV.B.2. Descriptive Analysis of Johnson Administration – Major Legislative Programs –


IV.C. Descriptive Analysis of Johnson Administration – Relations with the Public

Johnson Administration Bibliography

[Index Cards re: Economic Issues]

A. Standard of Living – Disposable Income

B. Standard of Living – Price Increases

C. Standard of Living – Buying Power

D. Standard of Living – Number of Persons in Poverty

E. Standard of Living – Causes of Poverty

F. Standard of Living – Characteristics of  Persons Living in Poverty

G. Standard of Living – Geographic Location of Poverty

H. Standard of Living – Consumer Power of Persons in Poverty

I. Standard of Living – Programs Toward Elimination of Poverty

J. Definition of Inflation

K. Types of Inflation

L. Causes of Inflation

M. Effects of Inflation

N. Persons Hurt by Inflation

O. Restraints of Inflation

P. Future Trends in Inflation

Q. Economic Opportunity – Current Unemployment

R. Causes of Unemployment

S. Types of Unemployment

T. Effect of Education on Economic Opportunity

U. Effect of Race on Economic Opportunity

V. Effect of Age on Economic Opportunity

W. Effect of Automation on Economic Opportunity


X File

[Index Cards re: California Issues]

Agriculture – General Facts

Agriculture – Department of Agriculture: Organization

Agriculture – Agricultural Income

Agriculture – Farm Prices

Agriculture – Government Payments

Agriculture – 160 Acre Law

Agriculture – Farm Labor Supply

Agriculture – Migrating Workers’ Children: Education and Welfare

Agriculture – Farm Housing

Agriculture – U.S. Food Processors in Mexico

Birch Issue – Circular Construct of Political Action

Brown and Brown’s Appointments – Public Utilities Commission

Brown and Brown’s Appointments – Appointments

Brown and Brown’s Appointments – Yorty and the Democrats

Brown and Brown’s Appointments – Brown on Government Reorganization

Brown and Brown’s Appointments – Who Really Runs California?

Brown and Brown’s Appointments - Brownisms

Budget – General and Special Funds

Budget – Brown’s Descriptions of Budgets, 1959-1966

Budget – 1966-1967 Budget

Budget – Hospitals

Budget – Accrual Accounting

Budget – Proposals for Efficiency, Reductions

Budget – Special Session (1966)

Business Climate – General Data

Business Climate – Employment and Manufacturing

Business Climate – New Plant Locations

Business Climate – Personal Income, Retail Sales, Home Building

Business Climate – 1966: Trends

Business Climate – Business Failures

Business Climate – Bankruptcies

Business Climate – Index: Southern California Business Activity

California Democratic Caucus and Liberal Democrats – New C.D.C. Positions

Crime – Statistics, 1959-1965

Crime – New Legislation: Narcotics, Liquor, Registration of Ex-Felons, Anti-Riot, etc.

Crime – Mail Order Guns, Abortions

Crime – Crime Prevention

Crime – Court Decisions, Legal Interpretations, Reform Proposals

Education – Senate Debate, 1948

Education – Chronology of Legislation, 1963-1966

Education – Federal Role in Education

Education – Fisher, Arcoss, and Collier Bills

Education – Elementary-Secondary Act, 1965

Education – Primary Education in California

Education – Higher-Education Act, 1965

Education – Higher Education in California

Education – Watts Jr. College, Poor Achievement Areas Bond

Education – Economics of Education

Education – School Board Liability

Education – Racial Census (State Department of Education)

Education – University of California and the Berkeley Issue

Education – New Program Ideas

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Statewide Information System

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Democratic Criticism of Current

Administration (Unruh)

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Family Court Proposal (Brown)

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Legislative TV

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Government Growth and Costs

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Special Session, 1966

Governmental Organization and Efficiency – Reform Proposals

Labor – Unemployment Insurance and Workman’s Compensation: Programs and


Labor – Unemployment Statistics

Labor – Job Training: EYOA

Labor – Unions

Labor – Discrimination

Minority Groups – Negro and Mexican-American Community

Minority Groups – Watts

Minority Groups – Urban Renewal

Minority Groups – Schools

Minority Groups – Job Training

Minority Groups – Brown-Anti-Poverty Plan

Minority Groups – Murphy Amendment to EOA

Minority Groups – Poff Proposals

Minority Groups – 1964 Civil Rights Act

Minority Groups – Republican Civil Rights Bill

Minority Groups – Proposition 14

Minority Groups – Indirect Initiative Effort, 1966

Pollution – Air Pollution: Origins and Controls Summary

Public Welfare – Costs: Fiscal 1954-1966

Public Welfare – Administration and Control, Efficiency and Cost Recommendations

Public Welfare – Nursing Homes

Public Welfare – State Medicare Bill

Public Welfare – MARS Program, Administration of Welfare

Rapid Transit and Highways – BART

Rapid Transit and Highways – San Francisco Freeways

Rapid Transit and Highways – SCRTD

Rapid Transit and Highways – San Diego County Transit District

Rapid Transit and Highways – Watts Problem

Rapid Transit and Highways – State Highway Commission

Rapid Transit and Highways – Southern California Freeways and Gasoline Taxes

Rapid Transit and Highways – Coastal Freeway, Southern California

Rapid Transit and Highways – Flying Buses

Reapportionment – Lame Duck Senators

Recreation – State Park in Los Angeles

Recreation – Redwoods National Park

Recreation – Unemployment in Redwoods Region

Recreation – Forest Fire Proposals (Brown)

Recreation – Flood Control

Structure of California State Government – The Chief Executive: Qualifications, Powers,


Structure of California State Government – Constitutional Revision

Structure of California State Government – Boards and Agencies

Structure of California State Government – Political Organizations (SCAG)

Structure of California State Government – State-Wide TV Service

Structure of California State Government – Legislators’ Salaries

Taxes and Revenues – Spending, Fiscal 1958-67

Taxes and Revenues – State and Local Taxes, 1964

Taxes and Revenues – Spending – Tax Structure

Taxes and Revenues – Unemployment Insurance Taxes

Taxes and Revenues – The Heller Plan

Taxes and Revenues – Low-Income Tax Bill (Brown) and State Income Tax Reform

Taxes and Revenues – Summary: Current Tax-Legislation Problems

Taxes and Revenues – Tax Assessment Issue

Water – Desalting Plant

Water – MWD Bonds

Water – California Water Plan and State Water Project

Water – California Water Plan: Costs and Construction Schedule

Water – California Water Plan, the Future: Undersea Aqueduct, Reclamation of Waste,

Watershed Management

Water – Tidelands Oil Revenue


Box C40 [Index Cards re:Vietnam ]

A. General Interest

B. American Presence – Ethnic Aggravations

C. American Presence – History

D. American Presence – Legalities

E. American Presence – Misdirected

F. American Presence – Naval Best

G. American Presence – Needed – Countries

H. American Presence – Needed – Rationale

I. American Presence – Popular

J. American Presence – Provokes China

K. American Presence – Strain with Allies

L. American Presence – Strain with USSR

M. American Presence – “Test Case” – Domino

N. American Presence – U.S. Credibility – Prestige

O. American Presence – Warns China

P. Bombing – Deterrent to China

Q. Bombing – Effect on North

R. Bombing – Halt for Talks, Peace

S. Bombing – Mutual Hostages

T. Bombing – Need, Rationale

U. Bombing – Non-military targets

V. Bombing – Unrest in North

W. Bombing – World Response

X. China – Attitudes

Y. China – For Vietnam, U.S. – USSR, Wars

Z. China – Influence, Hegemony

AA. China – Intervention Possibility

BB. China – Isolation

CC. China – Collision Course

DD. Communist Threat – Real?

EE. Endorsements – Misc.

FF. Escalation – Dangers

GG. Escalation – Needed

HH. Escalation – Not Feasible

II. Escalation – Useless

JJ. Formal Declaration of War

KK. Gas Warfare

LL. Geneva Accords (1954)

MM. Geneva Accords (1954) – Unsound Agreement

NN.  Geneva Accords (1954) – And South Vietnam

OO. Geneva Accords (1954) – And North Vietnam

PP. Geneva Accords (1954) – And U.S.


RR. National Liberation Front – Administration

SS. NLF – Activities and Goals

TT. NLF – Casualties

UU. NLF – Crimes

VV. NLF – Defections

WW. NLF – And South Vietnam

XX. NLF – China and USSR

YY. News Reporting

ZZ. North Vietnam – Attitudes

AAA. North Vietnam – Election Hoax

BBB. North Vietnam – Economy

CCC. North Vietnam – Manpower Drain

DDD. North Vietnam – Morale

EEE. North Vietnam – And the NLF

FFF. North Vietnam – “Titioism” or “Puppetism”

GGG. North Vietnam – U.S. Began Infiltration

HHH. North Vietnam – When Enter War?

III. Nuclear Warfare

JJJ. Other “Vietnams” Ahead

KKK. Solutions – And Alternatives

LLL. Solutions – ICC, UN, International

MMM. Solutions – Japan, Indian Hegemony

NNN. Solutions – Long-term Commitment

OOO. Solutions – Native Nationalism

PPP. Solutions – Negotiations

QQQ. Solutions – Neutralization

RRR. Solutions – Peace Efforts

SSS. Solutions – Post Peace – What?

TTT. Solutions – Pull Out

UUU. Solutions – Recognize NLF

VVV. Solutions – Regionalism

WWW. Solutions – Unification

XXX. South Vietnam – Armed Forces

YYY. South Vietnam – Black Market

ZZZ. South Vietnam – Comparative Success

AAAA. South Vietnam – Economy

BBBB. South Vietnam – Elections

CCCC. South Vietnam – Government

DDDD. South Vietnam – Oppression

EEEE. South Vietnam – Popular Support

FFFF. South Vietnam – Social Conditions

GGGG. South Vietnam – U.S. Troop Presence

HHHH. South Vietnam – Value to the U.S.

IIII. Strategy – Cease-fire

JJJJ. Strategy – De-escalate

KKKK. Strategy – Enclave, Holding

LLLL. Strategy – Man-made Barrier

MMMM. Strategy – Military vs. Political

NNNN. Strategy – Pacification

OOOO. Strategy – North Vietnam Shipping

PPPP. Strategy – Their War

QQQQ. Strategy – We’re Winning

RRRR. Russia – To Intervene

SSSS. U.S Domestic Policy – Cost

TTTT. U.S. Morale

UUUU. U.S. Overcommitment

VVVV. U.S. Protestors

WWWW. U.S. Protestors – Communists Involved

XXXX. U.S. Protestors – Legalities

YYYY. U.S. Protestors – Help Communists

ZZZZ. Vietnam – Sociology

AAAAA. War Carnage – Civilian and Other

Vietnam Bibliography

Vietnam X File


Box C41

[This box contains an assortment of "Reagan for Governor" campaign stickers and