This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.



Records, 1987-1990


Office History


At the start of the second Reagan administration, the Domestic Policy Council formed the Low Income Opportunity Working Group. The Working Group studied the current state of all federal welfare programs. From the Working Group the Reagan Administration commissioned Up from Dependency: A New National Public Assistance Strategy, a multi-volume report evaluating current government welfare policies published in 1986. One of the report’s conclusions was the piecemeal creation of the welfare structure resulted in an uncoordinated tangle of programs, regulations, and bureaucracies which often worked at cross purposes. The report recommended creating an entity to ease the burden of this confusion for states wishing to make innovative changes to their federally funded welfare programs


The Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board (ILIOAB) was created on July 17, 1987 by Presidential memorandum to coordinate the state’s welfare reform projects providing a “one-stop” method for states with proposals for welfare reform demonstrations and requests for waivers from current federal welfare program rules and regulations. In addition the Board was to collect and present evidence in support of administration policy as Congress considered welfare reform.


The Board was involved in the push for the enactment of H.R. 1720, the Family Support Act, a welfare reform bill signed by President Reagan on October 13, 1988. The Reagan Administration supported Republican alternatives to this bill (H.R. 3200 & S.1655) for most of 1988.  Then Governor Bill Clinton (D., Arkansas) and Governor Michael Castle (R. Delaware) lobbied the President to support H.R. 1720 and its Senate alternative S.1511. When it became clear that the Republican bills stood no chance of passage and some work requirements became part of H.R. 1720, the Reagan Administration supported passage of this bill.  The ILIOAB was most interested in protecting the already established state welfare reform demonstrations already in progress and some already proposed. Material on this issue can be found in the Subject File series.


The Board was chaired by Charles D. Hobbs. In 1984 Hobbs began work in the Office of Policy Development as a Deputy Assistant to the President, and in 1985 he was promoted to Director of the Office of Policy Development. His background included working for then Governor Ronald Reagan as Chief Deputy Director of Social Welfare where he worked on the California welfare reforms of the 1970s. A large part of his Office of Policy Development collection contains material on welfare and welfare reform.


Hobbs was appointed an Assistant to the President, in 1987 and given the Chairmanship of the ILIOAB. The Board also contained representatives of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, and Labor. Other organizations would be included on the Board as they were needed. Staff support was provided by the Office of Policy Development and the Board member agencies.


The Board was located at 730 Jackson Place and the staff included Office of Policy Development analysts and subject experts Anthony Blankley, Michael Driggs, and Peter Germanis. It also included representatives of the other agencies on the Board: Martha Amorosi (Social Security Administration); Richard Bavier (Health and Human Services); Steve Barolomei-Hill; Judith Boggs (HHS); Morgan Doughton (Labor); Diane Esanu; Jeffery Hall (Office of Management & Budget); Robert Hill (Expert/Advisor); Robert Kirchner (Interior); Dolores “Dee” Martin (Expert/Advisor -University of Nebraska); and Linda Norberg (Agriculture).


The Board was still functioning at the Inauguration of President-Elect George H.W. Bush. The Board continued to field proposals and continued work on ongoing proposals from various states through most of 1989.  The Board made a final report to the new President in March 1989 recommending that it be continued with a new name as a sub-group of the Domestic Policy Council. At some point the Board was slated to be shut down in September 1989.  We are unaware if this actually happened, but our documentary evidence suggests it did.


In consultation with the George H.W. Bush Library archivists, the Ronald Reagan Library has decided to retain all of this material in one location within the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board records. The Bush Library has some material on this Board and in particular records from staff member Peter Germanis. We refer researchers to this material held at the George H.W. Bush Library in College Station, Texas.


Scope and Content


This collection documents the functioning of the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board in fielding state proposals for demonstration projects for welfare reform, assisting states in composing their proposals; evaluating these proposals, recommending approval of these projects and the follow-through with affected agencies in seeing the proposals gain approval, waivers and implementation.


This collection was acquired by the Library as part of a 1992 accretion to our Presidential records. At the time of accessioning the material was marked as “Peter Germanis” records. Upon examination the material documents the Board as a whole and appears to have been filed that way.  Work product for Chairman Charles D. Hobbs, Driggs, Amorosi, Bavier, Doughton, Hall, Hill, Martin and Norberg can be found though out the material, although Hobbs and Driggs created the majority of the material. The material is now all in one collection, the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board records.


This collection is arranged into seven series: SERIES I: Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board Meetings; SERIES II: Charles D. Hobbs, Chairman, Material; SERIES III: Chronological File, 1988-1989; SERIES IV: Subject Files; SERIES V: State Files; SERIES VI: Workshops; and SERIES VII: Digital Media Material.






This series consists of material regarding business before the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board (ILIOAB) including minutes for each board meeting; an agenda and list of attendees for each Board meeting; notices of future meetings; requests to book White House meeting rooms for the Board meetings; proposals from various states for welfare reform demonstration projects and requests for ILIOAB assistance; terms and conditions for ILIOAB approval for state proposals and ILIOAB staff comments on the proposals. The material is arranged chronologically by meeting date.




This series consists of material regarding the specific functions of the Chairman of the ILIOAB Board. The material includes outgoing correspondence from Hobbs covering approvals of state projects, selection of state projects, welfare and entitlement reforms, and administrative actions of the Board; memos from specific staff members on state demonstration projects, projects sponsored by non-government groups, and welfare and entitlement policy; invitations for Hobbs to participate, speak at, or attend meetings related to welfare and politics (1988 campaign); and some personal material for Hobbs regarding financial disclosure reports and access to White House staff amenities.




This series consists of material regarding establishing further procedures for Board functioning in reviewing state demonstration proposals; accountability for the progression of the state proposals; Board approval or rejection of the proposals; notification to agencies of the approval of projects; purpose and functions of the Self-Help Workshop held at the White House; duplicates of Board meeting material from Series I including minutes, notification of meetings, tracking reports and agendas; requirements from Agencies regarding approval of state project proposals; reports on the status of social issue legislation, especially the 1988 welfare reform bill; writing the summary of “aid to the poor” for the Reagan Record; reporting on the disposition of the Board in the Bush Administration; and personnel and administrative issues for the Board. This material covers the time period from June 1988-March 1989 and it was maintained for the Board by Michael Driggs, Executive Secretary of the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board.


SERIES IV: SUBJECT FILE (1.4 l.ft.; Box 6-10 & 37)


This series consists of material regarding the administrative running of the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board (ILIOAB); creation of the Board; reporting on the accomplishments of the Board; creating standards and procedures for states and federal agencies  to use in creating welfare reform projects; issues with state quality control of the Food Stamps program; a series of memos on Board, welfare policy, and several select state proposals from Executive Secretary Richard Bavier; National Governor’s Association meetings in 1987-1989 regarding welfare reform at the state level and the push for a new national welfare reform bill sponsored by then Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas and Governor Michael Castle of Delaware; features, amendments and impact of the 1988 Family Support Act (welfare reform bill); Labor Department child care report and its effects for working mothers; tenant management of public housing; final recommendations to the Chief of Staff on the future of the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board in the George H.W. Bush administration; presentations to the Domestic Policy Council by the Low Income Opportunity Working Group and the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board on welfare policy, welfare reform and the progress of state welfare reform projects; the first annual report of the Board published as Volume 5 of the Up from Dependency publication. It is arranged alphabetically by folder title.


Overhead projection slides for presentations to the Domestic Policy Council regarding welfare reform are housed in oversize Box 37.


SERIES V: STATE FILE (9 l.ft.; Box 10-32 & 37)


This series consists of material relating to the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board’s initial contact with states and U.S. territories regarding welfare reform and the duties of the ILIOAB, requests for further information, cover letters to Secretaries of various federal agencies, evaluation of state demonstration proposals and follow-up on the implementation of state welfare reform projects. States provided descriptions of their proposed projects and submitted requests for waivers from current federal welfare practices to the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Housing and Urban Development depending on their projects. States also prepared presentations for meetings of the ILIOAB and provided changes to requests and follow-up information. In some cases files consist only of the initial contact with states if they chose not to pursue a welfare reform demonstration project.  The material is arranged alphabetically by state and in rough chronological order within the state.


This material was filed as a group by the office, but it also includes material from the individual staff members responsible for a particular state.


Two presentation packets and an oversize computer report printout from the state of Iowa are housed in Oversize Box 37.


SERIES VI: WORKSHOPS (0.5 l.ft.; Box 32-33)


This series consists of material relating to the regional workshops on welfare reform organized by the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board and focusing on the Board’s role in assisting states’ efforts to obtain acceptance of their demonstration projects with various federal agencies. The material consists of invitations to various governors to specific workshops; preparation for the workshops; agendas for the workshops; presentation packets for the workshop which include a copy of the 1986 report on welfare reform entitled Up from Dependency; and follow-up media reports on the workshops.


SERIES VII: DIGITAL MEDIA FILE (2. 0 l.ft.; Box 34-36)


This series consists of 194 five and one quarter inch computer diskettes. The electronic files appear to be WordPerfect and several Lotus formats from the late 1980s.


The diskettes are split between three boxes. Box 34 appears to contain electronic documents of an administrative nature for the functioning of the ILIOAB. Box 35 & 36 appear to be the drafts, tables, narratives, and master copies of the publication, Up from Dependency. Up from Dependency was a report first published by the Low Income Opportunity Working Group, a sub-group of the Domestic Policy Council. Its first volume was published in 1986. Later volumes were continued by the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board, including volume 4 which was actually an annual report of the Board.


The Library is unable to access these diskettes not having the hardware or software necessary. We are unable to determine whether all of the material on these diskettes is found in printed form within the collection. But given most of the diskettes (157 of the 193) are regarding a publication, it is safe to assume much of this material can be found in the publication. Likewise, the administrative electronic files appear to match some of the folder titles and documents found in the collection.




SERIES I: ILIOAB Board Meetings

Box 1

Board Meeting 07/29/1987

Board Meeting 08/14/1987

Board Meeting 08/20/1987

Board Meeting 09/02/1987

Board Meeting 09/25/1987

Board Meeting 10/30/1987

Board Meeting 12/04/1987

Board Meeting 01/12/1988

Board Meeting 02/09/1988

Board Meeting 02/18/1988

Board Meeting 02/23/1988

Board Meeting 03/08/1988

Board Meeting 03/10/1988 (1)(2)

Board Meeting 03/15/1988 (1)(2)

Board Meeting 04/05/1988 (1)(2)

Board Meeting 04/26/1988

Board Meeting 05/10/1988

Board Meeting 05/24/1988

Board Meeting 05/27/1988

ILIOAB Board Meeting 06/23/1988 (1)(2)


Box 2

ILIOAB Board Meeting #22 07/07/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #23 07/14/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #24 08/01/1988

ILIOAB Board Meeting #25 08/02/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #26 08/04/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #27 08/19/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #28 08/25/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #29 08/30/1988

ILIOAB Board Meeting #30 09/08/1988 (1)-(3)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #31 09/15/1988 (1)(2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #32 09/22/1988

ILIOAB Board Meeting #33 10/11/1988 (1)


Box 3

ILIOAB Board Meeting #33 10/11/1988 (2)

ILIOAB Board Meeting #34 10/13/1988

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #35 10/20/1988

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #36 10/27/1988

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #37 11/17/1988

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #38 11/22/1988 (1)(2)

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #39 11/29/1988 (1)(2)

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #40 12/13/1988

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #41 12/15/1988

          ILIOAB Board Meeting #42 01/17/1989

          [ILIOAB Board Meeting #43 02/17/1989

          [ILIOAB Board Meeting #44 03/02/1989]


          SERIES II: Charles D. Hobbs, Chairman Material

          Box 3, cont.
          Berkeley Academy for Youth Development – Charles and Ronnie Blakeney (1)-(3)

          California Family Support Council – Michael Barber (1)-(4)

          Chuck Hobbs Outgoing Correspondence – January 1987-September 1987

          Chuck Hobbs Outgoing Correspondence – October 1987-February 1988


          Box 4

          Chuck Hobbs Outgoing Correspondence – March 1988-05/18/1988

          Chuck Hobbs Outgoing Correspondence – 05/19/1988-July 1988

          Chuck Hobbs Outgoing Correspondence – August 1988-November 1988

          Chuck Hobbs – “New” Outgoing Correspondence – December 1988-February 1989

          Chuck Hobbs – “New” Outgoing Correspondence – March 1989-June 1989

          [Goodwill Games] (1)(2)

          Institute for Clinical Developmental Psychology – Charles and Ronnie Blakeney (1)(2)

          Invitations (1)-(5)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (July 1986-November 1986)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (December 1986-July 1987)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (August 1987-November 1987)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (December 1987-01/19/1988)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (01/20/1988-02/15/1988)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (02/16/1988) (1)(2)


          Box 5

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (02/17/1988-March 1988)

          Memoranda – Richard Bavier (April 1988-September 1988)

          Memoranda – Judith Boggs

          Memoranda – Morgan Doughton

          Memoranda – Morgan Doughton [Camden, NJ Public Housing Project] (1)-(3)

          Memoranda – Peter Germanis (January 1987-10/06/1987)

          Memoranda – Peter Germanis (10/07/1987)

          Memoranda – Peter Germanis (10/07/1987-November 1988)

          Memoranda – Robert Hill

          Memoranda – Bob Kirchner

          Memoranda – Dolores “Dee” Martin (May 1987-August 1987)

          Memoranda – Dolores “Dee” Martin (September 1987)

          Memoranda – Dolores “Dee” Martin (October 1987-January 1989)

          Memoranda – Linda Norberg (1987)

          Memoranda – Linda Norberg (1988)

          [National Council on Vocational Education]

          [Personal – Hobbs]

          [Possible Book on the President]

          Thank Yous (1)-(3)


          SERIES III: Chronological File

          Box 6

          Chron File, 06/13/1988-06/28/1988

          Chron File, 06/28/1988-07/09/1988

          Chron File, 07/10/1988-07/18/1988

          Chron File, 07/19/1988-07/25/1988

          Chron File, 07/25/1988-07/31/1988

Chron File, 08/01/1988-08/07/1988

          Chron File, 08/08/1988 (1)(2)

          Chron File, 08/09/1988-08/17/1988

          Chron File, 08/18/1988-08/31/1988

          Chron File, 09/01/1988-09/14/1988

          Chron File, 09/15/1988-09/21/1988

          Chron File, 09/22/1988 (1)-(3)

          Chron File, 09/22/1988-09/30/1988

          Chron File, 10/01/1988-10/18/1988

          Chron File, 10/19/1988-10/31/1988

          Chron File, 11/01/1988-12/08/1988

          Chron File, 12/09/1988-12/31/1988

          Chron File, 01/01/1989-01/24/1988

          Chron File, 01/25/1988-01/31/1989

          Chron File, 02/01/1989-02/15/1989



Box 7

Chron File, 02/16/1989-03/02/1989


          SERIES IV: Subject File

          Box 7, cont.

          Accomplishments of ILIOAB (Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board)

          Administration [Creating and Supporting Public Assistance Reform Office]

          Annual Report 1987-1988 (1)(2)

          Annual Report 1987-1988 (3)-(7)

          Annual Report – Maps (Empty)

          Basic Board Documents (1)(2)

          Board Administration [Personnel]

          [Board Continuation]

          Board Procedures History (1)-(5)

          Board Tracking Report (1)(2)


          Box 8

          Child Care [Department of Labor Report, 1988] (1)(2)

          [Constitution – U.S.]

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting 03/09/1988 Overhead Projections

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting 07/13/1988

          Employment Opportunity for Disabled Americans Act, 1988

          Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (1)(2)

          Examples of Terms and Conditions (1)-(4)

          Federal Management, Fall 1988

          Harkin Amendment re: Food Stamps

          IBM Job Training Centers

          John Bode [Food Stamps]

Low Income Working Group, 1985-1986 Presentation with Overhead Projections (1)(2)

Low Income Working Group, 1985-1986 Overhead Projections

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), October 1987-November 1987

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), December 1987-01/15/1988

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), 01/15/1988

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), 01/15/1988-01/19/1988

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), 01/19/1988

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), 01/19/1988-01/20/1988

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), 01/20/1988-01/31/1988

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), February 1988-March 1988


          Box 9

          [Memos] from the Secretary (Richard Bavier), April 1988-June 1988

          National Council of State Public Welfare Administrators

National Governors Association (1)-(3)

          [National Governors Association Meeting, August 1988, Cincinnati, Ohio](1)(2)

          Procedures/Guidelines for Coordination and Review of State Welfare Reform

                   Demonstration Proposals

          [Public] Housing Demonstration (HUD Bill)

          Public Housing Sale [Tenant Management]

          Report to the Chief of Staff, 03/01/1989

          [SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) Update]

          Tracking Reports (1)(2)


          Up from Dependency: A New National Public Assistance Strategy – Draft (1)(2)

          Up from Dependency: A New National Public Assistance Strategy

          Volunteer Lists

          [Welfare Reform, 1987] (1)(2)

          [Welfare Reform, 1989]

          [Welfare Reform Bill, 1988] (1)-(3)


          Box 10

          [Welfare Reform Bill, 1988] (4)-(9)

          [Welfare Reform Bill] Bill Impact (1)(2)

          [Welfare Reform Bill] Waiver Amendment (Empty)

          [Welfare Reform Demonstrations – Applicable to Other Reform]

          Welfare Symposium


SERIES V: State File

          Box 10, cont.

          ILIOAB State File Check List Forms

          [Status of State Demonstrations]

Alabama 1987 (1)-(3)

Alabama 1988 (1)-(8)


Box 11

Alabama 1988 (9)-(12)

Alabama 1989 (1)-(16)


Box 12

Alabama 1989 (17)(18)

Alabama 1990 (1)-(5)


Arizona (1)-(11)



          California: Alameda County

          California: Los Angeles County

          California: Monterey


          Box 13

          California: Public Social Services Commission: GAIN IV Maximus Presentation (1)(2)

California: Riverside County

          California: San Diego County (1)-(7)

Colorado (1)-(9)


Delaware (1)(2

District of Columbia (D.C.)

District of Columbia (D.C.): KPRMC (Kenilworth/Parkside Resident Management



Box 14

Florida (1)(2)

Georgia (1)-(4)



Illinois (1)-(14)


Box 15

Illinois (15)-(23)

Illinois: Bethel New Life


Iowa (1)-(9)


Box 16

Iowa (10)-(16)

Kansas (1)-(4)



Maine (1)-(9)


Box 17

Maine (10)(11)

Maryland (1)-(6

Massachusetts (1)-(3)

Minnesota (1)-(7)

Missouri (1)-(3)


Box 18

Missouri (4)

Missouri: Cochran Tenant Management Corporation



New Hampshire (1)-(16)


Box 19

New Hampshire (17)-(20)

New Jersey (1)-(14)

New Jersey: Camden, NJ [EDTEC Project] (1)


Box 20

New Jersey: Camden, NJ [EDTEC Project] (2)-(4)

New Mexico (1)-(14)

New York (1)-(3)


Box 21

New York (4)-(18)

North Carolina (1)-(4)


Box 22

North Carolina (5)-(13)

North Dakota

Northern Mariana Islands

Ohio (1)-(9)


Box 23

Ohio (10)-(23)



Pennsylvania (1)-(5)


Box 24

Pennsylvania (6)-(18)

Puerto Rico

Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Tribe

Rhode Island

South Carolina (1)-(4)


Box 25

South Carolina (5)-(19)

South Carolina: [Human Services Project – Seabrook Island Retreat, 09/18/1988-

          09/20/1988 (1)-(3)

Tennessee (1)(2)


Box 26

Tennessee (3)-(7)

Texas (1)-(10)

Utah (1)-(6)


Box 27

Vermont (1)(2)

Virgin Islands


Washington, 1987-1988 (1)-(16)


Box 28

Washington, 1987-1988 (17)-(36)


Box 29

Washington, 1989-1990 (1)-(20)


Box 30

Washington, 1989-1990 (21)-(23)

West Virginia (1)-(15)


Box 31

Wisconsin (1)-(20)


Box 32

Wisconsin (21)-(26)

Wyoming (1)-(9)


          SERIES VI: Workshops

          Box 32, cont.

          Conference – Self-Help Leaders (1)-(5)

          White House Workshop on Self-Help Efforts and Welfare Reform 06/08/1988-

                   06/10/1988 (1)-(3)


          Box 33

          White House Workshop on Self-Help Efforts and Welfare Reform 06/09/1988-

                   06/10/1988 – Mike Driggs (Binder) (1)-(4)

          White House Workshop on Self-Help Efforts and Welfare Reform 06/09/1988-

                   06/10/1988 – Chuck Hobbs (Binder) (1)-(5)

          White House Workshop on Self-Help Efforts and Welfare Reform 06/09/1988-

                   06/10/1988 – Chuck Hobbs [Binder: Workshop Notes]

          ILIOAB Board Working Group [Workshop on Self-Help and Welfare Reform Report

                   Review] (1)(2)

          Regional Workshop – Kansas City Town Meeting, 05/08/1987

          Regional Workshop – New Hampshire, 12/03/1987 (1)-(3)

          Regional Workshop – Wisconsin, 12/11/1987 (1)(2)

          Regional Workshop – New Jersey, 12/15/1987

          Regional Workshop – Salt Lake City, UT, January 1988 & November 1988

          Regional Workshop – Missouri, 03/11/1988


          SERIES VII: Digital Media File

Box 34

Board 07/01/1987-12/08/1987

Board 12/09/87-03/14/1988

Board Tracking System (Louts Symphony 1.2)

Callmemo, Bio (WP)

FY89 Personnel

MAD (Morgan Doughton) -ILIOAB - General Information 01/23/1989 DISK FULL

          Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: OPAR Management

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Member Implementation

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Board FY89 [1]

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Board FY89 [2]

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Board Management FY89

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Board Management FY88

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Board Authority - 1989

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Board FY88

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Speech 07/03/1987

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Research on Research “OK” 011/12/1989

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Annual Report [Robert] (Kirchner)

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: JoAnn [Dubetz] Letters

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: MAD (Morgan Doughton)-ILIOAB Back-Up Disk

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: MAD (Morgan Doughton)-ILIOAB General Info – 2


Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: ILIOAB Meetings

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 1: Annual Report Back-Up Disk

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Letters (F)

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Disp 3 General Disk Phone # Full Diskette

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Press (f)

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Agreements

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: ILIOAB Agenda, Call, Security, Fax

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: States 03/15/1988

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: [Empty Sleeve]

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Master Disk  Review Draft

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Issues (F)

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Overview  Peter (Germanis)  12/01/????

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: HHS Updates (WP)

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Board 05/14/1988-06/17/1988

Maxell Diskette (5 ¼ “) Box 2: Board 03/14/1988-05/03/1988


Box 35

HUD Follow-Up B(ack) U(p) Rev. ASCII



13.635 Title III Part C-I 08/15

Other Low Income Grant Programs & Low Income Loan Programs Backup

13.635 Title III Part II

13.635 Title III Part C

13.633 Title III Part B Older Americans Act Reformatted

13.965 Black Lung

061601-HHS- Control OAA 13.808 10 of 58 WP

10.567 Q&A  Food Distribution Indian Reservations 11/04/JD  On Post-It Note:

          “Combined with Food Distribution for Territories

84.011 Migrant Education Tables 8-11

Medicaid Appendices B/up 08/04 Medicaid.dw HHS 1

SSI Appendices 08/04 Backup HHS

13.665 CSBG (Community Services Block Grant) Discretionary

72.008 Senior Companion Program JD 11/04

81.042 DOE (Department of Energy) Weatherization 11/05

84.007 SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) 08/05/

84.010 Basic Grants to LEAs (Local Educational Agency Grants)

84.033 College Work Studies

84.042 Special Services for Disadvantaged (WP)

84.044 Talent Search 11/03 Reformatted

84.047 Upward Bound 11/03 Reformatted

84.063 Pell Grants mm 11/04

84.069 SSIG (State Student Incentive Grants)

EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) 11/05 nd

FEMA mm 11/06

Legal Aid (WP) MM 11/07

Other Low Income Grant Programs & Low Income Loan Programs

84.011 Migrant Education na 11/06

13.808 (AFDC) Assistance Pay Tables 8-11 (complete)

13.808 Emergency Assistance Tables 8-11

Tables 8-12 13.814 Refugee Assistance (complete)

13.818 LI HEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) Tables 8 & 11

Tables 8A & B-11 13.994 Maternal & Child Health Services Block Grant

14.103 HUD 236 (Interest Reduction Program) Tables 8, 9 & 11

Homeownership 14.105 Tables 8-11

14.156-05.8 Tables 8 & 11 Section 8

14.850-14.852 Public & Indian Housing Tables 8-11 (complete)

15.113 Indian Social Services Tables 8-11 (complete)

Indian Housing 15.141 Table 11

17.235 Senior Community Service Employ Tables 8-11

17.247 Migrant & Seasonal Farm Workers Tables 8-11

17.250 JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) Title II-A Table 11 Back Up

17.250 Summer Youth Tables 8-11

17.250 Job Corp Table 11

17.251 Native American Ed. & Training Table 11

64.009 Veterans Hospitals Tables 8-11 (Complete)

64.104 Tables 8-11 Non-Service Disabilities & Death

64.105 Parent’s Compensation Table 11

72.001 Foster Grandparents

72.008 Senior Companions Table 11

81.042 Weatherization 8A-10B

84.007 Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants Tables 8-11 (Complete)

84.010 Basic Grants & LEAs (Local Educational Agencies) Tables 8-11

84.033 College Work Study Tables 8-11 (Complete)

84.042 Services for Disadvantaged Students Tables 8-11 (Complete)

84.044 Talent Search Tables 8-11 (Complete)

84.047 Upward Bound Tables 8-11 (Complete)

84.063 Pell Grants Tables 8A-11

84.069 SSIG Table 8A-11 (Lotus 1-2-3)

EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Table 11

Legal Services Tables 8-11

Emergency Food Distribution & Shelter

13.600 Head Start

13.646 WIN/WIN Demo Tables 8-11

13.658 Title IV-E - Foster Care Tables 8-11

13.659 Adoption Table 8-12B (Complete)

13.665 CSBG (Community Services Block Grant) Regular Tables VIII-11

13.667 Social Services Block Grant Tables 8-11

13.714 Medicaid Tables 8-11 (Complete)

13.807 SSI Tables 8-11

10.427 Rural Rental Assistance

10.550 Charitable Institutions

10.551 Food Stamps 8-11

10.553 School Breakfast Tables 8-11

10.555 National School Lunch (Diskette)

10.556 Special Milk

10.557 WIC Supplemental Food Program Table 11

10.558 Child Care Food Program

10.559 Summer Food Tables 8-11

10.565 Commodity Supplemental Food Program Tables 9-11

10.566 Nutrition Assistance for PR (Puerto Rico) Tables 8-11

10.567 Needy Family Tables 8-11

10.568 Temporary Emergency Food

13.217 Family Services Tables 8-12

13.224 Community Health Tables 8-12

13.228 Indian Health Tables 8-12

13.246 Migrant Health Centers Tables 8-11

10.427-10.568 Agriculture & Introduction (WP)

13.217-13.714 (WP)

13.807-13.994 (WP)

14.103-81.042 (WP)

84.007 - Loan Programs (WP)

Tables 10.427-10.555

Tables 10.556-10.565

Tables 10.566-10.568

Tables 13.217-13.246

Tables 13.600-13.659

Tables 13.665-13.807


Box 36

Tables 13.808-13.814

Tables 13.818-13.994

Tables 14.103-14.850

Tables 15.113-17.251

Tables 64.009-81.042

Tables 84.007-84.042

Tables 84-044-Legal Aid

14.103 Section 236 Interest Reduction IRPD 08/19 ma

14.105 Section 235 Homeownership HAPDZ 08/19 ma

14.156 Section 8 [of the Housing Act of 1937] HAPD 11/02 ma Reformatted

14.850, 14.851, 14.852 Public & Indian Housing P4IHD ma 11/10

34.007 – Loans (WP) Backup

14.103-81.042 (WP) Backup

13.807-13.994 (WP) Backup

13.217-13.714 (WP) Backup

10.427-10.568 Agriculture & Introduction (WP) Backup

10.559 Q&A Summer Food SFSPD2 11/04 mm

10.565 Q&A Commodity Supplemental CSFFD 11/04 mam

10.565 Q&A Nutrition for Puerto Rico NAP D 11/04 mam

10.568 Q&A TEFAP (Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program) TEFAPD

11/04 JD

13.228 Indian Health HHS18 ma 08/06

13.246 Migrant Health Centers HHS19 Reformatted

13.600 Head Start Programs HHS12 Reformatted 07/29 ma

13.646 WIN HHS10 Reformatted 08/01 ma

13.658 Foster Care HHS13 ma 08/14

13.659 Adoption Assistance HHS14 ma 08/14

13.665 CSBG (Communities Services Block Grant) HHS7 ma 08/13

13.667 SSBG (Social Services Block Grant) HHHS11 08/06 ma

13.714 Medicaid.dw HHS1 Reformatted 07/30 ma

13.807 SSI HHS2 Reformatted 08/01/ma

13.808 AFDC

13.808(b) Emergency Assistance HHS5 Reformatted 08/05 ma

13.814 Refugee Resettlement HHS9

13.818 LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) HHS4 (WP)

13.994 MCHS (Maternal and Child Health Services) HHS22 nd 08/14

Draft Report - Master

Research Bk1 & Front & Tables1 04/29/1988

Research 05/02/1988 Table of Contents Acknowledgements FRONT 04/29/1988 WHF

          II J. Hall

Tables Tables1-OK Tables5-Old

Bib 04/28/1988132657

Backup - Bibliography

Research on Research (Tables) (2 only) “May Be on Other One”

Final Report

Final Report Backup

Pres Backup 2 Table H TC Four (MM) Four TC Table 1

Master/Pres WG, Third, First

WG Citations

Pres Backup 1 Table 4 Second

Fact Sheet - OPD Insert #1, #2, #3 Testimon Testimon.2


Briefing Book Yes 2 (Part I) Margaret Brlef (Part II) Bowen WS

MM 03/24 Q& A Backup “Yes”

Q&A Backup “Bad”

Report Information

DPC Draft  Backup Master  Second (Part 1) 12/08/1986 “Post-It” Note Attached: TC-ILL

          “Everything Together”

Decline (2.1.2) Roxie “Wire For Peter”

DPC Draft Master - Backup 2 12/08/1986 “Four”

DPC Draft Master 12/08/1986 “First Third”

Chucks Draft – Backup “Second”


Box 37 – Oversize Items

Domestic Policy Council Meeting 03/09/1988 Overhead Projections

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting 07/13/1988 

Low Income Working Group, 1985-1986 Presentation with Overhead Projections (2)

Low Income Working Group, 1985-1986 Overhead Projections

          Iowa (11 of 16)