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OSBORNE, KATHY: Files, 1981-1989


Personal Secretary to President Ronald Reagan


This collection consists of a single oversize attachment found while arranging the “true” oversize attachments.  In addition, we found three letter-sized Hollinger boxes containing a personal papers collection for Kathy Osborne.  Upon inspection, the material did not have a solicitation/acquisition file and it contained a note from Rod Soubers (Supervisory Archivist, 1989-1996).  The note stated the material was “personal” and it apparently had been removed from Presidential records and transferred.  There is some indication that Osborne sent this material to the Director of the Library, Ralph Bledsoe in 1991.  No further documentation was found.  It has now been integrated with the original Osborne material from OA 10154.


While not selecting series, we have arranged this material in a loose “series” order consisting of subject file material, Eureka College material, Dixon, IL and the Reagan boyhood home, Presidential Library material and personal correspondence.  The folders are filed alphabetically within this loose arrangement.


Much of this material, both from the found material and the original OA 10154 would qualify as personal records of Ronald Reagan although handled routinely by Kathy Osborne.  The material will probably be processed under the Reagan Deed of Gift.


OA 10154

Quotes for Ronald Reagan (1)-(4)

White House Background

[Young American Medal for Bravery; for Service]

Eureka College Printouts

Eureka College Scholarship Fund (1)-(3)

Eureka Printout (1)(2)

Dixon, Illinois Printouts (1)-(4)

Ronald Reagan - 03/15/1984 - Thank-you Letter to Donors [Boyhood Home]

William Thompson [Boyhood Home Letter]

[Audio-Visual Information re: Presidential Library]

Becket [Potential Architectural Firm – Presidential Library] (1)-(5)

[Bill Thompson] (1)-(19)

Doug Morrow

[Kathy Osborne Files – Presidential Years] (1)-(4)

[The President – Spinoff Project] (1)(2)

[Sisco Sisters] (1)-(8)

[Trude B. Feldman] (1)-(6)