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ABDOO, HELEN TERRY: Files, 1986-1987


Office of Media Relations, 1983-1986 See separate inventory

Office of Public Liaison, 1986-1987


Helen Terry Abdoo joined the White House Office of Media Relations in November 1983 as an Administrative Assistant in the Speakers Bureau. In May 1984 she became a Staff Assistant in Media Relations and was the project leader for starting the White House News. Once the White House News was functional, she edited the News. Abdoo worked directly for Merrie Spaeth and then Sue Mathis-Richard in the Office of Media Relations. She left the office of Media Relations in May of 1986 to work in Public Liaison as a press liaison and research assistant. This Office of Public Liaison collection for Ms. Abdoo is a single folder. It is possible the Library may find additional material for Abdoo in Public Liaison at a later date.


Box 1

Correspondence, 05/30/1986-06/09/1987