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ACLE, LUIS: Files, 1985-1986


Office of Public Liaison (Associate Director: Ethnic Groups, Hispanics)


Luis Acle was a native of Mexico who worked as Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison under Carl Anderson from August 1985 to August 1986.  He handled outreach to various ethnic groups, most notably Hispanics, Asian-American, Italian-American and Arab-American organizations.


His collection has a preliminary arrangement consisting of five series: Series I: Administrative Files; Series II: Issue Files - Asian and Italian Americans; Series III: Organization Files - Asian and Italian Americans; Series IV: Events File; Series V:  Organization Files - Hispanic and Arab Americans.  This arrangement is based on the original materials dividers found within Mr. Acle’s original material from the White House.


After Acle left the White House, many of his files were utilized by others in the Office of Public Liaison for use in their ongoing work. Some of these files were checked out by others in Public Liaison, and never returned to Acle’s collection.


In addition, Acle material can be found in OA 15060 and OA 15675. These boxes are within the Rudy Beserra collection of the Office of Public Liaison.


OA 13751


          OA 13751

          Administrative Files (divider)

          Calendar Events [empty]

          Luis Acle Chron November 1985

          Luis Acle Chron December 1985

          Luis Acle Chron January 1986

          Luis Acle Chron February 1986

          Luis Acle Chron March 1986

          Luis Acle Chron April 1986

          Interoffice Memos 1985 Luis Acle

          Interoffice Memoranda – 1986

          Cuban Desk Gift

          Cuban Desk Gift: [Photo and Artist Biography] (Oversized)

          Department of Labor News – Information Luis Acle

          OPL Calendar

          Photo Requests 1985  Luis Acle

          Photo Requests – 1986 (1)(2)

          LC Political File

          1985 Presidential Letters and Requests (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Presidential Messages & Requests 1986 (1)-(4)

          Presidential Proclamations 1985 (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Presidential Proclamations – 1986

          Presidential Proclamations 1986: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week

          Resumes & Bios (Luis Acle and Miscellaneous) (1)(2)

          Requests for Photo/Mailing Forms – Pending

          Requests for Presidential Letters & Messages – Pending (1)(2)

          Schedule Proposals 1985 Luis Acle

          Schedule Proposals 1986

          Luis Acle Scheduling Recommendation

          Speaking Proposals 1985

          Talking Points (from Communications Office)

          White House Tracking Sheets Luis Acle

          Travel Vouchers 1986  Luis Acle

          Weekly Reports

          Luis Acle Wrap Up

          Hispanic Appointments

          Hispanics – Bailon, Bob

          [Hispanics] – Bilingual Education

          Hispanics – Census

          Hispanics – [General]

          Hispanics – Hispanic Family of the Year

          Hispanics – SER – Jobs for Progress

          Hispanic – Spanish Independent Network (SIN)

          [Hispanics – Speakers Directory] (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          [Hispanics] Terrorism in Latin America

          Hispanics – VISTA Magazine (1)(2)

          Hispanics – Voter Registration List - San Diego County, California 06/05/1984



          OA 13751 (continued)

          Issue Files: Asian & Italian Americans (divider)

          Asian/Pacific-American Economic Issues

          Asian/Pacific American Issues (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Bilingual Education – Grant Information

          Cambodian-American Issues (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Chinese-American Issues (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Civil Rights – Asian-American Concerns

          Civil Rights

          Columbus Day 1985


          OA 13752

          Democrats – Asian-American Strategy

          Family Issues

          Filipino-American Briefing Fall 1985 (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Filipino-American Issues (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Immigration (1)-(3)

          Indian-American Issues (1)-(3)

          Italian-Americans – Background Information (1)(2)

          Italian-American Issues

          Italian-American Supreme Court Justice

          Japanese-American Issues

          Japanese-American Reparations (1)(2)

          Language Policy

          Laotian Issues

          Mail Order Brides

          Minority Business Issues  (1)-(3)

          Organization of Chinese American Women Briefing 12/06/1985

          Sri-Lankan American Issues

          To Discuss with Luis Acle

          Vietnamese-American Issues

          Vietnamese – Pham Le Trinh



          OA 13752 (continued)

          Organization Files: Asian & Italian Americans (divider)



          Asia Society (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Asian-Americans (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Asian-Americans – Guam Society (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Asian-American Republicans (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Asian-Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (WH checkout card to Vanessa


          Asian-Pacific American Heritage Council (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 1986

          Cambodian-Americans (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Cham Ethnic Minority

          Chinese Americans

          National Chinese Welfare Council (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Celebration

          Federal Communications Commission

          Filipino-Americans (1)(2)

          Indian-Americans  (1)-(4)


          OA 13753

          Indochinese (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          National Italian American Foundation

          Order Sons of Italy in America

          Japanese Americans (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Korean Americans (WH checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/86)

          Presidential Council of Minority Business

          National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs



          U.S. Asia Institute (1)-(3)

          Urban Ethnic Conference




          OA 13753 (continued)

          Events File (divider only)

          1985 Hispanic Week (Bea’s File)

          1985 Hispanic Week (Bea’s File): Hispanic Heritage Week 09/16/1985-09/20/1985

          Republican National Hispanic Assembly Meeting with Ronald Reagan 09/16/1985

          Republican National Hispanic Assembly Photo Op with Ronald Reagan 09/16/1985

          Youth Briefing: 09/17/1985 (Bea’s Folder)

          U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 09/18/1985, 09/21/1985

          Briefing for Representatives of Asian American Voters Coalition 11/07/1985 (WH

                   checkout card to Vanessa 9/25/1986)

          Briefing for American Hungarian Federation 11/08/1985

          Bilingual Education Briefing 11/21/1985 (Luis Acle)

          Asian Americans Voter’s Coalition Photo Op 01/09/1986

          Events: Pluma De Oro 01/22/1986

          01/24/1986-01/27/1986 Speaking in Southern California (Arab American and William

                   French Smith)

          Senate Panel Participation Luis Acle 02/12/1986

          White House Switching Ceremony 03/12/1986

          Briefing for Hispanic Americans State of Florida 03/18/1986

          Central American Reception for Supporters of President's Policy 03/21/1986

          Event: Speech – Sanctuary 04/13/1986

          Schedule Proposal – Asian Pacific Heritage Week May 1986

          Schedule Proposal – Asian Pacific Heritage Week May 1986: Schedule Proposal –

                   Asian- Pacific Heritage Week - Week of 05/05/1986

          Events: Cinco De Mayo 05/05/1986

          Speech – San Diego 05/09/1986-05/12/1986

          Speech – Arab American Institute 05/17/1986

          Speech - Hispanic News Media Association 05/19/1986

          Event: National Council of Hispanic Women 06/03/1986

          Briefing for National Council of Hispanic Women 06/03/1986

          Event: Arab American Annual Conference 06/24/1986

          The White House Conference on Small Business 08/17/1986-08/21/1986



          OA 13754

          Organization Files: Hispanic and Arab Americans (divider)

          Organizations: Asian Americans Voters Coalition

          Organizations: Business Council for International Understanding

          Organizations: Organization of Chinese Americans

          Organizations: Miscellaneous Chinese-American Groups

          Organization: California Chinese-American Republican Association

          Organizations: Christian Broadcasting Network (1)-(4)

          Organizations: National Coalition of Hispanic Mental and Human Services Organizations

          Organizations: ECI Equipment, Ltd.

          Organizations: Federal Communications Commission)

          Organizations: Federation for American Immigration Reform)

          Hispanics – American G.I. Forum

          Organizations: Hispanic National Bar Association

          Organizations: Commission on Latino Community Development

          Organizations: League of United Latin American Citizens

          Hispanic Media

          Organizations: Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

          Organizations: Midwest Voter Registration Education Project

          Organizations: National Council of Hispanic Women

          Organizations: National Hispanic Association Inc.

          Organization: National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc.

          Republican National Committee

          Organizations: Republican National Hispanic Assembly

          Organizations: Organization: U.S. English

          Organizations: U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce