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CFOA 705

Administrative Operations Division (File 1)

Blair House

East Executive Avenue

Financial Management (File 2)

GAO Detailers (File 3)

GAO Detailers (File 4)

GAO Detailers (File 5)

GSA (File 2)

Information Resources Management (File 1)

Lytton’s Group

USTP (File 2)

USTP (File 1)

Personnel (File 2)

Tower Review Board (File 2)

Tower Review Board (File 1)


          Box 10948

          D. Edward Wilson, Jr. Chron - 1984

          Office of Administration [WHO] Alpha File - May 1987-October 1987

          Office of Administration [WHO] Chron File - May 1987-October 1987

          Administrative Operations, 1985-1987

          Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

          Athletic Unit


          GAO Audit



          Box 10949

          Bicentennial Commission

          Blair House

          Blue Ribbon Task Force; Defense Management

          Briefing Room Smoking Issue

          Office of Administration Budget Hearings, FY 1981

          Office of Administration Budget Hearings, FY 1982 / Office of Administration Budget,

                   FY 1982

          Office of Administration Budget, FY 1983 / Office of Administration Budget Hearings,

                   FY 1983

          Office of Administration Budget, FY 1984

          Office of Administration Budget, FY 1985

          Budget - Vice President

          Budget - FY 1979 [FY 1989]

          California (General)


          Children's Book

          Commission Books

          Conference Rooms

          Congressional Correspondence

          Consulting Services Proposals 1981 (1)(2)


          Box 10950

          Correspondence from Other Agencies

          Council on Environmental Quality

          Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

          [Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Instructor's Manual and Materials] (Notebook)

          Critical Materials


          Debt Ceiling

          Delegation of Authority

          Delegation of Building Management


          Drugs:  Drugs


          Executive Office of the President Systems Review Committee

          Executive Office of the President Systems Review Committee:  Executive Office of the

                   President Systems Review Committee


          Equipment Requests 1981-1986

          Equipment 1987-1988


          OA 15485

          Executive Grounds

          Executive Orders

          Financial Management 1981-1987

          FY 1981 - WHO

          FY 1982 - WHO

          FY 1983 - WHO

          FY 1985  [WHO]

          FY 1986  [WHO]

          FY 1987  [WHO]

          FY 1988  [WHO]

          Office of Administration General Counsel, 1985-1986


          Hands Across America (05/25/1986)

          Hypothetical Trip Formula

          Office of Administration Incentive Awards, 1981-1985

          Information Resources Management, 1985


          OA 15486

          Information Resources Management, 1986-1987

          Internal Auditor Position

          July 4th Picnic

          Korn / Ferry International, 1982-1985

          Library and Information Services 1985-1986

          National Economic Commission

          National Park Service

          Office of the Chief of Staff

          Office of Communications

          Office of the Counsel

          Office of the Director 1984-1987

          Office of Legislative Affairs

          Office of Policy Development

          Office of Political and Intergovernmental Affairs

          Office of Presidential Personnel

          White House Press Office

          Office of Public Liaison


          OA 16580

          Office Space


          Office of Science and Technology Policy


          Parking - Historical Background

          Office of Administration Pay Supplemental FY 1982

          Personnel [I]

          Personnel [II]

          Personnel Division, 1985-1988

          President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board / President's Intelligence Oversight Board





          OA 16590

          Power Outage

          President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities

          Publication Office

          Resumes, 1985-1987

          Salary Adjustments

          Santa Barbara


          Office of Administration Security, 1982

          Security Incidents Report

          Signal Drops

          Signal Drops:  Residence Signal Drops

          Small Business Conference

          Space Commission

          Special Projects

          Office of Administration Stafff Meeting Agendas (Notebook)

          Telephone Service (I)

          Telephone Service (I):  Bell Breakup

          Telephone Service (I):  Rate Stabilization C&P


          OA 11155

          Transportation & Telegraph Office

          Transportation & Telegraph Office: Air Transportation Association "SATO"

          Transportation & Telegraph Office: Del-Mar Travel Agency, Inc.

          Transportation & Telegraph Office: Travel Reservations & Ticketing

          Transportation and Travel Office


          Travel and Entertainment Budget FY 1984

          Travel Budget

          Cabinet Travel

          Travel (Official / Political) Information [1981-1982]

          Political Travel

          United States Secret Service (General)

          United States Secret Service (New Executive Office Building Security)

          U.S. Trade Representative


          Volunteers and Interns


          OA 18815

          White House Communications Agency

          White House Correspondence (I)

          White House Correspondence (II)

          White House Fellows (1)-(3)

          White House News Service

          White House News Summary

          White House Staff Mess

          White House Staff Mess 1985-1987

          White House Staff Mess 1988

          White House Transportation 1984-1987

          White House Transportation 1988

          White House Volunteers


          Box 10735

          Office of Administration

          Office of Administration:  Office of Administration Job Descriptions

          Office of Administration:  Briefing Papers

          Administrative Office

          Administrative Office:  Goals and Objectives

          Administrative Office:  West Wing

          Administrative Operations Division

          Air Force One:  Steering Committee

          Air Force One:  Presidential Aircraft Fund

          Air Force One:  Aircraft

          Annual Leave

          Office of Appointments and Scheduling

          Assistant to the Counsel for Security (Dannenhauer)

          Assistant to the President (Henkel)

          Assistant to the President (Henkel):  Advance Office

          Assistant to the President for Operations

          Assistant to the President for Operations:  Rhett Dawson Staff Meetings

          Office of the Cabinet Secretary

          Cabinet Travel [empty]

          Civil Service

          Office of the Counsel to the President

          Office of Communications

          Office of Communications:  Television Office

          Office of Communications:  Office of Public Liaison

          Deputy Chief of Staff

          Easter Egg Roll

          Employment Performance Appraisals

          Executive Clerk

          Financial Management Division

          Office of the First Lady


          Holiday Pay

          H.R. 4495

          Hubbard Broadcasting

          Information Resources Management Division


          Box 10944

          Internal/Management Control to Executive Office of the President Heads


          Office of Legislative Affairs


          Mail, Electronic

          Mail, Electronic:  WH Guidance System

          Media Relations


          [Miscellaneous Administration]

          Mixed Travel Hard Event Time

          Moving Expenses:  Relocation Expenses

          National Archives

          National Endowment on Arts/National Endowment on Humanities

          National Security Council

          Non-Career Appointments

          Old Executive Office Building Commission



          Passes - WH, Executive Office Building, Other Government Support, Etc.


          Pay Adjustment - 1984

          Personnel Division

          Office of Policy Development

          Office of Political and Intergovernmental Affairs

          Political Travel

          Office of the President

          Presidential Gifts


          Box 10946

          Presidential Papers

          Presidential Personnel

          Presidential Words

          President's Hospitalization

          President's Hospitalization:  Ronald Reagan Hospital Bill

          President's Park

          President's Ranch

          President Reagan's Library

          Private Sector Initiative

          Private Sector Initiative:  Private Sector Initiative Advisory Board


          Office of Public Affairs

          Office of Public Liaison

          Quadrennial Commission

          Records Management

          Republican National Committee

          Restoration - Oval Office Floor

          Restoration - Executive Residence

          Restoration - West Wing

          Teddy Roosevelt [Film]

          Salary Adjustment

          Satellite Television

          Service by Agreements:  Personnel Service by Agreements

          Schedule C's

          Sick Leave [empty]

          SLUC (White House)

          SLUC (Standard Level Users Charge)

          Special Review Board

          Staff Pins

          Office of the Staff Secretary


          Task Forces


          Box 10947

          Taxation of Use of Autos (Portal-to-Portal)

          Telephone Services

          Transition - 1985

          Transportation and Telegraph (Travel) Office

          Travel Budget


          Unanticipated Needs Fund

          United States Marine Band

          Office of the Vice President [empty]

          VIP Homes - National Park Service:  VIP Homes - National Park Service

          VIP Homes - National Park Service:  Taylor House

          VIP Homes - National Park Service:  Decatur House



          Weather (Hazardous)

          WAE's:  Personnel WAE's

          White House Communications Agency (WHCA)

          White House Correspondence

          White House Correspondence:  Presidential Message Office

          White House Garage

          White House Operations

          White House Photography Office

          White House Preservation Fund

          White House Press Office

          White House Visitors Office



          Box 11040

          White House Office (History, Pamphlets, etc.)

          The White House - Maintenance of Mansion

          White House Health Unit (Executive Office Building and West Wing)

          Tours - White House

          White House - "Residence"

          The White House Renovation

          White House Memos - Egg Rolling



          Box 11040 (Cont.)

          GSA - Reimbursable Work Authorizations FY 1981

          GSA - Reimbursable Work Authorizations FY 1982

          GSA - Reimbursable Work Authorizations FY 1983

          GSA - Reimbursable Work Authorizations FY 1984

          GSA Reimbursable Work Authorizations FY 1985

          GSA Reimbursable Authorizations FY 1985

          GSA Correspondence [FY 1983]

          GSA Miscellaneous [FY 1984]

          GSA Facilities Expenditures [FY 1983-FY1984]

          GSA Requests [FY 1983-FY 1984]

          [Job Orders FY 1984]


          Box 1

          GSA Facilities Correspondence - General [FY 1985]

          Facilities Expenditure Reports [FY 1985]

          GSA - Space [FY 1985]

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] East Wing Miscellaneous

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Old Executive Office Building - Miscellaneous

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Office of Administration

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Administrative Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Advance Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Cabinet Affairs

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Chew's Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Chief of Staff

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Communications

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Correspondence

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Counsel's Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Deaver's Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] First Lady's Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Henkel's Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Kingon's Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Office of Christopher Hicks

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Intergovernmental Affairs

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Legislative Affairs

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Medical Unit

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Military Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] National Security Council

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] News Summary

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Private Sector Initiatives

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Planning & Evaluation

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Photo Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Political Affairs

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] President's Immediate Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Presidential Personnel

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Press Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Public Affairs Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Public Liaison

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Records Management

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Scheduling Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Speechwriters Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Transportation Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] TV Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Visitors Office

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] WH Fellows

          [Facilities Requests FY 1985] Vice President's Office