Material noted in bold within this collection is currently available for research use. If a folder is available for research use it may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc. Any non-bolded folder is closed for research.


The non-bolded folders are subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act (PRA).


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The Administrative Office provided for a wide variety of administrative functions including accounting, budget, equipment, expense reports, parking permits, purchasing, the ordering of supplies, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines for White House staff, duplicating machines, and the issuance of travel advances and the processing of travel vouchers both official and political.


The White House Administrative Office is one of the sub-offices of White House Operations.  Other sub-offices include the Correspondence Office, the Executive Clerk, Records Management, the Telephone Service Office, the Transportation and Telegraph Office and the Visitor’s Office.  The Library currently has no records for the Transportation and Telegraph Office and the Telephone Service Office.  The Administrative Office and the remaining sub-offices have been treated as separate individual collections within the presidential papers at the Library.


In 1978, Congress authorized the creation of an Executive Office of the Presidency entity whose purpose was to provide efficient and cost-effective administrative services to the Executive Office.  This became the Office of Administration which is a wholly separate unit, treated as a federal agency within the Executive Office of the Presidency.  The Office of Administration provided messenger service, a print shop, personnel and payroll processing, data processing and information technology, library services, facilities management, etc. for Executive Office personnel and offices.  One of its largest customers is the Administrative Office.


Early in the Reagan Administration, John F.W. Rogers joined the administration as Deputy Assistant to the President for Management. All of the sub-offices within White House Operations reported to him, including the Administrative Office.  In addition, he requested that he also be assigned the Director of the Office of Administration post in order to settle problems that had arisen between these two entities since the creation of the Office of Administration.  In August 1981, he was also appointed Director of the Office of Administration.


This arrangement of dual functions remained in place for every succeeding head of White House Operations and the Office of Administration until the very end of the administration.  In August 1987, Claire O’Donnell was appointed Director, White House Operations, and John Riggles became the Director of the Office of Administration.


In keeping with White House Records Management practice, the Library treats the Director of the Office of Administration and their respective office files as presidential records. The small amount of non-Director Office of Administration files is treated as federal records.  The Director’s material is simultaneously in the Office of Administration, Director’s Office and the White House Operation collections reflecting their truly dual functions at the White House.


Because of this long duality, the records of the Office of Administration and the Administrative Office are often inextricably integrated together. For a true reflection of administration and management at the White House, researchers are advised to look at both of these collections.


At the beginning of the Reagan Administration, Arthur Pettipas was the Acting Administrative Officer at the White House.  In July 1981, Richard White was appointed Administrative Officer.  He moved to Financial Officer in September 1982 and Theresa Elmore became the Administrative Officer.  Elmore came to the Administrative Office from her post in the Office of Administration Director’s Office.   We currently have only an Administrative Office collection for her.  In September 1984, Jean Lamb became the Administrative Officer and remained in that position until the end of the administration.  The Library has individual collections for all of these officers except Arthur Pettipas. The Library has one other staff collection for this office. Betty Ubbens handled accounts payable for the entire administration and has a chronological and small subject file in her collection.


The Administrative Office collection is divided into five series: SERIES I: Administration; SERIES II: Finance; SERIES III: Personnel; SERIES IV: Purchasing; and SERIES V: Travel.  There are numerous subseries in each series.  See the series descriptions for full information about the subseries.


SERIES I: ADMINISTRATION (76 l.ft., Boxes AD1101-AD1805)


This material consists of correspondence, memos, expense account forms, contracts, budget reports, invoices, payment forms, order forms, timecards, and manuals. The series has eight subseries, dividing the material by the various administrative functions of the office.  They are: Subseries A: Expense Accounting; Subseries B: Service by Agreement (SBA); Subseries C: Subscriptions; Subseries D: Parking; Subseries E: Invoices; Subseries F: Payroll; Subseries G: Conference Rooms; Subseries H: Subject File.


SUBSERIES A: Expense Accounting (Boxes AD1101-AD1111).  This material consists of expense account forms, particularly for entertainment.  It was filed by the determination of who was covering the cost of the entertainment – the Republican National Committee or the White House.  The material is arranged by fiscal year and then generally alphabetically under the year.


SUBSERIES B: Service by Agreement (SBA) (Boxes AD1201-AD1202).  Service by Agreement is the White House terminology for contracted personnel working on a per diem basis. This material consists of correspondence, contracts and invoices.  The material is arranged by fiscal year and then alphabetically by the contractor’s name.


SUBSERIES C: Subscriptions (Boxes AD1301-AD1305). This material covers the subscriptions for White House offices, staff members and the Library.  The material consists of order correspondence, memos, order form, invoices, lists and reports.  The material is arranged by fiscal year and then alphabetically by office or staff name.


SUBSERIES D: Parking (Boxes AD1401-AD1410). The issuing of parking permits for the executive complex and employees was traded back and forth between the Administrative Office and the Office of Administration four times during the administration.  We have left the material within the Administrative Office because it was transferred there in 1987 and remained there until the end of the administration. This material consists of correspondence, memos, forms, reports, parking permits, and parking vouchers.  This material is arranged by the general information first, and then the parking permit information is arranged chronologically.


SUBSERIES E: Invoices (Boxes AD1501-1510).  This material consists of invoices and payment request forms. Material is filed by fiscal year and then alphabetically.


SUBSERIES F: Payroll (Boxes AD1601-AD1610). This material consists of two printed computer database report forms: Payroll by Account and Leave Reports. It also includes a box of microfiche White House pay rolls by pay period.  It is nearly complete for 1981-1982 and contains 5 dates for 1983, 1 date for 1984 and 6 dates for 1985 and 5 dates for 1986. The material is arranged by chronologically.


SUBSERIES G: Conference Rooms (Boxes AD1701-1702). This material consists of reservation forms, reports and calendars for each room. 


SUBSERIES H: Subject File (Boxes AD1801-AD1805). This material consists of correspondence, memos, reports and forms.  It is arranged alphabetically.


SERIES II: FINANCE (10 l.ft., Boxes FI2101-FI2304)


Financial matters were handled by White House Operations Financial Officer, Richard White.  White has a staff collection and researchers should see his files for more information about financial matters at the administrative level.  White left in October 1987.  He was replaced by Chris Vein.  The material in this series is divided into three subseries.  They are: Subseries A: Subject File; Subseries B: Budgets; and Subseries C: Year-End Reports.


SUBSERIES A: Subject File (Boxes FI2101-FI2102).  This material consists of correspondence, memos, and reports. It is arranged alphabetically.


SUBSERIES B: Budgets (Boxes FI2201-FI2202).  This material consists of memos and reports regarding travel and entertainment budgets for each department.  The Library only has 1984-1986 budget files.  The material is arranged by fiscal year.


SUBSERIES C: Year End Reports (Boxes FI2301-FI2304).  This material consists of printed computer database reports regarding budget outlays versus budgeted monies by department.


SERIES III: PERSONNEL (54 l.ft., Boxes PE3101-PE3410)


This series consists of personnel actions regarding White House staff members.  White Personnel officers were James Rogers, Mary Rose, Marc Brasil and Anita Bavacqua.  We have no staff member collections for any of these individuals from the White House Personnel office.  We have a small set of chronological files for Anita Bavacqua which has been designated a subseries within this series.  The material is divided into four subseries.  They are: Subseries A: Subject File; Subseries B: Anita Bavacqua Chronological Files; Subseries C: Individual Files; Subseries D: Monthly Summaries.


SUBSERIES A: Subject Files (Box PE3101).  This material consists of correspondence, memos, reports, and forms.  It is arranged in alphabetical order.


SUBESERIES B: Anita Bavacqua Chronological Files (Boxes PE3201). This material is the correspondence, memos, and forms for White House Personnel Officer, Anita Bavacqua, June 1987-December 1988.  It is arranged in chronological order.


SUBSERIES C: Individual Files (Boxes PE3301-PE3331).  This material consists of individual exit folders for most of the personnel of the Executive Office of the President during the Reagan administration.  Folders include forms and correspondence related to the employment history of the individual, their exit date, and their next post. It is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the White House personnel.


SUBSERIES D: Monthly Summaries (Boxes PE3401-PE3410). This material was originally in three-ring binders for each month.  Material consists of computerized report forms regarding salaries for White House personnel.  It includes material regarding the White House in general, detailees, and separate offices. It is arranged chronologically.


SERIES IV: PURCHASING (27 l.ft.; Boxes PU4101-PU4421)


This series consists of material regarding various vendors, purchase orders and files for individuals within the purchasing area of the Administrative Office.  Charles Morris was the Purchasing Specialist from July 1981-May 1985.  He was succeeded by Vickers Bryan.  Bryan left in March 1987, and Sally Campbell acted as the Purchasing Specialist until the end of the administration.  We do not have individual collections for these personnel.  Their chronological and subject files make up the first subseries for this series. The material is divided into four subseries.  They are described below.


SUBSERIES A: Chronological and Subject Files (Box PU4101). This material consists of correspondence, memos, form and reports for Charles Morris, Vickers Bryan and Sally Campbell. The chronological folders for each individual are first, then an alphabetical subject file.


SUBSERIES B: Presidential Gifts and Mementos (Boxes PU4201-PU4205). This material consists of correspondence, memos, request forms and inventory lists for various Presidential gifts and mementos.  These items were distributed to staff, volunteers and various citizens.  They included pens, cufflinks, china bowls and tea cup sets, leather portfolios, books, letter openers, canvas brief cases, glass desk plaques and other gift items.  Ordering and distributing these items were originally the responsibility of the Office of Administration Director’s Office, but was later transferred to the Administrative Office.


SUBSERIES C: Equipment and Vendors (Boxes PU4301-4303). This material consists of publications, printed brochures and reports regarding various office equipment vendors, correspondence, memos, and notes.  It is arranged generally alphabetically.


SUBSERIES D: Purchase Orders (Boxes PU4401-PU4421).  This material consists of invoices, memos, correspondence and government forms (mostly #347) for payment of accounts.  The material is arranged by fiscal year and then by order number.


SERIES V: TRAVEL (70 l.ft.; Boxes TR5101-TR5604)


This series consists of the material needed for processing travel authorizations, travel advances, individual travel reimbursements and hotel bills.  This function also included details and justifications for assigning the travel as official travel for the White House or for political purposes.  Various individuals handled travel accounting and assistance for the Administrative Office. They were Suzanne Shean, Lisa Wacker, Lynn Nolte, Oliver Kornegay (Hamilton), Maralyn Elmore and Betsey Conaton. The Library has chronological files for Kornegay, Elmore and Conaton and these can be found in Subseries F.  The travel series is divided into six subseries.  They are described below.


SUBSERIES A: Trip Files (Boxes TR5101-TR5109).  The practice of creating trip files was begun near the end of fiscal year 1982 to provide the official documentation for determining whether a presidential or First Lady trip was for official business or for political purposes.  The material in this subseries consists of trip books, itineraries, manifests, expense and budget forms and a memo form for officially stating the decision about the trip’s purpose.  It is arranged chronologically by the trip.


SUBSERIES B: Hotel Files (Boxes TR5201-TR5215). These files consist of material documenting the separation of reimbursable and personal expenses, and the payment of the specific hotels.  The material includes forms, invoices, and copies of payment.  The material is arranged by fiscal year and then alphabetically by state.


SUBSERIES C: Individual Files (Boxes TR5301-TR5326). These files are for the travel authorization forms and travel vouchers for individual White House personnel.  They are arranged by fiscal year and then alphabetically by the last name of the individual.  For FY 1981 only, separate folders were kept for authorization and vouchers.


SUBSERIES D: Local Events (Box TR5401).  This material consists of schedules, itineraries, and correspondence regarding local events.  The material was used to determine whether an event was official business or political.  It is arranged chronologically and consists of 1984-1987 material only.


SUBSERIES E: Car Rentals (Box TR5501). This material consists of correspondence, invoices and payment vouchers for car rentals for 1982-1987.


SUBSERIES F: Chronological and Subject Files (TR5601-TR5604). This material consists of correspondence, memos and forms within chronological forms for Betsy Conaton (1987), Maralyn Elmore (1985-1987), and Oliva Korengay (1984-1987). Following the chronological files is a subject file dealing with general issues for the travel officers, especially rules and regulations in deciding whether a trip is political or for official business.





Subseries A: Expense Accounting

          Box AD1101

          Bills RNC (Republican National Committee January 1982-February 1982

          Bills White House Office (WHO) January 1981-February 1982

          Bills Campaign January 1981-February 1982

          Bills Advance January 1981-February 1982

          Bills California January 1981-February 1982

          Bills Transition January 1981-February 1982

          Bills January 1981-February 1982

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. A

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. B

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. C

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. D

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. E

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. F

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. G

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. H

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. IJ

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. K

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. L

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. M

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. N

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. OP

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. QR

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. S

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. TU

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. VW

          FY 1982 Pol. & Spec. XYZ

          Barbeque Bills 03/08/1982 California

          Knoxville – Beard Committee 05/01/1982

          Chicago- Totten 05/10/1982

          Philadelphia – Thornburgh / Heinz 05/14/ 1982

          Los Angeles – GOP Major Donor’s Reception 05/25/1982

          Houston – Clements 06/15/1982-06/16/1982

          New York - GOP Major Donor’s Reception 06/17/1982

          Billings, MT - Major Donor’s Reception / Fundraiser Larry Williams 08/11/1982

          Travel Los Angeles – Wilson & Deukmajian 08/23/1982-08/24/1982

          Travel Kansas 09/09/1982

          Travel Utah 09/10/1982

          Monthly RNC (Republican National Committee) Ledger Reports FY 1982

          RNC (Republican National Committee) Reimbursement Requests not for Joe FY 1982

          Hold FY 1982


Box AD1102

          Official Entertainment Fund FY 1982

          FY 1982 Advance Office: RNC

          FY 1982 Chief of Staff: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Communication: RNC

          FY 1982 Communication: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Counsellor to the President: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1982 Deputy Chief of Staff: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Deputy Chief of Staff: RNC

          FY 1982 First Lady’s Office: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Intergovernmental Affairs: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Intergovernmental Affairs: RNC

          FY 1982 Legislative Affairs: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Legislative Affairs: RNC

          FY 1982 Military Office: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Military Office: RNC

          FY 1982 National Security Affairs: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Policy Development: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Political Affairs: RNC

          FY 1982 Presidential Personnel: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Presidential Personnel: RNC

          FY 1982 Press Secretary: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Public Liaison: Entertainment

          FY 1982 Public Liaison: RNC

          FY 1982 Scheduling Office: RNC

          FY 1982 Staff Director (Gergen): Entertainment

          FY 1982 Christmas: 1981

          FY 1982 State Department

          FY 1982 Republican National Committee

          FY 1982 Memoranda – Miscellaneous

          FY 1983 Entertainment Reports

          FY 1983 White House: Entertainment

          FY 1983 Cabinet Affairs: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Chief of Staff: [RNC]

          FY 1983 Communication: [RNC]

          FY 1983 Counsel to the President: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Counsellor to the President: [RNC]

          FY 1983 Deputy Chief of Staff: [RNC / Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Deputy to the Chief of Staff: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 First Lady: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Intergovernmental Affairs: [RNC / Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Legislative Affairs: [RNC / Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Military Office: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 National Security Council: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Policy Development: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Political Affairs: [RNC]

          FY 1983 Presidential Personnel: [RNC / Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Presidential Scheduling: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Press Secretary: [Entertainment]

          FY 1983 Public Liaison: [RNC / Entertainment]


          Box AD1103

          [FY 1984] Entertainment - General

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Cabinet Affairs

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Chief of Staff

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Deputy to Chief of Staff

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Deputy to Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Communications

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Counsel

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Counsellor

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Intergovernmental Affairs

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Legislative Affairs

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Management & Administration

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] National Security Council

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Policy Development

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Political Affairs

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Presidential Personnel

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Press Secretary

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Private Sector Initiatives

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Public Liaison

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] Special Support Services

          FY 1984 [Entertainment] White House

          Reagan Bush FY 1984

          FY 1984 RNC Ledger

          FY 1984 RNC

          FY 1984 [RNC] W

          [Air Force One In-Flight Food Service Funds FY 1984]


          Box AD1104

          FY 1985 General Entertainment

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Chief of Staff

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Cabinet Affairs

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Counsel

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Deputy to Chief of Staff

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Deputy to Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Intergovernmental Affairs

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Legislative Affairs

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] National Security Council

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Office of Policy Development

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Political Affairs

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Presidential Personnel

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Press Secretary

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Private Sector Initiatives

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Office of Public Liaison

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Special Support Services

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] White House Office

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Administrative Office

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Advance Office

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Assistant for Management & Administration

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Counsellor

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Correspondence (Reply, Analysis, Message & Gift Unit)

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Executive Clerk

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] First Lady

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] News Summary

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Other EOP

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Personnel

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] President's Office

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Records Management

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Scheduling

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Security

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Speechwriters

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Travel

          FY 1985 [Entertainment] Visitor's Office

          FY 1985 RNC Miscellaneous Ledgers and Claims

          FY 1986 General Entertainment

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Chief of Staff

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Cabinet Affairs

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Communications

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] First Lady

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Intergovernmental Affairs

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Legislative Affairs

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] National Security Council

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Policy Development

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Presidential Personnel

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Press Secretary

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Private Sector Initiatives

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Public Affairs

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Public Liaison

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Special Support Services

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Staff Secretary

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] White House Office

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Other White House

          [FY 1986Entertainment] Advance Office

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Administrative

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Correspondence

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Executive Clerk

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Photo Office

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Records Management

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Scheduling

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Staff Mess

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Visitor's Office

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Other EOP Agencies

          FY 1986 [Entertainment] Political Office


          Box AD1105

          FY 1986 RNC Expense Reports

          FY 1986 RNC ABCD

          FY 1986 RNC EFGH

          FY 1986 RNC IJKL

          FY 1986 RNC MNOP

          FY 1986 RNC QRSTU

          FY 1986 RNC VWXYZ

          FY 1986 NRSC

          FY 1987 Entertainment in General

          FY 1987 Cabinet Affairs

          FY 1987 Chief of Staff

          FY 1987 Communications

          FY 1987 Counsel

          FY 1987 Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1987 First Lady

          FY 1987 Intergovernmental Affairs

          FY 1987 Legislative

          FY 1987 NSC

          FY 1987 OPD

          FY 1987 Presidential Personnel

          FY 1987 Press Secretary

          FY 1987 PSI

          FY 1987 Public Liaison

          FY 1987 Special Support Office

          FY 1987 Speechwriters

          FY 1987 Staff Secretary

          FY 1987 White House Office

          FY 1987 Advance Office

          FY 1987 Administrative

          FY 1987 Correspondence

          FY 1987 Executive Clerk

          FY 1987 Photo Office

          FY 1987 Public Affairs

          FY 1987 Records Management

          FY 1987 Scheduling

          FY 1987 Staff Mess

          FY 1987 Visitors Office

          FY 1987 Other EOP Agencies

          FY 1987 Political Affairs

          FY 1987 RNC A-D

          FY 1987 RNC E-H

          FY 1987 RNC I-L

          FY 1987 RNC M-P

          FY 1987 RNC Q-U

          FY 1987 RNC V-Z

          The President's Dinner


          Box AD1106

          FY 1988 General Entertainment

          FY 1988 Cabinet Affairs

          FY 1988 Chief of Staff

          FY 1988 Communications

          FY 1988 Counsel

          FY 1988 Deputy Chief of Staff

          FY 1988 First Lady

          FY 1988 Intergovernmental Affairs

          FY 1988 Legislative

          FY 1988 Media Relations

          FY 1988 Military Office

          FY 1988 NSC

          FY 1988 OPD (Cribb)

          FY 1988 OPD (Bauer)

          FY 1988 Presidential Personnel

          FY 1988 PSI

          FY 1988 Press Secretary

          FY 1988 Public Affairs

          FY 1988 Public Liaison

          FY 1988 Speechwriters

          FY 1988 Staff Secretary

          FY 1988 White House Office

          FY 1988 Advance

          FY 1988 Administrative

          FY 1988 Correspondence

          FY 1988 Executive Clerk

          FY 1988 Photo

          FY 1988 Records Management

          FY 1988 Scheduling

          FY 1988 Staff Mess

          FY 1988 Visitors Office

          FY 1988 Other White House

          FY 1988 Other EOP Agencies

          FY 1988 Political Affairs

          FY 1988 RNC A-H

          FY 1988 RNC I-U

          FY 1988 [RNC] C


          Box AD1107

          1987-1988 RNC Payment, A-B-C

          1987-1988 RNC Payment, D-E-F

          1987-1988 RNC Payment, G-H-I

          1987-1988 RNC Payment, N-O-P-Q

          1987-1988 RNC Payment, R-S-T

          1987-1988 RNC Payment, U-V-W-X-Y-Z


          Box AD1108

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1981] T.S. #100 - 150

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1981] T.S. #151 - 200

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1981] T.S. #201 - 291

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1981] T.S. #7000 - 7019

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1981] T.S. #7020 - 7039


          Box AD1109

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1982] T.S. #7040 - 7059

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1982] T.S. #7060 - 7079

          Payment Schedule:  FY1982 T.S. #7080 - 7095

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1982] T.S. #7096 - 7116

          [Payment Schedule:  FY1982] T.S. #7117 - 7140


          Box AD1110

          Invoice Log (Notebook)

          [Invoice Log]  (Notebook)

          [RNC Voucher Registers 1981]

          [RNC Voucher Registers 1982]

          [RNC Voucher Registers 1983]

          [RNC Voucher Registers 1984]

          [RNC Voucher Registers 1985]



Subseries B: Service by Agreement (SBA)

Box AD1201

          SBA: Beginning Reagan Administration

          SBA: 1981, A - XYZ

          [SBA FY 1981] Armendaris, Alex

          [SBA FY 1981] Ash, Barbara

          [SBA FY 1981] Barnes, Elizabeth

          [SBA FY 1981] Bell, Ann

          [SBA FY 1981] Berry, Sharon

          [SBA FY 1981] Bowers, Phillippa

          [SBA FY 1981] Brazill, Marc

          [SBA FY 1981] Brokaw, Diane

          [SBA FY 1981] Brune, Elizabeth

          [SBA FY 1981] Carman, Gerald

          [SBA FY 1981] Carruthers, Bill

          [SBA FY 1981] Clark, Colin

          [SBA FY 1981] Curran, Edward

          [SBA FY 1981] Davis, Michele

          [SBA FY 1981] Dawson, Thomas

          [SBA FY 1981] Dolkart, Andrew

          [SBA FY 1981] Dunlop, Becky

          [SBA FY 1981] Elmore, Theresa

          [SBA FY 1981] Faulkner, Scot

          [SBA FY 1981] Garrick, Robert

          [SBA FY 1981] Garrish, Theodore

          [SBA FY 1981] Golec, Janice

          [SBA FY 1981] Greenleaf, Charles

          [SBA FY 1981] Halota, Christina

          [SBA FY 1981] Homawy, Sherine

          [SBA FY 1981] Hausenfluck, Robert

          [SBA FY 1981] Head, Marcy

          [SBA FY 1981] Henkel, William

          [SBA FY 1981] Hiltgen, Heidi

          [SBA FY 1981] Holmes, Joseph

          [SBA FY 1981] Howarth, Dona

          [SBA FY 1981] Howell, Lugene

          [SBA FY 1981] Kaiser, Joyce Ann

          [SBA FY 1981] Kalgaard, Katherine

          [SBA FY 1981] Karalekas, Tina

          [SBA FY 1981] Karabatsos, Elizabeth

          [SBA FY 1981] Khachigian, Kenneth

          [SBA FY 1981] Kinnear, John

          [SBA FY 1981] Kolb, Schlea Ervin

          [SBA FY 1981] Lacy, Susan Diane

          [SBA FY 1981] Lay, Christy

          [SBA FY 1981] Lehmann, Linda

          [SBA FY 1981] Malone, Patrice Tyson

          [SBA FY 1981] Mann, Ronald

          [SBA FY 1981] McQuown, Barbara

          [SBA FY 1981] Miller, Jonathan

          [SBA FY 1981] Miller, Ruby

          [SBA FY 1981] Moorhead, J. Upsher

          [SBA FY 1981] Morris, Jay

          [SBA FY 1981] Mosher, Janice

          [SBA FY 1981] Nicole, Olga

          [SBA FY 1981] Nolan, Cheryl Cottle

          [SBA FY 1981] O'Donnell, Claire

          [SBA FY 1981] Ossman, Albert

          [SBA FY 1981] Page, Paul

          [SBA FY 1981] Phelan, Margaret

          [SBA FY 1981] Quinn, Arthur

          [SBA FY 1981] Randolph, R. Sean

          [SBA FY 1981] Rawding, Rodney

          [SBA FY 1981] Reed, Jeannie

          [SBA FY 1981] Rotchford, Charles

          [SBA FY 1981] Schuldt, Laura

          [SBA FY 1981] Schwartz, Carol

          [SBA FY 1981] Semerad, Kate

          [SBA FY 1981] Schiavone, Christopher

          [SBA FY 1981] Shafer, Sara

          [SBA FY 1981] Skillings, Jane

          [SBA FY 1981] Smith, Barbara

          [SBA FY 1981] Smith, Dee Ann

          [SBA FY 1981] Tharp, Thomas

          [SBA FY 1981] Tipton, Beverly

          [SBA FY 1981] Urban, Maryann

          [SBA FY 1981] Vasiliou, Rosalie

          [SBA FY 1981] Weil, Caroline

          [SBA FY 1981] Zatarga, Mary

          SBA: 1982

          [SBA 1983] Abrams, Steven L

          [SBA 1983] Anderson, Ann

          [SBA 1983] Battaile, Mary E.

          [SBA 1983] Bedell, Catherine

          [SBA 1983] Faning, Susan C.

          [SBA 1983] Goode, Mary

          [SBA 1983] Hart, Stephen

          [SBA 1983] Jones, Thomas M.

          [SBA 1983] McMurray, Claudia

          [SBA 1983] Mosbacker, Robert A. (RJ.)

          [SBA 1983] Ossman, Albert J. Jr.

          [SBA 1983] Pinkerton, James

          [SBA 1983] Saunders, George

          [SBA 1983] Vigilante, Richard

          FY 1984 SBA Abrams, Steven L.

          FY 1984 SBA Brennan, William

          FY 1984 SBA Charen, Mona

          FY 1984 SBA Clark, Harry W.

          FY 1984 SBA Collins, Kathryn G.

          [FY 1984 SBA] Fanning, Susan

          FY 1984 SBA Goode, Mark

          [FY 1984 SBA] Kriner, Tamara Jo

          [FY 1984 SBA] Lacy, Susan

          FY 1984 [SBA] Lynch, Edward

          FY 1984 SBA McMurray, Claudia

          [FY 1984 SBA] Pinkerton, James

          [FY 1984 SBA] Rosenberger, Theresa

          FY 1984 SBA Saunders, George


          Box AD1202

          Miscellaneous SBA Info

          FY 1985 SBA Boyd, Hannah

          FY 1985 SBA Chae, Francis

          FY 1985 SBA Charen, Mona

          FY 1985 SBA Clark, Harry

          FY 1985 SBA Faulkner, Linda

          FY 1985 SBA Fry, Deborah

          FY 1985 SBA Ingersoll, Charles S.

          FY 1985 SBA Kopko, Debra

          FY 1985 SBA Lewis, Nancy

          FY 1985 SBA Lynch, Edward

          FY 1985 SBA McCarrick, Christine M.

          FY 1985 SBA McEntee, Joan

          FY 1985 SBA Meyer, Timothy B.

          [FY 1985 SBA] Parvin, Landon

          FY 1985 SBA Pickens, Elizabeth

          FY 1985 SBA Rhoades, Marc

          FY 1985 SBA Rosenberger, Theresa

          FY 1985 SBA Saunders, George

          FY 1985 SBA Sferrazza, Carl A.

          FY 1985 SBA Sullivan, Mark

          FY 1985 SBA Walker, Ronald H.

          FY 1985 SBA Zulooga, Deborah A.

          [SBA] First Lady's Speechwriters

          FY 1986 SBA Parvin, Landon

          FY 1986 SBA Saunders, George

          FY 1986 SBA Sferrazza, Carl

          FY 1986 SBA Walker, Ronald

          FY 1986 SBA Wallison, Peter

          SBA Ahearn, Frederich FY 1987

          SBA Brower, Judge Charles N. FY 1987

          SBA Butler, Patrick FY 1987

          SBA Castine, Michael FY 1987

          SBA Hollman, Louisa FY 1987

          SBA Jones, Thomas FY 1987

          SBA Parker, Ashley FY 1987

          SBA Parvin, Landon FY 1987

          SBA Pavlich, Barbara FY 1987

          SBA Proctor, Elizabeth FY 1987

          SBA Saunders, George FY 1987

          SBA Schuster, Gary FY 1987

          SBA Walker, Ronald FY 1987

          SBA Jones, Thomas FY 1988

          SBA Lytton, William B. FY 1988

          SBA Nakamura, Janice FY 1988

          SBA Overy, Richard FY 1988

          SBA Parvin, Landon FY 1988

          SBA Saunders, George FY 1988

          SBA Walker, Ronald FY 1988



Subseries C: Subscriptions

          Box AD1301

          Subscriptions FY 1982

          Subscriptions FY 1983

          Subscriptions FY 1984

          Subscriptions FY 1985

          Subscriptions FY 1986

          Subscriptions FY 1987

          Subscriptions FY 1988

          Subscriptions - Correspondence & Requests 1983

          Subscriptions - Tatiana FY 1983

          Subscription Cancellations: 1983


          Box AD1302

          Subscriptions - Correspondence & Requests 1984

          Subscriptions - Tatiana FY 1984

          Subscriptions: Miscellaneous FY 1985

          Administration - West Wing

          Administrative Office

          Advance Office

          Cabinet Affairs


          Counsel's Office

          Curator's Office

          Deputy Chief of Staff Office

          Doctor's Office

          Executive Clerk's Office

          First Lady Chief of Staff

          First Lady Press Office

          Director, IGA

          Intergovernmental Affairs

          Legislative Affairs

          Media Relations

          Medical Unit

          Military Office

          National Security Council

          News Summary


          Personnel Office

          Photo Office

          OPD [Policy Development]

          Political Affairs


          Box AD1303

          Presidential Personnel

          Press Secretary


          Public Affairs

          Public Liaison

          Records Management

          Social Office


          Travel Office

          Usher's Office

          Visitor's Office

          Alvarado, Ronald

          Anderson, Carl

          Arey [Linda]

          Bailey, Pam

          Baker, Howard

          Baker, James

          Baroody, Mike

          Battaile, Mary

          Breger, Marshall

          Buchanan, Patrick

          Cannon, James

          Card, Andy

          Chapman, Bruce

          Charen, Mona

          Chavez, Linda

          Chew, David

          Cole, Cecilia

          Cooksey, Sherrie

          Crippen, Danny

          Culvahouse, Arthur B.

          Daniels, Mitch

          Darman, Richard

          Dawson, Rhett

          Dawson, Thomas

          Deaver, Michael

          Dolan, Tony

          Donatelli, Frank [I]

          Donnatelli, Frank [II]

          Duberstein, Kenneth

          Dunlop, Becky Norton

          Dyer, Jim

          Elliott, Ben

          Elmore, Theresa

          Fischer, Dave

          Friday, Lisa

          Friedersdorf, Max

          Fuller, Craig

          Garrett, Larry

          Gleason, Bob

          Hauser, Richard

          Hawley, Kip

          Herrington, John

          Hewitt, Hugh

          Holladay, Doug

          Hooley, James

          Jacobi, Mary Jo

          King, Gwen

          Kingon, Alfred


          Box AD1304

          Koeller, John

          Kojelis, Linas

          Kranowitz, Alan

          Lacy, William

          Lavin, Frank

          Locke, Tim

          Lauffer, Susan


          McManus, Mike

          Meese, Ed

          Miller, Jonathon

          Nolan, Cheri

          Noonan, Peggy

          Osborne, Kathy

          Owen, Deborah

          Range, Rebecca

          Regan, Donald T.

          Reiley, Bob

          Reilly, Richard

          Riggs, Doug

          Risque, Nancy

          Roberts, Karen

          Roberts, Nancy

          Rogers, John F.W.

          Rollins, Edward J.

          Rusthoven, Peter

          Ryan, Fred

          Steelman, Debbie

          Svahn, Jack

          Thomas, Dennis

          Tuck, John

          Turner, Pamela

          Tuttle, Robert

          Tutwiler, Margaret

          Urban, Mary Ann

          Verstandig, Lee

          Waldron, Agnes

          Waller, David

          White, Jocelyn

          Whittlesey, Faith

          Willkie, Wendell

          [Subscription Analysis 09/10/1981] (Notebook)

          [Subscription Report - 11/12/1986]

          [Subscription Expiration Report 07/29/1987]

          [Subscription Report - 09/18/1987 - I]

          [Subscription Report - 09/18/1987 - II]

          Miscellaneous Reports, etc.

          Subscription Summaries [I]

          [Subscription Summaries II]

          Newspaper Delivery Reports

          FY 1986 Terminations


          Box AD1305

          [Subscriptions - File List]

          Chief of Staff 1987

          Henkel/Advance 1987

          Administration/Executive Clerk/Personnel 1987

          Cabinet Affairs/ Staff Secretary 1987

          Communications 1987

          Correspondence/Records Management 1987

          Counsel 1987

          Subscriptions: - First Lady's 1987

          IGA/Political 1987

          Legislative 1987

          Military/Photo 1987

          NSC/OPD 1987

          Presidential Personnel 1987

          President’s Office 1987

          Press Office/News Summary 1987

          Public Liaison 1987

          Scheduling/PSI 1987

          Speechwriters 1987

          Telephone Operators/Travel 1987

          Usher/Visitors/Dr. - Residence 1987

          Manuals/Directories - Previous Orders

          Publications, Manuals & Directories (Notebook)

          [White House Office Rosters - 08/31/1987]



Subseries D: Parking

          Box AD1401

          Last Month to Bank [Parking]

          [WH Parking Vouchers]

          Parking General, from 06/20/1981

          Judge Green's Ruling

          [Parking Memoranda 1981-1984]

          Parking [I]

          Record of Past Parking Permits (Colors)

          General:  Ellipse

          General:  North Ground

          General:  West Executive

          General:  East Executive

          General:  North Court

          General: Parking Charts - Originals

          General: Jackson Place

          General: Motorcycles

          General: South Court

          General: Parking Memos Issues

          General: NEOB

          New Executive Office Building (NEOB) Garage Problems

          Federal Ride Sharing

          Daily Parking Statistics


Box AD1402

          Restricted Parking Permits

          [Parking Policy - December 1982]

          Parking (Day to Day Operation)

          Parking Memo Responses - May 1983

          Restricted Parking - Issued June 1983

          South Court Repaving

          East Executive

          OA Parking

          [Parking Guidelines - 1984]

          Revised Parking Permit Project

          Parking Memos 1984

          Parking:  Historical Background

          Restricted Passes Beginning July 1984

          Parking - White House Complex

          Parking - Commissioned Officers

          Parking Allocations

          Parking Diagrams

          Daily Parking Clearances

          West Executive Monthly Report

          Parking - Notes, References, Reminders

          Annual Crafts Fair - Decatur House Memos, etc.

          Parking [II]

          [Parking Memoranda]

          Parking - Treasury "H" Permits

          NEOB Turnaround Proposal GSA

          [Parking Permit Procedures - October 1987] (Notebook)

          Peace Corps / ACTION Parking NEOB Garage

          Parking:  Miscellaneous

          Parking:  Memos to Staff

          Parking:  Meetings

          Parking:  Tag Checks

          Parking:  Shift Workers

          Monthly Parking:  Statistics

          FY 1988 West Exec Avenue

          FY 1988 Permit Colors

          FY 1988 Extra Parking Permits

          [Parking Forms]


          Box AD1403

          Parking - April 1981

          Parking Changes May 1981

          June Parking Changes [1981]

          July Parking Requests [1981]

          August Parking Changes [1981]

          September Parking Changes [1981]

          October Parking [1981]

          November Parking [1981]

          December Parking [1981]

          Parking January 1982

          January Parking [1982]

          Parking February 1982

          [Parking] February [1982]

          Parking March 1982

          [Parking} March 1982

          Parking April 1982

          General: April 1982

          Parking May 1982

          General: May 1982


Box AD1404

          Parking June 1982

          General: June 1982

          Parking July 1982

          General: July 1982

          Parking August 1982

          General: August 1982

          Parking September 1982

          General: September 1982

          Parking October 1982

          General: October 1982

          Parking November 1982

          General: November 1982

          General: December 1982

          Parking January 1983

          Parking February 1983

          Parking March 1983

          [Parking] March [1983]

          Parking April 1983

          [Parking] April [1983]

          Parking May 1983

          [Parking] May [1983]

          Parking June 1983

          [Parking] June [1983]

          [Parking] July [1983]


          Box AD1405

          Parking August 1983

          [Parking] August [1983]

          Parking September 1983

          Parking October 1983

          Parking November 1983

          Parking December 1983

          [Parking - January 1984]

          [Parking - February 1984]

          [Parking - March 1984]

          [Parking - April 1984]

          [Parking - May 1984]

          [Parking - June 1984]

          [Parking - July 1984]


          Box AD1406

          [Parking - August 1984]

          [Parking - September 1984]

          [Parking - October 1984]

          [Parking - November 1984]

          [Parking - December 1984]

          [Parking] January 1985

          [Parking] February 1985

          [Parking] March 1985

          [Parking] April 1985

          [Parking] May 1985

          [Parking] June 1985


          Box AD1407

          Parking July 1985

          [Parking] August 1985

          Parking September 1985

          Parking October 1985

          Parking - November 1985

          Parking - December 1985

          Parking - January 1986

          Parking - February 1986

          Parking - March 1986

          Parking - April 1986

          Parking - May 1986

          Parking - June 1986


          Box AD1408

          Parking - July 1986

          Parking - August 1986

          Parking - September 1986

          October 1986 Parking

          November 1986 Parking

          December 1986 Parking

          January 1987 Parking

          Parking February 1987

          Parking March 1987

          Parking April 1987

          Parking May 1987

          Parking June 1987


          Box AD1409

          Parking July 1987

          Parking August 1987

          Parking September 1987

          Parking October 1987

          Parking Changes for November 1987

          Parking Changes for December 1987

          Parking for January 1988

          Parking for February 1988

          Parking for March 1988

          Parking Changes for April [1988]

          Parking Changes for May [1988]

          Parking Changes June [1988]

          Parking Changes July [1988]

          Parking Changes August [1988]


          Box AD1410

          Parking Changes September [1988]

          Parking Changes October [1988]

          Parking Changes November [1988]

          Parking - December [1988]

          Parking January 1989



Subseries E: Invoices

Box AD1501

          [Invoices FY 1981] IBM

          [Invoices FY 1981] J

          [Invoices FY 1981] K

          [Invoices FY 1981 L]

          [Invoices FY 1981] M

          [Invoices FY 1981] N

          [Invoices FY 1981] O

          [Invoices FY 1981] P

          [Invoices FY 1981] Q

          [Invoices FY 1981] R

          [Invoices FY 1981] S

          [Invoices FY 1981] T

          [Invoices FY 1981] U

          [Invoices FY 1981] V

          [Invoices FY 1981] Western Union

          [Invoices FY 1981 W]

          [Invoices FY 1981] X

          [Invoices FY 1981] Y-Z


          Box AD1502

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - A

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - B

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - Barrington Rubber Stamp Company

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - Breewoods

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - C

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - C&P Telephone

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - D

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - E

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - F

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - Fahrney's Pen Shop

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - Federal Register Reprints

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - G

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - G.S.A.

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - Government Printing Office

          [Invoices] FY 1982 - H


          Box AD1503

          [Invoices] FY 1982  I

          [Invoices] FY 1982  IBM

          [Invoices] FY 1982  Interstate Office Supply

          [Invoices] FY 1982  J

          [Invoices] FY 1982  K

          [Invoices] FY 1982  L

          [Invoices] FY 1982  M

          [Invoices] FY 1982  N

          [Invoices] FY 1982  O

          [Invoices] FY 1982  P

          [Invoices] FY 1982  Pitney Bowes

          [Invoices] FY 1982  Q

          [Invoices] FY 1982  R

          [Invoices] FY 1982  S

          [Invoices] FY 1982  T

          [Invoices] FY 1982  U

          [Invoices] FY 1982  V

          [Invoices] FY 1982  W

          [Invoices] FY 1982  Western Union

          [Invoices] FY 1982  X

          [Invoices] FY 1982  YZ

          [Miscellaneous FY 1982 Invoices]


          Box AD1504

          [Invoices] FY 1983  A

          [Invoices] FY 1983  B

          [Invoices] FY 1983  C

          [Invoices] FY 1983  D

          [Invoices] FY 1983  E

          [Invoices] FY 1983  F

          [Invoices] FY 1983  G

          [Invoices] FY 1983  H

          [Invoices] FY 1983  I

          [Invoices] FY 1983  J

          [Invoices] FY 1983  K

          [Invoices] FY 1983  L

          [Invoices] FY 1983  M

          [Invoices] FY 1983  N

          [Invoices] FY 1983  O

          [Invoices] FY 1983  P

          [Invoices] FY 1983  Q

          [Invoices] FY 1983  R


          Box AD1505

          [Invoices] FY 1983  S

          [Invoices] FY 1983  T

          [Invoices] FY 1983  U

          [Invoices] FY 1983  V

          [Invoices] FY 1983  W

          [Invoices] FY 1983  X

          [Invoices] FY 1983  Y

          [Invoices] FY 1983  Z

          [Invoices] FY 1984  A

          [Invoices] FY 1984  B

          [Invoices] FY 1984  C

          [Invoices] FY 1984  D

          [Invoices] FY 1984  E

          [Invoices] FY 1984  F


          Box AD1506

          [Invoices] FY 1984  G

          [Invoices] FY 1984  H

          [Invoices] FY 1984  I

          [Invoices] FY 1984  J

          [Invoices] FY 1984  K

          [Invoices] FY 1984  L

          [Invoices] FY 1984  M

          [Invoices] FY 1984  N

          [Invoices] FY 1984  O

          [Invoices] FY 1984  P

          [Invoices] FY 1984  Q

          [Invoices] FY 1984  R

          [Invoices] FY 1984  S

          [Invoices] FY 1984  T

          [Invoices] FY 1984  U

          [Invoices] FY 1984  V

          [Invoices] FY 1984  W

          [Invoices] FY 1984  X

          [Invoices] FY 1984  Y

          [Invoices] FY 1984  Z


          Box AD1507

          [Invoices] FY 1985  A (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  B (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  C (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  D/E (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  F (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  G/H (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  I (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  J/K (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  L/M (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  N/O (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  P/Q (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  R (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  S (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  T/U (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  V/W (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  X (O)

          [Invoices] FY 1985  Y/Z (O)


          Box AD1508

          [Invoices] FY 1986  A

          [Invoices] FY 1986  B

          [Invoices] FY 1986  C

          [Invoices] FY 1986  D E

          [Invoices] FY 1986  F

          [Invoices] FY 1986  G H

          [Invoices] FY 1986  I

          [Invoices] FY 1986  J K

          [Invoices] FY 1986  L M

          [Invoices] FY 1986  N O

          [Invoices] FY 1986  P Q

          [Invoices] FY 1986  R S

          [Invoices] FY 1986  T U

          [Invoices] FY 1986  V W

          [Invoices] FY 1986  X

          [Invoices] FY 1986  YZ


          Box AD1509

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 A

          [Vendor Files FY 1987 B]

          [Vendor Files FY 1987 C]

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 DE

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 F

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 GH

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 I

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 JK

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 LM

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 NO

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 PQ

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 RS

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 TU

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 VW

          [Vendor Files] FY 1987 XYZ


          Box AD1510

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - A

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - B

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - C

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - DE

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - F

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - GH

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - I

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - JK

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - LM

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - NO

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - PQ

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - RS

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - TU

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - VW

          [Vendor Files] FY 1988 - XYZ



Subseries F: Payroll

          Box AD1601

          October 1980 Payroll

          November 1980 Payroll

          December 1980 Payroll

          January 1981 Payroll

          February 1981 Payroll

          March 1981 Payroll

          April 1981 Payroll

          May 1981 Payroll

          June 1981 Payroll

          July 1981 Payroll

          August 1981 Payroll

          September 1981 Payroll


          Box AD1602

          FY 1982 Pay Period #5, #6

          FY 1982 Pay Period #7, #8

          FY 1982 Pay Period #9, #10

          FY 1982 Pay Period #11, #12

          FY 1982 Pay Period #13, #14

          FY 1982 Pay Period #15, #16

          FY 1982 Pay Period #17, #18

          FY 1982 Pay Period #19, #20

          FY 1982 Pay Period #21, #22


          Box AD1603

          FY 1982 Pay Period #23, #24

          FY 1982 Pay Period #25, #26

          FY 1983 Pay Period #1, #2

          FY 1983 Pay Period #3, #4

          FY 1983 Pay Period #5, #6

          FY 1983 Pay Period #7, #8

          FY 1983 Pay Period #9, #10

          FY 1983 Pay Period #11, #12

          FY 1983 Pay Period #13, #14


          Box AD1604

          FY 1983 Pay Period #15, #16

          FY 1983 Pay Period #17, #18

          [FY 1985 Pay Period #21, #22, #23]

          [FY 1985] Pay Period #25

          [FY 1985] Pay Period #26


          Box AD1605

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #1, #2]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #3, #4]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #5, #6]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #7, #8]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #9, #10]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #11, #12]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #13, #14]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #15]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #16]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #17]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #18, #19, #20]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #21]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #22]

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #23]


          Box AD1606

          [FY 1986] Pay Period #24

          [FY 1986] Pay Period #25

          [FY 1986 Pay Period #26]

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #1

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #2

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #3

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #4

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #5

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #6

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #7]

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #8

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #9, #10]

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #11, #12]


          Box AD1607

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #13, #14, #15]

          [FY 1987] Pay Period #16 05/09/1987

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #17, #18]

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #19, #20]

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #21, #22]

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #23, #24]

          [FY 1987 Pay Period #25, #26]

          [FY 1988 Pay Period #1]

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #4 11/21/1987


          Box AD1608

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #5 12/05/1987

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #6 12/19/1987

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #9 01/30/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #10 02/13/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #11 02/27/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #12 03/12/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #13 03/31/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #14 04/09/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #15 04/23/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #16 05/07/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #17 05/21/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #18 06/04/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #20 07/02/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #21 07/16/1988


          Box AD1609

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #22 07/30/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #23 08/13/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #24 08/27/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #25 09/10/1988

          [FY 1988] Pay Period #26 09/24/1988

          [FY 1989] Pay Period #1

          [Leave Report 07/05/1986]

          [Leave Report 07/19/1986]

          Leave Reports 09/24/1985-06/07/1986

          [Leave Reports 08/26/1986-09/27/1986]

          [Leave Reports 10/11/1986]

          [Leave Reports 02/14/1987-06/20/1987]


          Box AD1610

          [Leave Reports 08/01/1987-09/26/1987]

          Leave Report 01/02/1988

          Leave Report 01/16/1988

          Leave Report 06/19/1988

          Payroll: Annual Leave Forfeited: 1984

          Payroll: Annual Leave Forfeited: 1985

          Payroll: Annual Leave Forfeited, 1987

          Annual Leave [1983]


          Payroll: Restored Leave

          Leave - Convention

          Payroll: Convention Leave, 1988

          [Personnel List 06/20/1987]

          Memorial Day: 05/28/1984

          4th of July: 07/04/1984

          Labor Day: 09/03/1984

          Columbus Day: 10/08/1984

          Veteran's Day: 11/12/1984

          Thanksgiving Day: 11/22/1984

          New Year's Day: 01/01/1985

          Inaugural Day: 01/21/1985

          Washington's Birthday: 02/18/1985

          Columbus Day: 10/14/1985

          Veterans Day: 11/11/1985

          Payroll: Thanksgiving Day: 11/28/1985

          Payroll: New Year's Day: 01/01/1986

          Payroll: Martin L. King Day: 01/20/1986

          Payroll: Veteran's Day: 10/13/1986

          Payroll: Administration Pay Upon Termination

          Payroll: Change of Address

          Direct Deposit

          Early Paychecks

          Payroll General

          Payroll: Roger Porter (Consultant)

          Payroll Problems

          Payroll Systems Problems

          Regulations Governing Annual/Sick/Compensatory Time

          Salary Charts

          Pay Period #23

          [Copies of Time Cards 1984-1989] (Notebook)

          [Listing of Payroll by Object Class FY 1988] (Notebook)



          Pay Roll Microfiche, 1981-1986



          Subseries G: Conference Rooms

          Box AD1701

          Policies - EOP Conference Rooms, Use of

          [Room 22  1985]

          Room 22 - 1986

          Room 22  1987

          Room 22 February 1988-June 1988

          [Rm. 176  1985]

          [450 EOB  1985]

          Room 450 - 1986

          Room 450  1987

          Room 450 February 1988-June 1988

          Indian Treaty Room #3 - 1983

          Indian Treaty Room - 1984

          [Rm. 474 - Indian Treaty Rm. 1985]

          Indian Treaty  1986

          Room 474  1987 & January 1988

          Indian Treaty Rm. (474) February 1988-June 1988


Box AD1702

          [Room 476 EOB 1985]

          Room 476 - 1986

          Room 476 1987 & January 1988

          Room 476 February 1988-June 1988

          [Room 2010 NEOB  1985]

          Roosevelt Room, 1981

          Roosevelt Room, 1982

          Roosevelt Room, 1983

          Roosevelt Room, 1984

          Roosevelt 1986

          Roosevelt Room 1987

          Roosevelt Room April 1988-June 1988

          [Tayloe House 1985]

          Tayloe House [1986]

          [Conference Room Schedules]: January 1987-February 1987

          [Conference Room Schedules]: May 1987

          [Conference Room Schedules]: June 1987

          [Conference Room Schedules]: October 1987

          [Conference Room Schedules]: November 1987-December 1987

          [Conference Room Schedules]: December 1987

          [Conference Room Schedules]: January 1988

          [Conference Room Schedules]: February 1988

          [Conference Room Schedules]: March 1988

          [Conference Room Schedules]: April 1988

          Conference Room Schedules 1988


          Box AD1703

          Tennis Court, 1981

          Tennis Court, 1982

          Tennis Court, 1983



Subseries H: Subject File

          Box AD1801

          Listing of White House Administrative Contacts [1983]

          Listing of Administrative Contacts [August 1983]

          Administrative Contact Listing [August 1985]

          EOP Administrative Contact (09/18/1983)

          Administrative Contact Meetings

          Administrative Contact Meetings - EOP / WH Correspondence

          Administrative Meeting - 01/14/1983

          Administrative Meeting - February 1983

          Administrative Contact Meeting - 03/13/1983

          Administrative Meeting - 04/22/1983

          Administrative Contact Meeting - 05/25/1983

          WH Administrative Contact Meeting 06/17/1983

          WH Administrative Contact Meeting 07/13/1983

          Administrative Meeting 08/24/1983

          Administrative Contact Meeting 09/23/1983

          Administrative Contact Meeting 10/28/1983

          Administrative Contact Meeting - 11/30/1983

          [Administrative Contact Meetings 1983] (Notebook)

          1983 Administrative Contact - End of Year Report

          Administrative Meeting - 01/31/1984

          [Administrative Meeting - March 1984]

          [Administrative Contact Meeting 07/12/1984]

          Administrative Contact Meeting 10/11/1985 [I]

          Administrative Contact Meeting 10/11/1985 [II]

          Administrative Contact: Friday 11/15/1985

          Administrative Meeting 04/23/1986

          Administrative Contact Meeting 04/23/1986

          [Administrative Contacts Meeting Material - 04/28/1986]

          [Administrative Contacts Info - WAVES - 05/15/1986]

          [Administrative Contacts Info - Special WH Events 1986]

          Administrative Housekeeping [1979]

          Minutes / Assignments WH Administrative Office - 1982 / 1983

          Administrative Operations Liaison for Detailees to WH

          Administrative Operations Visitor's Office

          Administrative Operations (Visitors): Ellipse Summer Activities

          Administrative Operations Personnel Office - Forms Information

          Administrative Operations Presidential Messages

          Administrative Operations Office of Presidential Records

          Administrative Operations Correspondence

          Arthur P's File

          Proposed Contract Arthur Anderson (Automation) (1)(2)


          Box AD1802

          Athletic Unit Usage Reports - 1982 / 1983

          Athletic Unit Usage Reports - 1984

          Athletic Unit Usage Reports - 1985

          Athletic Unit 1986 Usage Report

          [Autopen Signature Sample Sheet]

          Business Cards - White House/EOP

          Business Cards

          Business Cards Correspondence

          Business Cards - OA

          Business Card Book (Notebook)

          [Business Card Book - II] (Notebook)

          Bethesda Engravers


          Box AD1803

          WH Administration Office Christmas Card Listing

          Contact Sheet Viewing Schedule (Binder)

          [Easter Egg Pin 1984]

          Executive Dining Room [I]

          Executive Dining Room [II]

          EOB Dining Room

          EOB Dining Room Membership Lists

          Executive Office Dining Room

          Event Reimbursements 1983

          [Facilities and Services - 1981-1983]

          Federal Injury Compensation

          [Federal Ride Sharing Program - 1983]

          Furlough: Lack of Appropriation

          [Gift Policy - 1981]

          Inventory [1983]

          Mammobile - White House

          Memorandum to White House / EOP Staff

          Memorandum to Heads of Agencies


          Box AD1804

          FY 1983 Monthly Copier Readings

          Meter Readings Taken FY 1984

          FY 1985 Meter Readings

          Meter Readings IBM, Kodak, Xerox [FY 1985-1989]

          [Miscellaneous Administration - 1984-1985]

          [Miscellaneous Personnel Issues]

          Miscellaneous Receipts FY 1983

          FY 1984 Miscellaneous Receipts

          FY 1985 Miscellaneous Receipts

          FY 1986 Miscellaneous Packing Slips

          [Miscellaneous Receipts, etc. 1985]

          OA Monthly Statements

          OA Reimbursements

          OA - ASD - Computer Systems

          OA - Proposed Improvements in WH Correspondence

          OA - Personnel

          OA - Policy & Procedures Manual

          OA - Financial Management / Accounting

          OA - Proposed Press Release System Flow

          OA - Proposed Transfer of White House System

          OA - Sole Source Documentation

          OA - Automated Records Management Survey

          OA/WH Joint Project - Cleaning of Hallways in EOB

          OA - Proposed Publications Services

          OA - Loading Platform

          OA - Supply Room

          OA - Red Tag Deliveries

          OA - Proposed Property Management System

          OA - Reimbursement Charges to EOP Agencies

          OA - Telephone Survey

          OA - Proposed Mail / Messenger Services

          Oval Office [Carter Administration]

          Personal Computer

          Personnel Full-Time Equivalency

          [Office Plans and Personnel Lists, January 1981] (Notebook)

          [EOP Staff Including Detailees]

          Personnel FTE: 1983

          Personnel SBA's [Service by Agreement Consultants - Carter Administration]

          Reimbursement Agreements

          FY 1985 Residence Reimbursement


          FY 1984 Service Center Monthly Reports

          FY 1983 Monthly Official Telegram Report


          Telephone List Cards

          Centrex Features, Digital Switching System Voice Features (Binder)

          Centrex Features, Digital Switching System Data Features (Binder)

          ["The Invisible Link Telephone System" Brochure]

          Transition - Political Affairs

          Travel Advance Seminar

          TV Cable Funds FY 1981

          [Visitor Passes - Blank]

          [White House Activity Programs - Ford Administration]

          [White House Activity Programs - Carter Administration]

          [White House Certificates]

          [White House Coverage Schedule - August]

          Report: Women in Non-Career Positions


          Box AD1805

          White House Office Administrative Manual: (Interim Edition) January 1981 (Notebook)

          White House Office Administrative [Staff] Manual: [Working Copy] (Notebook)

          [White House Office Staff Manual October 1981 Working Copy]

          [White House Office Staff Manual October 1981]

          White House Office Staff Manual - October. 1981 (Notebook)

          White House Office Staff Manual - January 1984  (Notebook)

          White House Staff Manual, 1988

          White House Staff Manual, 1988 (Notebook)

          Senior Staff (Notebook)

          [Correspondence Manual Drafts - 1984]

          White House Correspondence Manual 1986 (Notebook)

          White House Correspondence Manual (Notebook)

          OASIS Reference Manual - I (Notebook)

          OASIS Reference Manual - II (Notebook)

          OASIS Reference Manual - III (Notebook)

          [Time and Attendance Reporting / Timekeepers Manual]



Subseries A: Subject

          Box FI2101

          Budget Analysis - FY 1987-1988

          FY 1984 Commitment Obligation Register Travel (Notebook) (1)(2)

          [Commitment / Obligation Register 08/31/1985] (Notebook)

          FY 1986 Commitment Obligation Register (Notebook)

          FY 1987 Commitment Obligation Register (Notebook)

          FY 1988 Commitment Obligation Register (Notebook)

          1983, 1984 Easitrives (Notebook)

          GAO [FY 1981]

          Imprest Fund - FY 1985

          Imprest Fund - FY 1986

          Imprest Fund - FY 1987

          Imprest Fund - FY 1988

          Imprest Fund Accountability Reports: Fiscal Year 1989


          Box FI2102

          FY 1984 Interagency Agreements

          FY 1985 Interagency Agreements

          FY 1986 Interagency Agreements

          FY 1987 Interagency Agreements

          FY 1987 IRMD/White House Interagency Agreement

          FY 1987 Telephone IAG

          FY 1987 Other IAGs

          FY 1988 ASD IAG

          FY 1988 DOD IAG

          FY 1988 Telephone IAG's

          FY 1988 Other IAG

          Interagency Agreement [FY 1988]

          [FY 1983 Ledger - Office Equipment]

          February [FY1981] Official Papers

          March [FY1981]  Official Papers [I]

          March [FY1981] Official Papers [II]

          March [FY1981] Vouchers, Part II

          May [FY1981] Official Papers

          May [FY1981] Vouchers, Part II

          June [FY1981] Official Papers

          June [FY1981] Vouchers, Part II

          July [FY1981] Official Papers

          July [FY1981] Vouchers, Part II

          August [FY1981] Vouchers, Part I

          September [FY1981] Official Papers

          September [FY1981] Vouchers, Part I

          Official Papers FY 1982

          Receipts - 1988

          Recipient Lists

          RWA Requests FY 1988

          Schedule of Canceled Checks, FY1981

          FY 1986 SLUC

          FY 1988 SLUC

          [SLUC - General]

          FY 1988 Stamp Reports

          FY 1988 Weekly Postage Report

          Transfers between Appropriations: FY 1981

          Working Papers [FY 1981]


Subseries B: Travel & Entertainment Budgets, FY 1984-1986

          Box FI2201

          FY 1984 Travel & Entertainment Budgets Baker Org. (Notebook)

          FY 1984 Travel and Entertainment Budgets Baker Org., Cont. (Notebook)

          FY 1984 Travel & Entertainment Budgets Deaver Org. (Notebook)

          FY 1984 Travel & Entertainment Budgets Deaver Org. (Cont.), McFarlane Org.,

Operating Units, Other White House (Notebook)

          FY 1984 Travel & Entertainment Budgets Meese Org. (Notebook)


          Box FI2202

          FY 1985 Travel & Entertainment Budgets [Miscellaneous, Buchanan - Friedersdorf]


          [FY 1985 Travel & Entertainment Budgets Henkel - Meese, Operating Units] (Notebook)

          FY 1985 Travel & Entertainment Budgets [Other White House - Tuttle] (Notebook)

          FY 1986 Budget and Entertainment Letters (Buchanan - Hicks) (Notebook)

          FY 1986 Budget and Entertainment Letters (Oglesby - Tuttle) (Notebook)



          Subseries C: Year End Reports, FY 1981-FY 1988

          Box FI2301

          White House Financial Year End Reports as of 09/30/1981 (Notebook) (1)-(7)

          White House Year End Reports as of 09/30/1982, FY 1981 (Notebook) (1)-(6)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1982 (Notebook) (1)-(16)

          [White House Financial Reports 09/30/1982] (Notebook) (1)(2)

          White House Budget Status by Activity: FY 1982 (Notebook) (1)-(8)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1983, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(9)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1983, Vol. II (Notebook) (1)-(13)


          Box FI2302

          White House Unanticipated Needs Year End Reports as of 09/30/1983 (Notebook)


          Office of Administration Division 101 Year End Reports as of 09/30/1983

(Notebook) (1)(2)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1984, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(8)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1984, Vol. II (Notebook) (1)-(12)

          White House and Unanticipated Needs Year End Reports as of 09/30/1984

                   (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1985, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(10)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1985, Vol. II (Notebook) (1)-(11)


          Box FI2303

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1986, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(6)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1986, Vol. II (Notebook) (1)-(12)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1986, Vol. III (Notebook) (1)-(12)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1987, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(8)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1987, Vol. II (Notebook)(1)-(12)

          [Financial Reports, 12/31/1987] Notebook) (1)-(5)


          Box FI2304

          Certification of Official Presidential Travel Expenses for Fiscal Year 1987 (Notebook)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1988, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(16)

          White House Office Year End Reports as of 09/30/1988, Vol. II (Notebook) (1)-(11)



Subseries A: Subject File

          Box PE3101

          Aggregate Report 1982

          [Assassination Attempt]

          Assassination: Officer or Employee of US Injured During Assassination Attempt

          Commissioned Officers Reagan Administration 1981-1984 (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          Commissioned Officers Reagan Administration 1985-1986 (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          Commissioned Officers Reagan Administration 1987-1989 (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          [WH Detailees]

          Details: Congressional Inquire, June 1983

          Executive Office Building

          Executive Pay Increase: 12/18/1982

          White House Fellows: 09/01/1981-08/31/1982

          Freeze - Hiring

          [Historical Personnel Data] (Notebook)

          Leave Policy

          Medical Unit

          NSC: Executive Secretariat.

          Other Agency Employees (Assign to WH Complex)

          Organizational Codes

          WHO Personnel Master: 04/06/1987 (Computer printout) - See Oversize Box #1

          WHO Personnel with Service: During Period 01/21/1981-05/31/1987 (Computer

Printout) - See Oversize Box #1

          [Photo - East Executive Avenue]

          Policy Detailees and OGS

          Policy Carter-Reagan Personnel

          Policy GAO report

          Political Campaign - Policies

          The President

          [President's Health Insurance]

          Volunteers in the White House - Memos from Legal Counsel's Office

          White House US Mail Forwarding System Archive Report of All Personnel,

                   01/18/1989 (Binder) (1)-(8)


          OA 8528

          White House Personnel Alphabetical Directory (03/31/1982-07/31/1982)

          White House Personnel Alphabetical Directory (08/31/1982-11/30/1982)

          White House Personnel Alphabetical Directory (12/31/1982-03/31/1983)

          White House Personnel Alphabetical Directory (04/30/1983-07/31/1983)

          White House Personnel Alphabetical Directory (08/31/1983-11/30/1983)

          White House Personnel Alphabetical Directory (12/31/1983)



Subseries B:  Anita Bavacqua Chronological Files

          Box PE3201

          Alphabetic Chron File June 1987-June 1988 (Notebook)

          Chron File June 1987-June 1988 (Notebook)

          Alphabetical Chron File July 1988-December 1988 (Notebook)

          Chron File July 1988-December 1988 (Notebook)



Subseries C: Individual Files

          Box PE3301

          Cancelled Actions: [Browne, Shirley K.]

          Cancelled Actions: Deleyiannis, Mary

          Cancelled Actions: Jenkins, Annie

          Cancelled Actions: Masterman, Vicki (For Record Purposes Only)

          Cancelled Actions: Hindman, Michael J. (Volunteer)

          Cancelled Actions: Perea, Ana Marie (Vol.)

          Cancelled Actions: Wilson, Mary L. (Detail)

          Cancelled Actions: Tobin, Robert William (WAE)

          Cancelled Actions: Shephard, Sharon K. (Vol.)

          Cancelled Actions: Rodman, Peter (Detail)

          Cancelled Actions: Pino-Marina, Nestor G.

          Abdoo, Helen T.

          Aber, Jack A.

          Abrams, Steven L.

          Abshire, David M.

          Achui, Grayling E.K.

          Acle, Luis Jr.

          Adams, Linda J.

          Addington, David S.

          Ahearn, Frederick L.

          Ahern, Kathryn L.

          Akra, Margaret Mary

          Albers, William E.

          Albertson, Mila

          Aldridge, Alexander

          Alexander, Alec

          Alexander, Margaret

          Alexander, Thomas B.

          Algie, Glenne

          Allen, Marie B.

          Allen, Ra Nae

          Allen, Richard V.

          Allin, Lyndon K.

          Allin, Stephanie

          Altimus, Valery

          Alvarado, Ronald L.

          Alvarez, Richard

          Amato, Philip

          Anderson, Anne

          Anderson, Carl A.

          Anderson, Curtis

          Anderson, David E.

          Anderson, Debra Lynn

          Anderson, Dwight, P.

          Anderson, Kathleen L.

          Anderson, M. Aileen

          Anderson, Martin

          Anderson, Rebecca L.

          Anderson, Robert B.

          Andrewlevick, Susan M.

          Andrews, M. Melinda

          Andrews, Marianne M.

          Anisko, Karen

          Appleby, Earl E.

          Appleyard, Catherine A.

          Arata, Mary Judy

          Archie, Timothy R.

          Archambault, Michele

          Arcos, Cresencio

          Arey, Linda R.

          Armstrong, George

          Armstrong, Lisa

          Armstrong, Philip C.

          Arrington, Alphadine E.

          Arsht, Leslye A.

          Arthur, Terry


          Box PE3302

          Ash, Barbara M.

          Ashnun, Mary B.

          Ashworth, Mark

          Astengo, George

          Atwater, Lee

          Avery, Pamela S.

          Ayers, Betty L.

          Bach, Cristena L.

          Badger, W. Douglas

          Bagley, Marjorie A.

          Bailey, Pamela G.

          Baier, Alyse L.

          Bakaly, Charles G. III

          Baken, Becky L.

          Baker, Beulah R.

          Baker, Howard H. Jr.

          Baker, James A. III

          Baker, Linda Lee

          Baker, Robert W.

          Bakke, Mary Beth

          Bakke, Norma Brandt

          Bakshian, Aram Jr.

          Balcome-Rawding, Russell

          Balfour, Deborah

          Ball, Thomas

          Ball, William Lockhart III

          Ballard, Shirley

          Ballantine, Grier P.

          Balzano, Michael P. Jr.

          Bandow, Doug

          Banning, Ann L.

          [Baranski, Katalin A.]

          Barbieri, Janice A.

          Barbour, Haley

          Barby, Melissa P.

          Barla, Jill L.

          Barletta, Kathryn A.

          Barlow, Marie

          Barnes, Elizabeth A.

          Barnett, Betinna Joy

          Barnett, Patricia A.

          Barnett, Willard

          Baron, Mary Ann

          Baroody, Michael E.

          Barret, Kathryne Kendall

          Barret, Betty Lou

          Barron, Gary A.

          Barron, Lisa Ann

          Barton, Icy M.

          Barum, Kenneth L.

          Baskin, Melinda

          Baskowitz, Eve

          Bateman, Paul

          Battaile, Mary E.

          Batten, Michael D.

          Bauer, Gary L.

          Bauman, Brian B.

          Baumgaertner, Laura M.

          Bayless, James L. Jr.

          Bazala, Raz Vigor

          Beal, Richard S.

          Beall, Jo Ann

          Beattie, Deborah A.

          Beaty, Karen


          Box PE3303

          Beck, Dorix Ann

          Beck, Elizabeth Ann

          Becker, Carolyn E.

          Becker, Jerome David

          Becker, Marion C.

          Bedell, Catherine Anne

          Bedell, Catherine May

          Beebe, Alice

          Behrendt, Theresa Elmore

          Beiley, Lauren Ann

          Bell, Ann C.

          Bell, B. Jean

          Bell, Hanna Boyd

          Bell, Karen D.

          Bell, Lisa

          Bell, Louise H.

          Bell, Mariam

          Bell, Sonya M.

          Beltran, Patrick

          Benbow, Marion

          Benjamin, Barbara

          Benschoter, Ronald

          Bennet, Linda Catherine

          Berenato, Audrey C.

          Berg, Stephen P.

          Berggren, Scott L.

          Bergman, Barbara E.

          Bernero, Deborah

          Berry, Sharon L.

          Bertocchio, Larrilyn L.

          Beserra, Rudy M.

          Bessy, Virginia

          Binninger, Patricia A.

          Birney, Richard E.

          Bishop, Twyla B.

          Bistany, Joanna E.

          Blackshear, Barbara Jean

          Black, Charles A.

          Black, Judy A.

          Blackwell, Morton C.

          Blakey, Marion C.

          Blanchard, Alan

          Blase, James W.

          Blasingame, Josiah Jr.

          Blesse, Melanie D.

          Blewett, Margaret M.

          Blevins, Elizabeth K.

          Blocker, Deborah E.

          Blodgett, Suzette

          Blodgett, Todd

          Blood, Sharman,

          Blume, Donna L.

          Board, Elizabeth I.

          Bockorny, David A.

          Bogart, William V.

          Boggs, Paula

          Bolton, John R.

          Bolton, John Roger

          Bonitati, Robert F.

          Boone, Elizabeth van Meter


          Box PE3304

          Borchard, Susan A.

          Borcherdt, Kimberley

          Borcherdt, Wendy H. (1)(2)

          Borchers, Charla Ann

          Borda, Suzanne B.

          Borg, Lindsey

          Borgquist, Darly S.

          Bosak, Sylvia

          Bowen, Daniel

          Bowers, Philippa S.

          Boyd, Eolene

          Boyd, Hannah

          Boyer, Lynn

          Boyle, Katherine

          Boyle, Regina M.

          Brackbill, Ann E.

          Brady, James Scott

          Bradley, Ellen L.

          Bradley, Melvin L.

          Branham, Anne L.

          Brandon, Mabel H.

          Brannigan, Maureen A.

          Bras, Luisa

          Brashear, Albert R.

          Brasil, Marc

          Breaux, Harleen M.

          Breaux, Merlin P.

          Breger, Marshall J.

          Brehm, James

          Breining, Becci M.

          Brennan, Joseph B.

          Brennan, Mary Beth

          Brennon, William

          Brewer, Angela

          Bridges, Angelyn

          Bridgford, Richard

          Brightbill, Peter

          Brink, Julie A.

          Brittain, Katherine

          Brisley, Denny E.

          Brody, Timothy A.

          Brokaw, Diane

          Brott, Michele Marie

          Brookshier, Elsie M.

          Brower, Charles N.

          Brown, Angela M.

          Brown, Barbara A.

          Brown, Catherine

          Brown, Clifton L. Jr.

          Brown, Diane J.

          Brown, Kathleen G.

          Brown, Maureen W.

          Brown, Mollie M.

          Brown, Perry

          Brubaker, Dixie

          Brune, Elizaberth C.

          Bryan, Hayden G.

          Bryan, Vickers B.


          Box PE3305

          Buchanan, Patrick J.

          Buckalew, Judith A.

          Buckholtz, Alison

          Buckner, Alice C.

          Buford, Eloise V.

          Buller, Leigh

          Bumbalo, James

          Bunney, Shawn

          Bureika, Rita D.

          Burgess, John F.

          Burigan, Carmen M.

          Burkholder, Sherri

          Burnett, Michelle

          Burns, Noreen E.

          Burtner, Patricia J.

          Bush, Kenneth P.

          Bustard, Bruce

          Butler, James T.

          Butler, Judith A.

          Butler, Patrick

          Butterfield, William J.

          Buxton, Robert B.

          Bye, Patricia A.

          Byler, Gary C.

          Byrne, Patricia

          Byrnes, James L.

          Caballero, Humberto

          Cafaro, Leah

          Calabresi, Steven

          Cahhoun, Lane

          Callaghan, Elise M.

          Callanan, Mary G.

          Camacho, Kelli A.

          Camalier, Katherine J.

          Cameron, Anne Sergent

          Cameron, Helen R.

          Campbell, Peggy

          Canfield, Janet

          Cannon, James

          Canty, John

          Canzeri, Joseph W.

          Capps, E. Diane

          Carlile, Patricia

          Carlisle, Tristan

          Carlucci, Frank C.

          Carmen, Gerald P.

          Carney, Howard A.

          Carpenter, James M. III

          Carpenter, Jane E.

          Carr, Joseph

          Carrel, Marc

          Carroll, Mary Louise

          Carruthers, William A.

          Carson, Suzanne M.

          Carter, C. Carroll Jr.

          Carter, Thomas L.

          Casey, Jill A.

          Casserly, Lawrence A.

          Castillo, Edward

          Castine, Michael P.

          Caulfield, Matthew

          Cavanagh, Mary L.

          Cavaney, Byron M. Jr.

          Cave, Beth A.

          Ceremsak, Karen M.

          Chae, Frances

          Chaffin, Norma

          Chandler, Jennifer B.


          Box PE3306

          Chapman, Bruce

          Charen, Mona E.

          Charlton, Deborah P.

          Chase, Jeanine

          Chau, Doanh

          Chavez, Linda

          [Chealander, Steven]

          Chenoweth, Carol Jane

          Chernishov, Katherine

          Chesno, Thomas E.

          Chew, David L.

          Chick, Gary R.

          Childs, Deborah

          Chiu, Carver V.

          Christiano, Joseph

          Christiansen, Kathryn McMichael

          Christner, Ingrid

          Chumachenko, Katherine C.

          Church, Leslie

          Church, Michelle (Misty) L.

          Ciarlante, Marjorie H.

          Cioletti, Julia A.

          Ciresa, Kinberly

          Clarey, Donald

          Clark, Colin D.

          Clark, Duncan

          Clark, Harry W. II

          Clark, John

          Clark, Nancy Lewis

          Clark, William P.

          Clary, Linda

          Clawson, Linda R.

          Clayton, Hope

          Clement, Paul

          Clemons, Linda R.

          Close, Mamie McDonough

          Cocking, Jane Sue

          Coes, John B.

          Coffina, Scott

          Cohen, Benedict S.

          Conger, Clement E.

          Cole, Judith A.

          Coleman, Enola

          Cole-McInturff, Cecilia

          Collins, James M.

          Collins, Kathryn Grant

          Collins, Robert R.

          Collins, Susan L.

          Combias, Lorie A.

          Compton, Kathron

          Conaton, Elizabeth Ann

          Connolly, Rose D.

          Connolly, Vera I.

          Cook, Belinda

          Cooksey, Sherrie Marshall

          Coolridge, Eliska Hasek


          Box PE3307

          Cooper, Ashley H.

          Cooper, Carter

          Cooper, Joe

          Coors, Joseph Bradford

          Corcoran, Patricia

          Cornelius, Samuel J.

          Coronado, Troup Brian

          Cothran, Joy D.

          Coudert, Anne

          Courtemanche, Jack L.

          Courtney, Colleen M.

          Cox, C. Christopher

          Coyle, Susan

          Coyne, James K.

          Coyne, Martin J. Jr.

          Crawford, Marjorie O.

          Cree, Jo Ann

          Creutzberg, Julie

          Cribb, T. Kenneth Jr.

          Crippen, Danny L.

          Crispen, Elaine

          Crispen, Jeanne M.

          Crouse, Laura C.

          Crow, Matthew Elton

          Crow, Susan

          Crowden, Sheryl L.

          Crowe, Bambi

          Crowell, Edward

          Crowell, Mary J.

          Crowley, Colleen

          Culvahouse, Arthur B.

          Curran, Edward A.

          Curry, Henry Lee III

          Curry, Joyce C.

          Curry, Louis D.

          Curtis, Dawn

          Czarnecki, Karen M.

          Dahlem, James

          Dahlgren, Kira

          Dahlgren, Robert R.

          Dailey, Patricia Lynn

          Dale, Vicki L.

          D'Amecourt, John C.

          Damioni, Stephen

          D'Andrea, Justine

          Daniels, Mitchell E. Jr.

          Danner, Donald A.

          Dannerbeck, John David

          Darman, Richard G.

          Davies, Patricia K.

          Davis, Jayne I.

          Davis, Maria S.

          Davis, Michele M.

          Davis, Randall E.

          Davis, Robie L.

          Davis, William H.

          Dawe, Lorine W.

          Dawson, Rhett B.

          Dawson, Thomas C.

          Dawson, Thomas C.

          Day, Jane K.

          Day, Melanie Martha

          Deangelis, Christian

          Deaver, Michael K.

          Dees, Philip R.


          Box PE3308

          Degrandi. Lisa Marie

          Dehner, John Stephen

          Dellinger, Dorothy R.

          Dellonte, Patricia V.

          Demech, Fred R. Jr.

          DeMoss, Charlotte

          Dennis, Katherine

          Deperio, Judith

          DePicciotto, Paige

          Des Coteaux, Andrea S.

          Deuschl, Vivian A.

          Dewan, Linda L.

          DeWhirst, Mary Kathryn

          DeWitt, Luanne Spencer

          Dezenhall, Eric

          Dezenhall, Susan

          Diamond, Judith L.

          Diaz, Kristina

          Dick, James V.

          Dickey, Frances R.

          Dickey, Netta A.

          Dietz, Suzanne

          Diller, Daniel Clifford

          Dimitrief, Alexander

          Disher, Susan T.

          Dixon, Peter

          Dixon, Sheila

          Djerejian, Edward

          Doherty, Eileen

          Dolan, Anthony R.

          Dold, M. Kelley

          Dole, Elizabeth Hanford

          Dolehide, Michelle M.

          Dollinger, Steven

          Donatelli, Frank J.

          Donnelly, Thomas J.

          Donohoo, Lee

          Donohoo, Patrick

          Donohue, Thomas J.

          Donovan, Charles A.

          Donovan, Patrick

          Dooner, Julia

          Doughton, Morgan J.

          Douglas, Constance C.

          Douglas, Keri

          Dowhan, Vera A.

          Downing, R. Blair

          Doyle, Douglas L.

          Drayfahl, Mary G.

          Dreher, Cynthia

          Drennen, William M.

          Dressendorfer, John H.

          Drew, Edith Doherty

          Drew, Harry N. II

          Duberstein, Kenneth

          Duffy, Patrick J.

          Dufresne, Mynette

          Duggan, Juanita Donaghey


          Bop PE3309

          Duggin, Thelma - Skeleton File COB 03/26/1983, September-Appointment in


          Duke, Meg Shields

          Duncan, Cynthia

          Dunlop, Becky Norton

          Dunne, Patrick W.

          Dunne, Marie

          Dupont, Alex R.

          Dupuis, Julia

          Durrenberger, Karleen M.

          Dustin, Matthew Darnell

          Dutcher, Charles K.

          Dutton, John C.

          Duval, Janice Mahan

          Duvall, Douglas P.

          Dye, Jeffrey M.

          Dyer, James W.

          Dyson, Marilyn J.

          Eastman, Penny L.

          Eberly, Donald E.

          Eberly, Sheryl L.

          Ebert, Stephanie S.

          Economos, Demetra G.

          Eden, John Mark

          Edwards, Elizabeth

          Edwards, Joan K,

          Edwards, Mitchell L.

          Edwards, Rebecca Barrow

          Eiron, Donna

          Ekenberg, Rodger

          Ellingwood, Herbert E.

          Elliott, Bentley T.

          Ellis, Charlotte S.

          Elmets, Douglas G.

          Elmets, Pamela

          Ely, Ramona

          Engh. Jennifer L.

          Engler, Daniel Joseph

          English, Mary McCarthy

          Erickson, Ingrid G.

          Erkenberg, Jane I.

          Eshleman, Benjamin III

          Eshoe, Linda

          Eskeland, Philip D.

          Eslinger, Beau

          Esparza, Cynthia Lynne

          Esparza, Roland

          Estes, Randolph L.

          Evans, Gregory C.

          Evans, Hugh H.

          Evans, Michael A.W.

          Everson, Nanette

          Fabiana, Barbara Cook

          Facey, Coral Louise

          Fackleman-Miner, Mary Anne

          Fallon, Kathleen Suzanne

          Fanning, Susan

          Faoro, Daniel

          Faoro, Patricia A.

          Farrell, J. Michael

          Farrell, June M.

          Farrow, Sandra T.

          Faulkner, Linda A.

          Faulkner, Scot M.

          Fehrer, Douglas (Out Card)


          Box PE3310

          Feisner, Jacqueline

          Feister, Nancy

          Feit, Gary

          Feldmann, Mary E.

          Fernald, Barry P.

          Feurt, Suxanne L.

          Field, Lisa Anne

          Fielding, Fred F.

          Finn, John W.

          Fitz-Patrick, Bill

          Finnegan, Nancy C.

          Finnell, Sherry P.

          Finney, Cecil L.

          Firkin, Donna K.W.

          Fischer, David C.

          Fisk, Daniel

          Fitch, John

          Fitzpatrick, Kathleen

          Fitzsimmons, John D.

          Fleming, Claire

          Fletcher, Bernyce A.

          Fletcher, Sherrie M.

          Flora, Janel B.

          Fogelson, Virginia W.

          Foley, Matthew

          Ford, Adrienne E.

          Ford, Emily Lewis

          Foreman, Anne

          Fornal, Robert E.

          Forster, John J.

          Fortier, Donald R.

          Foster, Gary L.

          Fowers, David Dwight

          Fowle, Stephen A.

          Fox, J. Edward

          Fraas, Martha L.

          Franklin, A. Anson

          Franklin, Paula

          Fraser, Elizabeth A.

          Frates, James

          Frazer, Laura

          Frazier, Frances B.

          Frederick, Gina

          Frederick, Gina M.

          Frese Susan M.

          Frick, Linda A.

          Fricke, Wade Matthew

          Friday, Lisa Ann

          Fried, Karen J.

          Friedersdorf, Max L.

          Frietsch, Katherine C.

          Frucci, Marti J.

          Fry, Deborah

          Fry, Marguerite L.

          Fryer, Dianne

          Fuller, Craig

          Fuller, Karen D.

          Fulton, Ysella Ayn

          Gabriel, Joyce F.

          Gaidis, Terry

          Gale, Michael R.

          Galen, Christopher W.

          Gallagher, Robert J.

          Gallegos, Christopher D.

          Gambill, Neil B.

          Gambon, Linda M.

          Gandy, Henry R.


          Box PE3311

          Ganis, Robert

          Gannon, Kathleen

          Garbett, John M.

          Garcia, Ernest E.

          Garcia-Luy, Perla Maria

          Garn, Susan R,

          Garrett, H. Lawrence III

          Garrick, Robert Martin

          Garrish, Theodore J.

          Gearhart, Marion L.

          Geffroy, Michael

          Genero, Laura

          Geoghon, Kerry Ann

          George, Eric

          Gerrard, Constance M.

          Gergen, David R.

          Gesin, Marilynne P.

          Giancola, Carmel J.

          Gibbons, Janet E.

          Gibson, Thomas F. III

          Giglio, Eileen

          Gilder, Joshua R.

          Giles, Gary Olin

          Gilmore, Sallie Nance

          Giuffra, Robert J.

          Glass, David B.

          Glasscock, Margaret M.

          Gleason, Barbara

          Gleason, Patricia Ann

          Gleason, Robert R. Jr.

          Glenn, Joan Elizabeth

          Goettsche, Karen C.

          Golay, Gail T.

          Goldberg, Catherine A.

          Goldenberg, Elizabeth

          Goldfield, Harold P.

          Golec, Janice

          Goode, Mark

          Gordon, Mary S.

          Gorman, William J.

          Govan, Michael J.

          Grace, Michael K.

          Graf-Strobel, Susan

          Graham, Anne

          Graham, Clinton

          Graham, Dana

          Graham, Philip

          Granberg, Delores

          Grant, Julene Elizabeth

          Grassley, Wendy E.

          Gray, Edwin

          Gray, Hope

          Gray, Robin C.

          Grazer, Jan Marie

          Green, Max

          Green, Rita Mancel

          Green, Theodore

          Greenberg, Mark

          Greene, Mark

          Greener, Charles V.

          Greenleaf, Charles W.

          Gregorsky, Frank W.

          Gregory, Carlyle Jr.

          Gribben, William J.


          Box PE3312

          Griffin, Karen D.

          Griffin, Lisa

          Griffith, Hurdis

          Griscom, Thomas C.

          Grodin, Stephanie

          Groomes, Karen (Out Card)

          [Gubitosi, Karen]

          Gubitosi, Robert

          Guest, Michael E.

          Guglielmino, Deane N.

          Guiden, Nancy

          Guillerman, Lisa

          Gulder, Julianna

          Gura, Verna J.

          Gullickson, John

          Gumppert, Karella Ann

          Gustavson, Robert

          Guthrie, Ann Joyce

          Guthrie, Helen M.

          Gutrick, Marjeana

          Guzman, Francisco

          Gwinn, David H.

          Habig, Christina L.

          Haddock, William C.

          Hager, Vanessa Lynne

          [Hale, Janet]

          Hall, Kevin L.

          Hall, Patricia A.

          Hall, Tanis L.

          Hallene, Carol L.

          Halota, Christine

          Halsey, Jane

          Hamawy, Sherine B.

          Hamilton, Dorothea C.

          Hammerstrom, W. Neil Jr.

          Hammons, Homer R.

          Hancock, Ellen P.

          Hancock, Meg. A.

          Handy, Carolyn A.

          Hanna, Julie

          Hannaford, Anne C.

          Hannaway, Karen

          Hannie, George W. Jr.

          Hanrahan, Zora

          Hansen, Jake

          Hansen, Joanne

          Hansen, Richard P.

          Hanshaw, Susan

          Hanson, P. Slade

          Happoldt, Anita O.

          Harden, Stephanie

          Hardey, Gordon

          Harkins, Mary D.

          Harlow, Bruce

          Harper, Edwin L.

          Harrington, Donnah M.

          Harrington, Maureen T.

          Harris, Joann

          Harris, Judy Layne

          Harris, L. Veronica

          Hart, Betsy

          Hart, Douglas B.

          Hart, James

          Hart, Stephen T.

          Hart, William E.

          Hartwell, Allison

          Hartwig, Sarah B.

          Harvey, Aimee M.

          Harvey, William T.

          Hassler, Linda

          Hastie, Roderick Buell

          Hatfield, Mark D. Jr.

          Hathaway, Christina P.

          Hauer, Aileen


          Box PE3313

          Hause, Peter S.

          Hausenfluck, Robert D.

          Hauser, Richard A.

          Hausman, Conrad K.

          Hawker, Donna D.

          Hawkes, Susan

          Hawley, Edmund S,

          Hayes, Carol

          Hayward, Barbara B.

          Head, Marcia L.

          Hearn, Roger Daniel

          Hearty, Janice F.

          Hebl, Lynn M.

          Hecmer, Lynn

          Hecht, James Christian

          Hecht, Leslie L.

          Heimberger, Marcia R.

          Heinz, Caroline A. R.

          Heinze, Mary Kayne

          Helsing, Craig R.

          Henderson, Susan M.

          Henkel, Catherine

          Henkel, Jennifer

          Henkel, William (1)-(3)

          Henley, Clarence

          Henrie, Mark

          Henry, M. Delynn Rushing

          Hepp, Florence M.

          [Heritage, Celeste]

          Herrick, Cynthia

          Herring, Scott R.

          Herrington, John S.

          Herrington, Lisa Marie

          Hewitt, Hugh

          Hickey, Edward V.

          Hickey, Susan

          Hickey, Thomas

          Hicks, Christopher

          Hidalgo, Dean

          Higgins, Anne E.

          Higgins, Barbara E.

          Highet, Ian D.

          Hildebrand, Joanne M.

          Hill, Kenneth John

          Hill, Robert C.

          Hiltgen, Heidi A.

          Hirschberg, Jennefer Austin

          Hite, Bernard W. Jr.

          Hobbs, Charles D.

          Hobbs, Cheryl L.

          Hobbs, Patricia A.

          Hobson, Robert

          Hodas, Glenn Anthony

          Hodge, Randall P.

          Hodges, Gahl Lee

          Hodsoll, Francis S. M.

          Hogan, Brian

          Hogan, Mary Beth

          Hogan, William J.


          Box PE3314

          Hoggard, V. Kim

          Hoke, Shelley

          Holihan, Michael W.

          Holladay, J. Douglas

          Holland, Dianna Gwin

          Holland, Jamie R.

          Holleman, Connie S.

          Hollman, Louisa A.

          Hollman, Robert

          Holmer, Alan F.

          Holmes, Joseph R.

          Holt, Joseph L.

          Hooley, James L.

          Hooper, Mary E.

          Hopkins, Kevin P.

          Horgan, James T.

          Hospodor, Sarah E.

          Hourigan, Patricia M.

          Howard, J. Daniel

          Howarth, Dona L.

          Howell, Lugene Marie

          Howenstein, Sheila B.

          Howlett, C.A.

          Hoyt, Linda J.

          Hoyt, Martin I.

          Huddle, Julie Lynn

          Hudson, John M.

          Hughes, Annie Lou

          Hughes, Grace

          Hughes, Mark

          Hughes, Mark Evan

          Hughes, Michelle M.

          Humes, Mary Stuart

          Humphreville, Laurie

          Hunter, Jane

          Hunter, Kathleen

          Hunter, Timothy

          Huntsman, Jon M., Jr.

          Hurdle, Daniel

          Hurst, Patricia

          Hussey, Fredericka

          Hutton, Deborah J.

          Hutton, John E. Jr.

          Hybe, William J.

          Hydes, Judith M.

          Infanti, Rose A

          Ingersoll, Charles

          Ingersoll, Janice M.

          Ingram, Amy

          Intrator, Yael W.

          Isaac, Lisa S.

          Ironfield, Sally B.

          Isles, Adam

          Itchon, Rowena M.

          Iturrigui, Juan Carlos

          Ivany, Robert R.

          Jackson, Caron (Out Card)

          Jackson, Cheryl L. Tibbits

          Jackson, Jean A.

          Jackson, Selina E.

          Jacobi, Mary Jo

          Jakob, Ronald A.

          James, E. Pendleton

          Jameson, W. George

          Janes, Clinton S. III

          Janes, Nancy Feathers

          Janka, Leslie A.

          Jacquith, Louise B.

          Jarratt, Benjamin F.


          Box PE3315

          Jenkins, Anna

          Jenkins, James E.

          Jennings, Jerry D,

          Jepsen, Dee A.

          Jernigan, Amy S.

          Johnson, Albert L.

          Johnson, Amy

          Johnson, Brent B.

          Johnson, Courtney

          Johnson, David P.

          Johnson, Elizabeth

          Johnson, Frederick D.

          Johnson, James H.

          Johnson, Livia A.

          Johnson, Mark

          Johnson, Sheila Y.

          Johnson, Theresa

          Johnson, Willa Ann

          Johnston, Lynne E.

          Johnston, Robert M.

          Johnston, William

          Jones, Albert

          Jones, Brenda

          Jones, Carl A.

          Jones, Gary L.

          Jones, Thaddeus W.

          Jones, Thomas M.

          Jones, Valerie Ann

          Jordan, Thelma (Peggy)

          Judge, Clark S.

          Kabel, Robert J.

          Kaiser, Joyce Ann

          Kalgaard, Katherine Allen

          Kaminsky, Phyllis

          Kanter, Irma J.

          Karabatsos, Elizabeth A.

          Karalekas, Tina

          Karas, Susan L.

          Karp, Charles D.

          Kaufman, Lynn M.

          Kaufman, Steven

          Kazanjian, Dodie (Paula)

          Kearney, Patricia

          Kearse, Willie

          Keating, M. Hope

          Keegan, Maureen A.

          Keel, Alton G. Jr.

          Keely, Kathleen

          Kehoe, Denise Christina

          Keil, Parris

          Keisler, Peter

          Keith, Joyce S.

          Kelliher, Janet

          Kelly, Anne

          Kelly, Brian

          Kelly, Colleen P.

          Kelsey, Thomas

          Kendall, Theresa M.

          Kennedy, Kathleen

          Kennedy, Nancy Mohr

          Kennedy-Keel, Frannarie

          Kerr, Annemarie

          Keshishian, Craig A.

          Kesner, William R.

          Keys, James L.

          Khachigion, Elizabeth

          Kiefer, Kristin P.

          Kiely, Maureen

          Kightlinger, Jack

          Kim, Helen


          Box PE3316

          Kinahan, Graham M.

          King, Gwendolyn S.

          King, Maureen V.

          Kingon, Alfred H.

          Kinnear, John M.

          Kinser, Richard E.

          Kinsman, Wendy

          Kircher, Karl

          Kite, Daniel Adam

          Klesius, Katherine

          Kline, John P. Jr.

          Klingenstein, Julie Schuster

          Klocek, David M.

          Klugmann, Mark M. (1)(2)

          Knauer, Virginia H.

          Knight, Edna S.

          Koch, Kathleen D.

          Koch, Susan D.

          Kochler, John O.

          Koenig, Amy

          Koenig, Gerald S.

          Koerner, Christine D.

          Kojelis, Linas J.

          Kolk, Schlea Ervin

          Koll, John Milton

          Koll, Karen G.

          Koons, Betsy

          Kormanik, Gina

          Kosatka, Belinda S.

          Kosco, Ann

          Kostuk, Barbara M.

          Kozinski, Alex

          Kraft, Dahna M.

          Kranowitz, Alan M.

          Kratovil, Jane L.

          Kremer, Cecile B.

          Krents, Harold

          Krieg, Kenneth

          Kriner, Tamara Jo

          Kruger, Robert M.

          Kruke, Kevin H.

          Kruzic, Pamela G.

          Kugath, Suzanne

          Kuhn, Dorothy W.

          Kuhn, James F.

          Kulick, Lydia

          Kuonen, Rocky

          Kupetz, Tamara

          Kupperman, Charles M.

          Kurkul, Douglas

          Kwiatt, Karen K.


          Box PE3317

          Lacy, Susan D.

          Lacy, William B.

          Ladd, Katherine D.

          Laird, Donald B.

          Lake, Michael B.

          Lakes, Joan F.

          Lamas, Karol

          Lancaster, Carol Roanne

          Lanchantin, Mary Ann

          Landen, Anabel L.

          Landers, William J.

          Lang, Elizabeth Alden

          Lankering, Jane R.

          Larkins, Robert J.

          Larsen, Samuel C.

          Larson, David L.

          Larson, Debra Ruth

          Larson, Meri C.

          LaSalle, Diane L.

          Lauffer, Susan B.

          Laupus, Jane L.

          Lavin, Ann W.

          Lavin, Franklin L.

          Law, Bobby Dale

          Law, Linda

          Lawton, Mary

          Lay, Christy J.

          Layman, Richard L.

          Lazear, James A.

          LeBlanc, Dennis E.

          LeBrun, Michelle A.

          Lecours, Michelle Elizabeth

          Ledwig, Gail W.

          Lee, David M.

          Lee, Kenneth M. H.

          Lee, Lena Faith

          Lefkovits, Betsy Lee

          Lefkowitz, Charlene

          Lehman, Linda Lou

          Leiser, Valerie

          Leitzke, Dawna Faith

          LeLond, Marc E.

          Lenderking, Susan

          Lennon, Theresa

          Leone, Mary Jane

          Levin, Mark L.

          Levy, Leah G.

          Lewis, Adair R.

          Lewis, Nancy S.

          Lewis, Patti Joann

          Lewis, Wade

          Lichte, Elizabeth J.

          Liddiard, Joanna

          Lilienthal, Brett

          Lilly, Francis X.


          Box PE3318

          Linder, Robert D.

          Linn, Martin Richard

          Liser, Orville F.

          Lisker, Deborah

          Little, Barbara

          Littlefair, Andrew J.

          Livingston, Mary Jo

          Lloyd, Kathleen

          Lobuagh, Mary E.

          Locey, Erika Lynn

          Lockard, Susan A.

          Locke, Allen William

          Loeffler, Thomas G.

          Long, Pauliann M.

          Long, Sarah M.

          Longridge, Karen Ann

          Lopez, Juan Estuardo

          Lord, Margaret P.

          Lord, N. Jeffrey

          Lorenz, Valerie M.

          Louie, Eric K.

          Love, Charles E. Jr.

          Loveday, David G.

          Loveday, Mark

          Loveday, Natalie Rose

          Lovin, Kathleen Lynn

          Lowe, Pamela J.

          Lown, Holly

          Lozano, Diane

          Ludin, Natalie S.

          Lukash, Teri

          Luque, Rosa

          Lusk, John R.

          Luther, Michael

          Luttig, J. Michael

          Lynch, Ann Marie

          Lynch, Edward A.

          Lynch, Michele Denise

          Lytle, David W.

          Lytton, William (Out Card)

          MacDonald, Donald Ian

          MacDonald, Nicole A.

          MacGinnitie, Douglas J.

          Machichan, Robert Jr.

          Machlan, Joannah H.

          Mack, Russell R. Jr.

          MacKenzie, Fiona

          Mackey, Constance G.

          Mage, John M.

          Makris, Kathleen L.

          Malarkey, Ryan

          Maldonado, Alberto

          Malone, Patricia

          Malone, Tracy Ann

          Maloney, Patrick J.

          Mamjian, Christopher

          Mann, Ronald M.

          Manning, James F. III

          Manning, Kimberly A.

          Manning, Robert L.

          Mao, Weiling

          Marchese, Lauri

          Maringo, Stephen E.

          Marion, John L. Jr.

          Marion, Kathleen C.


          Box PE3319

          Marovich, Lee Ann

          Marrin, Ellen Cooney

          Marsh, Shari E.

          Marshall, Arthur L.

          Marston, Lisa Y.

          Martin, Douglas F.

          Martin, Mary B.

          Martinez, Linda A.

          Martinez, Raymond P.

          Marx, Craig J.

          Maseng, Mari

          Mason, Alexander Morgan

          Massey, Lisa Kay

          Massion, Iris C. B.

          Mathes, Donald

          Matthews, Elaine Jeanette

          Matthews, Phyllis J.

          Matthews, William F.

          Matthias, Edna F.

          Mattis, Deborah

          Maxwell, Charles

          Maxwell, Deborah

          McAlister, Grace M. (Marti)

          McAllister, Sandra L.

          McAllister, Sanfored J.

          McCaffrey, Sheila L.

          McCain, Carol S.

          McCarrick, Christine M.

          McCarrick, John

          McCarthy, Kelly Marie

          McCaslin, Camilla

          McClintock, Meredith A.

          McClure, Gwen L.

          McCoy, Garland T. Jr.

          McCoy, Peter

          McCoy, Thomas R.

          McCullough, George D.

          McDaniel, Dayna

          McDonald, Susan A.

          McDonnell, Kerry

          McElroy, Anne Larus

          McEntee, Joan

          McEwan, Maureen

          McFarlane, Robert C.

          McGee, Jonathon

          McGeehan, Anne W.

          McGehee, Nicole

          McGovern, Susan S.

          McGowan, Fonda

          McGrath, C. Dean Jr.

          McHale, Joan F.

          McHenry, Seth

          McIlhenny, Claire B.

          McIntosh, David

          McKay, Carol

          McKee, Jean

          McKeta, Pamela

          McKiernan, Gerald J.

          McKinney, James C.

          McKnew, Janet B.

          McMahan, Rebecca Sue

          McMahon, Barbara


          Box PE3320

          McManis, Gary W.

          McManus, Michael A. Jr.

          McMinn, Janet Felton

          McMurray, Claudia

          McMurray, Maria B.

          McNamara, Aileen

          McPherson, M. Peter

          McQuown, Barbara J.

          Meadows, James

          Medas, James M.

          Medero, Joanne T.

          Medlyn, Shirley J.

          Meehan, Elizabeth

          Meeker, Jennifer

          Meeks, Ronald Lee

          Meese, Edwin III

          Meinking, Nancy L.

          Melk, L. Cecilia

          Mellinger, Lawrence P.

          Mellody, Katherine A.

          Meloch, Sally Lynn

          Meloy, Mary Ann

          Melvin, Marilee A,

          Mendes, Joshua D.

          Meng, Cameron

          Merlino, Nick

          Mertz, Mary Cole

          Metzger, Maj. Peter T.

          Metzger, Raphael

          Meyer, Timothy

          Michael, Eric

          Michaux, Mary M.

          Milbauer, Jeannie

          Militzer, Patricia

          Miller, Elizabeth

          Miller, George W.

          Miller, James

          Miller, Jeffrey R.

          Miller, Jonathan S.

          Miller, Lauren Louise

          Miller, Michael L.

          Miller, Ruby H.

          Miller, Shari L.

          Miller, Virginia A.

          Miller, W. Scott

          Millner, Frank E.

          Minshall, Dennis

          Minshew, Lisa

          [Mirabel, Beatrice]

          Mitchell, Christopher H.

          Mitchell, Laura Triplett

          Mitchell, Moses L.

          Mitchell, Nancy F.

          Mitchell, Robb

          Mitchell, Robert

          Moesta, Judith A.

          Molsen, Elizabeth

          Monk, Rose Marie

          Montieth, Jayn S.

          Montgomery, Sally B.

          Montgomery, Susan C.

          Montgomery, Warren L.

          Moody, Jane A.

          Moore, Andrew D.

          Moore, Kate L.

          Moore, Margaret T.

          Moore, Powell A.

          Moore, Shirley C.

          Moorhead, J. Upshur II

          Moran, Jan Elston

          Moran, Timothy J.

          Morano, Thomas J.

          Moreci, Joan P.

          Morgan, Bronwyn M.

          Morgan, Lynn Smallpage

          Morris, Charles M. Jr.

          Morris, Daniel W.

          Morris, Greg A.

          Morris, Jay F.

          Morris, Mary Bertina (Tina)

          Morris, Michelle S.


          Box PE3321

          Morrissette, Margaret H.

          Morrison, Michael John

          Morrison, Trudi Michelle

          Morse, Frances

          Mosbacher, Robert A. Jr.

          Moseley, G. Garrett

          Mosher, Christina J.

          Moss, Randy S.

          Moss, Richard

          Moss, Robert Allan

          Moussa, Kathryn

          Muffler, Richard T.

          Mularoni, John

          Muldoon, James P. Jr.

          Muratti, Jose A.

          Murawski, Thomas A.

          Murphy, Gerard

          Murphy, Lizabeth A.

          Murphy, Margaret M.

          Murphy, Mark

          Murphy, Patricia W.

          Murphy, Robert

          Murray, Geneva A.

          Musgrave, Carol M.

          Muskett, Judith A.

          Myer, Pamela Jo

          Myer, Allan A.

          Myers, Deborah E.

          Nakamura, Janice

          Nakasian, Suzanne S.

          Nalder, Susan

          Nance, James W.

          Nappo, Jean M.

          Neal, Rick J.

          Needham, Victoria

          Negroponte, John Dimitri

          Nelson, Gregory

          Nelson, Kathryn

          Nerangis, Lisa L.

          Nesbit, Robert Wilson

          Neuman, A. Mark

          Neuman, David A.

          Newcombe, Corinne

          Newell, Gregory J.

          Nicolaides, Philip

          Nicole, Olga

          Nicolls, Anne S.

          Nicholson, Ann E.

          Niedernhofer, Gail D.

          Nields, Benjamin

          Nimmo, Robert P.

          Nipon, Barbara

          Nofziger, Franklyn C.

          Nolan, Cheryl C.

          Nolan, David B.

          Nolte, C. Lynn

          Noonan, Margaret

          Nowakowski, Gregory

          Nunn, Evan G.

          Nyheim, Charlotte A.

          O’Brien, Kimberly Ann

          O’Donnell, Claire M.

          O’Hara, James Marc

          O’Lare, Roberta P.

          O’Neill, Hugh L.

          O’Neill, Paul R.

          Odeen, Karla Ann

          Oglesbgy, Marion B. Jr.

          Oglesbgy, Mehla

          Ohland, Leslie W.

          Okamura, Ivy Doris

          Olcott, Mary Sue

          Oldham, Jennifer

          Oliver, Anna Louise

          Oliver, Louise Anne

          Oliver, Terry L.


          Box PE3322

          Olmsted, Michael Crockett

          Olsen, Antoinette

          Olson, Deborah

          Olson, Michelle L.

          Ortiz, Maria T.

          Osborne, Kathleen

          Ossman, Albert J. Jr.

          Oster, Kimberly J.

          Overy, Richard

          Owen, Deborah K.

          Padgett, Lisa

          Page, Paul

          Painter, Denise Ann

          Paisley-Jones, Heather Anne

          Pales, David J. R.

          Palme, Kimberly

          Palmer, Nancy A.

          Pankopf, Nicole

          Pappajohn, Paul

          Parham, Laura C.

          Parke, Kathleen H.

          Parker, Ashley

          Parker, Barbara D.

          Parker, Harriet B.

          Parker, Pamela R.

          Parks, Suzanne I.

          Parness, Jeffrey

          Parson, Martika

          Parvin, C. Landon

          Pascale, Gwendolyn S.

          Paschall, Eliza K.

          Pashayan, Sallie Christian

          Passalacqua, Toni Marie

          Patrick, Carol A.

          Patrick, Dennis R.

          Patrone, Audrey

          Pattersen, Karen E.

          Pauken, Thomas W.

          Pavlich, Barbara

          Paylan, Elise M.

          Payne, Kenneth R.

          Peachee, Judy F.

          Peck, Ralph R.

          Pellegrin, Amy

          Pelosi, Felice M.

          Penniman, Elizabeth A.

          Pennington, Pamela A.

          Pensec, John

          Perlman, Catherine

          Perot, Nancy E.

          Perreault, Linda M.

          Perry, Sandra J.

          Perryman, Linda

          Peters, Elizabeth

          Peterson, Dianne

          Peterson, Eileen D.

          Pernice, Thomas J.

          Peschong, John A.

          Petroskey, Dale A.


          Box PE3323

          Petsinger, Wendi L.

          Pettipas, Arthur J.

          Pewett, Patricia A.

          Pfeifer, Mark C.

          Phelps, Harold E. III

          Philbin, Elizabeth

          Philippon, Daniel L.

          Phillips, Jenny N.

          Phillips, Susan A.

          Pickens, Elizabeth

          Piedra, Edith Martinez

          Pierce, Leigh

          Pierce, Nelson C. Jr.

          Pierce, Peter W.

          Pipkin, A. M. Scott

          Pinkerton, James P.

          Pitchess, Peter J.

          Pitts, Karen Maureen

          Pitman, Amanda

          Pizzella, Patrick

          Plowman, Mary

          Podhoretz, John M.

          Poe, Eugene M.

          Poindexter, John M.

          Pollack, Elaine R.

          Pond, Judith Ann

          Ponder, Cynthia J.

          Ponticelli, Charlotte M.

          Poole, William T.

          Poon, Denise

          Porcelli, Stephen E.

          Poretz, Jeffrey

          Potemra, Michael J.

          Potter, Nancy E.

          Potvin, Lisa G.

          Powell, Cynthia

          Powell, Colin L.

          Powell, Edward Jr.

          Power, Mary R.

          Powers, Diane W.

          Powers, Edna

          Prendergast, Richard H.

          Price, Maryanne

          Price, Wendy Ann

          Primbs, George Bernard

          Prince, Stephanie

          Prine, Annmarie

          Probst, Sheila

          Proctor, Elizabeth

          Procunier, Florence M.

          Prosperi, David P.

          Pruter, Gwen L.

          Psalmonds, Michael W.

          Pyle, Daniel

          Quinn, Arthur

          Quinn, Cameron P.

          Quint, Mary Elizabeth

          Rairdin, Karen Kae

          Ramirez, Henry

          Randolph, R. Sean

          Range, Allison

          Range, Rebecca G.

          Rao, Julie

          Ratcliff, David

          Ratti, Edward C.

          Rau, Stacy Lynn

          Raul, Alan Charles

          Reamer, James B.

          Redington, Mary E.

          Reed, Jeannie H.

          Regan, Donald T.

          Regan, Kathie

          Reid, Kathleen A.

          Reid, Margaret


          Box PE3324

          Reilly, Katherine G.

          Reilly, Robert R.

          Reimers, John Nelson

          Reinkemeyer, Missi

          Reno, Patricia L.

          Respess, Suzanne (Mary)

          Reisner, Robert

          Rexrode, Kathleen E.

          Rheams, Jacqueline

          Rhemann, Maureen M.

          Rhoden, Caroline

          Rhoades, Marc C.

          Rhodes, J. Steven

          Ricardel, Vincent Jonathan

          Rice, Catherine O’Connor

          Rich, Bethany

          Richard, Susan Mathis

          Richardson, Anne B.

          Richardson, John N. Jr.

          Richardson, Lynn Ann

          Richey, Erin

          Richner, Andrew

          Richter, Betty A.

          Rickett, Nikki

          Ricks, Lloyd Rand

          Ridgeway, Daisy

          Ridgeway, Nancy

          Riggle, Gordon

          Riggs, Douglas A.

          Riley, Patrick G.

          Riley, Richard P.

          Rinta, Ann S.

          Risque, Nancy J.

          Ritchie, Dianna L.

          Rizzuto, Christopher A.

          Robbins, Mark A.

          Roberson, Karen Leigh

          Roberts, A. Wayne

          Roberts, Elizabeth

          Roberts, John B. II

          Roberts, John G. Jr.

          Roberts, John Walker

          Roberts, Karen J.

          Roberts, Nancy E.

          Roberts, Thomas M.

          Robertson, James E.

          Robinson, Donna

          Robinson, Nancy Lee

          Robinson, Nicholas

          Robinson, Patricia A.

          Robinson, Peter M.

          Robison, W. Churchill

          Rockey, Terry J.

          Rodgers, Donald F.

          Rodgers, Patricia A. E.

          Rodota, Joseph D. Jr.

          Rodway, Allan

          Roedling, Alexander

          Rogers, James R.

          Rogers, John F. W.


          Box PE3325

          Rohrabacher, Dana

          Rojas, Gloria Elena

          Rollins, Edward J.

          Rolwes, Edward J.

          Romaniak, Douglas D.

          Roper, Diana

          Rose, Dorothy

          Rose, Gideon Gregory

          Rose, Mary M.

          Rosebush, James S.

          Rosen, Kevin

          Rosen, Marc Seldin

          Rosenbaum, Andrew

          Rosenberger, Eric H.

          Rosenberger, Teresa

          Rosenthal, Stuart

          Ross, Mary Cade

          Ross, Peter Douglas

          Ross, Rodney A.

          Rossi, Michelle

          Rotchford, Charles F.

          Roush, Annette

          Roussel, Peter H.

          Rousselot, John H.

          Rowan, Beth

          Rowan, John

          Rowe, David C.

          Rowe, Priscilla J.

          Rowland, Aliece M. (Liecie)

          Royal, Debra

          Royals, Thomas F.

          Ruge, Daniel A.

          Rundell, Debra L.

          Rushing, Delynn

          Rushton, Kevin F.

          Russell, Kimberly Ann

          Russo, Jean

          Russo, Paul A.

          Rusthoven, Peter J.

          Ryan, Frederick J. Jr.

          Ryan, Joseph A.

          Ryan, Joseph F.

          Ryan, Marion S.

          Ryan, T. Timothy Jr.

          Sable, Ronald K.

          Sadleir, William K.

          Salem, David A.

          Salgado, Joseph

          Salmon, Sara

          Salter, Donna M.

          Samuels, Diane

          Sanchez-Corea, Lisa L.

          Sanderson, Mia B.

          Sandie, Martha Kimberly

          Sapp, Marlene

          Sargeant, Anne Elise

          Sartorius, Charles B.

          Saunders, Fleming

          Saunders, Rachel J.

          Savage, Rodney

          Savoy, Mary Phyllis

          Sayet, Leslie Adam

          Scanlon, Sarah

          Scarbrough, Shelby J.

          Schaben, Elizabeth

          Schabow, Carole Elizabeth

          Schaefer, Charles James

          Scheyer, Marlowe Lynne

          Schiavone, Christopher

          Schine, F. Berndt

          Schmidt, John

          Schmidt, Robert T.

          Schmidt, William R.

          Schmitt, Violet C.


          Box PE3326

          Schneider, Melinda L.

          Schnepper, Mary M.

          Schnurmacher, Anne

          Schroeder, Gwendolyn L.

          Schrote, John E.

          Schuettinger, Robert L.

          Schuldt, Laura D.

          Schumacher, Henry J.

          Schumacher, Karl H.

          Schumann, Lawrence

          Schuster, Gary

          Schwaderer, Julia

          Schwartz, Mark

          Schwarz, Joseph D.

          Sclichter, Anne M.

          Scott, Debra D.

          Scott, Tracy Anne

          Scott-Finan, Nancy Isabella

          Scouten, Rex W.

          Scruggs, John F.

          Seawright, Katherine

          Sedonic, Barbara A.

          Seitz, Gretchen

          Selb, Betty Jane

          Seldin, Marc

          Semerad, Kate

          Septoff, Steven M.

          Sferrazza, Carl

          Shackleford, Catherine B.

          Shadden, Laura A.

          Shaddix, Billie B.

          Shaddix, Lucy

          Shafer, Sara L.

          Shaffer, Sharon

          Shah, Chandra

          Shanahan, Gay W.

          Sharp, J. Carlton

          Sharp, Shelley H.

          Sharpe, Paul M.

          Sharpe, Sandra G.

          Sharrock, Clifford J.

          Shaw, John A.

          Shaw, Sharon

          Shea, Mary Hayes

          Shean, Suzanne

          Sheffer, Kenneth E. Jr.

          Shelby, Richard D.

          Sheldon, Vicky M.

          Shelton, Mary Jo

          Shepard, Karen May

          Shepherd, J. Michael

          Shepherd, Katherine C.

          Sherrill, Leslee P.

          Sherwood, Susan H.

          Shewalter, Bruce C.

          Shields, Christopher

          Shill, Sarah Helen

          Shonerd, Terri F.

          Short, Maureen Ann

          Short, Virginia E.

          Shortley, Mary (Maiselle) D.

          Shosky, John

          Shoupe, Lisa

          Shull, Thomas C.

          Shuster, Virginia

          Sidey, Sandra L.

          Silverberg, Katherine

          Silverman, Tina S.

          Simmons, Paul B.

          Simms, Jennifer

          Simon, Elizabeth

          Simonik, Bernice E.

          Simons, Alexandra

          Simpson, Jane H.

          Simpson, Jane L.

          Sims, Jennifer

          Sims, Patricia J.

          Sims, Robert B.

          Sims, Susan

          Sinclair, Kelly Keith

          Singley, Elizabeth M.


          Box PE3327

          Sittman, William F.

          Sizemore, Tommy Lee

          Skidmore, Marylou P.

          Skillings, Jane P.

          Skinner, Veronica M.

          Skolnick, D. Lynn

          Slay, Shara

          Slipek, Margaret D.

          Slipek, Thomas J.

          Slye, Susan S.

          Small, Karna

          Smith, Barbara Elliot

          Smith, Barbara Jean

          Smith, Brian

          Smith, Christopher S.

          Smith, Claudette P.

          Smith, Dee Ann

          Smith, Janet L. Hanson

          Smith, Janis

          Smith, Kathleen

          Smith, Mara

          Smith, Michael A.

          Smith, Ramona B.

          Smith, Shannon

          Smith, Susan [C.]

          Smith, Susan [K.]

          Smith, T. Burton

          Smith, Todd J.

          Smoley, Lisa D.

          Snodgrass, Fan C.

          Snyder, Nona Michelle

          Soapes, Emily W.

          Soave, Antonio

          Sobel, Lilyan

          Soleiman, Rania

          Solon, Carol

          Solon, Rita

          Sorg, Leslie M.

          Soubers, Richard R.

          South, Karen J.

          Souza, Peter Joseph

          Sowry, Scott Jordan

          Spaeth, Merrie

          Spain, Courtney

          Spalding, Matthew

          Spangler, Judith Ann

          Spartin, William A.

          Speakes, B. Scott

          Speakes, Larry M.

          Speirs, Andrea G.

          Spencer, Karen L.

          Spencer, Susan L.

          Spiliotis, Lorraine W.

          Spitzer, Kathleen

          Stacey, Eve

          Stafford, Eric Von

          Stafford, Russell Dean

          Stahlfeld, Eric Rolf

          Stahr, Karen

          Stanley, Mitchell F.

          Stanley, Ralph L.

          Staudinger, George F.

          St. Cyr, Marilyn J.

          Steelman, Deborah L.

          Steeves, Robert F.

          Steffes, Diane

          Stein, Jacob

          Stein, Robert M.

          Steiner, Fay A.

          Steinke, Darcey P.

          Steorts, Nancy

          Stephens, James C.

          Stephens, Jay B.

          Stephens, William D.


          Box PE3328

          Stephenson, George

          Sterling, Ellen P. (Penny)

          Stern, Randall

          Stevens, Pamela R.

          Stevens, Paul S.

          Stevenson, Jocelyn

          Stewart, Holly

          Stoltenberg, Lisa

          Stone, Jay C.

          Stone, Tracy O.

          Storer, Tracy Cecilia

          Stribling, Ken

          Strong, Elizabeth A.

          Stross, Pamela A.

          Strother, Candace

          Stroud, Beverly

          Strudwick, Shelby T.

          Stutts, Barbara A.

          Sullivan, Amy

          Sullivan, Angela M.

          Sullivan, Dan E.

          Sullivan, Mark

          Summerall, Susan L.

          Sumner, L. Cartan

          Sundseth, Carolyn B.

          Sundseth, Christopher C.

          Surface, David

          Sussman, Bernard J.

          Sutherland, Scott

          Sutton, Com. William G.

          Svahn, John A.

          Swain, Carol

          Swanson, David L.

          Swanson, E. Jane

          Swanson, Judith A.

          Swanson, Susan

          Sweeney, Bernard M.

          Swoverland, Tyler C.

          Sykes, Evelyn

          Symonds, Karen E.

          Taggart, Kevin

          Taggart, Lura K.

          Taggart, Sarah

          Talaat, Suzie

          Talenti, Pier F. - Volunteer

          Tapscott, Marilyn A.

          Taranto, Donna

          Tate, Sheila B.

          Taussig, Florence C.

          Taylor, Jack E.

          Teasley, Kevin D.

          Teff, Kathleen Anne

          Temple, Brian

          Tenent, Amy E.

          Terry, W. Grey

          Tharp, Lisa C.

          Tharp, Thomas A. D.

          Theissen, Marc

          Thessen, Marie E.

          Thimmesch, Nicholas II

          Thomann, Joyce

          Thomas, Edwin W. Jr.

          Thomas, HiLaire

          Thomas, Virginia

          Thomas, W. Dennis

          Thompson, Carolyn N.

          Thompson, Christopher

          Thompson, Duane

          Thompson, Jonathan

          Thompson, Loren

          Thompson, Pamela

          Thompson, Robert J.

          Thompson, Stephen A.

          Thomson, Lynn Harding

          Thoren, Tom R.

          Tieger, Carolyn C.

          Tiemann, Stephen

          Tiernan, Richard U. Jr.

          Tiller, John


          Box PE3329

          Timmons, Kimberly A.

          Timpson, Joseph F.

          Tinman, Julie A.

          Tipton, Beverly Y.

          Tisdale, Kim T.

          Titus, Troy A.

          Tobin, James M.

          Tobin, Loesje E.

          Todd, Ann R.

          Tognalli, Michael O.

          Tolbert, Frank C.

          Toler, Wendy Weber

          Tomassian, Gerald Marcel

          Tomkins, Frank W. Jr.

          Topping, John C. Jr.

          Toro, Judy J. Salgado

          Torres, Robert

          Totton, Karen

          Tracy, Alan T.

          Trafton, Kay Ford

          Traweek, Jean B.

          Tresek, William

          Trimm, Amy

          Triplett, William K.

          Troxler, Lee W.

          Trujillo, Margaret

          Tuck, John C.

          Tucker, William