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The Office of Presidential Advance provided planning and support for all presidential travel and many of the local Washington, DC events involving the President.  As a result, the actual “work” of the office quite frequently took place outside the confines of the White House.  Directors of the office, Steven Studdert, William Henkel, and James Hooley spent a considerable time in the field, particularly in support of international travel.


Activities within this office were centered round the “trip desk,” which was the coordinating point for trips and events, as well as other activities such as site surveys conducted independently of specific trips. Records related to each trip/event were gathered during and after the activity and filed at the trip desk. This system allowed for the organization and documentation of the work of the numerous “advance” volunteers used by this office. The files for local events and domestic travel were interfiled in chronological order.  In general, international trips, generating significantly larger sets of records, were separated. The trip desk provided a method to accumulate all related material.


The trip desk generated books for use by trip participants.  These trip books contain hour-by-hour schedules, travel details, scheduled events, participant lists, and background information. Some of the activities related to a particular trip could include: a site survey done prior to this trip, a pre-advance trip for establishing plans, the actual trip including departure and return, and in some cases, additional pre-advance trips, termed special missions, to deal with specific issues regarding pending meetings.  These special missions were most often done for US/Soviet Union Summits.


The office has been arranged in 9 series:

Series I: Administration

Series II: Events

Series III: Domestic Trips

Series IV: Summits of Industrialized Nations

Series V: US/Soviet Union Summits

Series VI: International Trips

Series VII: Cancelled Events and Trips

Series VIII:  Site Surveys

Series IX: Santa Barbara Trip Desk


SERIES I:  ADMINISTRATION (6.7 l.ft., 19 boxes)


The material in this series reflects support activities for the office both in the field and at the White House.  The material is divided into seven subseries as follows:

Subseries A: Correspondence and General Administration.  This subseries contains chronological files for the office, general correspondence, parking assignments and White House passes, car rental and hotel invoices, word processing disks and documentation, facilities use, and the Advance Office Seminar material.  It is loosely arranged in chronological order.

Subseries B: Financial. This subseries contains budget and travel expense information. It is arranged in chronological order.

Subseries C: Travel Authorizations.  This subseries contains travel authorizations for Advance staff members for the period October 1982-1988.  It is arranged chronologically.

Subseries D: Personnel.  This subseries contains personnel assignment sheets, experience records, general personnel files, candidate files, resume files and two set of individual personnel folders.  It is arranged in alphabetical order.

Subseries E: Photos. This subseries contains photo requests, photo lab order and some photographs.  The actual photographs were transferred to audio-visual for storage. The material is arranged in an alphabetical/chronological order.

Subseries F: Forms and Signs. This subseries contains copies of all the forms and signs used by the Advance Office in the field.

Subseries G: Specimen Trip Cover Binders.  This subseries contains samples of the bound covers used for trip books for various international trips.


SERIES II:  EVENTS, 1981-1989 (28 l.ft.; 23 boxes)


The records in this series reflect the documentation gathered for the trip desk for activities taking place in the greater Washington, DC area involving the President.  These include White House events, such as the Rose Garden, East Room, etc.  White House international trip departure and return ceremonies are not included here, these are filed with the specific international trip.  There are some exceptions to this filing system.  The visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to the United States in February-March 1983, also included a trip to the West Coast by the Reagans to host the British royals at the Reagan ranch.  That material is included here. However, material regarding the visit of the Chinese premier in January 1984 is filed with the international trip to China later in 1984.  The material is in chronological order.


SERIES III:  DOMESTIC TRIPS, 1981-1989 (40 l.ft., 35 boxes)


The records in this series reflect the documentation gathered for the trip desk for all presidential travel outside the Washington, DC area within the United States. Included in this series are three trips to Mexican border cities: Tijuana (October 1982), La Paz (August 1983), and Mexicali (December 1985).  All three of these trips were a part of more extensive domestic U.S. trip by the President.  The material is in chronological order.




 (13 l.ft., 11 boxes)


The records in this series reflect the documentation gathered by the trip desk for all trip planning and travel to and from the G-7 economic summits, properly known as the Summits of Industrialized Nations. During the 1980s only seven countries were part of this group.  The summits were held annually and rotated to a different country each time the event was convened. For the Reagan administration, the summits were held as follows: 1981 – Ottawa, Canada; 1982 – Versailles, France; 1983 – Williamsburg, VA; 1984 – London, England; 1985 – Bonn, West Germany; 1986 – Tokyo, Japan; 1987 – Venice, Italy; and 1988 – Toronto, Canada. We have included in this series all documentation of the side trips occurring both before and after the summits.  Most famously this includes the 1984 trips to the Reagan “roots” in Ireland, and the trip to Normandy for the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of D-Day. Reagan addressed the European Parliament in 1985 and in 1987 made the “Tear down this wall” speech as a side trip to Berlin from the Venice Summit. The material is arranged chronologically.


SERIES V:  U.S./SOVIET SUMMITS, 1985-1988 (6.3 l.ft., 5 boxes)


The records in this series reflect the documentation gathered by the trip desk for all travel to and from the summits between President Reagan and General Secretary of the U.S.S.R., Mikail Gorbachev.  Material also reflects pre-advance arrangements on choosing a meeting place, setting up accommodations for parties and social arrangements for the meetings.  For additional material on the planning for these meetings, please see the James Hooley collection. There were four formal meetings of Reagan and Gorbachev during the Reagan administration held in: Geneva, Switzerland, November 1985, Reykjavik, Iceland, October 1986; Washington, D.C, December 1987, and Moscow, Russia, May 1988-June 1988. This material is arranged chronologically by meeting.


SERIES VI:  INTERNATIONAL TRIPS, 1981-1988 (17.5 l.ft., 14 boxes)


The records in this series reflect the documentation gathered by the trip desk for all presidential trip planning and travel to and from international destinations not associated with US/Soviet Summits or G-7 Summits.  The material is arranged chronologically.


SERIES VII:  CANCELLED EVENTS/TRIPS, 1982-1988 (1 l.ft., 1 box)


The records in this series reflect documentation for the planning and travel of presidential events/trips which were later cancelled.  The material is arranged chronologically.


SERIES VIII:  SITE SURVEYS, 1982-1989 (2.5 l.ft., 2 boxes)


The records in this series reflect documentation of trips made by the Advance Office staff to various locations to establish the suitability of a particular area or site for a presidential event. Staff surveyed various locations and established local contacts for future use in case of a scheduled presidential event.  The material is arranged alphabetically by state.


SERIES IX: SANTA BARBARA TRIP DESK, 1981-1988 (2.5 l.ft., 2 boxes)


The records in this series reflect documentation for planning and presidential trips to and from the President’s ranch in Santa Ynez, California and trips and events occurring while the President was at his ranch.  Given the extended time President Reagan spent at his ranch during his presidency, it was more efficient to maintain a separate trip desk in Santa Barbara for these times. The material is arranged chronologically.


The Advance Office had their own copies of photograph contact sheets for trips and events by the President.  This material was housed in 18 Oversize Attachments: OAs 10717, 10768, 10969, 11176-11178, 12800-12803, 13321-13323, and 15496-15498.  The photographs were dated from 1983-1986. These contact sheets were transferred to the Audio-Visual archives and are no longer considered a part of this collection.  The Audio-Visual Archivist transferred selected Advance Office contact sheets to the master set of contact sheets. The remaining Advance Office photo contact sheets constitute another duplicate set of White House photograph contact sheets.






          Subseries A: Correspondence and General Administration

          OA 10779

          Hooley Memos

          Conway, Chron File

          Chron File - Maralyn Elmore

          Memos and Correspondence - O’Neill (Notebook)

          [Correspondence - Leonard Cherson]

[Correspondence - Grier Ballantine, 1983-1984]

          [Correspondence 1984-1986]

          [Correspondence - 1988]


          Master Copies - Administrative Memos

          Volunteer Memo

          Grey Terry [Administrative Contact Material] (Notebook)

          Equipment and Privilege Requests

          [Facilities Expenditures, January-July 1983]


          [Phone Lists]

          Rolodex Master List


          59-Month Economic Recovery Proposals Fall 1987 [I]

          59-Month Economic Recovery Proposals Fall 1987 [II]

          59 Month Events

          Minority Business - 10/23/1987, Friday

          [Presidential Schedule 01/24/1981-02/24/1981] (Notebook)

          [Presidential Schedule 02/26/1981-03/20/1981] (Notebook)

          Personal Schedule 1983


          Car Rentals


          OA 11359

          National Hotel Information

          1988 Christmas Card Lists

          Administrative Equipment Support

          WHCA Equipment for Inaugural

          Facility Forms

          Copier Procedures

          [Administrative Procedures] (Notebook)

          [FAX Instructions]

          [Narrative Handling Procedure]

          PROFS Manual (Notebook)

          [Directions for Rolodex Use with Displaywriter]

          [Advance Seminar Material]

          Presidential Advance Seminar

          Presidential Advance Seminar 09/20/1985-09/22/1985 (1)-(13)

          Advance Seminar [Handbook Cover Master]

          Reagan-Bush Anniversary Directory, December 1985

          Travel Arrangements [September-November 1984] (Notebook)

          Tami Kriner

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Combined Federal Campaign 1988

          Campaign 1988 and GBFP(George Bush for President)

          Central Files Inventory I

          Central Files Inventory II

          Central Files Printout

          Advance Operations Manual (Master) (1)-(7)

          Advance Team Operating Manual and Miscellaneous (1)-(5)

          Manual Advance

          [President's Schedule Manual] (Notebook)

          White House Office Staff Manual, 1988 (Notebook)

          Phone Book 1988 [Executive Office of the President]

          26 Displaywriter Disks (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation - See Transfer Sheet for Titles)

          Displaywriter 4 5 1/4" System Disks and Documentation (See Archival Staff)

          16 5 1/4" Floppy Disks (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation - See Transfer Sheet for Titles)

          4 5 1/4" Floppy Disks  (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation - See Transfer Sheet for Titles)

          38 Wang Diskettes (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation - The Library is unable to print these disks at this time)

          67 Displaywriter Disks (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)

          [Diskette Contents - ADVANC 07/06/1988]

          [Diskette Contents - SJS8]

          Beta Casette - "Hands Across America" Performed by Voices of America 5:17 (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)

          VHS Casette "Face to Face" (Concerns Soviet/American Relations) (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)

          VHS Casette "Going South" with Jack Nickolson (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)

          VHS Tape "The Jacksonville Story" VHS Master 1987-1988" (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)

          21 Wang Diskettes (Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation - See transfer sheet for list of titles)

          5 "Quiet Down Brand B" Diskettes (Appear to be Wang Software - Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation)

          1 BASF Brand 8" Diskette (Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation)

          1984 Olympics "Thanks" Plaque



          Subseries B: Financial

          OA 11360

          [Budget - FY 1983] (Notebook)

          [Budget Memos FY 1983] (1)-(3)

[Budget Memos FY 1984]

          Budget Memos FY 1985

          [Budget Memos July 1985-June 1986

          Budget Letters 1987

          Budget Letters 1988

          Finance File

          Bill Henkel's Expenses (Notebook)

          [Travel Expense FY 1981]

          [Travel Expense Vouchers and Budget for 1st Quarter, FY 1983] (Notebook)

          [Travel Expense Checks and Vouchers, February 1983-February 1984] (1)(2)

          [Travel Reimbursement Requests, January 1983-April 1984] (1)-(5)

          [Outstanding Travel Advances, April-May 1984]

          Paid Expense Vouchers July 1984- [Bakaly-Hatfield] (Notebook)

          [Paid Expense Vouchers July 1984- Henkel-Terry] (Notebook)


          OA 11361

          Volunteer Advance Expenses August 1984-January 1985 A-L (Notebook)

          Volunteer Advance Expenses August 1984-January 1985 M-Z (Notebook)

          [Expense Vouchers 1985 A-G] (Notebook)

          [Expense Vouchers 1985 H-O] (Notebook)

          [Expense Vouchers 1985 P-Z] (Notebook)


          OA 11362

          [3" x 5" Expense Check Cards (by Place Name)]

          State Department Expenses (Notebook)

          [Travel Expense FY 1986 - I]

          [Travel Expense FY 1986 - II]



          Subseries C: Travel Authorizations

          OA 11362 (Continued)

          10/08/1982-09/26/1983 [Travel Authorizations] (Notebook)

          10/07/1983-04/19/1984 [Travel Authorizations] (Notebook)

          05/29/1984-09/05/1984 [Travel Authorizations] (Notebook)

          09/01/1984-12/31/1984 Travel Authorizations [06/28/21985] (Notebook)


          OA 11363

          08/01/1985-05/08/1986 White House Travel Authorizations (Notebook)

          06/05/1986 Pre-Advance with the French, Liberty Weekend 07/04/1986

          06/16/1986 Pre-Advance Kennedy

          06/17/1986-06/25/1986 Las Vegas

          06/19/1986 Glassboro, NJ

          06/24/1986-06/30/1986 Santa Barbara, CA

          07/03/1986-07/05/1986 Liberty Weekend, Harbor Team

          07/03/1986-07/05/1986 Pre-Advance for USS Iowa and Kennedy, Liberty Weekend

          07/10/1986 Dothan, AL

          07/16/1986 Miami, FL, Columbia, SC Pre-Advance

          07/23/1986-07/24/1986 Miami, FL

          07/23/1986 Dallas, TX

          07/24/1986 Columbia, SC

          08/04/1986 Springfield, IL Pre-Advance

          08/12/1986 Springfield, IL

          08/12/1986 Chicago, IL

          08/16/1986-09/07/1986 Santa Barbara, CA, Part  I

          08/16/1986-09/08/1986 Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, CA

          08/26/1986-08/29/1986 Los Angeles, CA, Part  I

          08/31/1986-09/08/1986 Los Angeles, CA, Part II

          09/08/1986 Denver, CO

          09/18/1986 Montgomery, AL

          09/18/1986 New Orleans, LA

          09/22/1986 NY, NY United Nations General Assembly

          09/24/1986 Detroit, MI

          09/24/1986 Omaha, NB

          09/26/1986 NSA (National Security Agency, Fort Meade)

          09/29/1986 Kansas City, MO

          09/29/1986 Sioux Falls, SD

          10/01/1986 Atlanta, GA

          10/02/1986-10/13/1986 Iceland

          10/08/1986 Atlanta, GA Political

          10/08/1986 Raleigh, NC

          10/15/1986 Baltimore, MD

          10/17/1986 Grand Forks, ND

          10/20/1986-10/29/1986 Columbus, GA

          10/21/1986-10/29/1986 Birmingham, AL

          10/21/1986-10/30/1986 Evansville, IN

          10/21/1986-10/30/1986 Colorado Springs, CO

          10/23/1986-10/30/1986 Rapid City, SD

          10/23/1986 Milwaukee, WI

          10/23/1986 Springfield, MO

          10/23/1986-10/24/1986 Oklahoma City, OK

          10/23/1986-11/01/1986 Spokane, WA

          10/24/1986 Tampa, FL

          10/28/1986 Charlotte, NC

          10/28/1986-11/04/1986 Santa Barbara, CA

          10/28/1986-11/04/1986 Los Angeles, CA, 1

          10/29/1986-11/04/1986Andrew and T.C.' s (Evansville to LA)

          10/30/1986 Reno, NV

          10/31/1986 Twin Falls, ID

          10/31/1986-11/04/1986 Las Vegas, NV

          11/26/1986-11/30/1986 Thanksgiving [Santa Barbara]

          12/23/1986-01/04/1987 Christmas [Los Angeles - Palm Springs]

          03/27/1987 Columbia, MO

          04/01/1987 Philadelphia, PA

          04/05/1987 Canada

          04/09/1987 Purdue, IN

          04/12/1987 Los Angeles, CA

          04/12/1987-04/20/1987 Santa Barbara, CA

          05/03/1987 Ellis Island, NY

          05/06/1987 York, PA

          05/09/1987 Long Island, NY

          05/10/1987 Tuskegee, AL

          05/10//1985 Fayetteville, NC

          05/12/1987 Chattanooga, TN

          05/23/1987 Mayport, FL

          06/03/1987-06/12/1987 Europe Summit:  Europe Pre-Advance

          06/03/1987-06/12/1987 Europe Summit:  Venice

          06/03/1987-06/12/1987 Europe Summit:  Bonn

          06/03/1987-06/12/1987 Europe Summit:  Rome

          06/03/1987-06/12/1987 Europe Summit:  West Berlin

          06/22/1987 Melbourne, FL

          07/08/1987 New Britain, CT

          07/13/1987 Indianapolis, IN

          07/27/1987 Milwaukee, WS

          08/09/1987 Topeka-Santa Barbara

          08/13/1987 North Platte, NB

          09/10/1987 Miami, FL

          09/17/1987 Philadelphia, PA

          09/21/1987 United Nations General Assembly

          10/13/1987 Somerset, NJ

          10/28/1987 West Point, NY

          10/30/1987 Phoenix, AZ

          11/24/1987 Denver, CO

          Thanksgiving 1987 California (Santa Barbara/LA)

          December 1987 California,

          12/01/1987 Jacksonville, FL

          12/15/1987 Toronto Survey

          01/11/1988 Cleveland, OH

          01/13/1988-01/15/1988 Mexico Survey

          February 1988 California

          02/02/1988-02/04/1988 Brussels Survey

          02/08/1988 Durham

          02/12/1988-02/13/1988 Mexico

          02/24/1988-02/25/1988 Toronto Survey

          03/01/1988-03/03/1988 Brussels

          03/04/1988-03/13/1988 and 03/26/1988 Moscow Mission

          03/19/1988 South Bend, IN

          03/28/1988Richmond, VA

          04/01/1988-04/10/1988 Santa Barbara

          04/04/1988 Coto de Casa

          04/07/1988-04/16/1988 Moscow:  Pre-Advance

          04/14/1988 West Springfield, MA

          05/04/1988 Chicago, IL

          05/06/1988 Charlottesville, Virginia

          05/08/1988-06/02/1988 Moscow, USSR

          05/09/1988-05/14/1988 Helsinki, Finland

          05/09/1988-06/02/1988 Pre-Advance for Helsinki / London

          05/17/1988 New London, Connecticut

          05/20/1988-06/03/1988 London, England

          06/17/1988 Canada

          06/22/1988 Miami, FL

          06/29/1988 Miami, FL

          07/08/88 Cincinnati, OH

          07/14/1988 Davenport, IA and Marion, IL

          07/17/1988-07/24/1988 Santa Barbara

          August 1988 Santa Barbara

          August 1988 New Orleans, LA

          08/16/1988 Orange County, CA

          08/17/1988-08/28/1988 Los Angeles, CA

          09/06/1988 Louisville, KY (08/30/1988-09/07/1988)

          09/06/1988 Hastings, NE - 08/30/1988-09/07/1988

          09/14/1988 St. Louis/Cape Girardeau - 09/07/1988-09/15/1988 Pre-Advance


          OA 12798

09/22/1988-09/23/1988 Texas, Waco and Houston; Florida, Boca Raton - 09/14/1988-09/24/1988 Pre-Advance

          09/261988-09/27/1988 New York, NY - 09/18/1988-09/28/1988 Pre-Advance

          09/30/88 Chicago, IL - 09/20/1988-09/30/1988 Pre-Advance

          10/07/1988Detroit - 09/30/1988-10/08/1988 Pre-Advance

          10/10/1988 Las Vegas

          10/12/1988 New Jersey

          10/12/1988 Philadelphia

          10/19/1988 Ohio

          10/21/1988 Kentucky/North Carolina

          10/26/1988 Baltimore

          10/27/1988 Springfield, MO/Little Rock, AR/San Diego, CA

          10/27/1988 Berea, OH

          10/30/1988 Los Angeles

          10/31/1988-11/08/1988 Chicago/New Jersey/Michigan/Dallas

          11/01/1988-11/02/1988 Orange County/San Bernardino, CA/Reno, NV/Milwaukee, WS

          11/07/1988 Long Beach, CA and San Diego, CA

          11/14/1988-11/22/1988 California

          12/07/1988 New York

          12/08/1988-12/16/1988 Charlottesville

          Christmas 1988 California

          01/13/1989 New York

          09/07/1986-12/31/1986 Site Surveys

          December 1986-October 1988 Site Surveys

          12/01/1986-03/13/1987 Survey Missions

          May 1987-November 1988 Rick Ahearn Travel

          Various Forms with No Time to File [1988]



          Subseries D: Personnel

          OA 12798 (Continued)

          Administrative Assistants

          Past Assignment Sheets 1983-1984

          [Staff Assignments, May 1986-January 1989] (Notebook)

          Staff Assignments, 1987-1988 (Notebook)

          January 1989 / Presidential Advance Staff

          Comp Leave

          Education Information (Miscellaneous)

          [Event Participation Tally Cards - Log Dates, A-F]

          [Event Participation Tally Cards - G-O]

          [Event Participation Tally Cards - P-Z]


          OA 12799

          [Experience Listing - 1984]

          Intern Duties

          Sample Intern Letters


          Europe Passports Information

          Passport Information

          Personnel Forms

          [Staff Personal Information and Form Letters] (Notebook)

          Advance Personnel Stats

          [Presidential Staff Pin Cards]

          Staff PIN Forms

          Pins, Radios, etc.

          Rolodex and Matrix

          Security Checks

          Time Cards

          Advance Workers Candidates - Alphabetic Listing

          Advance Workers Candidates - State Listing

          Advance Workers Candidates - A-B

          Advance Workers Candidates - C-D

          Advance Workers Candidates - E-F

          Advance Workers Candidates - G-H

          Advance Workers Candidates - I-L

          Advance Workers Candidates - M

          Advance Workers Candidates - N-Q

          Advance Workers Candidates - R-S

          Advance Workers Candidates - T-Z


          OA 12994

          Resumes A to Z (26 folders - material dating from 1981-1985)


          OA 13755

          Algie, Glen

          Andrews, Dick

          Aston, Wm.

          Athey, Robert

          Blair, Dale (not on list)

          Castleman, Samuel

          Cirignano, Lawrence

          Clarey, Donald

          Cluff, Mark

          Crawford, Marjorie

          Davison, Robert

          Denning, Daniel

          Douglas, Doug

          Eastland, Larry

          Hart, Douglas

          Johns, Craig

          Judge, Albert

          Judge, Albert J.

          Lake, Jim

          Logan, Van

          Kuonen, Rocky

          MacGillivray, Dee

          Malloy, Patrick

          McManus, Michael

          Meadows, M. Bruce

          Mermoud, Frank

          Morris, Dan

          Randle, [Dick]

          Redfern, Edward

          Sandy, Sherrie

          Sieb, Eric

          Standlee, Joan

          Taggart, Lloyd

          Vosburgh, Brooke

          Waters, Jerry

          Whitney, Richard

          Advman’s File

          Ahearn, Frederick

          Alfieri, Dennis

          Ambrose, Christopher

          Andrews, Thomas

          Ballantine, Grier

          Baxter, Terry

          Beer, Lynn

          Beldon, Heather

          Blakeman, Brad

          Bailey, Joseph

          Bakaly, Charles

          Bliss, Richard

          Bradbury, Janet

          Brehm, Jimmy

          Brennan, J. Michael

          Brennan, Joseph

          Brennan, William

          Brien, Jeffrey

          Camacho, Kelly

          Castine, Michael

          Childs, Deborah

          Ciresa, Kimberly

          Cochran, F. Butch

          Coes, J. Benjamin

          Collins, John

          Conway, Kathleen M.

          Cooksey, Paul

          Corle, Frederic

          Coudert, Anne

          Coughlin, J. Barry

          Coyle, Timothy

          Craycraft, William

          Crow, Matthew

          Crow, Susan

          Curran, John

          Dahlem, James

          Daiga, Vineta A.

          Diaz, Kristina

          Dold, M. Kelly

          Droke, Kevin

          Duvall, Douglas P.

          Ebert, Stephanie

          Elston, Judith

          Erickson, Ingrid

          Evans, Hugh

          Fargo, Danny

          Fiducia, Ronald

          Fisher, John

          Foster, Gary

          Fox, Jack

          Frates, Jim

          Frederickson, David

          Fricke, Wade

          Fuller, Ronald

          Gabriel, Jan

          Gardenhire, Randall

          Gartland, John

          Geffroy, Michael

          Giles, Gary

          Gonyea, Joseph

          Greene, Mark

          Griffin, Karen

          Groomes, Karen

          Gubitosi, Robert

          Gullickson, John


          OA 14194

          Hanshaw, Susan

          Hardy, Gordon

          Harris, David

          Hart, Stephen

          Haskell, Anne

          Hatfield, Mark

          Head, Marcy

          Henkel, Jennifer Joan

          Henkel, William

          Hildebrand, Joanne

          Hill, Judson

          Hooley, James

          Huntsman, Jon

          Jarrett, Benjamin

          Jelliffe, Peter

          Johnson, Brent

          Johnson, Shane

          Johnston, Robert

          Karp, David

          Keppler, Chris

          Kimberley, Rick

          Kremer, Cecile

          Kriner, Tamara

          Kruse, Dennis

          Kuhn, James

          Kurtz, Robert

          Lacovey, A. Joseph

          Lake, James

          Lake, Michael

          Lewis, Adair

          Lewis, David

          Littlefair, Andrew

          Luther, Homer

          Mancini, William

          Marsteller, Marilyn

          Mathais, Richard

          McCarter, Jeff

          McCay, Walter

          McClean, Thomas

          McDonald, Tim

          McElroy, Anne Larus

          McLaughlin, Michael

          Mefford, Thomas

          Mermoud, J. Frank

          Merriam, Jim

          Michael, Eric

          Minkus, Daniel

          Mizell, Pat

          Miziker, Ronald

          Moloney, John

          Moore, Margaret

          Morabito, Richard

          Moseley, Garrett

          Moss, Richard

          Murnane, Edward

          Murphy, Thomas

          Newcombe, Corinne

          Noble, Lawrence

          O’Brien, Kimberly Ann

          O’Hare, James

          Oldham, Jennifer

          O’Neill, Hugh

          O’Neill, Paul R.

          Owens, Sanford

          Palmer, Robert

          Parker, Ashley

          Parker, Walter

          Parrish, Blake

          Pepper, Wing

          Pernice, Thomas

          Philipps, Kimberly

          Pitchess, Peter

          Pitts, James

          Prince, Stephanie


          OA 18208

          Rabin, David

          Ratcliff, David

          Reid, William

          Richter, Betty

          Ricketts, Curtis

          Ritchie, Chad

          Roberts, John

          Roberts, Karen

          Rogers, Edward

          Roots, John

          Rosenberger, Eric

          Rosenker, Mark

          Ruh, Richard

          Ryder, David

          Sabin, Dan

          Schwaderer, Julie

          Salata, Stefanie

          Sanasack, David

          Sanders, Sandy

          Scala, James

          Scarbrough, Shelby

          Schine, F. Berndt

          Schmermund, Robert

          Schmidt, John

          Schmidt, Robert

          Schofield, Mark

          Shields, Chris

          Skaggs, Susan

          Skidmore, Mary Lou

          Spalding, Matthew Craig

          Steiner, Hal

          Stevens, Pamela

          Stevinson, Dean

          Stringer, Andrew

          Studdert, Stephen

          Swift, Justin

          Terry, Grey

          Tiemann, Steve

          Tisdale, Kim

          Torrenzano, Richard

          Tourtelotte, Michele

          Trees, Susan

          Tuttle, Crawford

          Van Orman, Chandler

          Van Son, Peter

          Wakefield, Jennifer

          Walker, Lisa

          Waller, Robert

          Walls, Richard

          Warmuth, Richard

          Watkins, Birge

          Wegmiller, Don

          White, Jocelyn

          Wilkinson, Joseph

          Wiles, Lanny

          Williams, Jack

          Winn, Harlan III

          Wolfe, Thomas

          Woodward, Pat



Subseries E: Photos

          OA 18209

          [Photo Lab Orders 1984-1985] (Notebook)

          Photo Log (Binder)

          Photo Files

          Photo Forms

          [Photo Lab Orders (Yellow Copies) August 1983-October 1984] (Notebook)

          [Photo Lab Orders (Xerox Copies) June 1983-November 1984] (Notebook)

          Photo Orders [1986-1988]

          Photo Office Requests


          Extra Venice Photos

          54 35mm Slides - Various Reagan Events (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)

          Miscellaneous Photos


          [Photo Requests August 1983-September 1984]

          [Photo Requests 1984-1985]

          Photos / Letters Sent (For Identification)

          Used Tracking Sheets [Photos]



          Subseries F: Forms and Signs

          OA 18210

          Ronald Reagan Biographies [empty]

          In-Town Event Checklist

          Official Trip Checklist

          Political Trip Checklist


          Forms (Masters)

          26000 Manifest

          27000 Manifest

          #58-6970 [Seating Arrangement]


          C-135 B

          C137 B Manifest

          C-140 Manifest

          Huey UH1 [Seating Diagram]

          Huey VH1 [Seating Diagrams]

          Nighthawk II and III [and Presidential Helicopter] Manifest

          Dacom Forms

          Facsimile Transmittal Cover Sheet

          Gift Forms

          Motorcade Sheets

          Presidential Seals

          Residence Diagrams


          Sample Picture Borders

          Thank You list

          [Advance Forms and Information]

          Air Force One Fact Sheet (Envelope)

          Air Force One Photo (Envelope)

          Ronald Reagan Biography (Envelope)

          Contact Sheet (Envelope)

          Dacom Form (Envelope)

          Gift Register Form (Envelope)

          Limo Facts (Envelope)

          Limo Photo (Envelope)

          Marine #1 Facts (Envelope)

          Marine #1 Photo (Envelope)

          Motorcade Pack (Master) (Envelope)

          Motorcade Pack (Envelope)

          Name Searches Form (Envelope)

          Ronald Reagan Black and White Photo (Envelope)

          Ron and Nancy Black and White Photo (Envelope)

          Ronald Reagan and George Bush Black and White Photo (Envelope)

          George Bush Black and White Photo (Envelope)

          Post Trip Local Media Report Forms (Envelope)

          Presidential Seal (Envelope)

          Thank You" Request Form (Envelope)

          Trip Pack (Envelope)

“ABC Net" Sign (Envelope)

          “A.P." Sign (Envelope)

          (Arrow)" Sign (Envelope)

“CBS Net" Sign (Envelope)

          “CNN Net" Sign (Envelope)

          “Escort" Decal (Envelope)

          “Marlin Fitzwater" Sign (Envelope)

          “NBC Net" Sign (Envelope)

          “Office of the Press Secretary" Sign (Envelope)

          Press Filing Center" Sign (Envelope)

          “Press Office" Sign (Envelope)

          “Press this Way" Sign (Envelope)

          “Staff (Arrow)" Sign (Envelope)

          “Staff Office" Sign (Envelope)

          “U.P.I." Sign (Envelope)

          [White House] (Envelope)



          Subseries G: Specimen Trip Book Binders

          OA 18999

          03/10/1981-03/11/1981 President Reagan's Trip to Canada

          July 1981 Visit of Ronald Reagan President of the United States to the Economic Summit Ottawa, Canada

          04/07/1982-04/11/1982 The Trip of President Reagan to Jamaica and Barbados

          11/30/1982-12/04/1982 The Trip of President Reagan to Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras

          11/08/1983-11/14/1983 The Trip of President Reagan to Japan and Korea (Small Size)(Empty)

          04/20/1984-05/01/1984 The Trip of President Reagan to the People's Republic of China

          04/20/1984-05/01/1984 The Trip of President Reagan to the People's Republic of China (Press Book)

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984 The Trip of President Reagan to Ireland, Normandy and the London Economic Summit [Empty]

          October 1986 The Meetings of President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev - Reykjavik


          SERIES II: EVENTS, 1981-1989

          OA 8491

          01/20/1981 The President-Elect's Schedule

          01/24/1981 Alfalfa Club Dinner

          01/27/1981 Visit of Fifty-Three Freed Americans and Their Families to the White House

          01/27/1981 Hostage Ceremony Name List

          02/02/1981 Korean State Visit (1)(2)

          02/04/1981 Washington Press Club Dinner

          02/04/1981 Bi-Partisan Leadership Meeting

          02/05/1981 National Prayer Breakfast

          02/07/1981 Wick Dinner

          02/10/1981 Kennedy Center

          02/12/1981 Lincoln Memorial Service

          02/12/1981 Dinner at Vice President's Residence

          02/17/1981 Patriotism Week Ceremony

          02/18/1981 Address to the Joint Session of Congress

          02/24/1981 Medal of Honor

          02/26/1981 Thatcher  South Lawn 

          02/27/1981 Thatcher Dinner

          02/28/1981 Thatcher Private Visit

          03/01/1981 National Presbyterian Church

          03/02/1981 National League of Cities

          03/03/1981 VFW Reception

          03/04/1981 Dinner - Jockey Club

          03/08/1981 Private Supper

          03/10/1981 Day in the Life of A President,

          03/16/1981 Association of General Contractors

          03/17/1981 Irish Ambassador's Luncheon

          03/17/1981 GOP Leadership Meeting

          03/19/1981 "Little Foxes" Performance

          03/20/1981 Conservative Political Action Committee Dinner

          03/21/1981 Brady Party / Ford's Theatre

          03/26/1981 Radio and Television Correspondent's Dinner

          03/27/1981 U.S. Sister City Program

          03/28/1981 Gridiron Dinner 

          03/29/1981 Church Service

          03/30/1981 Hospital Stay

          03/30/1981 Building and Construction Trades, AFL - CIO

          03/31/1981 Visit of Prime Minister Van Agt of the Netherlands

          03/31/1981 Center for Strategic and International Studies

          04/11/1981 The President's Return to the White House

          04/14/1981 General Omar Bradley's Funeral

          04/28/1981 Joint Address to Congress

          04/30/1981 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council


          OA 08492

          05/07/1981 South Lawn Arrival Ceremony of Prime Minister Suzuki

          05/08/1981 Meeting with Prime Minister Suzuki

          05/11/1981 Reception for Congressional Supporters

          05/14/1981 Wrather Dinner Party

          05/14/1981 Mexican Pre-Advance (Decatur House Dinner)

          05/18/1981 Joffrey II Dancers

          05/19/1981 NASA Reception and Luncheon

          05/21/1981 Visit of Counsellor and Mrs Schmidt

          05/28/1981 Dinner at Home of Dillon S. Ripley

          05/28/1981 Drop-By at State / Local Officials Briefing

          05/31/1981 Kilpatrick Lunch

          06/03/1981 Congressional Page School

          06/04/1981 White House Fellows Reception

          06/05/1981 Robert F. Kennedy Medal Ceremony

          06/07/1981-06/09/1981 Official Visit of President Lopez-Portillo

          06/11/1981 Marine Barracks Parade

          06/11/1981 Reception for Key Non-Federal Supporters of the President's Economic Program

          06/12/1981 National POW / MIA Recognition Day Reception

          06/12/1981 Republican National Committee Reception

          06/14/1981 Church - National Presbyterian Church

          06/16/1981 Gold Medal Presentation to Canadian Ambassador

          06/18/1981 Walk-Thru Executive Office Building

          06/19/1981 Visit of Prime Minister Lee of Singapore

          06/30/1981 Visit of Prime Minister Fraser of Australia

          07/02/1981 Center for Strategic and International Studies Drop-by

          07/04/1981 Fourth of July Festivities

          07/09/1981 Announcement of Intention to Nominate Charles M. Bowsher

          07/10/1981 Working Visit of Canada Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau

          07/14/1981 Republican Policy Committee Luncheon

          07/14/1981 Conferring of Degree on Dr. Loyal Davis

          07/14/1981 Dinner Honoring Dr. Loyal Davis

          07/14/1981 Republican Chairmen's Meeting (Capitol)

          07/15/1981 Unannounced Drop-by - Union Leaders Reception

          07/16/1981 Private Dinner, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Cooper

          07/16/1981 Unannounced Drop-by, Anniversary, (RWR) Ronald Wilson Reagan Presidential Nomination

          07/17/1981 Bill H.R. 3520, Rose Garden Signing

          07/22/1981 Drop-by House Gym Association Dinner

          07/24/1981 Visit to Meeting White House Caucus

          07/24/1981 Working Visit of New Zealand Prime Minister Robert B. Muldoon

          07/24/1981 Tour of Catlin Exhibit, National Museum of American Art

          07/28/1981 Private Dinner at the Baker's Residence

          08/04/1981 Agency for International Development Check Refund

          08/04/1981 Washington Star Editorial Board

          08/05/1981-08/06/1981 Visit of President Anwar Sadat


          OA 08493

          09/05/1981 Performance of "Talent for Murder"

          09/14/1981 Signing of Yorktown Proclamation

          09/14/1981 Tennis Match

          09/15/1981 Reception for Tax Program Supporters

          09/09/1981-09/10/1981 Visit of Prime Minister Begin

          09/09/1981 MacArthur Corridor Dedication

          09/11/1981 Presentation of Young American Medals

          09/21/1981 Signing of California Referendum on Reappointment

          09/22/1981 Phillips Gallery and Ambassador's

          09/23/1981 RSVP/ ACTION Officials, Rose Garden

          09/24/1981 Judicial Luncheon / Reception

          09/25/1981 Visit of President Moi of Kenya

          09/25/1981 Sandra O'Connor Investiture

          09/29/1981 World Bank/International Monetary Fund

          10/05/1981 National Alliance of Business Annual Meeting

          10/05/1981 Wallenberg Joint Resolution Signing Ceremony

          10/07/1981 Memorial Service for Sadat

          10/08/1981 [Departure Statement to Former Presidents Attending Sadat Funeral]

          10/09/1981 Medal of Freedom Presentation

          10/13/1981 Visit of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain

          10/17/1981 40th Anniversary of USO

          11/02/1981 King Hussein Arrival

          11/07/1981 "La Boheme"

          11/12/1981 ABC News Dedication

          11/17/1981 Herrera Campins Arrival

          11/17/1981 Department of Defense Briefing and Luncheon

          11/18/1981 National Press Club Address

          11/20/1981 Dedication of James Madison Hall - Library of Congress

          12/01/1981 White House Conference on Aging

          12/06/1981 Kennedy Center Honors Gala

          12/10/1981 Private Dinner at the Residence of Katherine Graham

          12/17/1981 Lighting of the 1981 National Christmas Tree (1)(2)

          12/24/1981 Private Dinner at Charles Wick's

          01/05/1982 Schmidt Private Visit

          01/16/1982 Touchdown Club Awards Dinner

          01/20/1982 Reagan Administration Executive Forum

          01/20/1981 GOP First Inaugural Anniversary Dinner

          01/26/1982 State of the Union Address

          01/28/1982 Dinner at Residence of George Will

          02/03/1982 Arrival of President Mubarak

          02/04/1982 National Prayer Breakfast

          02/09/1982 National Religious Broadcasters

          02/10/1982 National Press Club Drop-by


          OA 08494

          02/17/1982 Visit of Prime Minister Martens of Belgium

          02/21/1982 Christ Church

          02/22/1982 Mt. Vernon

          02/24/1982 [Organization of American States and] Voice of America Tour

          02/24/1982 OAS Speech

          02/26/1982 Conservative Political Action Committee Anniversary Dinner and Reception

          03/09/1982 Senate GOP Meeting and Lunch

          03/10/1982 Joffrey Ballet - Kennedy Center

          03/17/1982 Irish Working Visit

          03/18/1982 National Association of Manufactures Trip Desk

          03/25/1982 Visit of Pertini of Italy

          03/27/1982 Gridiron Club Dinner

          03/29/1982 National Association of Realtors

          04/05/1982 Building and Trades Association

          04/12/1982 1982 White House Easter Egg Roll

          04/16/1982 USA Law Day - Rose Garden

          04/17/1982 Ford's Theatre Gala

          04/19/1982 Visit of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands

          04/24/1982 White House Correspondents Annual Dinner

          04/26/1982 U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          04/26/1982 Hawaii GOP Reception

          04/28/1982 The President's Visit to the Capitol

          05/04/1982 Senate-House Dinner

          05/12/1982 Visit of President Figueiredo of Brazil

          05/20/1982 Howard University

          05/31/1982 Memorial Day Service Arlington Cemetery

          06/11/1982 Arrival Ceremony

          06/23/1982 CIA Visit

          07/18/1982 Private Dinner - George Graeber

          07/19/1982 Capitol Hill Rally

          07/20/1982 Brady Presidential Foundation at Decatur House

          07/21/1982 Caribbean Basin Initiative and OAS

          07/26/1982 Funeral Service for Scott R. Meese

          07/29/1982 Prime Minister Indira Ghandhi of India

          09/08/1982 American Lobby Reception at the Madison

          09/15/1982 Black GOP Council Dinner

          09/16/1982 President Marcos of Philippines (1)(2)

          09/21/1982 Dave Emery for Senate Reception

          09/25/1982 Ford's Theater Gala

          09/30/1982 American Lobby Balanced Budget Reception

          10/12/1982 President Soeharto of Indonesia

          10/14/1982 Justice Department

          10/14/1982 Chamber of Commerce

          10/18/1982 Chamber of Commerce Broadcast

          10/19/1982 President Gemayal of Lebanon

          10/22/1982 Arab League Delegation


          OA 08495

          10/27/1982 Theodore Roosevelt Association Luncheon

          11/01/1982 HUD Recognition Program

          11/01/1982 President's Visit to George Washington Hospital

          11/04/1982 President Monge of Costa Rica and Conference on Free Elections

          11/10/1982 Marine Corps Birthday Salute

          11/10/1982 Vietnam Veterans Drop-by National Cathedral

          11/10/1982 Meeting with Ross Perot, Jr. and Jay Coburn

          11/12/1982 Presidential Youth Meeting

          11/12/1982 National Family Week Signing Ceremony

          11/13/1982 Embassy of the Soviet Union - Brezhnev Memorial

          11/15/1982 Helmut Kohl of Germany

          11/19/1982 Jobs Teleconferencing at Chamber of Commerce

          11/19/1982 Lipizzan Stallion Presentation

          12/05/1982 Kennedy Center Honors Gala

          12/07/1982 President Zia of Pakistan Arrival Ceremony

          12/09/1982 GOP Senatorial Dinner

          12/10/1982 Polish / Solidarity Ceremony

          12/11/1982 Prime Minister Schluter of Denmark

          12/12/1982 NBC Xmas Special Taping (1)(2)

          12/15/1982 Prime Minister Balsemao

          12/16/1982 Christmas Tree Lighting

          12/17/1982 Minority Business Statement Signing

          12/21/1982 King Hussein of Jordan

          12/24/1982 Private Dinner at Charles Wick's Residence

          12/24/1982 Dinner at Charles Wick's Residence

          01/05/1983 Y. Navon of Israel

          01/18/1983 Prime Minister Nakasone

          01/20/1983 DAR Executive Forum

          01/21/1983 Executive Office Building Drop-by

          01/25/1983 State of the Union

          01/27/1983 President Mubarek of Egypt

          01/27/1983 Richard Richards Reception

          01/27/1983 National Gallery Dinner

          01/28/1983 POW / MIA Meeting Hyatt Crystal City

          01/29/1983 Alfalfa Club Dinner Capitol Hilton

          01/31/1983 National Religious Broadcasters

          01/31/1983 Redskins Greetings at Dulles

          02/01/1983 Republican Eagles Reception at the OAS

          02/01/1983 Chancellor Kreisky of Austria Visit

          02/03/1983 National Prayer Breakfast

          02/04/1983 National Prayer Breakfast

          02/14/1983 Presidential Authors at Hatfield Residence

          02/14/1983 Teleconference Event

          02/18/1983 Conservative Political Action Committee Dinner

          02/18/1983 Prime Minister Willoch

          02/22/1983 American Legion Annual

          02/26/1983-03/07/1983 Queen Elizabeth's U.S. Visit

          02/26/1983-03/07/1983 Visit of Queen Elizabeth

          02/26/1983-03/07/1983 The Official Visit of Her Majesty QE II and HRH Philip to the U.S.

          03/10/1983 National Association of Manufacturers

          03/14/1983 Department of Justice

          03/15/1983 Visit of Prime Minister Lubbers, Netherlands


          OA 08496

          03/16/1983 25th Anniversary, Country Music Association

          03/17/1983 Lunch with Speaker O'Neill / Dropby Irish Ambassador

          03/21/1983 Department of Agriculture

          03/22/1983 Capitol Hill Club

          03/24/1983 Radio / TV Correspondents Dinner, Washington Hilton

          03/24/1983 American Cowboy Exhibit, Library of Congress

          03/26/1983 Gridiron Dinner

          03/28/1983 National Symphony Kennedy Center

          03/30/1983 President Kaunda

          04/04/1983 1983 Easter Egg Roll

          04/07/1983 National Catholic Education Association (1)-(4)

          04/08/1983 President Hurtado

          04/11/1983 Senatorial Commission Inner Circle Reception

          04/11/1983 American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (1)(2)

          04/12/1983 Oman Arrival

          04/15/1983 Kohl Visit

          04/18/1983 Sinatra Concert Kennedy Center

          04/20/1983 Social Security Amendment Acts Ceremony [I]

          04/20/1983 Social Security Amendment Acts Ceremony [II]

          04/22/1983 Swearing In - K. Adelman

          04/23/1983 Arrival Ceremony, Andrews Air Force Base - Beirut Embassy

          04/23/1983 White House Correspondents Dinner

          04/25/1983 [Award Presentation to Dr. Herbert and Dr. Neddermeyer]

          04/27/1983 Joint Session of U.S. Congress

          04/28/1983 Prime Minister Trudeau, Canada

          05/01/1983 National Presbyterian Church Event

          05/01/1983 Visit to Church / Vietnam Memorial

          05/10/1983 Export Trade Act Teleconference

          05/11/1983 Baseball Month Signing Ceremony

          05/12/1983 White House Fellows Drop-by

          05/12/1983 House / Senate Dinner

          05/12/1983 Prime Minister Price

          05/16/1983 National Association of Home Builders

          05/16/1983 Von Damm Swearing-in

          05/16/1983 MX Briefing for CEO's

          05/18/1983 Ruckleshaus Swearing-in

          05/18/1983 Signing Ceremony Joint Resolution Honoring Sakharov

          05/18/1983 White House Photographers Dinner

          05/20/1983 Bob Hope USO TV Show

          05/23/1983 U.S. Naval Observatory

          05/23/1983 Outstanding Exporter Awards

          05/24/1983 Medal of Science Awards

          05/24/1983 New York Islanders Photo

          05/26/1983 Working Visit Prime Minister Fanfani

          05/27/1983 Prime Minister Nakasone - Japan


          OA 08497

          06/01/1983 Space Shuttle Crew (Departure)

          06/02/1983 [Memorial Service for Joe Holmes]

          06/05/1983 [Private Dinner with Secretary and Mrs. Schultz]

          06/06/1983 Competitors in National Spelling Bee

          06/07/1983 President Houphouet-Boigny of Ivory Coast (Arrival)

          06/08/1983 Philadelphia 76ers National Basketball Association

          06/08/1983 Arms Control Statement

          06/12/1983 Special Olympics Demonstration and Picnic

          06/13/1983 Prime Minister Hawke of Australia

          06/14/1983 Giant American Flag

          06/16/1983 Senator Jesse Helms Dinner

          06/16/1983 Medals to Nationwide Presidential Scholars

          06/17/1983 President Magana, El Salvador

          06/20/1983 Congressional Page School Graduates

          06/21/1983 Prime Minister of Spain:  Gonzales

          06/23/1983 Address National Federation of Independent Business

          [06/23/1983 Marine Corps Change of Command Ceremony]

          07/11/1983 Marine Band Birthday at Kennedy Center

          07/19/1983 The Amir of the State of Bahrain

          07/19/1983 Captive Nations Ceremony

          07/20/1983 Summer Youth Employment Announcement

          07/20/1983 Dropby Outreach Working Group on Central America

          07/22/1983 Departure Statements, President Gemayel; Lebanon

          07/23/1983 Funeral Services for Frank Reynolds

          07/25/1983 World Wildfire Fund Awards

          07/26/1983 75th Anniversary of FBI

          07/28/1983 Organized Crime Commission Announcement

          07/29/1983 Future Farmers of America

          08/03/1983 National Federation of Professional Women

          08/03/1983 Dropby Meeting with Citizens for America

          08/04/1983 Mobuto of Zaire

          08/10/1983 President Diouf of Senegal - Departure Statements

          08/12/1983 Railroad Retirement Signing Ceremony

          09/07/1983 Adult Literacy Initiative

          09/09/1983 Memorial for Korean Airline Victims

          09/12/1983 National Association Towns and Townships

          09/12/1983 Kickoff Hispanic Week

          09/13/1983 Mugabe Visit

          09/14/1983 National Hispanic GOP Dinner

          09/15/1983 Arrival Cermony President Eanes of Portugal

          09/16/1983 Hispanic Service

          09/19/1983 Executive Women in Government

          09/22/1983 White House Conference on Productivity

          09/23/1983 Swearing-in Ceremony Barbara McConnell

          09/24/1983 Rodeo / Capital Centre

          09/24/1983 Professional Cowboy Rodeo BBQ

          09/27/1983 Howard Baker Political Action Committee Dinner

          09/27/1983 Departure Statements - Finland

          09/27/1983 World Bank/IMF Address at Sheraton, Washington

          09/28/1983 Secondary Schools Ceremony

          09/28/1983 America's Cup Representatives

          09/29/1983 Departure Statements Prime Minister Thatcher (1)(2)

          09/29/1983 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

          09/30/1983 President Mubarek of Egypt Departure Statements

          10/03/1983 Heritage Foundation

          10/03/1983 Swearing-in for Katherine Ortega as Treasurer of U.S.

          10/03/1983 Minority Business Week

          10/04/1983 Carstens Arrival


          OA 15031

          10/05/1983 Job Training Partnership Act

          10/05/1983 Caribbean Basin Initiative (1)(2)

          10/06/1983 Young American Awards

          10/07/1983 University of Santa Clara College Fellows

          10/11/1983 World Series

          10/12/1983 Italian Ambassadors Lunch

          10/13/1983 Partnerships in Education

          10/13/1983 Women Leaders of Christian Organizations

          10/14/1983 White House Non-Career Senior Executive Service Management Conference

          10/14/1983 [Signing Ceremony World Food Day]

          10/19/1983 NASA Air and Space

          10/20/1983 U. S. Olympic Ski Team Reception

          10/20/1983 Departure Statements for President Craxi of Italy

          10/25/1983 Departure Statements Bangledesh

          10/26/1983 Republican Jewish Coalition

          11/01/1983 Drug Abuse Week Proclamation

          11/02/1983 Martin Luther King Bill Signing

          11/03/1983 Reagan - Bush Reunion

          11/21/1983 National Turkey Federation

          11/21/1983 Working Visit - President of Sudan

          11/22/1983 Memorial Mass - President Kennedy - Holy Trinity Church

          11/28/1983 Decade of the Disabled

          11/29/1983 [Working Visit of Prime Minister Shamir of Israel]

          11/30/1983 Signing Ceremony H.R. 2780 State, Local, and Fiscal Assistance

          12/01/1983 PBS Taping - Shiloh Baptist Church (1)(2)

          12/01/1983 Departure Statements - Gemayel of Lebanon

          12/04/1983 Hanukkah Celebration

          12/05/1983 Meeting of National Conference of U.S. Attorneys

          12/06/1983 Dinner Honoring Jim Doolittle - Air and Space Museum

          12/07/1983 Arrival Ceremony - King Birenda of Nepal

          12/08/1983 American Enterprise Institute Dinner Drop-by

          12/09/1983 Signing Ceremony for International Human Rights Day Proclamation

          12/11/1983 Christmas in Washington Concert National Building Museum

          12/13/1983 Drunk / Drugged Driving Awareness Week

          12/16/1983 Announcement of National Endowment for Democracy

          12/19/1983 Presidential Rank Awards for Senior Executive Service

          12/24/1983 Christmas Eve at the Wick's

          01/04/1984 Lt. Goodman and Reverend Jesse Jackson

          01/05/1984 Meeting of Leaders of Agriculture Organizations

          01/09/1984 American Legislative Exchange Council

          01/09/1984 Reception for Participants in Executive Exchange Program

          01/10/1984 Premier Zhao Arrival Ceremony

          01/12/1984 Meeting of Small Business Legislative Council

          01/12/1984 Hasty Hearts Performance Kennedy Center

          01/12/1984 Premier Zhao Working Breakfast

          01/16/1984 Receive Report from President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control

          01/16/1984 Speech / East Room

          01/17/1984 Citizens for the Republic - Hay Adams

          01/18/1984 Departure Statements Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia

          01/20/1984 Executive Forum DAR

          01/23/1984 Opening / National Theater

          01/24/1984 Senate Republican Policy Committee Luncheon

          01/25/1984 State of the Union Address

          01/26/1984 Dropby Eagles Dinner

          01/28/1984 Alfalfa Dinner - Capitol Hilton

          01/30/1984 National Religious Broadcasters

          02/01/1984 President Spiljak - Yugoslavia

          02/01/1984 National Tourism Week

          02/02/1984 Lunch with GOP House and Senate Members, The Capitol

          02/02/1984 Black History Month

          02/02/1984 National Prayer Breakfast Washington Hilton


          OA 15032

          02/03/1984 Kissinger Commission

          02/13/1984 King Hussein and 02/14/1984 Hussein / Jordan

          02/15/1984 Susan B. Anthony Party

          02/15/1984 National Crime Prevention Week Observance

          02/18/1984, Princess Grace Foundation Benefit

          02/23/1984 Drop-by Briefing Asian and Pacific Leaders

          02/24/1984 Departure Statements Prime Minister Muldoon - New Zealand

          02/24/1984 Launch Vehicle Order

          02/28/1984 Arrival Ceremony President Kirchlaeger

          02/29/1984 National Alliance of Senior Citizens

          02/29/1984 Olympic Reception

          03/01/1984 American Legion Women's Auxiliary

          03/01/1984 Signing Ceremony Prime Minister, Morocco

          03/01/1984 Drop-by Briefing / Vietnam Veterans

          03/04/1984 (Conservative Political Action Conference) CPAC Dinner

          03/05/1984 National League of Cities Conference

          03/05/1984 Departure Statements Dr. Kohl, Federal Republic of Germany

          03/07/1984 Drop-By Briefing State Agricultural Officials

          03/09/1984 Girl Scouts Luncheon

          03/12/1984 Congress Heights School

          03/13/1984 United Jewish Appeal Leadership Conference

          03/14/1984 Departure Statements / Portugal

          03/15/1984 Puerto Rico Drop-By

          03/16/1984 Prime Minister Fitzgerald of Ireland

          03/19/1984 Cuban-American Drop-By

          03/19/1984 Receive 1984 Report on Small Business

          03/20/1984 National Agriculture Day

          03/20/1984 Signing Ceremony for Shipping Act of 1984

          03/21/1984 Senate-House GOP Policy Committee Meeting

          03/22/1984 Arrival Ceremony - Mitterrand of France

03/24/1984 Gridiron Dinner – Capitol Hilton

          03/26/1984 National Republican Steering Committee Inner Circle Dinner - Reception

          03/27/1984 National Legislative Conference of Independent Insurance Agents

          04/02/1984 Senator Laxalt's Lamb Fry, Georgetown Club

          04/02/1984 Lamb Fry

          04/02/1984 Lamb Fry, Georgetown Club

          04/03/1984 Drop-By Meeting National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

          04/06/1984 University of Southern California Girl's Basketball Team

          04/06/1984 Center for International and Strategic Studies

          04/08/1984 Ford's Theater

          04/09/1984 Chowder and Marching Club

          04/09/1984 Law Day Signing Ceremony

          04/10/1984 Ceremony Recognizing Fair Housing Month

          04/10/1984 Wheat Improvement Act of 1983

          04/10/1984 Arrival Ceremony Dominican Republic

          04/13/1984 White House Correspondents' Dinner, Washington Hilton

          04/13/1984 Departure Statement and Signing Ceremony

          04/13/1984 Drop-By Fundamentalism 1984, DC Convention Center

          05/08/1984 The Council of the Americas - State Department

          05/09/1984 Ceremony in Observance of Small Business Week

          05/09/1984 Departure Statements [President Masire of Botswana]


          OA 16000

          05/10/1984 National Association of Realtors

          05/10/1984 Senate - House Dinner

          05/11/1984 National Commission on Excellence in Education

          05/13/1984 Mother's Day Event, The Jeanne Jugan Residence

          05/14/1984 National Campaign Against Drunk Driving Ceremony

          05/14/1984 Olympic Torch Relay

          05/15/1984 Arrival Ceremony (Mexico)

          05/16/1984 Drop-By American Retail Federation

          05/16/1984 White House News Photographers Dinner

          05/17/1984 Visit of President De La Madrid - Mexico

          05/17/1984 Kick-Off  Summer Jobs

          05/18/1984 Physical Examination, Bethesda Naval Hospital

          05/21/1984 Olympic Coin Ceremony

          05/21/1984 Child Protection Act Signing Ceremony

          05/21/1984 Cuban American Briefing

          05/23/1984 World Trade Week Ceremony, Rose Garden

          05/24/1984 Private Dinner, Ambassador Clare Booth Luce

          05/24/1984 Ground Breaking Ceremony for CIA Addition

          05/25/1984 Vietnam Unknown Soldier Arrival Ceremony (1)-(3)

          05/28/1984 Vietnam Unknown Soldier Funeral Service and Interment (1)-(4)

          05/31/1984 NATO Foreign Ministers

          06/12/1984 National Council of Farmers Cooperative

          06/13/1984 Opening of the Missing Children's Center

          06/13/1984 Boston Celtics Visit

          06/14/1984 Flag Day Event

          06/18/1984 [Visit by the President of] Sri Lanka

          06/18/1984 Baby Elephant, Sir Lanka

          06/18/1984 Teen - Age Republicans

          06/19/1984 Presidential Scholars

          06/19/1984 Dedication of National Geographic Building

          06/19/1984 Wilderness Legislation

          06/21/1984 Drop-by Briefing National Association of Broadcasters

          06/21/1984 National Youth Governors Conference

          06/22/1984 Department of Defense Briefing, Tami Kriner

          06/22/1984 Meeting with Representatives of International Youth Year Commission

          06/25/1984 Agriculture Communicators Congress

          06/25/1984 Drop-by Briefing of Black Appointees

          06/26/1984 Posthumous Presentation of Medal of Freedom to Senator Jackson

          06/26/1984 Senior Citizens Volunteers

          06/27/1984 Minority Contractors

          06/28/1984 Private Dinner at Residence of Mr. and Mrs. George Will

          07/03/1984 Duck Stamp Proclamation

          07/09/1984 Drop-by American Coalition for Traditional Values

          07/10/1984 Food for Peace Program, Rose Garden

          07/11/1984 Drop-by Briefing for Citizens for America

          07/13/1984 National Association of Securities Dealers

          07/16/1984 Captive Nations Week Ceremony

          07/17/1984 Drunk Driving Signing Ceremony

          07/18/1984 Private Sector Survey Remarks

          07/18/1984 Drop-by Briefing on Central America

          07/20/1984 POW / MIA Ceremony

          07/20/1984 Girls Nation Event, Paul McCormick

          07/20/1984 Apollo Crew Ceremony

          07/23/1984 Greet Boys Nation

          07/24/1984 Future Farmers of America, Rose Garden

          07/28/1984 Olympics

          08/16/1984 Signing Ceremony for Child Support Enforcement Legislation

          08/27/1984 Visit Jefferson High School

          08/27/1984 Award Winning Secondary School - J.W. Marriott Hotel

          08/28/1984 Presentation of Young American Medals, Rose Garden

          08/29/1984 Visit Goddard Space Center

          08/31/1984 Catholic Society Golden Age


          OA 16001

          09/06/1984 B’nai B’rith Convention at Sheraton Washington Hotel

          09/07/1984 Briefing for Women Executives

          09/10/1984 Signing Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week

          09/11/1984 Congressional Gold Medal Presentation

          09/12/1984 Howard Baker Roast at Washington Hotel

          09/14/1984 Hispanic Excellence in Education

          09/15/1984 Italian-American Foundation Dinner at Washington Hilton

          09/18/1984 Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation

          09/21/1984 Rudy Hines Visit

          09/21/1984 Drug Abuse

          09/25/1984 IMF/World Bank, Sheraton Hotel

          09/25/1984 Mulroney Departure

          09/28/1984 Foreign Minister Gromyko’s Visit

          10/04/1984 Meeting with House / Senate GOP

          10/05/1984 Department of Defense Remarks

          10/09/1984 Signing Ceremony / Departure Statement with Peres

          10/11/1984 United Negro Dinner, Sheraton Washington

          10/11/1984 Minority Enterprise Ceremony

          10/19/1984 Young Astronauts

          10/30/1984 Meeting with Outreach Group

          10/24/1984 Ceremony Commemorating the Invasion of Granada

          10/30/1984 Signing Ceremony / Omnibus

          10/31/1984 Hispanica Stamp Presentation

          10/31/1984 Drop-by Reagan-Bush Headquarters

          11/11/1984 Visit to Vietnam Veterans Memorial

          11/13/1984 Visit of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg

          11/15/1984 American Security Council Reception

          11/16/1984 Thanksgiving Turkey

          11/27/1984 Prime Minister Ratu Mara

          11/28/1984 “Unity Dinner” for Senate Republicans

          11/30/1984 Departure Statements - Chancellor Kohl, Federal Republic of Germany

          12/02/1984 Kennedy Center Honors Gala - Opera House

          12/03/1984 Private Sector Initiative Citation Ceremony

          12/04/1984 Arrival Ceremony President of Venezuela

          12/04/1984 Walter Reed

          12/06/1984 Heisman Trophy - Doug Flutie

          12/09/1984 "Christmas in Washington"Concert National Building Museum

          12/10/1984 Signing Ceremony: International Human Rights Day

          12/10/1984 National Prayer Service of Thanksgiving National Cathedral

          12/11/1984 Tree Planting Ceremony

          12/11/1984 Departure Statements for Niger

          12/13/1984 Christmas Tree Lighting

          12/14/1984 Inaugural License Plate

          12/17/1984 Presidential Rank Awards to Senior Executive Managers

          12/22/1984 Meeting with Prime Minister Thatcher

          12/24/1984 Wick Residence - Tamara Kriner

          [01/14/1985] Michael Evans Exhibit – Tami Kriner Trip Coordinator

          01/14/1985 Michael Evans Exhibit (1)-(3)

          01/14/1985 Hoover Institution Reception, The Corcoran Gallery

          01/16/1985 Republican Mayors


          OA 16002

          01/17/1985-01/24/1985 Inaugural

          [1985 Inaugural Material]

          01/17/1985-01/21/1985 Miscellaneous Inaugural Information

          01/19/1985 Private Luncheon at Blair House

          01/19/1985 50th American Presidential Inaugural Gala

          01/21/1985 [Inaugural Ceremonies]

          01/21/1985 Inaugural - Reviewing Stand

          01/21/1985 Inaugural

          01/21/1985 Inaugural:  Ellipse

          01/21/1985 Inaugural Balls (Includes Veteran Ball)

          01/21/1985 Veteran’s Ball Capitol Hilton Hotel

          01/24/1985 White House Meeting with Western Hemisphere Leaders

          01/25/1985 Reagan Administration Executive Forum DAR Constitution Hall

          01/26/1985 The Alfalfa Club

          01/30/1985 Presentation of Presidential Awards for Design Excellence

          01/31/1985 National Prayer Breakfast

          Inaugural--1984 [handbook]

          02/04/1985 National Religious Broadcasters

          02/06/1985 State of the Union

          02/20/1985 Dinner with Prime Minister Thatcher - British Embassy (1)(2)

          02/21/1985 Drop-by Briefing for National Conference of State Legislators

          02/28/1985 Annual Conference of National Association of Independent Schools

          03/01/1985 Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner [I]

          03/01/1985 Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner [II]

          03/01/1985 Conservative Political Action Conference Sheraton Washington

          03/04/1985 National Association of Counties [I]

          03/04/1985 National Association of Counties [II]

          03/08/1985 Geneva Negotiators Send-Off

          03/08/1985 Physical Examination at Bethesda Naval Hospital

          03/11/1985 Drop-by American Legislative Exchange Council

          03/12/1985 State Department Dinner for President Mubarek of Egypt

          03/11/1985 Drop-by Briefing of American Business Conference

          03/15/1985 Presentation of Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day

          03/19/1985 Senate GOP Policy Luncheon U.S. Capitol

          03/23/1985 Gridiron Dinner Capitol Hilton

          03/23/1985 Meet with Special Olympic Participants

          03/25/1985 Drop-by Briefing for Central American Leaders

          03/28/1985 National Space Club  Shoreham Hotel


          OA 16003

          04/02/1985 Photo with John J. McCloy

          04/02/1985 (Drop-by) Associated General Contractors

          04/02/1985 Eagles Dinner Mayflower Hotel

          04/04/1985 Congratulations Ceremony for Villanova Team

          04/15/1985 Milton Pitts, Citizens for the Republic, Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters

          04/15/1985 Attend Ringling Brothers Circus

          04/16/1985 Remarks on the Budget to Key Interest Groups

          04/16/1985 Drop-by Briefing on Religious Liberty

          04/18/1985 Teacher of the Year

          04/18/1985 Teacher of the Year Ceremony

          04/19/1985 Victims of Crime Ceremony

          04/19/1985 Jewish Heritage Week Ceremony

          04/19/1985 Jewish Heritage Week

          04/19/1985 The President’s Dinner

          04/23/1985 Address to National Conference of Realtors

          04/23/1985 Peace Corps Africa Send Off

          04/25/1985 Salute to Youth Volunteers

          04/26/1985 Senior Citizens Volunteer Ceremony

          04/27/1985 White House Correspondents Dinner

          04/29/1985 Ceremony for Missing Children's Week

          04/29/1985 Address Annual Meeting of U.S. Chamber of Commerce / DAR Constitution Hall

          05/16/1985 House / Senate Dinner and Reception

          05/17/1985 National GOP Heritage Groups Council, Shoreham

          05/20/1985 Summer Jobs Kickoff

          05/22/1985 Annapolis Naval Academy Commencement

          05/24/1985 National Association of Manufacturers

          05/21/1985 Council of the Americas

          05/30/1985 Clare Booth Luce - F Street Club

          06/02/1985 Ford’s Theater Gala

          06/04/1985 Private Dinner - Will's Residence

          06/07/1985 Economic Editors

          06/13/1985 C-Flag Award Ceremony

          06/13/1985 Jimmie Doolittle

          06/14/1985 Flag Day at Fort McHenry , Baltimore, Maryland

          06/17/1985 Announcement of Commission on Defense Management

          06/19/1985 Air and Space Museum

          06/20/1985 Present Medal of Freedom to Mother Theresa

          06/22/1985 Ceremony for Marines Killed in El Salvador, Andrews Air Force Base

          06/24/1985 Kennedy Event (1)(2)

          06/27/1985 Drop-by Briefing for State and Local Officials Regarding Tax Reform

          06/30/1985 Private Dinner with Secretary and Mrs. Schultz

          07/02/1985 Arlington Cemetery and Andrews Air Force Base

          07/08/1985 American Bar Association

          07/12/1985-07/13/1985 Bethesda Naval Hospital

          07/20/1985 Return from Bethesda Naval Hospital

          09/05/1985 Drop-by Briefing for U.S. Marshals


          OA 16767

          09/08/1985 Future Farmers

          09/20/1985 Bethesda Naval Hospital [I]

          09/20/1985 Bethesda Naval Hospital [II]

          09/23/1985 Inner Circle Dinner Washington Hilton

          09/30/1985 Farewell for General Vessey

          10/02/1985 Interpol

          10/07/1985 Wyatt Durett Drop-by

          10/09/1985 Drop-by National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

          10/14/1985 Ambassador Roosevelt Private Dinner

          10/16/1985 United Jewish Appeal

          10/16/1985 Dinner Honoring Senator Russell Long Madison Hotel

          10/17/1985 Republican Governors Dinner  J.W. Marriott

          10/17/1985 Drop-by Ethnic and Fraternal Organizations and Young Astronauts

          10/18/1985 Drop-by Deficit Reduction Coalition

          10/19/1985 Italian-American Foundation

          10/21/1985 Drop-by Briefing for U.S. Attorneys

          10/28/1985 Statute of Liberty

          10/28/1985 Drop-by Ceremony with Grace Congressional Caucus

          10/29/1985 Abdnor Reception

          10/29/1985 Drop-By Briefing on Tax Reform for Mainline Protestant Lay Leaders and Clergy

          10/30/1985 National Gallery of Art “Treasures of Britain

          10/31/1985 Ceremony for World Series Champion Kansas City Royals

          11/01/1985 Bethesda Naval Hospital

          11/09/1985 Voice of America

          11/11/1985 Veterans Day - Arlington Cemetery

          11/21/1985 Geneva Joint Session

          11/25/1985 Presentation of Distinguished Public Service Medal to Secretary Orr

          11/25/1985 Turkey

          12/05/1985 Former Congressmen

          12/08/1985 Kennedy Center Honors Gala

          12/10/1985 Signing Ceremony for Human Rights Day

          12/11/1985 Drop-By Briefing for Tax Reform Action Coalition

          12/12/1985 Presidential Rank Awards Ceremony

          12/12/1985 Lighting of the National Christmas Tree, Diplomatic Entrance

          12/14/1985 Dinner with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation  Ritz-Carlton Hotel

          12/15/1985 Christmas in Washington (1)(2)

          12/16/1985 Private Dinner at Ambassador Helm’s Residence

          12/16/1985 Drunk Driving Awareness Week Ceremony

          12/17/1985 Attend Claudette Colbert / Rex Harrison Performance at Kennedy Center

          12/23/1985 Remarks at United States Drug Administration

          12/24/1985 Private Dinner at the Wick Residence

          01/15/1986 Visit Martin Luther King, Jr. School

          01/16/1986 Private Luncheon  Ritz-Carlton

          01/17/1986 Bethesda Naval Hospital

          01/17/1986 Drop-by Briefing for American Legislative Exchange Council

          01/21/1986 Eagles 4th Inaugural Dinner

          01/23/1986 Private Dinner

          01/25/1986 Alfalfa Club Dinner  Capital Hilton

          01/25/1986 73rd Annual Alfalfa Club Dinner

          01/27/1986 Drop-by Budget Briefing

          01/28/1986 State of the Union Address  U.S. Capitol

          01/29/1986 Treasury Department and Health and Human Services

          01/30/1986 Thomas Jefferson High School  Alexandria, Virginia

          01/30/1986 Conservative Political Action Conference  Washington Hilton

          01/30/1986 Annual Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner

          01/31/1986 Address House GOP Leaders  Capitol Hill Club

          02/04/1986 U.S. Capitol State of the Union

          02/05/1986 Health and Human Services and Treasury Department Visits


          OA 16768

          02/06/1986 Executive Forum Constitution Hall

          02/06/1986 Presentation of Statute of Liberty by French Ambassador

          02/06/1986 Reagan Administration Executive Forum

          02/06/1986 National Prayer Breakfast

          02/07/1986 Thomas Jefferson High School

          02/07/1986 Lunch Hosted by Secretary and Mrs. Shultz at State Department

          02/08/1986 Ritz Carlton [Private Luncheon by Armand Duetsch]

          02/10/1986 Drop-by Reception for Maureen Reagan at State Department

          02/21/1986 Republican Conference / Capitol Hill Club

          03/03/1986 Laxalt Dinner  Hyatt Regency Hotel

          03/05/1986 Jewish Organizations Presidents

          03/06/1986 Drop-by Senator Murkowski

          03/10/1986 Salute to Congressional Leadership  J.W. Marriott

          03/13/1986 Review Nicaraguan Weapons U.S. Department of State

          03/14/1986 Drop-by Briefing Contra Aid

          03/17/1986 Drop-by Tip O’Neill Dinner at Washington Hilton

          03/22/1986 The Annual Gridiron Dinner

          04/07/1986 Opening Day of 1986 Baseball Season  Baltimore Memorial Stadium

          04/09/1986 Reception for Newspaper Editors  J.W. Marriott

          04/13/1986 Lunch / Meeting with Prime Minister Nakasone at Camp David

          04/14/1986 Senator Laxalt’s Lambfry Dinner  Georgetown Club

          04/15/1986 Law Day Proclamation

          04/17/1986 White House Correspondents Dinner  Washington Hilton

          04/22/1986 Drop-by Heritage Foundation  Shoreham Hotel

          04/23/1986 International Forum of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          04/24/1986 Drop-by Ceremony Recognizing White House Volunteers

          05/13/1986 Satellite Address to High School Seniors

          05/14/1986 Drop-by Tax Reform Action Coalition

          05/15/1986 White House News Photographers Association Dinner

          05/17/1986 Fort Myer (Armed Forces Day)

          05/19/1986 World Trade Week Observance and "E" Star Awards

          05/20/1986 Signing Ceremony for “Just Say No” Week

          05/20/1986 Drop-by for Jewish Leaders

          05/21/1986 The President’s Dinner  Washington Convention Center

          05/21/1986 The President’s Dinner

          05/21/1986 "Close-Up" Foundation TV Show

          05/22/1986 Address American Retail Federation

          05/25/1986 Hands Across America

          05/26/1986 Memorial Day Services  Arlington National Cemetery

          05/29/1986 National Association of Manufacturers

          05/29/1986 Office of Strategic Services Veterans Dinner Kennedy Center / "Caine Mutiny"

          05/30/1986 Photo with National Spelling Bee Champs

          05/30/1986 Briefing on Tort Reform  Chamber of Commerce

          06/02/1986 Private Dinner  George Stevens Residence

          06/06/1986 Drop-by Briefing for Grassroots Supporters

          06/08/1986 Ford’s Theater Gala


          OA 16769

          06/09/1986 Received Report from Rogers Commission

          06/09/1986 Drop-by Center for Strategic International Studies National Forum Mayflower Hotel

          06/11/1986 Remarks to Young Astronauts Air and Space Museum

          06/16/1986 Address to Private Sector Supporters of Contra Aid

          06/18/1986 C-Flag Ceremony at Rose Garden

          06/20/1986 Bethesda Naval Hospital

          07/07/1986 Private Dinner at McLaughlin Residence

          07/11/1986 Drop-by Executive Commission Reception

          07/13/1986 Graeber Residence Private Dinner

          07/15/1986 Victory ‘86 GOP Fundraiser  J.W. Marriott

          07/15/1986 Teenage Republicans

          07/17/1986 Trade Issue Briefing

          07/18/1986 Meeting with Girls' Nation Participants

          07/22/1986 Future Farmers of America

          07/25/1986 American Legion Boys Nation

          07/28/1986 Valdimir Horowitz Event

          07/29/1986 Briefing of Washington Interns

          08/05/1986 Strategic Defense Initiative Briefing

          08/06/1986 Address National Conference on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

          08/09/1986 Bethesda Naval Hospital

          08/15/1986 White House Conference on Business

          09/11/1986 Drop-by Public / Private Partnerships

          09/12/1986 Elementary School Recognition Ceremony

          09/15/1986 Departure Statements for Shimon Peres

          09/19/1986 Drop-by Briefing for Presidents of Historically Black Colleges

          09/22/1986 Drop-by Briefing on Tax Reform

          09/23/1986 Eureka College Dinner  Willard Hotel

          09/25/1986 Address to National Fraternal Congress at J.W. Marriott Hotel

          09/26/1986 Address to National  Security Agency Employees  Fort Meade, Maryland

          09/30/1986 Address Meeting of IMF / World Bank, Sheraton Washington

          09/30/1986 Eagles Reception

          10/06/1986 Drop-by Executive Exchange Commission

          10/06/1986 Kick-Off Ceremony for National Drug Education Week

          10/07/1986 Republican Governors Association Dinner  Vista Hotel

          10/16/1986 Swearing-In New Science Advisor

          10/16/1986 Drop-by Send Off for Young Astronauts Soviet Exchange

          10/22/1986 Drop-by Briefing for Black Ministers

          10/22/1986 Tax Reform Bill Signing

          11/06/1986 Private Sector Initiatives International Conference

          11/10/1986 211th Birthday Event for Marine Corps

          11/12/1986 New York Mets

          11/13/1986 National Philanthropy Day

          11/18/1986 Ethics and Public Policy Dinner  Washington Hilton

          11/20/1986 Senate Republican Dinner - Library of Congress

          11/26/1986 Thanksgiving Turkey

          12/03/1986 Briefing for Women Entrepreneurs

          12/04/1986 Departure Statements for President Arias from Costa Rica

          12/07/1986 Kennedy Center Honors

          12/09/1986 Departure Statements - Mobutu

          12/10/1986 Human Rights Day

          12/11/1986 National Christmas Tree Lighting, Diplomatic Entrance

          12/12/1986 Drop-by Briefing for American Legislative Exchange Council

          12/14/1986 Christmas in Washington (1)(2)

          12/15/1986 National Drunk and Drugged Driving

          12/22/1986 Signing Ceremony for National Prayer Day

          12/23/1986 Receive Report on Small Business Conference

          12/24/1986 Christmas Eve Dinner at Wick Residence

          Operation Sail 1986

          01/04/1987 Bethesda Naval Hospital

          01/27/1987 State of the Union Address  U.S. Capitol [I]

          01/27/1987 State of the Union Address  U.S. Capitol [II]

          01/27/1987 State of the Union Address  U.S. Capitol [III]


          OA 16770

          02/02/1987 Penn State Football Team

          02/03/1987 Meeting with Heroes of Train Accident

          02/05/1987 National Prayer Breakfast (1)(2)

          02/05/1987 Housing Bill Signing

          02/09/1987 Coalition for America at Risk

          02/10/1987 Address Leadership of American Legion

          02/11/1987 Welfare Reform Panel (1)(2)

          02/12/1987 Address Students at Abe Lincoln

          02/12/1987 Eagles Dinner Dance, National Building Museum

          02/20/1987 Conservative Political Action Conference Drop-by

          02/25/1987 Address Mid-America Committee

          03/05/1987 National Newspaper Association

          03/06/1987 Briefing with White House Staff

          03/10/1987 Roads to Liberty Van

          03/11/1987 Private Dinner at Reynold's Residence  Arlington, Virginia

          03/13/1987 Drop-by Balanced Budget Group

          03/17/1987 Greet U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Members and Soviet Crew

          03/17/1987 St. Patrick's Day Events

          03/24/1987 American Business Conference

          03/25/1987 Republican Conference Committee

          03/28/1987 Gridiron Dinner

          03/30/1987 Executive Forum at Constitution Hall

          03/31/1987 Present Private Sector Initiatives Conference Report to Prime Minister Chirac

          04/02/1987 Greet Lady Volunteers

          04/03/1987 Greet Indiana University Basketball Champions

          04/08/1987 Meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff at Pentagon

          04/21/1987 U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          04/22/1987 White House Correspondent's Dinner

          04/27/1987 Laxalt Lamb Fry Dinner, Georgetown Club

          04/29/1987 President's Dinner at the Convention Center

          05/01/1987 Address American Legislative Exchange Council

          05/01/1987 Departure Statements with Prime Minister Nakasone

          05/02/1987 Private Dinner at British Ambassador's Residence

          05/04/1987 Asian Pacific American Heritage Week

          05/05/1987 Drop-By White House Conference for a Drug Free America

          05/07/1987 Editorial Cartoonists

          05/12/1987 Council of the Americas

          05/15/1987 Regional Press Briefing

          05/16/1987 Address Commencement Ceremonies of USUHS, Kennedy Center

          05/18/1987 "E"and "E" Star Awards

          05/18/1987 Private Dinner at Helms’ Residence

          05/20/1987 “What Works”

          05/26/1987 Visit to the CIA

          05/28/1987 National Association of Manufacturers

          05/28/1987 Drop-by Briefing for GOPAC

          05/31/1987 AIDS Event - Potomac Restaurant

          06/01/1987 G.I. Bill Signing Ceremony

          06/01/1987 Salute to Constitution Essay Contest Winners

          06/03/1987 Departure Ceremony, Venice Summit


          OA 16771

          06/16/1987 Regional Press Briefing

          06/16/1987 Senate Republicans Policy Luncheon

          06/17/1987 Fundraiser for Senator Orrin Hatch

          06/17/1987 VOA-BIB Relay Station Agreement with Israel

          06/21/1987 Ford's Theater Gala

          06/23/1987 National Federation of Independent Business' National Convention

          06/24/1987 People to People High School

          06/25/1987 National Medals of Science and Technology, Rose Garden

          06/29/1987 Political Activists

          06/30/1987 Private Dinner for Kay Graham, Departmental Auditorium

          07/01/1987 U.S. Delegation to U.N. International Conference on Drug Abuse and Trafficking

          07/03/1987 Star Spangled Salute to America at the Jefferson Memorial

          07/06/1987 Address Kiwanis International Convention, Washington Convention Center

          07/09/1987 Ikard Dinner

          07/10/1987 Drop-by Deficit Reduction Coalition Briefing

          07/15/1987 Minority Business Briefing

          07/16/1987 All American Cities Awards

          07/21/1987 Take Pride in America

          07/22/1987 Drop-by Briefing Economic Bill of Rights State and Local Officials

          07/23/1987 C Flag Award Ceremony

          07/23/1987 National Institute of Health

          07/24/1987 Superconductivity Conference

          07/24/1987 Captive Nations Address, Ukrainian National Shrine

          07/28/1987 Volker Dinner

          07/28/1987 Superconductivity Conference, Washington Hilton Hotel

          07/29/1987 Meeting with Law Enforcement Council

          07/29/1987 Future Farmers of America

          07/29/1987 Memorial Service for Secretary Baldrige at National Cathedral

          07/30/1987 Meeting with Central American Students

          07/30/1987 Briefing for Right to Life Activists

          08/03/1987 Project Economic Justice

          09/10/1987 Greet Bicentennial Essay Winners

          09/11/1987 Signing Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week

          09/14/1987 Address to National Alliance of Business at Washington Hilton

          09/14/1987 Swearing in of Billington as 13th Librarian of Congress

          09/15/1987 5th Birthday of USA TODAY

          09/15/1987 Signing Ceremony for Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers

          09/16/1987 Address to US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, State Department

          09/16/1987 Bicentennial Celebration of the Constitution, U.S. Capitol

          09/24/1987 Greet U. S. Olympic Hockey Team

          09/25/1987 Address Concerned Women for America, Crystal Gateway Marriott

          09/29/1987 Address Joint Meeting of International Monetary Fund and World Bank

          09/29/1987 Signing of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Bill

          09/30/1987 Drop-by Public Liaison Briefing


          OA 16772

          10/02/1987 German-American Day Proclamation

          10/05/1987 Secondary School Recognition Program

          10/07/1987 Medal of Freedom Ceremony

          10/07/1987 Minority Enterprise Development

          10/07/1987 Address to Organization of American States

          10/08/1987 Department of Transportation Secretary and Deputy Secretary Designate Announcement

          10/12/1987 Surprise Party

          10/15/1987 Address 3rd Republican Governor's Association Dinner  J.W. Marriott

          10/16/1987 Announce Crime Legislation

          10/19/1987 Department of Commerce - Verity

          10/21/1987 Drop-By Briefing on Foreign Affairs Funding

          10/22/1987 Welcome Home Ceremony for Mrs. Reagan

          10/23/1987 Employment Expansion Forum - Department of Labor

          10/26/1987 Inner Circle

          10/28/1987 Greet Minnesota Twins

          10/29/1987 Receive Small Business Report

          11/02/1987 Sessions - Swearing-in  FBI Building

          11/03/1987 Announce Secretary of Labor Nominee, Ann McLaughlin

          11/04/1987 Drop-By Republican National Committee Reception - Decatur House

          11/04/1987 Briefing on Canada Free Trade

          11/05/1987 Announce Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor

          11/05/1987 President's Child Safety Partnership Awards

          11/06/1987 Drop-By Public Liaison Briefing

          11/09/1987 Address United Way of America, Alexandria, VA

          11/09/1987 Address to the Organization of American States at the State Department

          11/10/1987 Drop-By Briefing on Pornography

          11/13/1987 Young American Bravery Medals

          11/15/1987 Private Dinner at the Edmund Morris Residence

          11/16/1987 Address to the American Council of Life Insurance at the Sheraton Washington

          11/17/1987 Farewell Secretary Weinberger, The Pentagon (1)(2)

          11/18/1987 Math and Science Teaching Awards

          11/18/1987 Drop-By U.S. Trade Representative 25th Anniversary

          11/19/1987 Drop-By Business Partners Inc.

          11/19/1987 U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          11/22/1987 Attend Vladimir Feltsman Concert  Kennedy Center

          11/23/1987 Receive Thanksgiving Turkey

          11/23/1987 Drop-By Briefing, Reagan Activists, Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty

          11/30/1987 Heritage Foundation Luncheon

          12/03/1987 Human Rights Day Event

          12/04/1987 Judge Kennedy Briefing

          12/06/1987 Kennedy Center Honors

          12/07/1987 Christmas Tree Lighting

          12/11/1987 Regional Press Briefing

          12/13/1987 Christmas in Washington at National Building Museum

          12/14/1987 Address Center for Strategic and International Studies


          OA 16773

          01/05/1988 Distinguished Rank Awards

          01/12/1988 Reopening Ceremonies at the Army/Navy Club

          01/12/1988 Indian Treaty Room

          01/13/1988 Dinner Honoring Roger Stevens, Four Seasons Hotel

          01/19/1988 Executive Forum, DAR, Constitution Hall

          01/20/1988 Visit to Suitland High School

          01/25/1988 State of the Union

          01/27/1988 Address Reserve Officers Association, Washington Hilton

          01/29/1988 State Legislative Leaders Drop-by Briefing

          01/30/1988 Alfalfa Club Dinner

          02/01/1988 National Religious Broadcasters, Sheraton, Washington

          02/02/1988 Eagles Dinner / Dance, Capitol Hilton

          02/03/1988 Redskins Celebration

          02/04/1988 National Prayer Breakfast

          02/05/1988 President's Birthday Party

          02/05/1988 Greet 1988 Class of U.S. Senate Youth Program

          02/11/1988 Attend Annual Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner, Omni Sheraton

          02/22/1988 Address OMB Staff

          02/24/1988 Drop-By "Export Now" Briefing

          02/29/1988 Address White House Drug Conference, Omni Shoreham Hotel

          02/29/1988 Address American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary, Sheraton Washington Hotel

          03/01/1988 Departure Ceremony for Brussels, Belgium

          03/07/1988 Address VFW, Sheraton Washington Hotel

          03/07/1988 Newspaper Publishers on Drug Use

          03/08/1988 Greet U.S. Olympic Team

          03/11/1988 Coalition on Trade

          03/14/1988 Address to Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Omni Sheraton

          03/15/1988 National Republican Steering Committee Inner Circle

          03/15/1988 Drop-by Briefing for Prime Ministers Club

          03/17/1988 Congressman Luncheon, St. Patrick's Day

          03/22/1988 Chic Hecht Fundraiser - Sheraton Grand

          03/22/1988 Drop-By for Republican Locally Elected Officials

          03/22/1988 Address Republican House Conference, Cannon Caucus Room

          03/23/1988 Drop-by American Business Conference

          03/24/1988 Oakton High School

          03/25/1988 Departure Statements

          03/25/1988 Address Center for the Study of the Presidency

          03/26/1988 Gridiron Dinner

          03/29/1988 Presentation of Cancer Courage Award

          03/30/1988 Superconductivity Super Collider

          03/30/1988 Swearing in of William Ball as Secretary of the Navy


          OA 19006

          04/11/1988 NCAA Basketball Champions

          04/13/1988 Young President's Organization

          04/13/1988 Address of the American Society of Newspaper Editors

          04/18/1988 Attend Laxalt Lamb Fry

          04/18/1988 Ceremony Honoring Youth Volunteers

          04/18/1988 Drop-by Associated General Contractors

          04/19/1988 Pete Dawkin's Fundraiser, Grand Hotel

          04/19/1988 Electronics Industries Association Dinner J.W. Marriott

          04/19/1988 Tribute to Slain Drug Law Enforcement

          04/21/1988 White House Correspondent's Dinner, Washington Hilton Hotel

          04/22/1988 Address to American Legislative Exchange Council

          04/25/1988 Blair House Opening

          04/27/1988 Chamber of Commerce Event DAR [Constitution Hall]

          04/28/1988 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 5

          05/02/1988 Chamber of Commerce Event DAR [Constitution Hall]

          05/03/1988 Asian Pacific American Heritage Week

          05/09/1988 Small Business Week Ceremony

          05/11/1988 The President's Dinner, D.C. Convention Center

          05/13/1988 Safe Kids Campaign

          05/16/1988 Direct Connection

          05/19/1988 WH News Photographers Association Dinner

          05/21/1988 American Film Institute Preservation Ball  Grand Hyatt

          05/23/1988 World Trade Week Ceremony

          05/25/1988 Departure Remarks for Moscow

          06/06/1988 World Gas Conference, Sheraton, Washington

          06/07/1988 Trent Lott Fundraiser, Grand Hotel

          06/09/1988 Drop-by Drug Free Workplace, Grand Hyatt, Washington

          06/13/1988 Address to Atlantic Council Meeting, State Department

          06/16/1988 Briefing for American Coalition for Trade Expansion with Canada

          06/16/1988 Presidential Scholars Ceremony

          06/22/1988 Business Roundtable, J.W. Marriott Hotel

          06/23/1988 Dinner for Senator John Stennis, Sheraton, Washington

          06/24/1988 Ford's Theater Gala

          07/01/1988 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 2470

          07/05/1988 Briefing for Conservative Political Leaders

          07/05/1988 Visit to President Duarte at Walter Reed Hospital

          07/06/1988 Kennedy Center "Les Miserables"

          07/11/1988 Drop-By Fundraiser Senator Karnes, J.W. Marriott


          OA 19007

          07/13/1988 Captive Nations Day Signing Ceremony

          07/15/1988 National Medals of Science Presentation

          07/25/1988 American Legion Boys' Nation

          07/26/1988 Private Dinner - Emmett Tyrrell, Tyrrell Residence

          07/28/1988 Student Congress on Evangelism, D.C. Convention Center

          07/28/1988 Future Farmers of America Address

          07/29/1988 Address Meeting of POW/MIA Families at Marriott

          08/01/1988 Senator Roth Fundraiser - National Building Museum

          08/02/1988 Distinguished Rank Awards

          08/10/1988 Signing Ceremony, Japanese Internment Bill

          08/11/1988 Drought Bill Signing Ceremony

          08/12/1988 Address to Administration Officials

          08/13/1988 Signing Ceremony for Fair Housing Act

          09/08/1988 Executive Women in Government

          09/09/1988 Address Federalist Society, Mayflower Hotel

          09/09/1988 Youth 2000 Week Proclamation

          09/11/1988 Private Dinner, Graeber Residence

          09/13/1988 Hispanic Heritage Week

          09/15/1988 Elementary School Recognition Ceremony, J.W. Marriott

          09/15/1988 Drop-by Briefing for Hispanic Media

          09/20/1988 Address U.S. Jaycees

          09/28/1988 Signing Ceremony for Canada Free Trade Agreement

          09/28/1988 Appropriations Bill Ceremony

          09/29/1988 Presentation of C-Flag Awards

          10/01/1988 Georgetown University

          10/02/1988 Private Dinner Helm's Residence

          10/03/1988 Signing Ceremony for Columbus Day Proclamation

          10/03/1988 Welfare Reform Bill Signing Ceremony

          10/03/1988 Drop-by Campaign America Reception, Sheraton Grand Hotel

          10/03/1988 Drop-by National Republican Reception

          10/04/1988 Minority Enterprise Development

          10/04/1988 Republican Governor's Club Dinner  J.W. Marriott

          10/05/1988 Cornerstone Laying at Holocaust Memorial (1)-(4)

          10/11/1988 Drop-by GOP Senate Candidates Fundraiser, Hyatt Regency

          10/14/1988 Greet Astronauts of Space Shuttle Discovery

          10/17/1988 Address Archbishop Carroll and All Saints High School (1)-(3)

          10/20/1988 Testimonial Dinner for Mrs. Reagan  Omni Shoreham

          10/24/1988 Welcome U.S. Olympic Team

          10/25/1988 Veteran / Bill Signing and Address Fort McNair

          10/26/1988 Greet World Series Champions Los Angeles Dodgers

          11/03/1988 Fundraiser for Senator Durenberger, J.W. Marriott

          11/09/1988 Welcome President-Elect Bush to White House

          11/11/1988 Veterans Day Ceremonies, Arlington and Vietnam Memorial


          OA 19008

          11/13/1988 Private Dinner at the Cafritz Residence

          11/17/1988 Address to the U.S. Chamber Foundation

          11/17/1988 Attend C. Wick Testimonial Dinner, OAS Building

          11/18/1988 Historic Preservation Awards

          11/18/1988 Thanksgiving Turkey

          11/20/1988 Private Dinner at K. Graham's Residence

          11/29/1988 Senate Republican Dinner, Library of Congress

          12/01/1988 Tribute to Jack Kemp, Omni Shoreham

          12/04/1988 Kennedy Center Honors

          12/05/1988 Reception with House GOP Members, U.S. Capitol

          12/07/1988 Address American Enterprise Institute Dinner, Washington Hilton

          12/08/1988 Human Rights Day Proclamation Signing

          12/11/1988 Christmas in Washington at National Building Museum

          12/13/1988 Business Government Relations

          12/13/1988 Domestic Policy Farewell Address, DAR Constitution Hall

          12/17/1988 Drop-by Stables at Rock Creek Park

          12/19/1988 Drop-by Citizens Against Government Waste

          01/06/1989 Drop-by Coalition for Fiscal Restraint Briefing

          01/10/1989 Workshop on Choice in Education

          01/10/1989 FDR Library Fundraiser  The Archives

          01/12/1989 Armed Forces Salute at Andrews Air Force Base

          01/13/1989 Meeting with Soviet / U.S. High School Students

          01/16/1989 Private Dinner at the Laxalt Residence

          01/18/1989 Greet Notre Dame Football Team



          OA 10022

          02/19/1981-02/22/1981 President's Visit to Santa Barbara, California

          03/13/1981-03/15/1981 President's Visit to New York

          04/01/1981 Trip of the President to Springfield, Illinois

          04/08/1981 Trip of the President to Cincinnati, Ohio

          05/16/1981 Pascagoula, Mississippi - Ticonderosa Christening

          05/17/1981 Trip to Notre Dame (Commencement Address) (1)-(5)

          05/22/1981-05/26/1981 Private Time at Ranch

          05/27/1981 West Point Address

          06/24/1981 Trip to San Antonio (1)-(8)

          06/24/1981-06/29/1981 Los Angeles (1)-(7)

          06/29/1981 Denver National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Convention (1)-(4)

          07/08/1981 Trip to Chicago (Thompson Dinner)


          OA 10023

          07/30/1981 Trip of the President to Atlanta, Georgia

          August 1981-September 1981 Trip to California

          August 1981-September 1981 Trip to California #2

          09/03/1981 Chicago Trip

          09/07/1981 [New York Trip]

          09/17/1981-09/18/1981 Trip to Grand Rapids

          09/17/1981-09/18/1981 [Trip to Denver, Grand Rapids]

          09/24/1981 Trip to Richmond

          09/28/1981 Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana - International Association of Chiefs of Police Speech / GOP Fundraiser (1)-(5)

          10/15/1981 Trip to Philadelphia, PA (World Affairs Council) (1)(2)

          10/15/1981 New Jersey GOP Fundraisers


          OA 10025

          10/18/1981-10/19/1981 Trip to Yorktown / Williamsburg

          10/19/1981 Battle of Yorktown (1)-(7)

          10/19/1981 Battle of Yorktown: [Tickets: Yorktown]

          10/27/1981 Marshal Coleman for Governor (Virginia)

          11/06/1981 Trip to New York, New York

          11/13/1981-11/15/1981 [Trip to Houston and San Antonio]

          11/13/1981-11/15/1981 Trip to Texas

          11/22/1981-11/30/1981 Trip to California

          11/30/1981 Ohio GOP Fundraising Receptions - Cincinnati, Ohio

          12/27/1981-01/03/1982 Trip of the President to California

          01/14/1982 Trip of the President to New York


          OA 10029

          02/08/1982-02/09/1982 Trip to Minneapolis, Des Moines, Indianapolis

          03/02/1982-03/08/1982 Cheyenne, WY; Albuquerque, NM and California

          03/02/1982 Cheyenne, Wyoming Trip Desk: Marti Frucci

          03/02/1982 Albuquerque, New Mexico Trip Desk: Marti Frucci

          03/02/1982 Trip to New Mexico

          03/02/1982 New Mexico

          03/03/1982 Los Angeles Trip

          03/03/1982 - Santa Barbara (1)-(3)

          03/15/1982-03/16/1982 Trip to Montgomery, AL; Nashville, TN: Oklahoma City

          03/15/1982-03/16/1982 Montgomery, Nashville, Oklahoma City Manifests and OK Hotel Requests

          03/15/1982 Montgomery, Alabama

          03/15/1982 Nashville, Tennessee

          03/15/1982-03/16/1982 Oklahoma City

          03/23/1982 New York City Trip (National Conference - Christians / Jews)

          04/15/1982 Trip to Chicago

          05/01/1982-05/02/1982 Trip to World's Fair


          OA 14847

          05/01/1982 Knoxville, Tennessee

          05/09/1982-05/10/1982 Trip to Chicago (1)-(6)

05/10/1982 Trip to Eureka (1)-(3)       

          05/14/1982 Trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

          05/25/1982-05/31/1982 Trip of the President to California

          05/26/1982-05/31/1982 Trip to California

          06/15/1982-06/16/1982 Trip to Houston, Texas

          06/17/1982 Trip to New York City (United Nations)

          07/01/1982 and 07/05/1982-07/07/1982 Los Angeles, California

          07/01/1982-07/12/1982 Santa Barbara

          07/04/1982 Edwards AFB (Space Shuttle) (1)-(5)

          07/13/1982 Trip to Baltimore


          OA 14848

          07/22/1982 Trip to St. Louis

          08/02/1982-08/03/1982 Iowa / Connecticut - General Information

          08/02/1982 Trip to Des Moines, Iowa

          08/03/1982 Trip to Hartford, Connecticut

          08/11/1982 Trip to Montana

          08/20/1982-09/06/1982 Trip of the President, Arizona and California

          08/24/1982 Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah

          09/09/1982-09/10/1982  Trip to Kansas and Utah

          09/09/1982 Kansas

          09/17/1982 Trip of the President to New Jersey [I]

          09/17/1982 Trip of the President to New Jersey [II]

          09/27/1982 Trip of the President Richmond, Virginia

          10/04/1982 Trip to Ohio (1)-(4)

          10/04/1982 [Ohio Pre-Advance] (1)-(9)


          OA 14849

          10/07/1982-10/11/1982 [Trip to Nevada, California, Texas]

          10/07/1982 Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

          10/07/1982 Trip to Reno Nevada

          10/07/1982-10/11/1982 Trip to Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Barbara, California

          10/08/1982 Trip to San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico

          10/11/1982 Trip to Dallas, Texas

          10/20/1982-10/21/1982 Trip to Illinois and Nebraska

          10/20/1982-10/21/1982 Illinois / Nebraska Lynn Morgan

          10/20/1982-10/21/1982 Chapin / Peoria / Omaha

          10/26/1982 Raleigh, North Carolina


          OA 14850

          10/28/1982-10/29/1982 Trip to Wyoming, Montana, Utah and New Mexico

          10/28/1982 Trip to Casper Wyoming

          10/28/1982 Trip to Great Falls, Montana

          10/28/1982-10/29/1982 Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

          10/29/1982 Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah

          10/29/1982 Trip to Roswell, New Mexico

          11/13/1982 Dr. Loyal Davis Memorial Chicago, Illinois

          11/16/1982-11/17/1982 New Orleans, South Florida

          11/16/1982-11/17/1982 [New Orleans and South Florida]

          11/23/1982-11/29/1982 Trip to California

          12/27/1982–01/03/1983 Phoenix, Los Angeles, Palm Springs

          12/27/1982–01/02/1983 Arizona and California

          12/27/1982–01/03/1983 Trip of the President to Arizona and California

          01/11/1983 Trip to Dallas, Texas

          01/19/1983 Trip to Chicago, Illinois

          01/26/1983 Trip to Boston, Massachusetts

          02/01/1983 Trip to St. Louis

          02/28/1983-03/05/1983 California

          02/28/1983-03/05/1983 Trip to California


          OA 14851

          03/05/1983 Kalmath Falls

          03/08/1983 Orlando, Florida

          03/30/1983-04/03/1983 California

          03/30/1983-04/03/1983 [Trip to California]

          04/06/1983 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Control Data Conference on Dislocated Workers

          04/21/1983-04/22/1983 Trip Book - NY, NY through Ashland, OH

          04/27/1983 New York

          04/29/1983 Houston, Texas (1)-(4)

          04/29/1983-04/30/1983  [Trip to Houston, Texas] (1)-(4)

          [05/05/1983-05/09/1983 Trip to Texas, Arizona and California] (1)-(5)

          05/05/1983 San Antonio, Texas (1)-(5)

          05/05/1983-05/09/1983 Event: Phoenix, AZ and Santa Barbara, CA (1)-(4)


          OA 14852

          05/09/1983 Ashland, Ohio (1)-(10)

          05/20/1983 Miami, Florida

          05/21/1983 Seton Hall Commencement at South Orange, New Jersey

          06/09/1983 Minneapolis, Minnesota

          06/14/1983-06/15/1983 Trip to Tennessee and New Mexico [I]

          [06/14/1983-06/15/1983 Trip to Tennessee and New Mexico - II]

          06/14/1983 Albuquerque, NM

          06/20/1983 GOP Fundraiser Jackson, Mississippi


          OA 14853

          06/23/1983 American Medical Association Chicago, Illinois

          06/29/1983-07/ 05/1983 Trip to Kentucky, Kansas and California [I] (1)-(3)

          06/29/1983-07/ 05/1983 [Trip to Kentucky, Kansas and California - II] (1)-(4)

          06/29/1983-07/ 05/1983 [Trip to Kentucky, Kansas and California - III] (1)-(3)

          06/29/1983 Louisville, Kentucky (1)-(3)

          06/29/1983 Kansas City, Kansas (1)-(4)

          06/29/1983-06/30/1983 Whittier and Long Beach, California (1)-(4)

          06/29/1983-06/30/1983 Whittier and Long Beach, California [Bill Henkel]

          07/05/1983 Trip of President from California to Washington

          07/18/1983 Hollywood, Florida

          08/02/1983 Trip to Atlanta, Georgia - American Bar Association

          08/12/1983-08/15/1983 Trip to Florida, Texas, Mexico and Louisiana


          OA 14854

          08/12/1983 Tampa, Florida - Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

          08/12/1983-08/14/1983 American GI Forum, El Paso, Texas

          08/14/1983 La Paz, Mexico [I]

          08/14/1983 [La Paz, Mexico - II]

          08/14/1983 [La Paz, Mexico - III]

          08/14/1983-08/15/1983 Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana

          08/14/1983-09/05/1983 Santa Barbara

          08/21/1983-08/26/1983 Los Angeles, California [I]

          08/21/1983-08/26/1983 Los Angeles, California [II]

          08/23/1983 Seattle, Washington American Legion Convention

          08/26/1983 Trip to San Diego, California


          OA 14855

          09/20/1983 Columbia, SC Fundraising for Senator Thurmond

          09/25/1983-09/26/1983 New York, New York [I]

          09/25/1983-09/26/1983 New York, New York [II]

          09/25/1983-09/26/1983 New York, New York [III]

          10/07/1983 National Federation of GOP Women - Louisville, Kentucky

          10/21/1983-10/23/1983 Augusta, Georgia (1)-(4)

          10/27/1983-10/28/1983 Dallas, Texas

          10/27/1983-10/28/1983 Dallas and Las Vegas [I]

          10/27/1983-10/28/1983 [Dallas and Las Vegas - II]

          11/03/1983 Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

          11/23/1983-11/27/1983 Santa Barbara, California

          12/08/1983 Indianapolis, Indiana

          12/12/1983 New York: Congressional Medal of Honor Luncheon

          12/27/1983-01/02/1984 California


          OA 14856

          01/26/1984 Atlanta Georgia

          01/31/1984 Chicago, Illinois - International Concrete Aggregates

          02/06/1984 Dixon, Illinois

          02/06/1984 Eureka, Illinois

          02/06/1984-02/07/1984 Las Vegas, Nevada - National Association of Secondary School Principals

          02/07/1984-02/12/1984 Santa Barbara, California

          02/20/1984 Waterloo, Iowa

          02/20/1984 Des Moines, Iowa

          03/06/1984 Columbus, Ohio and NY, NY

          03/06/1984 Trip to New York, NY

          03/06/1984 Columbus, Ohio -- National Evangelicals


          OA 14857

          04/05/1984 Trip to New York City

          04/12/1984 Kansas City, Missouri and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Economic Recovery Trip

          04/19/1984-04/22/1984 Tacoma, Washington / Santa Barbara, CA Part I

          04/19/1984-04/22/1984 Tacoma, Washington / Santa Barbara, CA Part II

          05/01/1984-05/02/1984 Trip of the President to Fairbanks, Alaska

          05/29/1984 Trip to Colorado Springs

          06/13/1984 Bloomfield, New Jersey


          OA 14858

          06/17/1984 International Games for Disabled, Opening Day in New York

          06/20/1984 Hartford, Connecticut

          06/20/1984 New Jersey

          07/04/1984 Daytona Beach, Florida

          07/04/1984-07/05/1984 Huntsville, Alabama

          07/06/1984 Trip of the President to San Antonio, Texas

          07/10/1984 Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

          07/11/1984 Theodore Roosevelt Island

          07/12/1984 Trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky

          07/19/1984 Summit Conference of Caribbean Heads of State, Columbia, South Carolina

          07/25/1984-07/26/1984 Trip to Atlanta, Georgia (Texas / Georgia / New Jersey)


          OA 14859

          07/25/1984 Trip to Austin, Texas

          07/26/1984 Elizabeth and Hoboken, New Jersey

          07/26/1984 Trip of the President to New Jersey

          07/28/1984-08/15/1984 Trip of the President to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California

          07/28/1984-08/15/1984 Santa Barbara / Los Angeles / Santa Barbara (#1)

          08/19/1984 Trip of the President to Sedalia, Missouri

          08/20/1984 Cincinnati Ohio and Decatur Illinois

          08/22/1984-08/24/1984 [Trip to Dallas, Texas]


          OA 16611

          08/22/1984-08/24/1984 The Republican Convention Dallas, Texas

          08/22/1984-08/24/1984 Dallas, TX

          08/24/1984 Memos

          08/24/1984 Chicago, Illinois (VFW Convention)

          09/02/1984-09/04/1984 Orange County and Santa Clara County, California to Salt Lake City, Utah (Part I)

          09/02/1984-09/04/1984 Orange County and Santa Clara County, California to Salt Lake City, Utah (Part II)

          09/03/1984-09/04/1984 Trip of the President to Salt Lake City, Utah

          09/04/1984-09/05/1984 Trip of the President to Chicago, Illinois

          09/09/1984 Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Polish Festival


          OA 16612

          09/12/1984 Trip of the President to Buffalo / Broome County, New York

          09/13/1984 Trip of the President to Nashville, Tennessee

          09/19/1984 Waterbury, Connecticut and Hammonton, New Jersey

          09/20/1984 Trip of the President to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Grand Rapids, Michigan

          09/20/1984 Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Grand Rapids, Michigan [I]

          09/20/1984 [Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Grand Rapids, Michigan - II]

          09/20/1984 [Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Grand Rapids, Michigan - III]

          09/20/1984 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

          09/23/1984-09/24/1984 New York United Nations General Assembly

          09/26/1984 Canton, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

          09/26/1984 Canton, Ohio

          10/01/1984 Detroit, Michigan Part I

          10/01/1984 Detroit, Michigan Part II


          OA 16613

          10/02/1984-10/03/1984 Trip to Brownsville, Corpus Christi, and Houston, Texas

          10/04/1984 Charlotte, North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland

          10/07/1984-10/08/1984Louisville, Kentucky (Debate), Baltimore, Maryland and Charlotte, North Carolina

          10/10/1984 Trip of the President to Wayne / Macomb Counties, Michigan

          10/12/1984 Trip to Ohio (Whistle Stop Tour) (1)-(8)

          10/12/1984 Ohio (1)-(4)

          10/15/1984 Tuscaloosa, Macon and Greenville, South Carolina

          10/16/1984 Will County / Page County, Illinois (Part 1)

          10/16/1984 Will County / Page County, Illinois (Part 2)

          10/18/1984 Trip of the President to New York City - A.E. Smith Birthday

          10/22/1984 Palmdale and San Diego, California / Medford and Portland, Oregon

          10/23/1984-10/24/1984 Trip of the President to Portland, Seattle and Columbus, Ohio


          OA 16614

          10/24/1984 Kansas City, Missouri

          10/26/1984 Nassau County, New York / Fairfield, Connecticut / Hackensack, New Jersey

          10/19/1984 Millersburg and Media, Pennsylvania / Parkersburg, West Virginia

          11/01/1984-11/02/1984 Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Arkansas

          11/02/1984 Trip of the President - Campaign Swing

          11/03/1984-11/04/1984 From Arkansas to Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, California

          11/04/1984-11/05/1984 Saint Louis, Chicago, Sacramento

          11/05/1984-11/06/1984 Los Angeles, San Diego

          11/07/1984-11/11/1984 Trip to Santa Barbara [empty]

          11/17/1984-11/25/1984 Trip of the President to Santa Barbara

          12/27/1984-01/03/1985 Trip to Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California

          02/13/1985-02/17/1985 Trip of the President to Santa Barbara


          OA 16615

          03/28/1985 New York, New York

          03/28/1985 Visit New York Stock Exchange and St. Johns University

          04/05/1985-04/14/1985 Santa Barbara, California

          05/27/1985 Visit to Arlington Cemetery / Trip to Orlando and Miami, Florida

          05/27/1985 Trip of the President Florida - Orlando, Disney

          05/30/1985 Williamsburg, Virginia and Oshkosh, Wisconsin

          05/30/1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Courthouse Speech

          05/31/1985 Malvern, Pennsylvania

          06/05/1985-06/06/1985 Trip to Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama

          06/05/1985-06/06/1985 Trip to Oklahoma City, OK - Atlanta, GA - Birmingham, AL


          OA 16616

          06/19/1985 Trip of the President to Indianapolis, IN - 06/21/1985 Dallas, TX

          06/19/1985 Indianapolis, Indiana

          06/19/1985 Indianapolis, Indiana Jaycees

          06/21/1985 Trip of the President to Dallas, Texas

          06/25/1985 Raleigh, North Carolina

          06/28/1985 Chicago Heights, Illinois

          07/25/1985-07/26/1985 Texas, Georgia and New Jersey

          08/11/1985-09/02/1985 Trip to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Back to Santa Barbara

          08/20/1985-08/23/1985 Trip of the President to Los Angeles, California

          09/02/1985 Independence, Missouri - Tax Kickoff - Labor Day

          09/02/1985 Independence [Missouri] Event

          09/05/1985 Trip of the President to Raleigh, North Carolina

          09/05/1985 The President’s North Carolina State University Visit Edited Newscasts - Videotape (Stored in Audio Visual for preservation purposes)

          09/05/1985 Raleigh, NC

          09/05/1985 [Raleigh, NC]


          OA 16617

          09/12/1985 Tampa, Florida

          09/12/1985 Tampa, Florida

          09/18/1985 Trip of the President to Concord, New Hampshire

          09/18/1985 Concord, New Hampshire

          09/24/1985 Trip of the President to Knoxville and Athens, Tennessee

          09/24/1985 Tennessee

          10/03/1985 Cincinnati, Ohio

          10/04/1985 Trip of the President to Parsippany, New Jersey GOP Fundraiser

          10/10/1985 Deerfield and Chicago


          OA 16618

          10/15/1985 Trip to Boise, Idaho and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

          10/23/1985-10/25/1985 Trip to New York, New York for U. N. General Assembly

          11/27/1985-12/01/1985 Santa Barbara

          12/01/1985-12/02/1985 Los Angeles

          12/02/1985 Trip to Seattle, Washington

          12/04/1985 Trip of the President to Fallston, Maryland

          12/05/1985-12/06/1985 Trip of the President to New York, New York

          12/16/1985 Trip of the President to Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Visit Rayburn House Office Building (1)-(6)

          12/27/1985-01/02/1986 Trip of the President to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Mexicali


          OA 16619

          01/31/1986 Trip of the President to Johnson Space Center (Houston, Texas)

          02/12/1985-02/15/1986 St. Louis, Missouri and Santa Barbara, California

          03/27/1986-04/06/1986 Trip of the President to New Orleans, Louisiana and Santa Barbara, California

          04/18/1986 New York, New York

          04/18/1986 New York Fundraiser - Senator D’Amato

          05/07/1986 Trip of the President to Anchorage, Alaska

          06/04/1986 Trip to Parris Island, South Carolina and Greensboro, North Carolina

          06/19/1986 Glassboro, New Jersey

          06/25/1986 Trip of the President to Las Vegas, Nevada

          06/25/1986-06/30/1986 Trip of the President to Santa Barbara, California

          07/03/1986-07/05/1986 Liberty Weekend New York

          07/03/1986-07/05/1986 Liberty Weekend Itineraries

          [07/03/1986-07/05/1986 Liberty Weekend] (Notebook)

          07/04/1986 Operation Sail 1986 Captain's Handbook (Notebook)

          07/04/1986 Operation Sail 1986


          OA 16620

          07/10/1986 Trip of the President to Dothan, Alabama

          07/23/1986-07/24/1986 Dallas, Miami and Columbia South Carolina

          08/12/1986 Trip of the President to Chicago, Illinois

          08/12/1986 Trip of the President to Springfield, Illinois

          08/16/1986-08/26/1986 Trip of the President to Santa Barbara, California

          08/16/1986-08/26/1986 Los Angeles and Return

          08/29/1986-09/08/1986 Trip of the President to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California

          09/18/1986 Trip of President to New Orleans and Alabama

          09/22/1986 Address the U.N. General Assembly New York, New York

          09/22/1986 Trip of the President to New York, New York (Notebook)

          09/23/1986 Trip of the President to Denver, Colorado

          09/24/1986 Trip of the President to Detroit, Michigan and Omaha, Nebraska


          OA 16621

          09/29/1986 Kansas City, Missouri and Sioux Falls, South Dakota

          10/01/1986 Carter Presidential Library Dedication Atlanta, Georgia

          10/08/1986 Raleigh, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia

          10/15/1986 Baltimore Maryland Linda Chevez Fundraiser

          10/17/1986 Grand Forks, North Dakota

          10/23/1986-10/24/1986 Trip of the President to Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tampa, Florida

          10/28/1986 Trip to Columbus, GA, Birmingham, AL and Charlotte, NC

          10/29/1986 Evansville, IN and Rapid City, SD


          OA 18371

          10/29/1986-10/30/1986 Colorado Springs, Colorado

          10/29/1986-10/30/1986 Colorado Springs, Colorado and Reno, Nevada

          11/03/1986 Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California

          11/04/1986 Return from Los Angeles, California

          11/26/1986-11/30/1986 Santa Barbara, California

          12/27/1986-01/02/1987 Palm Springs / Los Angeles, California

          03/26/1987 Columbia, Missouri

          03/26/1987 Columbia, Missouri Newspaper Clippings

          04/01/1987 Trip of the President to Pennsylvania


          OA 18987

          04/09/1987-04/11/1987 West Lafayette, Indiana and Los Angeles

          04/09/1987-04/11/1987 Trip of the President to Los Angeles, CA

          04/11/1987-04/20/1987 Trip of the President to Santa Barbara, CA

          05/03/1987 Trip to Ellis Island, New York

          05/06/1987 Harley Davidson, York, Pennsylvania

          05/09/1987 Bill Casey Funeral, Long Island, NY

          05/10/1987 Tuskegee, Alabama and Fayetteville, North Carolina

          05/19/1987 Chattanooga, Tennessee

          05/22/1987 Mayport, FL, USS Stark Memorial

          06/22/1987 Trip of the President to Melbourne, Florida


          OA 18988

          07/08/1987 New Britain, Connecticut

          07/13/1987 Danville and Indianapolis, Indiana

          07/27/1987 Trip to Hartford, West Bend, and Port Washington, Wisconsin

          08/13/1987-08/26/1987 Santa Barbara Part 1 / via Nebraska

          08/13/1987 North Platte, Nebraska

          08/25/1987-08/29/1987 Los Angeles, CA

          08/29/1987-09/06/1987 Trip to Santa Barbara

          09/06/1987 Trip to Topeka, Kansas

          09/10/1987 Trip of the President to Miami, Florida to Greet the Pope (1)-(4)

          09/17/1987 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

          09/21/1987 U.N. General Assembly, New York

          10/13/1987 Trip to Somerset and Whippany, NJ


          OA 18989

          10/27/1987 and 10/30/1987-11/01/1987 Trip of the President to Phoenix, AZ

          10/28/1987 Trip to West Point, NY

          11/24/1987-11/29/1987 Waterton, CO and Santa Barbara, CA

          11/24/1987-11/29/1987 Trip to Santa Barbara, CA

          12/01/1987 Jacksonville, FL

          12/27/1987-12/29/1987 Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California Pats I and II

          01/11/1988 Trip of the President to Cleveland, Ohio

          02/08/1988 Durham, NC, Duke University

          02/12/1988 Los Angeles, California, GOP Fundraiser

          02/13/1988-02/17/1988 Santa Barbara, CA

          03/09/1988 Trip of the President to South Bend, Indiana

          03/28/1988 Trip of the President to Richmond, VA

          04/01/1988-04/10/1988 Santa Barbara, CA

          04/04/1988 Coto de Caza, CA, Reagan Library Fundraiser

          04/10/1988 Las Vegas, Nevada, National Association of Broadcasters

          04/21/1988 Trip of the President to Springfield, Massachusetts


          OA 18990

          05/04/1988 Trip to Chicago, Illinois National Strategy Forum

          05/18/1988 Trip to New London, Connecticut, Coast Guard Academy

          06/29/1988 Trip of the President to Miami, Florida

          07/14/1988 Trip to Duquoin, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa

          07/17/1988-07/24/1988 Santa Barbara, CA

          08/08/1988 Trip of the President to Cincinnati, Ohio

          08/14/1988-08/23/1988 New Orleans

          08/16/1988-08/23/1988 Santa Barbara, CA

          08/23/1988-08/27/1988 The Trip of the President to Irvine and Los Angeles, CA

          08/27/1988-09/05/1988 The Trip of the President to Santa Barbara, CA

          09/06/1988 The Trip of the President to Hastings, NE and Louisville, KY

          09/14/1988 Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, MO


          OA 18991

          09/22/1988-09/23/1988 Waco and Houston, TX and Boca Raton, FL

          09/26/1988-09/27/1988 The President's 1988 U.N. General Assembly Address, New York

          09/30/1988 Chicago, Illinois

          10/07/1988 Sterling Heights and Detroit, MI

          10/12/1988 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and West Orange, New Jersey

          10/19/1988 Columbus, Bowling Green, and Cincinnati, OH

          10/21/1988 Trip of the President to Raleigh, NC and Bowling Green, KY

          10/26/1988 Trip of the President to Baltimore, Maryland

          10/27/1988-10/30/1988 Trip to Little Rock, AR, Springfield, MI, and California

          10/27/1988-11/01/1988 Trip of the President to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA


          OA 18992

          11/01/1988 Fullerton and San Bernardino, CA, Reno, NV and Milwaukee, WI

          11/02/1988 Trip of the President to Milwaukee, WI and Berea, OH

          11/05/1988 Trip to Warren, MI and Mesquite, Texas

          11/07/1988 Trip of the President to Long Beach and San Diego, CA

          11/04/1988 Trip of the President to Palos Hills, Ill and Vorhees, NJ

          11/16/1988 Charlottesville, VA

          11/21/1988-11/27/1988 Trip to Simi Valley and Santa Barbara

          12/07/1988 Trip to New York

          12/23/1988-01/02/1989 Trip to Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA

          01/02/1989-01/05/1989 Trip to Los Angeles, CA and Return to Washington, D.C. – Merv Griffin Dinner in Los Angeles 01/04/1989

          01/13/1989 Trip to New York City

          [01/20/1989 Inauguration and Return to California]

          [Yellow pad - Miscellaneous Trip Notes]



          OA 10505

          07/20/1981-07/21/1981 Ottawa Summit

          07/20/1981-07/21/1981 [Ottawa Summit - Detailed Program]

          July 1981 Economic Summit - Ottawa, Canada

          July 1981 Economic Summit - Ottawa, Canada (Bound Trip Book)


          OA 14911

          06/03/1982-06/10/1982 European Trip

          [06/03/1982-06/10/1982 European Trip]

          [June 1982 European Trip]

          Miscellaneous Information


          Berlin, Germany

          06/11/1982 Presidential Visit U.S. Army - Berlin (Notebook)


          Windsor - England


          [June 1982 European Trip Small Trip Book]

          [1982 European Trip - Small Trip Books]

          June 1982 The Trip of President Reagan to France, The Vatican, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany (1)-(4)

          Press Credentials

          Press Telephones / Telex

          Press Helicopters

          Briefing Schedules / Media Plan

          General Information and Memos

          Advance Representatives / Embassy Contacts / Host Government Contacts

          Thank You Letters

          Trip Announcements

          White House Pre-Advance, Bonn 05/05/1982-05/06/1982

          [June 1982 Pre-Advance for the President's Trip to Europe]


          OA 15537

          05/28/1983-05/30/1983 Williamsburg Summit

          [05/28/1983-05/30/1983 Williamsburg Summit - Planning]

          Memos and Schedules

          Miscellaneous and Pictures

          [Background Information]

          ["The Advance Process"]

          05/27/1983-05/30/1983 Trip to Williamsburg, VA - Small Trip Book


          OA 17071

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984 Ireland, Normandy and the London Economic Summit (Bound Trip Book)

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984 Ireland, Normandy and the London Economic Summit (Small Trip Book)

          Europe / London Summit (Envelope)

          Europe / Memos (Envelope)

          Europe / Press (Envelope)

          Europe / POTUS Summary Schedule (Envelope)

          London / Summit: Press (Envelope)

          Europe / Summit White House Group Meeting (Envelope)

          Europe: London Summit

          Europe: General (Envelope)

          1984 European Trip (Notebook)

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984 Europe: Buildup of Personnel (Ireland, England and France) (1)(2)

          Ireland: Deaver Ireland Survey Trip

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984 Ireland: Diagrams for the Trip of the President to Ireland, England and France (Draft of Trip Book) (1)-(3)

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984 Ireland: Diagrams for the Trip of the President to Ireland, England and France (Contains Original Diagrams) (1)-(3)

          Ireland: Ballyporeen Advance Arrivals

          Ireland: Dublin Personnel

          Ireland: Normandy Personnel

          Ireland: Shannon, Ashford, Galway Personnel (Actual / Advance)

          Ireland: City Brochures (1)-(3)

          Ireland: Correspondence re: Ballyporeen (1)(2)

          Ireland: Genealogy (Reagan)

          Ireland: Invitations (1)-(4)

          Ireland: Maps and Tour Guides (1)-(4)

          Ireland: Record Album: "Jury’s Irish Cabaret of Dublin on Tour" (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation)


          Europe: Hotels

          Europe: Hotel Requirements

          Europe: Correspondence

          Europe: Manifest Requests

          Europe: Participants Access Lists

          Europe: Personal Schedules

          Europe: Remarks

          Trip Book: Trip of the President to Ireland, Normandy and the London Economic Summit 06/01/1984-06/10/1984 (Green Binder) (1)-(4)

          Floor Plans: American Embassy - London

          Ireland: Floor Plans - Ashford Castle

          06/01/1984-06/10/1984  The Trip of President Reagan to Ireland, Normandy, and the London Economic Summit  [from binder]  (1)-(4)


          OA 18955

          04/30/1985-05/06/1985 Trip Book - Part I Federal Republic of Germany

          05/06/1985-05/10/1985 Trip Book - Part II Spain, the European Parliament and Portugal

          Complete Schedule

          Europe: Pre-Advance Folders and Information

          Europe: Pre-Advance Folders and Information: Europe

          Europe: Special Mission Schedule (February 1985)

          Europe: Advance Assignments and Travel Arrangements

          Europe: Guests and Staff Memos, Departure Memos, Senior Staff Memo

          Europe: Plane / Helicopter Manifests

          Europe: First Draft and Outline Schedules

          Europe: Miscellaneous Memos

          04/30/1985 The President and Mrs. Reagan’s Departure for Europe,

          05/10/1985 The President’s Arrival from Europe, South Lawn

          Europe: Diagrams - Bonn, Germany

          Europe Photos: Strasbourg Pictures (Envelope)

          Speech / Strasbourg

          Diagrams Strasbourg

          POTUS’ Personal Schedules Europe, May 1985

          Europe: Official Party and Meeting Participant Lists

          Europe - Thank You List

          [Orientation Packets - Germany]

          Europe: Personnel Buildups, Hotel Assignments and Requirements

          Site Survey to the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Spain and Portugal February 1985

          Pre-Advance to the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Spain and Portugal March 1985

          Europe Pre-Advance

          Advance to the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Spain and Portugal April 1985

          Europe Advance


          [Newspaper Clippings]

          Background Strasbourg

          [Proposed Schedules, Madrid, Strasbourg and Lisbon 05/06/1985-05/10/1985]


          OA 18956

          04/25/1986-05/07/1986 Far East Trip Complete Set of Schedules

          President’s Personal Schedules

          Asia Itineraries

          Newspaper Clippings

          Pre-Advance to the Far East: 02/22/1986-03/02/1986 (Notebook)


          [1986:] Regan/Henkel Memos (1)-(4)

          Aircraft Manifests, etc.

          Press Credentials

          Passport/Visa Information

          South Lawn Departure and Arrival


          OA 18985


          Survey Mission

          01/21/1986-01/31/1986 Survey Mission to the Far East (Binder)

          Trip Meeting

          Room/Personnel Buildup

          Daily Update Memorandums

          Traveling Guests and Staff Memos


          Miscellaneous Memos

          Thank Yous

          Miscellaneous Los Angeles Information

          Miscellaneous Honolulu Information

          Miscellaneous Guam Information

          Miscellaneous Bali Info.

          Photo Albums (2) Bali (Stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation - See Transfer Sheet for Contents)

          Miscellaneous Tokyo Information


          [Akasaka Palace Brochure]


          OA 18986

          06/03/1987-06/12/1987 Europe and the Economic Summit Complete Set of Schedules

          [Briefing Book] (Notebook)

          Europe Trip 1987

          [Europe 1987]

          04/22/1987-05/01/1987 Pre-Advance (Notebook)

          April 1987-May 1987 Economic Summit; Europe Mission

          03/07/1987-03/13/1987 Special Issues Mission

          01/24/1987-02/01/1987 Special Mission to Bonn, Berlin, Rome and Venice

          01/24/1987-02/01/1987 Survey Mission

          January 1987 Survey Trip to Europe (Notebook)


          OA 19001

          Survey/Pre-Advance Photos: Castel Porzino (Envelope)

          Survey/Pre-Advance Photos: Castel Porzino (Envelope)

          Survey/Pre-Advance Photos: [Berlin] (Envelope)

          Survey/Pre-Advance Photos: Naval Museum, Victor Emmanuel Monument, Rome (Envelope)

          12/01/1986-12/05/1986 Fact Finding Mission

          Regan/Baker/Poindexter/Carlucci Memos

          Daily Update Memos

          Outline Schedules

          Personal Schedules

          First Lady’s Information

          Aircraft Manifests

          Aircraft/Travel/Hotel Requests

          Miscellaneous Aircraft Schedule

          Bilateral Meeting Participants

          Embassy Requests/Memorandums

          Event Set-up Sheets

          Gifts/Certificates List

          Issues Papers

          Marshall Plan Information

          Memos for the President

          Memo to Counselor Puri Purini

          Miscellaneous Memos

          Official Party Lists

          Planning Meeting Notes

          Press/Media Information

          Speech Information

          Talking Points


          OA 19005

          Thank Yous

          Traveling Guests and Staff Memorandums

          Berlin Miscellaneous

          Berlin Background Information

          Bonn Miscellaneous

          Vatican/Rome Miscellaneous

          Canceled Rome Trip Information

          Venice Miscellaneous


          OA 19010

          06/19/1988-06/21/1988 Toronto, Canada Briefing Book (Notebook)

          06/19/1988-06/21/1988 Toronto, Canada First Lady’s Schedule

          06/19/1988-06/21/1988 Toronto, Canada President’s Schedule

          04/25/1988-04/26/1988 Pre-Advance

          04/25/1988-04/26/1988 Toronto - White House Pre-Advance Visit (Notebook)