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ALLIN, LYNDON K. (MORT): Files, 1981-1983


Press Secretary, Office of


This collection is arranged in four series: SERIES I: Chronological File; SERIES II: Subject File; SERIES III: Economic Summit Trips; SERIES IV: Foreign Trips.


SERIES I: Chronological File

OA 7997

Mort Allin Chron 01/19/1981-12/31/1981

Mort Allin Chron 01/01/1982-05/31/1982

Mort Allin Chron 06/01/1982-12/28/1982

Mort Allin Chron 01/01/1983-07/15/1983

Allin – Personal Correspondence from 03/01/1982


SERIES II: Subject File

OA 7997, cont.

Adelman, Kenneth

Afghanistan Day

Allen (Richard) Statements

Announcements – Foreign Heads of State and Others

Bishops’ Letter


CIA Executive Order

Foreign Policy Issues Update

Haig (Alexander) Statements

Interview Request (Pre-Inaugural 01/20/1981)

Law of the Sea

Meese Interview


OA 7998

NSC Interview Requests

Peace Corps

"People Like Us" (CBS Program) 04/21/1982

Pipes, Richard (NSC)

Presidential Messages

Presidential Press Conference Materials

President's Commission on Strategic Forces I

President's Commission on Strategic Forces II


USIA (1)-(22)

World Press Institute (MacAlester College)


SERIES III: Economic Summit Trips

OA 7999

Cancun (Mexico) Summit 1981 (1)-(5)

Canada (Ottawa Economic Summit 1981) (07/19/1981-07/21/1981) (1)-(9)

European Summit 06/1982

Williamsburg Economic Summit May 1983


SERIES IV: Foreign Trips

OA 8000

Canada Trip (03/10/1981-03/11/1981) (1)-(6)

Latin American Trip 11/30/1982-12/04/1982)