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A preliminary arrangement was completed on this office resulting in six series.  They are: SERIES I: Presidential Schedules; SERIES II: Set-Up Memos; SERIES III: Subject Files; SERIES IV: Phyllis Hallahan Material; SERIES V: State Files; SERIES VI: Event Files; SERIES VII: Administration. 


Series IV was donated to the Library by the estate of Phyllis Hallahan, a longtime volunteer in the Office of Appointments and Scheduling. Material includes drafts, outgoing letters written by Hallahan in response to requests for meetings with the President; inserts and background material included in outgoing letters; administrative material for the Office; and general instructive memos to all of the White House Staff. Hallahan continued past January 20, 1989 so a very small amount of work product for the George H.W. Bush Administration is included in this material.  


The three directors of this office were Gregory Newell, 1981-1982; William Sadlier, 1982-1983; and Frederick J. Ryan, 1983-1989.  The Library has a separate collection for both Newell and Ryan.  We do not have a collection for Sadlier.  His workproduct may be found within office series.


Mr. Ryan served as the Director of Private Sector Initiatives, so some of the event and subject folders cross over as part of the agenda for this office.





          OA 6102

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1981]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1982]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1983]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1984]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1985]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1985]


          OA 9029

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1986 (President's Travel Schedule)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1986 (President's Travel Schedule)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1986]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1987 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1987]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued January 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued in January 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued February 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued March 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued April 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued May 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued June 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued July 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1988 (Stamped Copies)]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1988]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1988]

          Short Range Blocks [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1988-December


          Original [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1988-December 1988]

          Friday - Block Changes [Monthly Block Schedules Issued August 1988 - Working


          Friday - Block Changes [Monthly Block Schedules Issued September 1988 –

Working Copies]

          Friday - Block Changes [Monthly Block Schedules Issued October 1988 - Working


Friday - Block Changes [Monthly Block Schedules Issued November 1988 –

Working Copies]

          Friday - Block Changes [Monthly Block Schedules Issued December 1988 – Working Copies]

          [Monthly Block Schedules Proposed 08/06/1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1981]


          OA 9030

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules October 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules November 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules December 1981]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules January 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1982]


          OA 9031

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules October 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules November 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules December 1982]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules January 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1983]


          OA 9032

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules October 1983]


          OA 9755

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules November 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules December 1983]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules January 1984] (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1984]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1984] (1)(2)


          OA 11169

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1984]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1984] (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1984] (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1984] (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1984]


          OA 11170

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1984]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules October 1984]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules November 1984]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules December 1984]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules January 1985] (1)(2)


          OA 11364

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1985]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1985]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] April 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] May 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] June 1985


          OA 11365

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] July 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] August 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] September 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] October 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] November 1985

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] December 1985


          OA 13838

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules January 1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1986]


          OA 13839

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1986]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1986] 

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1986] 

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] October 1986 (1)(2)


          OA 14706

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] November 1986 (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] December 1986

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] January 1987

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] February 1987

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules] March 1987 (1)(2)


          OA 14707

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1987]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1987] 

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1987]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1987] (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1987]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1987]


          OA 15374

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules October 1987] (1)(2)

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules November 1987] 

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules December 1987] 

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules February 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules March 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules April 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules May 1988]


          OA 15375

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules June 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules July 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules August 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules September 1988]

          [Narrative Presidential Schedules October 1988]

          [Summary Schedules 1981]

          [Summary Schedules 1982] (1)-(3)

          [Summary Schedules 1983] (1)(2)

          [Summary Schedules 1984]

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1981]

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1982]

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1983]

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1984]

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1985] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1986] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Summary Memo November 1986-January 1987]

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1987] (1)-(3)

          [Schedule Summary Memos 1988]

          [Presidential Time Scheduled and Used - January to April 1983]

          [Confirmed Schedules 1981]

          [Confirmed Schedules 1982]

          [President's Schedule Issued 10/22/1982]

          [Sampling of Presidential Schedules Issued 1983]

          [President's Schedule Issued 08/11/1988]

          [Possible Events January 1983-February 1983]

          [Upcoming Events 1984 (as of February 1984)]

          [90-Day Plan May 1985]

          [90-Day Plan September 1985]

          [Proposed Events 1985]

          [Long Range Scheduling Proposals 1985]

          [Schedule Proposals: List of Proposals Received (11/27/1984-05/21/1985)]

          [Schedule Proposals: List of Proposals Received (05/22/1985-12/31/1985)]

          [Schedule Proposals February 1986] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals March 1986] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals April 1986] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals May 1986] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals June 1986]

          [Schedule Proposals April 1988] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals May 1988] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals June 1988] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals July 1988] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals August 1988] (1)-(3)

          [Schedule Proposals September 1988] (1)(2)

          [Schedule Proposals October 1988]

          [Schedule Proposals November 1988]

          [NSC Requests February 1983-March 1983]

          NSC Proposals, March 1983-December 1983 (1)-(6)

          [Head of State Visits 1983]

          [Foreign Leaders – Proposed Meetings]

          [NSC Long-Range Scheduling Book August 1985] (1)(2)

          [NSC Long-Range Scheduling Book March 1986] (1)(2)

          [NSC: National Security Priorities September 1985]

          [NSC Six-Month Plan for January 1986 – June 1986]

          [NSC Events Meeting 03/24/1986]

          [NSC 180-Day Calendar 07/07/1986]

          [Congressional Requests 1986-1987]

          [Long-Range Agenda Accepted Items / Item Regrets 05/16/1984]

          [Political Scheduling 1982] (1)-(3)

          [Summary of Scheduling Requests by Ed Meese 01/17/1984]

          [Calendar of Events 1985]

          [Handwritten Notes Regarding Potential Events]

          Monthly Schedule (Working Papers) [Blank Forms]



          OA 16604

          Setup Memos for January 1981

          Setup Memos for February 1981

          Setup Memos for March 1981

          Setup Memos for April 1981

          Setup Memos for May 1981

          Setup Memos for June 1981

          Setup Memos for July 1981

          Setup Memos for August 1981

          Setup Memos for September 1981

          October Setup Memos 1981

          Setup Memos for November 1981

          December Setup Memos 1981

          Setup Memos for January 1982

          Setup Memos for February 1982

          Setup Memos for March 1982

          Setup Memos for April 1982

          Setup Memos May 1982

          [Setup Memos for June 1982]

          Setup Memos for July 1982

          Setup Memos for August 1982

          September Setups 1982

          Setup Memos for October 1982

          November Setup Memos 1982

          Setups for December 1982

          Setup Memos for January 1983

          Setup Memos for February 1983


          OA 16855

          Setup Memos for March 1983

          Setup Memos for April 1983

          Setups for May 1983

          [Setup Memos for June 1983]

          Setup Memos for July 1983

          Setup Memos for August 1983

          Setup Memos for September 1983

          Setups for October 1983

          Setups for November 1983

          Setups for December 1983

          January Setups 1984

          Setup Memos for February 1984

          Setup Memos for March 1984

          Setup Memos for April 1984

          Setup Memos for May 1984

          [Setup Memos for June 1984]

          Setups for July 1984

          Setups for August 1984



          OA 18338

          Adopt a School

          Adult Literacy




          Bicentennial of U.S. Constitution


          Blue Collar

          Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

          [British-American Conference on PSI]

          Brusselmans, Ann

          [FY 1987 Budget Advocacy Material]

          [Budget Offensive Calendar January 1986-February 1986]

          [Meetings with Business Leaders]

          Camarena, Enrique

          Camp Good Times PSI

          Camp Ronald McDonald

          Carmen, Gerald

          Catholic (1)-(4)

          CBS Portrait Series

          Child Care

          [Commemorative Proclamations 1981 (List)]




          [Douglas, Keri]

          Economic Recovery


          [Education] (1)-(5)

          Education Events


          OA 18339

          Enterprise Zones (1)-(3)


          [Environmental Events 1983]

          Ethnic Groups

          [Fairness II - An Executive Briefing Book 05/01/1983]




          High Tech


          OA 18340



          [Inaugural Fund Surplus 1985]

          [Lowe, Edward Material]

          Medal of Freedom General Information

          Medal of Freedom 1985

          Medal of Freedom 1986

          Medal of Freedom 1987

          Medal of Freedom 1988

          Medal of Freedom 1989


          Morris, Edmund

          [Morris, Edmund]

          Morrow, Doug


          Policemen and Firemen

          [Populism] (1)(2)

          [President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports – Executive Order]

          [President: Voting]

          [Private Sector Initiatives: ABC/PBS Literary Campaign]

          [Private Sector Initiatives: International Conferences]

          [Private Sector Initiatives: Robinson, James D. III]

          [Reagan, Maureen: Salute to First Lady]

          [Secondary School Recognition Program / Progress Report 04/13/1983]

          Senior Citizens

          Small Business


          OA 18341

          [Social Spending:  Speech Material]


          [U.S. Space Camp Training Program - Manual]

          Background Information on U.S. Space Camp (Envelope)

          VHS Tape "U.S. Space Camp Adventure" (Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation)

          U.S. Space Camp Newsletters for Past Camp Attendees (Envelope)

          Photographs of the Space Center and U.S. Space Camp (Envelope)

          Background Information of Space and Rocket Center (Envelope)

          VHS Tape "Space and Rocket Center (NASA)" (Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation)

          Past Articles on U.S. Space Camp (Envelope)

          Space & Rocket Center (NASA) - (Videotape - moved to A/V for storage)

          U.S. Space Camp Adventure" (Videotape - moved to A/V for storage)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial (1)-(3)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Initial Planning]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Liberty Weekend ’86 – First Draft]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Packet – October 1985]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Presidential Activities] (1)(2)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial: The President and Mrs. Reagan’s Participation in

Liberty Weekend

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [General (February 1986 – April 1986)] (1)-(3)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Pre-Advance Trip]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Medal of Liberty]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Medal of Liberty Candidates] (1)-(5)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Operation Sail 1986 Brochure]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Operation Sail 1986 (Small Packet)]

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Operation Sail 1986 (Large Packet)] (1)-(3)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Invitees] (1)(2)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Memos and Speech Texts (Binder)] (1)(2)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Media Packet] (1)(2)

          Statue of Liberty Centennial [Television and Press Coverage]

          Trade Forums

          United Way 1987



          Wirthlin, Richard

          [Wirthlin, Richard – Memos 01/13/1983–01/17/1983]  (1)(2)

          [Wirthlin, Richard – Appointments June 1985-November 1985]

          [Wirthlin, Richard – Appointments April 1987-October 1988]




SERIES IV: Phyllis Hallahan Material

          OA 18342

          [Event Programs and Invitations] (1)-(4)

          [Drafts of Outgoing Letters Composed by Phyllis Hallahan] (1)-(22)

          [Lithographs] (1)(2)

          [Office of Appointments and Scheduling – Binder] (1)-(4)

          [Office of Appointments and Scheduling – Memos] (1)(2)

          [Office of the Press Secretary Announcements]

          [Publications] (1)-(5)

          [Reagan Greeting and Holiday Cards] (1)(2)

          [Ronald Reagan Daily Schedules, 1986-1987]

          [Volunteer Files] (1)(2)

          [White House Administrative Memos]



          OA 18342














          OA 18343
















          New Hampshire

          New Jersey

          New Mexico

          New York

          North Carolina


          OA 18818

          North Dakota





          Rhode Island

          South Carolina

          South Dakota







          West Virginia





          OA 18819

          [Grand Old Opry Event 06/14/1983]

          [Vocational Industrial Clubs of America 06/29/1983]

          U. S. Olympic Ski Team 10/20/1983

          William Kopsatfis Meeting 11/01/1983

          Meeting with Miss USA and Miss Universe 01/09/1984

          NCAA Women's Basketball Champs 04/06/1984

          NCAA Men's Basketball Champs 04/07/1984

          Electronic Industry Association 04/10/1984

          All American Collegiate Golf Foundation 04/13/1984

          Miss America 05/11/1984

          NBA Champs 06/13/1984

          USIA Private Sector Committee 06/21/1984

          Mai Shanley - Miss USA 06/28/1984

          Old Timers 07/02/1984

          Karen Dennis 07/27/1984

          Joyce Hart 08/16/1984

          Bowling Photo 09/06/1984

          [Rudolph Hines 09/19/1984]

          Bonnie Consolo 09/24/1984

          Women's Sports Foundation 09/26/1984

          Vanessa Williams Miss America 10/17/1984

          Carlos Lopes 10/18/1984

          Hero of Young America 10/25/1984

          Doug Flutie 12/06/1984

          Douglas Bennett, Jr.  01/01/1985

          [Saiko] Oyama 01/25/1985

          State of the Union Guests 02/01/1985

          Collin Boatwright 03/14/1985

          Spingarn High School 03/15/1985

          Toyota Photo Op, 04/03/1985

          Jack Anderson / Young Astronauts 04/04/1985

          [Peace Corps Africa Send Off 04/23/1985]

          Volunteer Week Events 04/25/1985

          [Child Safety Awareness Month Signing Ceremony 04/29/1985]

          [Meeting with NCAA's Women's Basketball Champions (Old Dominion University


          Holmes Tuttle Group 05/16/1985

          [Kickoff 1985 Summer Jobs Program 05/20/1985]

          [Meeting with Mr. and Mrs. George Ward 05/23/1985]

          Medal of Freedom Luncheon 05/23/1985

          Danny Ferry 05/23/1985

          [Walt Disney World "Inaugural Parade" 05/27/1985]

          [Walt Disney World - EPCOT Center 05/27/1985]

          Northside High School 06/06/1985

          Frank Richardson 06/06/1985

          LA Lakers 06/10/1985

          [Announcement of Award Winners (PSI Citations) 06/14/1985]

          [C-Flag Awards Ceremony 06/14/1985]

          [Don Petersen 06/18/1985]

          [Medal of Freedom for Mother Teresa 06/20/1985]

          [Private Sector Initiative Commendation Certificate to Willard Scott 06/20/1985]

          [John F. Kennedy Memorial Library Fundraiser 06/24/1985]

          [Andy North 06/25/1985]

          [Presentation of Reader’s Digest Article on Volunteerism 06/27/1985]

          [Parents of Robert Stethem 07/02/1985]

          [Napoleon McCallum 09/26/1985]

          [Philip Daigneault 10/17/1985]

          Kamoya Kimeu 10/22/1985

          ["Year of Liberty" Signing Ceremony 10/28/1985]

          [Private Appointment with Ambassador Charles Price 10/31/1985]

          [Kansas City Royals 10/31/1985]

          [Meeting with Ambassador Geoffrey Swaebe 11/04/1985]

          [Medal of Freedom Ceremony 11/07/1985]

          [American Red Cross 11/13/1985]

          [Photo with John Fling 11/25/1985]

          Tribute to Dutch 12/01/1985

          Photo with Eugene Lang 12/04/1985]

          [Humberto Nordio 12/06/1985] 

          [Broadcast Pioneers Library Event 12/11/1985]

          [W. Glenn Campbell 12/14/1985]

          [Lennon Duntley 12/19/1985]

          [Christmas Card from City of Westminster, MD 12/20/1985]

          [Ezra Taft Benson 01/06/1986]

          [Visit to Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School 01/15/1986]

          [Kick-Off  Child Safety Partnership 01/16/1986]

          [Reception of United Way Report 01/21/1986]

          [State of the Union Address 02/04/1986] (1)-(3)

          [Roy Brewer 02/06/1986]

          [Visit to Thomas Jefferson High School 02/07/1986]

          [Ambassador William Wilson 02/08/1986]

          [Donna Ashlock 02/11/1986]

          [Curtis Mack 02/18/1986]

          [Michael Gardner 03/06/1986]

          [Mrs. Pat Jacobson 3/06/1986]

          [Jacqueline Hume 03/10/1986]

          [Danny Kaye 03/17/1986]

          [Schwabachers Photo 03/17/1986]

          [Paul Fisher 03/26/1986]

          [Advertising Council 04/08/1986]

          [Doug Morrow 04/11/1986]

          [NCAA Basketball Champions 04/16/1986]

          [Advertising Council 04/18/1986]  -----  not in box

          [White House Volunteers Ceremony 04/24/1986]

          [Medal of Freedom Luncheon 05/12/1986]

          [Leo Jaffe 05/22/1986]

          [Hands Across America 05/25/1986]

          [Boys Clubs of America 05/29/1986]

          [National Spelling Bee Participants 05/30/1986] (1)(2)

          [Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon 06/02/1986]

          [US Committee for the Battle of Normandy Museum 06/06/1986]

          [Jackie Pflug 06/10/1986]

          [Young Astronauts Event 06/11/1986]

          [Marie Fisher 06/11/1986]

          [Ed Graber (Request for Photo) 06/13/1986]

          [Mother Teresa 06/13/1986]

          [Stephanie Dolman and Joshua Nissim 06/13/1986]

          [C-Flag Ceremony 06/18/1986]

          [Raymond Floyd 06/24/1986]

          [Chris Welton 07/08/1986]

          [Commission on Executive Exchange Reception 07/11/1986]

          [Medal of Freedom to Vladimir Horowitz 07/28/1986]

          [Service Organization Briefing 07/30/1986]

          [Vote America Youth Initiative 07/31/1986]

          [Greg LeMond 08/01/1986]

          [Doug Morrow 08/04/1986]

          [Tyrone Ford 08/07/1986]

          [Peter Ueberroth 08/13/1986]

          [Private Sector Initiatives Staff 08/14/1986]

          [Vote America Youth Initiative Photo Opportunity 08/14/1986]

          [Private/Public Partnership Conferences 09/11/1986]

          [Telephone Pioneers 09/12/1986]

          [Reception for Blair House Restoration 09/21/1986]

          [Dinner for Eureka College 09/23/1986]

          [Phone Call to Officer Steven McDonald 09/24/1986]

          [George Will 09/24/1986]

          [Carter Presidential Center Dedication 10/01/1986]

          [Eureka College Officials 10/02/1986]

          [St. Ann’s Officials Photo Op 10/02/1986]

          [Robert Hoffman 10/06/1986]

          [Roy Brewer 10/13/1986]

          [Send-Off for Young Astronaut Soviet Exchange 10/16/1986]

          [World Series Winners New York Mets 11/12/1986]

          [National Philanthropy Day Briefing 11/14/1986]

          [Vinny Testaverde 12/12/1986]

          [Toys for Tots Participants 12/18/1986]

          [Charles Wick 12/22/1986]

          [Voyager Crew 12/29/1986]

          [Penn State Football Team 02/02/1987]

          Penn State (02/02/1987)

          [Train Accident Heroes 02/03/1987]

          Amtrack Train Crash - Chase, MD 02/03/1987

          [Presentation of Charles Russell Painting 02/05/1987]

          [America’s Cup Team 02/09/1987]

          [Maxwell Football Club 02/12/1987]

          [Super Bowl Champion New York Giants 02/13/1987]

          New York Giants (02/13/1987)

          [Endow-A-Dream Award Recipient 02/19/1987]

          [Jesse Jackson 02/25/1987]

          [Present Private Sector Initiatives Report to Prime Minister Chirac 03/31/1987]

          [NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions 04/02/1987]

          Tennessee Lady Volunteers (04/02/1987)

          [NCAA Men's Basketball Champions 04/03/1987]

          Indiana Hoosiers (04/03/1987)

          [Ruth and Harold Waters 04/07/1987]

          [Camp Ronald McDonald 04/18/1987]

          [John Sherman Cooper 04/23/1987]

          [Signing Ceremony for National Volunteer Week 04/27/1987]

          [Rush Hill 05/12/1987]

          [Reception for Eureka College 05/12/1987]

          [“Vote America” Reception 05/21/1987]

          [Spelling Bee Contestants 05/29/1987]

          [Presidential Medal of Freedom 06/23/1987]

          [Bicentennial of the Constitution Medals 06/25/1987]

          [Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon 06/30/1987]

          [Volunteer of the Year Award 07/02/1987]

          [John Kevin Hill 07/02/1987]

          [“Vote American” Sponsors 07/19/1987]

          [C-Flag Awards 07/22/1987]

          [Special Olympics Athletes 07/29/1987]

          [“Celebration of Citizenship” 09/16/1987]

          [Constitution Bicentennial 09/17/1987]

          [US Olympic Hockey Team 09/24/1987]

          [Richard Kazen 10/01/1987]

          [Presidential Medal of Freedom 10/07/1987]

          Irving Kaufman, Medal of Freedom 10/07/1987

          [United States Information Agency National Advisory Council 10/09/1987]

          [U.S. Motorcross Team 10/29/1987]

          [Telephone Pioneers of America 10/22/1987]

          Minnesota Twins (10/29/1987)

          [Troy Turner 11/05/1987]

          [Citizens Medal - Dr. David Paton 11/05/1987]

          David Paton - Citizens Medal 11/07/1987

          [United Way 11/09/1987]

          World Cup Soccer 11/19/1987

          [University of Maryland Women’s Field Hockey Team 12/02/1987]

          Maryland Field Hockey (12/02/1987)

          [Victor Krulak 12/03/1987]

          [George Allen 12/17/1987]

          [Private Sector Initiatives Report Event 12/21/1987]

          [White House Scheduling Staff 12/22/1987]

          [White House Fellows 01/05/1988]

          [Roger Stevens Dinner 01/13/1988]

          [Presidential Citizens Medal to Brooke Astor 01/19/1988]

          Brooke Astor - Citizens Medal 01/19/1988 [empty]

          [NCAA Football Champions 01/29/1988]

          Miami Hurricanes 01/29/1988

          [Super Bowl Champion Washington Redskins 02/03/1988]

          Washington Redskins 02/03/1988

          [Jennifer Castelli 02/11/1988]

          [Bill Stout 02/18/1988]

          [Wayne Newton 02/25/1988]

          [Senator Laxalt Lunch 03/08/1988]

          [US Olympic Team 03/08/1988]

          Winter Olympics 03/08/1988

          [Knute Rockne 100th Birthday – Notre Dame University 03/09/1988]

          [Alec Courtelis 03/10/1988]

          [Pat Jacobson 03/10/1988]

          [President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports 03/15/1988]

          [James Kilpatrick 03/17/1988]

          [Private Sector Initiatives Staff 03/17/1988]

          [George Will 03/29/1988]

          [Pat Ingoglia 03/31/1988]

          [NCAA Basketball Champions 04/11/1988]

          Kansas Men/Louisiana Tech Basketball 04/11/1988

          [Vote America Foundation 04/15/1988]

          [Youth Volunteers 04/18/1988]

          [Carl Rowan 05/09/1988]

          [“The Winning Team” Movie Baseball Jersey 05/12/1988]

          [State Troopers 05/13/1988]

          [Ronald Reagan TKE Award 06/08/1988]

          [Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon 06/10/1988]

          [Lorraine Wagner 06/16/1988]

          [Pat Riley 06/30/1988]

          [Ronald Reagan Scholars 06/30/1988]

          [Salvation Army Award 07/07/1988]

          [Tom Burnham 07/12/1988]

          [US Information Agency International Council Luncheon 07/07/1988]

          [Haircut, Private Dinner 08/24/1988]

          [Private Appointments in California 08/25/1988 – 08/26/1988]

          [Youth 2000 Week Signing Ceremony 09/09/1988]

          [Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn 09/12/1988]

          [United Way Annual Report Presentation 09/13/1988]

          [Videotapings for Senate Candidates 09/28/1988]

          [Alexander Graham Bell Medal 09/28/1988] (1)(2)

          [Appropriations Bill Ceremony 09/28/1988]

          [C-Flag Awards 09/29/1988]

          [Reagan Library Dinner 10/01/1988] (Cancelled)]

          [National Drug Policy Board Meeting 10/03/1988]

          [Soviet Student Participants in Yale/USSR Project 10/03/1988]

          [National Republican Congressional Committee Reception 10/03/1988]

          [Key RNC Supporters Luncheon 10/04/1988]

          [Minority Enterprise Development Week Ceremony 10/04/1988]

          [Governors' Club Dinner 10/04/1988]

          [Congressional Photo Time 10/04/1988]

          [Video Taping Session 10/05/1988] (1)(2)

          [German-American Day 10/06/1988]

          [Macomb County, Michigan 10/07/1988]

          [Fundraiser for Senate Candidates 10/11/1988]

          [Candidate Endorsement Tapings 10/11/1988 and 10/13/1988]

          [Family Welfare Reform Act Signing Ceremony 10/13/1988]

          [Jim Miller Farewell Reception 10/13/1988]

          [Space Shuttle Discovery Astronauts 10/14/1988]

          [Signing Ceremony for Methanol and Alternative Fuels Promotion Act of 1988


          [Archbishop Carroll and All Saints High Schools 10/17/1988]

          [Medal of Freedom Luncheon 10/17/1988]

          [Patriarch Michel Sabbah 10/18/1988]

          [President Roh Tae Woo (Republic of Korea) 10/20/1988]

          [Testimonial Dinner for Mrs. Reagan 10/20/1988]

          [US Olympic Team 10/24/1988]

          [Vote America Essay Contest Winner 10/24/1988]

          [Commemorative Tree Planting 10/24/1988]

          [Base Closing Legislation Signing 10/24/1988]

          [National Defense University 10/25/1988]

          [H.R. 4554 Signing Ceremony 10/25/1988]

          [Senator Boschwitz and Russian Emigres 10/25/1988]

          [American-Ireland Fund Dinner Honoring Merv Griffin (Taping) 10/25/1988]

          [Alan Keyes Luncheon 10/26/1988]

          [Greet World Series Winners Los Angeles Dodgers; Trip to Baltimore 10/26/1988]

          Los Angeles Dodgers (10/26/1988)

          Olympics - Summer (10/26/1988)

          [Los Angeles World Affairs Council 10/28/1988]

          [Simon Wiesenthal Center 10/30/1988]

          [Berne Convention Implementation Act Signing 10/31/1988]

          [Transition Briefing 10/31/1988]

          [Ventura County Supervisors 10/31/1988]

          [Fundraising Luncheon for Senator Durenberger 11/03/1988]

          [Richard Wirthlin 11/03/and 11/17/1988]

          [Meeting with William Webster 11/08/1988]

          [Edmund Morris 11/08/1988]

          [Richard Wirthlin 11/08/1988]

          [Presentation of Diplomatic Credentials 11/08/1988]

          [Beyond War Foundation 11/10/1988]

          [Joe Wright Swearing-in 11/10/1988]

          [Medal of Freedom Luncheon 11/10/1988]

          [Cabinet Meeting 11/10/1988]

          [Arlington Ceremony and Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Services 11/11/1988]

          [Private Dinner 11/13/1988]

          [Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Ceremony 11/14/1988]

          [Address to Junior High School Students 11/14/1988]

          [Partnerships in Education Report 11/16/1988]

          [Reagan Legacy Conference 11/17/1988]

          [Salute to Charles Wick and US Information Agency 11/17/1988]

          [Presidential Historic Preservation Awards 11/13/1988]

          [US Savings Bonds Volunteer Committee 11/30/1988]

          [Receive PSI Report 12/14/1988]

          Notre Dame Fighting Irish 01/18/1989

          Citizens Medal 01/18/1989



          OA 19062

          Netta Dickie [Administrative Forms and Memos] (Notebook)

          [Policies and Procedures]

          [Events/Travel – Guidance and Procedures]

          Distribution Lists


          [Personnel Schedules]

          Staffing Log 1983 (Notebook)

          Staffing Log 1984 (Notebook)

          Staffing Log 1985 (Notebook)

          [Staffing Log 1986] (Notebook)

          Staffing Log 1987 (Notebook)

          Time Cards

          [Combined Federal Campaign 1986]

          Hold from West Wing

          Hold for 1987

          1988 Hold File

          Budget Information

          Monthly Expenditures (1)(2)

          Monthly Expenditures

          Mess Bill


          [White House Office Layout]


          [Request for President's Calendar 1981]

          [Vice President's Schedule 11/01/1988]

          [Mrs. Reagan Tentative and Proposed Schedule as of 11/10/1988]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1981]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1982]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1983 - Correspondence]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1983 - Monthly Update Memos]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1984 - Correspondence]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1984 - Monthly Update Memos]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1985 - Correspondence] (1)(2)

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1985 - Monthly Update Memos]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1986 - Correspondence]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1986 - Monthly Update Memos]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1987]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships, 1988]

          [Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships – Former Presidents]

          The United States Government Manual 1981/82 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          The Budget of the United States Government, FY 1987 (Transferred to Book


          The Budget of the United States Government, FY 1987 Appendix (Transferred to

Book Collection)

          The Social List of Washington, D.C. 1986 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          The Social List of Washington, D.C. 1987 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Federal Staff Directory 1986 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Federal Staff Directory 1987 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Congressional Staff Directory 1982 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Congressional Staff Directory 1986 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Congressional Directory 1981 (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Attorney General's Commission on Pornography Final Report July 1986 Volume II

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          GPO and Other Miscellaneous Publications, Newsletters, Newspaper Clippings

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