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Office of Public Liaison: Executive Assistant and Associate Director


Timothy Archie (born 1959) served as Executive Assistant to Mari Maseng, Director of the Office of Public Liaison from May 1986 to June 1987. Archie had also worked under Maseng in the Department of Transportation (1984-1985) and the private sector (1985-1986).



          OA 14875

          Accuracy in Academia

          Adams and Rinehart

          Administration Accomplishments

          Administrative File

          Administrative Matters


          Agribusiness Education Project (Minor and Fraser)


          Agriculture: H.R. 5316 Family Bankruptcy Act of 1986 - Background Information

          Agricultural Groups

          Agricultural Groups: Agriculture: General Farm Groups

          [Agriculture Students Scholarships]

          Department of Agriculture

          U.S. Department of Agriculture

          US Department of Agriculture Clippings

          USDA Executive Notes


          American Dairy Goat Association

          American Dairy Goat Association: American Dairy Goat Association

          American Dairy Goat Association: [Association Membership Package] (Binder)

          American Legislative Exchange Council

          Anderson, Carl

          Archie Biography

          Archie, Tim – Personal

          Tim Archie Speeches

          Armand Hammer Memo / Max Green Tracking

          AV Consultants

          Beatrice Companies Inc.

          Bicentennial of the US Constitution

          Bills Pending Presidential Action


          [Bork: Senate Opposition – Alleged Historical Precedents]

          Boy Scouts of America

          Boy Scouts Report to the Nation 1987

          Boy Scouts of America Presidential Donor Awareness Good Turn Program

          Brazilian State Dinner Invitees

          Bresnihan, Recommendation and Speech

          Briefing Papers

          British Cable and Wireless Co.

          Buchanan / Maseng Memorandums

          Buddy Memorandums

          Budget Proposal 1987

          Burroughs, Kristen


          Business Card Requests

          Business-Government Relations Council Speech / Maseng

          Business Issues


          OA 14876

          Calendar – One Month Ahead

          California Farm Bureau Federation

          Campaign 1986

          Campaign 1986 Speeches

          [Campaign] 1988

          Catastrophic Health Insurance

          Central America

          Proposed Meetings with the Chief of Staff – Spring 1987

          Christian Rescue Effort for the Emancipation of Dissidents File

          Christmas Party

          Civil Rights

          College Republicans

          College Speech

          Communication Strategy re: Iran

          Competitiveness Package

          100th Congress List

          Congressional Youth Leadership Council

          Congressional Youth Leadership Council: [National Young Leaders Conference]

          Conservative Endorsement / Keith Ferazzi

          Conservative Groups

          Constituent Lists (Long and Short)

          1987 Constituent Meetings [I]

          1987 Constituent Meetings [II]

          Constituent Meeting List 1987

          Constituent Meetings for 1987 Policy

          Continuing Resolution

          Continuing Resolution File

          Continuing Resolution Meeting

          Contra Aid - General

          Contra Briefing [06/16/1986]

          Contra College Campaign Fall 1986

          Correspondence Tracking Worksheets

          Council for Inter-American Security

          Council for Inter-American Security:  Council for Inter-American Security

          Council on Inter-American Security – West Watch

          Dalton, Brett A.

          Danner, Dan

          Defense/Foreign Policy

          Defense/Foreign Policy: Defense and Foreign Policy

          Defense/Foreign Policy: Defense and Foreign Policy: DFP File

          Defense/Foreign Policy: Defense and Foreign Policy: Czechoslovak Dinner – CSA

                   Fraternal Life 08/06/1986

          Director Meeting


          Domestic Affairs

          Drug Initiatives


          OA 14877

          Drug Signing Ceremony

          Drug Signing Ceremony: Drug Bill Signing Ceremony 10/27/1986

          Joe Duggan File

          Joe Duggan File: Duggin Recommendation

          DuPont, Pete

          Duty Officer File

          1987 Economic Summit


          Fall Veto Strategy

          Farm Bureau


          White House Fellows (1)(2)

          Foreign Affairs

          4-H for Youth of America

          Fund for an American Renaissance

          Fund for American Studies

          Future Farmers of America / Building Our American Communities 09/27/1986-09/30/1986

          Future Farmers of America / Building our American Communities

          Future Farmers of America Youth Convention 11/12/1986-11/15/1986 – Kansas City, MO

          Future Homemakers of America (Request for Presidential Event)

          General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT Talks)

          General Federation of Women's Clubs

          Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

          Hispanic Asian List

          Hispanic Heritage Week

          Independent Bakers Association

          Institute on Religion and Democracy

          Iran Controversy


          Jefferson Educational File

          Job Corps

          Junior Achievement

          Kennedy Nomination

          Kepley, Elizabeth File

          Key Constituent Publications

          Kids Who Make a Difference (Weekly Readers)

          Kohl State Dinner

          Kohl State Dinner: Kohl State Dinner File

          Korin Letter / Photo Request

          Legislative Agenda Strategy

          Liberty Weekend

          Louis, Claudia

          Manion / Roosevelt Room

          Martin, Robin

          Maseng Speeches

          Maseng Speeches: Maseng Speeches

          Maseng Speeches: Maseng Speech National Executive Council – Boca Raton, Florida

          Maseng Transition

          Mari [Maseng] – Press

          Medas, Jim

          Methodist Hymnal

          The Mid-America Committee

          Milk Industry Foundation

          Minority Affairs

          Miscellaneous Clippings

          Mochary, Mary

          National Agricultural Bankers Conference

          National Association of Manufacturers (Event)

          National Association of Secondary School Principals - I

          National Association of Secondary School Principals - II

          National Cattleman’s Association

          National Cattlemen’s Association

          National Council on Vocational Education

          National Grange

          National Institute for Student Motivation

          National Junior Classical League

          National Sail and Water Conservation Awards Program

          National Turkey Federation

          National Year of Thanksgiving 1986

          Next 100 Days

          Next 100 Days: 100 Days Memorandum

          No Bozos Day

          Pyle & Associates


          OA 17786

          Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation - I

          Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation - II

          Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation - II: Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation International Leadership Seminar

          Office Procedures

          OM Association

          OPL Commitments

          OPL Floor Plans

          OPL / OPA Personnel in Other Agencies

          OPL Personnel - I

          OPL Personnel - II

          OPL Planning Calendar September 1986

          OPL / Presidential Calendars and Outweek Schedules January 1987-February 1987

          [OPL Suggested Meetings with Administration Officials]

          OPL Travel and Entertainment Budget - I

          OPL Travel and Entertainment Budget - II

          Oregon Farm Bureau Briefing

          Oregon Farm Bureau Federation

          Organization Charts

          Outweek Schedule Forms

          Philadelphia Trip

          Policy Agenda for 1987

          Post Economic Summit Proposals

          Post Election Day Briefings

          Post Election Event

          POTUS / Schedules

          Presidential Academic Fitness Awards

          Presidential Events

          Presidential Greetings

          Presidential Messages

          Presidential Photo Requests

          Presidential Scheduling

          Presidential Speeches

          Presidential Tapings

          President's Speeches / OPL Events

          Project 2000

          Reagan Statue

          Republican Communications Association

          Requests - Regrets


          Resumes / Biographies

          Saturday Radio Address 02/12/1986

          Schlafly Materials

          Rabbi Schneerson

          Rabbi Schneerson: Rabbi Schneerson / Shemtov

          Scholastic News - Presidential Message

          Sea Breeze Awards

          Shenandoah International

          Small Business

          Smirnoff / Russian Emigre

          South African File

          South African Sanctions Veto

          Speaking Engagements, 1987

          Speaker Biographies

          Speaking Requests

          Starr Commonwealth Schools

          State Dinners


          OA 17787

          State of the Union Address

          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Strategic Defense Initiative Initiative

          Students for America

          Superfund (1)-(4)

          Talking Points

          Tax Reform


          T.V. 55


          Tickler / Completed

          Tort Reform

          Tracking File

          Tracking – Tim Archie

          Tracking – Mel Bradley

          Tracking – Dan Danner

          Tracking - Linas Kojelis

          Tracking - Mildred Webber

          Trade - I

          Trade - II

          Trade / Gephardt Amendment

          Trade Sanctions against Japan

          Department of Transportation

          Ueberoth File

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          U.S. Feed Grain Council Request for Presidential Letter to K.C. Lin / Maize Importers Republic of China

          Urban Affairs

          Washington Seminar

          Mildred Weber

          Weekly Calendar 11/14/1986

          Weekly Issue Update

          Weekly OPL Reports

          Weekly Report – Tim Archie

          Weekly Wrap-up Memorandums August 1986-February 1987

          [Weekly Wrap-up Memorandums February 1987-September 1987]

          Wheat Growers


          OA 17788

          White House Concerts

          White House Memorandums - I

          White House Memorandums - II

          White House News Summary

          White House Report

          White House Press Releases

          White House Talking Points

          White House Tours

          Rich Williamson File

          Wish List Calendar

          Young Republican National Federation

          Youth Event Proposals - Linda Arey (For Mary – May 1986)

          Youth Events

          Youth Events - General

          Youth for Understanding - I

          Youth for Understanding - II

          Youth Groups

          Youth Initiatives



          OA 17788 (Continued)

          Chronological File – Tim Archie June 1986-June 1987 (Binder)



          OA 17789

          National Association of Manufacturers 05/29/1986

          Freedom Fighters Supporters 06/04/1986

          Concerned Citizens for Democracy Sunday, 06/08/1986

          Tax Reform Action Coalition 06/10/1986

          American University Seminar Group 06/26/1986

          Cambodian Briefing 07/11/1986

          American University Briefing 07/17/1986

          American University Briefing 07/17/1986 (Empty)

          Zerafa Meeting 07/19/1986

          Future Farmers of America 07/22/1986

          World Affairs Council 07/22/1986

          South Africa Meeting 07/23/1986

          American Legion Boys Nation Events 07/25/1986

          Intern Briefing with Drop-by by President 07/29/1986

          American Federalism Briefing 07/30/1986

          Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 08/03/1986

          American Hellenic Progressive Educational Association 08/07/1986

          4-H Briefing 08/12/1986

          Conservative Youth Foundation 08/15/1986

          Young America's Foundation 08/18/1986

          White House Conference on Small Business 08/18/1986-08/22/1986

          America’s Youth of the Year 09/10/1986

          National American Wholesale Grocers Association 09/10/1986

          National American Wholesale Grocers Association 09/10/1986: Briefing 09/10/1986

          American Lebanese League 09/11/1986

          Conservative Briefing with Vice President 09/16/1986

          Briefing for Presidents of Historical Black Colleges 09/19/1986

          Eureka College 09/22/1986

          Presidential Briefing on Tax Reform 09/23/1986

          Presidential Meeting with Supporters of Strong U.S. Defense 09/23/1986

          Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Briefing 09/24/1986

          Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Briefing 09/24/1986:  Vocational Industrial

                   Clubs of America Briefing 09/24/1986

          National Fraternal Congress of America 09/25/1986

          Maseng GOP / South Carolina Fundraiser 09/29/1986

          American University 09/30/1986

          Address to Supporters on U.S./Soviet Meeting in Iceland 10/06/1986

          Meeting with Human Rights Leaders 10/07/1986

          Briefing for Black Ministers 10/22/1986

          Cardington – Lincoln High School 11/14/1986

          Meeting with Religious Leaders 11/14/1986

          Ethics and Public Policy Dinner 11/18/1986

          California Raisin Industry Meeting 11/21/1986

          American University Briefing 11/25/1986

          National Turkey Federation 11/26/1986

          National Turkey Federation 11/26/1986: National Turkey Federation

          Maseng: American Society of Association Executives Luncheon 12/01/1986

          Stone Ridge Country Day School 12/12/1986 - I

          Stone Ridge Country Day School 12/12/1986 - II

          Dutchess Community College 01/6/1987

          Carleton College 01/15/1987

          Carleton College 01/15/1987: Carleton College 01/15/1987

          William Penn House - Defiance College 01/27/1987

          Empire State Food and Agriculture Leadership 02/02/1987

          Empire State Food and Agriculture Leadership 02/02/1987: Empire State Food and

                   Leadership Program 02/02/1987

          John Jay High School Briefing 02/07/1987

          Boy Scouts Report to the Nation 02/09/1987

          Meeting with Students from Area High Schools 02/12/1987

          Meeting with Students from Area High Schools 02/12/1987: Address Students about Lincoln 2/12/1987

          College and University Personnel Association 02/17/1987

          College and University Personnel Association 02/17/1987: College and University

                   Personnel Canadian Association 02/17/1987

          Public Affairs Assembly 02/23/1987-02/24/1987

          Nebraska Lead Briefing 03/03/1987

          Colorado Agriculture Program 03/12/1987

          Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation 03/12/1987

          Elmhurst College Briefing 03/12/1987

          Conservative / Business Leaders Meeting re: Highway Mass Transit Bill 03/24/1987, 03/25/1987

          Michigan Farm Bureau Briefing 04/02/1987

          Canadian Trade Meetings 04/08/1987 with POTUS

          California Farm Bureau Briefing 05/05/1987

          Tuskegee Commencement / Chappie Janes Dedication 05/10/1987

          Future Farmers of America 07/29/1987