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AREY, LINDA L: Files, 1985-1987


Office of Public Liaison (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director for Public Liaison; Women)


Linda Arey (1944- ) joined the White House Office of Public Liaison in April 1985, as the Office’s number two person under its new Director, Linda Chavez. Arey was a member of the Virginia State Bar who had held various positions in the Departments of Education, Justice, and Transportation during President Reagan’s first term. In the Reagan White House, she was responsible for general management of the entire Office of Public Liaison, and public liaison events involving the President or Vice President. She also directly administered the women’s portfolio, serving as the Administration’s conduit for women’s organizations and concerns.


After Chavez left the White House in May 1986, Arey remained as Deputy Director for Public Liaison under two more Directors, Mari Maseng (May 1986-June 1987) and Rebecca Range. In late 1987, she resigned her position for what turned out to be an unsuccessful run for a Congressional seat in Virginia.



          OA 13758

          Chron Letters, July 1985-September 1985

          Chron Letters, October 1985-December 1985

          Chron Letters January 1986-June 1986

          Chron Letters June 1986-December 1986

          Chron Letters – January 1987-June 1987

          Chron Letters July 1987-December 1987

          Miscellaneous Correspondence 1985

          Miscellaneous Correspondence 1986

          Miscellaneous Correspondence 1987

          Congratulatory Letters 1985

          Thank-You Letters 1985-1986


          OA 13759

          Chron Memos, July 1985-August 1985

          Chron Memos, November 1985-December 1985

          Chron Memos – 1986

          Chron Memos to Mari Maseng – 1986

          Chron Memos – Mari Maseng April 1986-August 1986

          Responses from Mari Maseng – 1986

          Chron Memos to Mari Maseng – 1987

          Responses from Mari Maseng 1987

          Chron Memos 1987

          Chron Memos 1987: Range

          Chron Memos1987: Carl Anderson

          Chron Memos – Deputy Director May 1986-December 1986

          Chron Memos – Deputy Director 1987

          Memos – Linas Kojelis, Acting Director, Office of Public Liaison

          OPL Senior Staff Chron File

          [Incoming Memos 1986]

          [Incoming, September 1986-June 1987]

          Miscellaneous Incoming 1987

          Forwarding Correspondence



          OA 15023

          Administrative Matters


          Counsel Directives

          Daily Reports


          Monthly Entertainment / Travel Reports



          Long Range Scheduling

          [Long Range Scheduling:] Legislative Agenda

          Maseng – Items Compiled for Director

          OPL Mass Mailings 1986

          [Mass Mailings July 1987-September 1987]

          Mass Mailings January 1987-June 1987

          OPL Personnel

          OPL Personnel: Organization

          OPL Personnel: Personnel

          OPL Planning Calendars April 1987-September 1987

          OPL Position Descriptions

          President’s Commission on White House Fellowships

          Presidential Events

          Presidential Messages – Completed 1986

          Presidential Photos – Completed 1986


          OA 15024

          Presidential Photo / Message Requests

          Public Liaison Contacts

          Reading File


          Regretted Events


          Schedule Proposals (1985)

          Schedule Proposals 1986

          Schedule Proposals – 1987

          Speaking Proposals (1985)

          [Central American Briefing Clearance, 06/16/1986]

          Security Information (Office Folder) Provided by EOP Security Officer

          [Staffing Memorandums 1986-1987]

          [State of the Union – 1987]


          Completed Vouchers 1985-1986

          Weekly Reports June 1986-December 1986


          OA 15025

          Weekly Reports 1987

          White House Counsel

          Women’s Strategy 1987

          Youth Events



          OA 15025 (Continued)

          American Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs

          American Association of University Women

          American Association of Women

          American Citizens Concerned for Life, Inc.

          American Legislative Exchange Council

          American Women Composers

          American Women in Radio and TV

          American / Virginia Bar Associations

          Susan B. Anthony Republican Club

          Association of Junior Leagues

          Association of Junior Leagues: Charlotte / Mecklenberg County, NC

          Big Brother / Big Sister

          Business and Professional Women / USA

          Business Partners

          Columbia College Chicago

          Concerned Women for America

          Daughters of the American Revolution

          Eagle Forum

          Grand Lodge Order of Elks

          Extension Homemakers 11/07/1985

          Federally Employed Women

          Federal Women’s Interagency Board

          Financial Women’s Association of New York

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs


          OA 15026

          Girl Scouts

          Health Industry Manufacturing Association

          Heritage Foundation

          International Alliance

          International Year of Youth Calendar and Youth Year Kickoff

          International Business-Government Counselors, Inc.

          Miscellaneous Women’s Organizations

          Dean Fausett – National Society of Mural Painters

          National Women’s Coalition

          National Women’s Economic Alliance

          Outstanding Handicapped Federal Employees

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Education Programs (NACWEP) (1)–(3)

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Education Programs St. Louis, MO, 09/27/1985 (1)-(3)

          National Association of Bank Women

          National Association of Pro America

          National Association of Social Workers, Inc.

          National Association of Women in Construction

          National Council of Catholic Women

          National Year of Thanksgiving

          National Federation of Republican Women

          Organization of Chinese American Women

          Outstanding Young Women of America

          Pilot International

          Presidential Academic Fitness Awards Program

          The Professional Council

          Renaissance Women

          Republican National Committee Betty Heitman / Mary Matalin

          Republican National Committee Speakers Bureau

          Wider Opportunities for Women [WOW] (1)(2)

          William and Mary

          Women and Business

          Women’s Bureau

          Women Construction Owners and Executives

          Women Executives in State Government

          Women in Community Service

          Women in Family Owned Business

          Women involved in Farm Economics

          Women in Government Relations, Inc.

          Young Astronauts Program

          Young Republicans


          Zonta International


          SERIES IV:  EVENTS

          OA 15027

          Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Wives 08/01/1986

          American Government Seminar, Congressman Ron Packard 06/26/1985

          American Medical Association Auxiliary 01/22/1986

          American Women in Radio and Television Board of Directors 07/16/1987

          Arlington County Republican Women 03/07/1987

          Asian Women Briefing 05/20/1985

          Asian Women Briefing 05/20/1985: [Issues]

          Asian American

          Tom Bliley – Richmond 10/23/1985

          Boys Scouts of America 02/03/1985, 02/04/1985, or 02/07/1985

          Boy Scout Jamboree 07/30/1985 – Fort A.P. Hill, Bowling Green, VA

          Boys Clubs

          Boys Nation 07/19/1985

          Business and Professional Women / USA National Convention 07/29/1986 Milwaukee, WI

          Citizens for America / Renaissance Women / Strategic Defense Initiative Coalition

                   Briefing, 10/23/1985

          California Career Education Association 03/14/1986

          Catastrophic Health/Welfare Reform Breakfast 02/26/1987

          Charles Edison Fund Thursday 06/19/1986

          Chinese American Women [I]

          Chinese American Women [I]: [Woman to Woman Exchange Program]

          Organization of: Chinese American Women Briefing 12/06/1985

          Chinese American Women (II)

          Coalition of 100 Black Women 10/24/1986

          College of St. Thomas 07/27/1987

          The College Park Inner Wheel Club 02/12/1986 College Park, MD

          Concerned Women for America 09/18/1986

          Concerned Women for America Briefing 07/24/1987

          Concerned Women for America Convention 07/25/1987

          Congressional Youth Leadership Council 03/17/1986

          Congressional Interns 08/01/1985 and 08/02/1985

          Briefings – Aid to the Contras

          Charlottesville Trip, 02/27/1986

          Barbara Harris, 11/15/1985

          Congressional Youth Leadership Conference 11/17/1985

          Council of Engineers and Scientists Organizations 05/17/1985


          OA 15028

          Daughters of the American Revolution Congress April 1986

          Defense and Foreign Policy Briefing – Women’s Organizations 01/22/1986

          Defense and Foreign Policy Briefing – Leaders of National Women’s Organizations (1)-(3)

          University of Denver 06/12/1985

          Desk and Derrick Club of the Washington Energy Affiliates 01/14/1986

          Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly) (1)(2)

          Economic Policy Briefing for Leaders of National Women’s Organizations 09/22/1986

          EEO Advisory Committee Forum; Human Resources Week 04/04/1986 Patuxent River, MD

          Expo – Congressman Michels Event 11/09/1985 Peoria, IL

          Festival of the Leaves 10/12/1985 Front Royal, VA

          Financial Women’s Association of New York Briefing 04/06/1987

          Financial Women’s Association of New York 05/05/1986

          Florida Federation of Republican Women – West Palm Beach, FL 10/25/1985

          Florida Republican Party, 06/23/1987

          Free Congress Indochinese Briefing 05/19/1986

          Fund for a Conservative Majority

          Fund for American Studies 06/18/1987

          Future Business Leaders 08/09/1985

          Future Farmers of America 07/29/1987

          Future Farmers of America (Beautification of Our American Communities)

          Future Farmers of America

          Future Farmers of America – Thank You Letters

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs International Delegation 06/09/1987

          Girls Nation 07/19/1985

          Girls Nation Counterpart Delegate 07/19/1985

          Girl Scouts 01/08/1986

          The Great Falls Republican Women’s Clubs 04/29/1986


          OA 15029

          Barbara Harris Group 12/05/1985

          Henrico Republican Women’s Club 01/28/1986 Holiday Inn, VA

          Hollins Alumnae Association 02/20/1986

          Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation 08/07/1987

          Howard University Students 10/28/1985

          International Alliance / Financial Women’s Association of New York Convention 10/23/1986

          OA The International Alliance Briefing 02/19/1987

          International Alliance 10/16/1987

          Institute on Political Journalism 06/17/1985

          Institute of International Education – USIA

          John Jay High School 02/18/1986

          Junior Statesman of America 08/06/1985

          The Association of Junior Leagues 03/06/1986

          Junior League, Peoria, IL, 11/08/1985

          Miscellaneous Appointment Lists

          Nairobi Conference 07/10/1985

          National Association of Bank Women 04/30/1987

          [National Association of Extension Home Economists]

          [National Association of Extension Home Economists]: National Association of

                   Extension Home Economists 01/26/1987

          National Association of Pro America 04/21/1986

          National Association of Women in Construction 09/13/1985  New York City Omnipark Hotel

          National Council of Catholic Women 10/23/1985 (1)(2)

          National Extension Homemakers Council Convention 08/31/1987

          National Federation of Republican Women Regents Day 09/23/1986

          National Women’s Economic Alliance 05/08/1986

          [National Women’s Forum 12/04/1986]

          National Women’s Forum 10/03/1985

          New Jersey Federation of Republican Women 05/23/1986, Atlantic City, NJ

          Newark Event – Marie Muhler 09/11/1985

          No Greater Love [International Day of Peace, 09/17/1985]

          Northern Virginia Women’s Social Club 05/07/1986 Fairfax, VA

          Ohio State Briefing

          Ohio Women’s Group 08/06/1985

          Olympics of the Mind Association 1986 World Finals 05/28/1986 Flagstaff, AZ

          Organization of Chinese American Women 08/06/1987


          OA 15051

          Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women 09/18/ [10/18/1985]

          Pennsylvania Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs Inc. 11/16/1985

          Maseng / People to People Worldwide Conference 10/16/1986

          Maseng: People to People Speech 10/16/1986 Capitol Hill Hyatt

          People to People

          People to People, 1987

          People to People High School Student Ambassadors, 06/12/1986, 06/17/1986,

                   06/18/1986, 06/24/1986, 06/26/1986, 07/01/1986, 07/18/1986

          People to People Briefings 06/11/1985, 06/13/1985, 06/18/1985, 06/20/1985, 06/25/1985 Fossedal

          Philanthropy Day

          Power of the Executive [Briefing for American Government Seminar 06/26/1985]

          Presidential Classroom for Young Americans 06/18/1985

          Women Presidents of 501(c)(3) Organizations 10/28/1986

          Republican National Committee Interns 08/05/1987

          Republican National Committee National Women’s Coalition 09/23/1986

          Republican State Teacher Advisory Council 04/26/1986

          Retarded Artists Awards

          Rock Creek Women’s Republican Club 01/20/1987

          Rotary Club of Danville 07/28/1987

          Rutgers / Sangamon State University / Philip Rock Illinois Women in Government

                   Conference 04/18/1987 - Springfield

          Sacred Heart School 04/30/1987

          St. John’s Church Foundation 03/23/1986 Richmond, VA (POTUS)

          Scarlett Intermediate School Freshman 06/11/1986

          Sea Breeze – Clairol Rising Star Awards 03/20/1986

          Senior Citizen Intern Program Briefing 05/19/1987

          Scholarship Opportunities Access and Awareness 1985

          State of the Union Address 1986

          Summer Intern Briefing 08/09/1985

          Teen Age Republicans 07/15/1986

          Tri-City Area Republican Women’s Club 04/16/1986, Wakefield Inn, Wakefield, VA

          United National Indian Tribal Youth Briefing 04/28/1986

          Utah Self-Sufficiency Demonstration Project – Chris Millard

          Vocational Industrial Clubs 08/01/1985

          Vocational Industrial Clubs of America – International Youth Skill Olympics 01/23/1986

          Vocational Industrial Clubs of America – Skill Olympics

          Vocational Industrial Clubs of America – Skill Olympics: Package for White House 01/23/1986

          Women Nurses / Vietnam Veterans – 02/08/1985 Briefing [04/19/1985 Meeting]

          Virginia Commonwealth University 03/28/1986, Richmond, VA

          Virginia Cooperative Extension Service 02/23/1987

          Virginia Federation of Republican Women 04/19/1986 – Crystal Gateway Hotel, Arlington, VA

          Virginia Law Women

          3rd Annual Virginia Women’s Conference 1987

          3rd Annual Virginia Women’s Conference 1987 (2)

          The Washington Center 07/25/1985 U.S. Capitol Building

          Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar 04/11/1986

          Wednesday Club 02/05/1986

          Welfare Reform Breakfast 02/12/1987

          Whirley Girls [Invitation Regretted]


          OA 15052

          William Penn House Seminar 03/19/1986

          Women's Commerce Club 04/16/1987

          [Women’s Committee of 100] Birmingham, AL – Charter 100 11/12/1985

          Women in Communications Briefing 02/26/1987 (1)(2)

          Women in Educational Leadership, St. Thomas, Minnesota 06/19/1985-06/20/1985

          Women Entrepreneurs

          The Women’s Network of Chattanooga and the University of Tennessee 05/17/1986 Chattanooga, TN

          Tenth District Women’s Conference – Congressman Frank Wolf 04/26/1986

          Women's Outreach Program 05/07/1985

          Institute of International Education: "Women in Public Affairs" 06/13/1985

          Women Student Leaders 06/08/1984-06/10/1984



          SERIES V:  ISSUES

          OA 15052 (Continued)

          Abortion (1)(2)

          Administration-Sponsored Legislation

          [Affirmative Action] (1)-(4)



          [Bork Nomination]

          [Bork Nomination]: [Memos]

          Budget [Clippings]

          Budget FY 1986


          Central America


          Clean Water

          Comparable Worth


          Economic Bill of Rights


          1986 Election

          1988 Election


          Farm Issues

          Female Veterans

          Gender Gap


          Health Facts

          Highway Bill Information



          OA 15053



          South Africa

          Strategic Defense Initiative (1)-(3)

          Summit – Reykjavik

          Ronald Reagan Supporters


          Tax Reform

          Tort Reform


          Women (1)-(4)

          Women’s Speech Clips





          OA 15053 (Continued)

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985-1986 Luis Acle]

          Schedule Recommendations 1985-1986 [Carl Anderson]

          [Schedule Recommendations] Carl Anderson

          [Schedule Recommendations 1987 Carl Anderson]

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Tim Archie]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1987] Tim Archie

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Linda Arey]

          [Schedule Recommendations] LindaArey


          OA 15054

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Rudy Beserra]

          [Schedule Recommendations] Rudy Beserra

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Mel Bradley]

          [Schedule Recommendations] Mel Bradley

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985-1986 Merlin Breaux]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985] Marshall Breger

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Don Danner]

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Max Green]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1987 Max Green]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985] Doug Holladay

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Carol Hornby]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985] Mary Jo Jacobi

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Linas Kojelis]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1987] Linas Kojelis

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985] Robert Reilly

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Mary Schnepper]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985-1986] Carolyn Sundseth

          [Schedule Recommendations 1985] Cathi Villalpando

          Schedule Recommendations 1986 [Mildred Webber]

          [Schedule Recommendations 1987 Mildred Webber]


          OA 15055

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted December 1986]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted January 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted February 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted March 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted April 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted May 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted June 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted July 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted August 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted September 1987]

          [Schedule Recommendations Regretted October 1987]



          OA 15055 (Continued)

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/02/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/23/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/30/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/06/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/13/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/20/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/26/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/06/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/13/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/20/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/26/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/03/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/11/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/18/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/25/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/02/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/09/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/16/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/23/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/30/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/06/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/13/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/20/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/27/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/03/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/11/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/18/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/25/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/01/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/08/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/15/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/22/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/29/1986


          OA 15056

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/05/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/12/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/19/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/26/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/03/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/10/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/17/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/24/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/31/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 11/07/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 11/14/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 11/21/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 11/28/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 12/05/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 12/12/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 12/19/1986

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/09/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/16/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/23/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 01/30/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/06/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/13/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/20/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 02/27/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/06/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/13/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/20/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 03/27/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/03/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/10/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/17/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 04/24/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/01/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/07/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/15/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/22/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 05/29/1987


          OA 15675

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/04/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/12/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/19/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 06/26/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/10/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/17/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/24/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 07/31/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/07/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/14/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 08/28/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/04/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/11/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/17/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 09/25/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/02/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/16/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/23/1987

          Weekly OPL Calendar 10/30/1987

          OPL Senior Staff Calendar 01/13/1986-01/19/1986

          OPL Senior Staff Calendar 01/20/1986-01/26/1986

          Weekly and Outweek Schedules - Submission 05/20/1986-05/30/1986