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ASTRUE, MICHAEL J.: Files, 1988

Counsel to the President, Office of


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Box 11236

Astrue Chron April 1988

Astrue Chron May 1988

Astrue Chron June 1988

Astrue Chron July 1988

Astrue Chron August 1988 Beginning

Astrue Chron August 1988


Box 11237

Astrue Chron September 1988

Astrue Chron October 1988

Astrue Chron November 1988

Astrue Chron December 1988

[Astrue Chron January 1989]


CFOA 1282

MJA: Abortion (1)-(3)

MJA: Abortion - Fetal Research (empty)

MJA: Abortion - Hyde Amendment (1)-(5)

MJA: Abortion - Title X (1)-(6)

AIDS [Rehabilitation Act]

AIDS (1)-(7)

MJA: H.R. 5210 - Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988

MJA: Appointments

Appointments - M.J. Astrue

MJA: Appropriations Bills

MJA: Cancer

MJA: Census

MJA: Census [II]

MJA: Census [III]


CFOA 1283

MJA: Census [IV]

MJA: Census [V]

MJA: Domestic Policy Council/Family Report

MJA: H.R. 1207/Drug Marketing

MJA: Eisenhower College

MJA: Office of Government Ethics/General Ethics [Library & RR Foundation]

MJA: Fetal Tissue

MJA: Henshaw, Rebecca

MJA: Historic Preservation Awards

MJA: Historic Preservation Medal

MJA: Hutton, John E., Dr.

MJA: Independent Counsel Report (McKay) Folder One


CFOA 1297

MJA: Independent Counsel Report (McKay) Folder Two

MJA: Labor - Management Racketeering

McNally v. United States

MJA: Megatraits/Doris Lee McCoy

MJA/Medical Waste Tracking Act

MJA: National Medal of Arts Award

MJA: National Microgravity Research Board

(MJA) New Orleans Police Department

MJA: Personal

MJA: 1988 Presidential Design Awards

MJA: Presidential Seal, Etc.

MJA: Privacy Act

Office of Private Sector Initiatives - M.J. Astrue

MJA: Quadrennial Commission on Salaries

MJA: Scholastic Inc.

MJA: Signing Statement Policy

MJA: Social Security/Miscellaneous

MJA: Vacancies Act

MJA: Veterans/Radiation Exposure

MJA: World Peace Council