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ATWATER, LEE: Files, 1981-1982


Office of Political Affairs


The following container list is based on a preliminary arrangement completed by the Library in  1990.


OA 2902

SERIES I: SUBJECT.  1981-1982

AA Meetings



Agency Contacts - Correspondence

Agency Contact – Correspondence 1982

Agency for International Development

Agency for International Development 1982

Agriculture, Dept. of 1982

Agriculture, Department of

Agriculture Schedule “C”

American Political Foundation

American Security Council: Rick Sellers

American Security Council 1982

ASCS 1982

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

Armendaris, Alex

Misc. Articles

Atkinson, Eugene

Atkinson, Eugene - Party Switch, October 1981


[Briefing AWACS] (1)(2)

Baron Report

Birthday Cards

Black, Manafort and Stone

Black, Manafort and Stone 1982

Blacks & GOP

1983 Budget

Bush, George - VP

Card Request --Joan DeCain 1982

Chamber of Commerce of the United States

Charleston Meeting -- Nixon

Citizens for Reagan 1982

Coalition for Peace through Strength

College Republicans


Commerce 1982

Committee for Survival of a Free Congress

CSA Memo’s - CRL/KKS

Community Service Admin.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission


OA 2903

Congressional Appointment Choices

Congressional Budget Process

Congressional Campaign Contibut.

Conservative Caucus (1)-(8)

Conservative Caucus 1982

Conservative Digest

Conservative Groups

Conservative Groups 1982

Cook Ruef and Associates

Core Group

General Correspondence

Crossword Publishing Company

Defense Department

Dent, Harry

Departmental Personnel Contact

Detailees -- Political Affairs

Disabled Persons

Dole Memo

Domestic Policy

Economic Briefing - 02/17/1981

[Economic Recovery: 1981]

Economic Recovery Program (1)(2)

Education, Department of

Education, Dept. of 1982

Elections, Special

Energy, Department of

Energy, Department of 1982

Energy Voting Records


Evans-Novak Report

The Evans-Novak Story

Evans, Congressman Tom, (DE)

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Emergency Management Administration

Federal Home Loan Bank Board

Files in Central Files

First Monday

First Tuesday

Florida Judgeships, US Attys., and Marshalls

Food Marketing Institute

Fordice, Kirk

Front Line

Gardenhire, Resumes From

Gas Deregulation

General Service Admin.


Grassley Contributors

Gun Control

Hardwick, Charles L.

Hawkins, Sen. Paula


OA 2904


Health and Human Service 1982

Heritage Foundation

Heritage Foundation 1982


HUD 1982

Human Events

Hunter, Cong. Duncan

Inspectors General


Interior 1982

Interns, Summer

Interviews, Appointments, etc. (Lee Atwater)

James, Fobb - Tax Blitz [Economic Recovery Program]

120 Day Jobs


Judgeships-South Carolina

Department of Justice

Judges - Talking Points, Marshalls and Attys.

Kitchin, Lou

Labor, Dept. of

Labor, Dept. of 1982

Laird, Paul File

Lay, Christy File

Legislative Day

US Marshalls and Attorneys

NcNeill, John

Midvale Steel Company

Millikin Meeting

Molinari, Congressman Guy

Napier, Congressman

National Association of Realtors 1982

National Conservative Foundation


National Democratic Policy Committee

National Governors Association


National Petrol

National Public Radio

National Republican Senatorial Committee

NRCC - Hilton


National Wildlife Assoc.

The New Right Report

News Clippings

North Carolina US Attorneys, Marshalls, and Judges

O’Connor, Judge

The O’Connor Report

Occupation, Safety, and Health Administration


OMB 1982


Older American Volunteer Programs

Oklahoma US Attys., Marshalls and Judges


Parking, Government


OA 2905

Peace Corps

Phillip Morris Co.

Phone Call Sheets

Photo Requests (1)(2)

Photo Sessions - President, October

Photo Session - Vice President, 10/06/1981


Presidential Advisory Committees

Presidential Documents

Presidential Letters and Messages - Special

President’s Schedule

Private Sector Initiatives

Progress, Inc.

Nancy Reagan’s Schedule


RNC Members List

Republican Senate Conference

Republican Study Committee

Requests, Cards - Joan DeCain

Requests, Congressional and Senatorial Misc.

Requests, Misc.

Requests for Appointments Sheets

Resumes (1)(2)

Resumes -- General -- 1982

Resumes in the System


Schedule C Lists

Selective Service System

Senate-House Rose Garden Event

Senior Citizens and Social Security

Shelby, Cong. Richard

Shockley, Ray

Small Business Association

Mike Smith Naval Medical Problems


OA 2906

Source – RNC

Southern Meeting – Region IV

Southern Senate Caucus

Special Requests

State Chairmen

State Department


Symms Contributors List

Tax Package


Textile (1)-(5)

Thank-You Notes (1)-(3)

Senator Thurmond (1)(2)

Transportation Department (1)-(3)

Department of the Treasury

Trip: 08/04/1981-08/05/1981 Dallas County GOP Assembly – Jay Lewis, Consultant

Trip: 07/29/1981-07/30/1981 President’s NCSL, Georgia GOP and NRA Speech

Trip: Mississippi – GOP – The Capital Foundation

Trip: 07/24/1981-07/25/1981 Taft Seminar and North Carolina Convention

Trip: South Carolina – Liberty Life Insurance – Government Affairs and Palmetto Business

Trip: 09/19/1981-09/20/1981 AP News Council Meeting / B, M & S

Trip: 09/10/1981-09/14/1981 ATMI Meeting / Florida, GOP Executive Committee. Meeting /

Liberty Corporation / Palmetto Business Forum

Trip: 09/24/1981 Coleman Reception

Trip: 10/03/1981 Tennessee GOP and Atlanta

Trip: 09/25/1981-09/28/1981 Atlanta and New Orleans

U.S. National Summary Tables (NRCC) (1)(2)

U. S. Youth Council

Veterans Administration (1)(2)

Virginia – U.S. Attorneys, Marshals and Judges (1)-(5)


West Virginia – U.S. Attorneys, Marshals and Judges

White House Fellows

White House Weekly

Charles S. White-Spunner, Jr. (1)-(3)

Liles Williams – Mississippi Special Election (1)-(4)

Women: General Federation of Women’s Club Awards

Young Americans for Freedom (1)(2)

Young Republicans (1)(2)


OA 2906


Alabama [1981] (1)-(5)

Alabama [1982] (1)-(5)


Arkansas (1)-(3)


Colorado I

Colorado 2



District of Columbia


OA 2907

Florida (1)(2)

Georgia [1981] (1)-(12)

Georgia [1982] (1)-(7)

Georgia: Atlanta Mayor’s Race


Illinois (1)(2)


Iowa (1)(2)


Kentucky (1)(2)

Louisiana (1)


OA 8268

Louisiana (2)



Maryland - 5 Congressional Race




Mississippi (1)-(8)

Missouri (1)(2)


New Jersey

New Jersey Governor’s Race

New Mexico

New York  (1)(2)

North Carolina (1)(2)

North Carolina: Koop, Dr. C. Everett


Ohio: Special Election - 4th District

Oklahoma (1)(2)

Pennsylvania (1)(2)

Puerto Rico

South Carolina - Congressman Campbell

South Carolina - Congressman Hartnett

South Carolina - Congressman Napier

South Carolina - Congressman Spence


OA 8269

South Carolina - General - 1981

South Carolina - General - 1982

South Carolina - A-E- 1981

South Carolina - F-J – 1981 (1)-(6)

South Carolina - K-N - 1981

South Carolina - O-Z - 1981

[South Carolina]: Strom Thurmond (1)-(6)

South Carolina: A-E - 1982

South Carolina: F-J – 1982 (1)-(7)

South Carolina: K-N - 1982

South Carolina: O-Z - 1982


OA 8270

South Carolina - U.S. Marshall

South Dakota

Tennessee (1)(2)

Texas (1)(2)

Virginia (1)-(3)

Virginia’s Campaign

Virginia’s Governors Race

West Virginia (1)(2)


OA 2403


Abrams, Phil

Abt, Fred W.

Ackers, Donna

Adams, Mac C.

Adcock, David Brooks

Albright, Buddy

Alexander, Leonora Cole

Alexander, T.M., Sr.

Algood, Alice Wright

Allen, Donald K.

Allen, Edward

Allen, Kellum

Allen, Mary Beth

Allen, Steven J.

Alvarez, Everett Jr.

Anderson, Burr

Andrews, Richard

Andrews, Tom

Antley, Phillip John

Apperson, Bernard Jay

Applebee, Charlie

Archie, William

Arcuri, Robert L.

Argentieri, Dinah

Frank M. Armani

Armstrong, Claud C.

Armstrong, Meredith

Armstrong, Phillip C.

Arnold, Marjorie R.

Ashman, Pamela

Asworth, Msark

Athey, Robert L.

Atkins, Hugh

Atkins, Monti P., Jr.

Atwater, Charles

Averell, William

Ayres, Joseph W.

Bafalis, Renee L.

Bailey, Marian

Don Bain

Donald T. Baker

Baker, Larmar

Baker, Tom

Baker, Sen. Walter A.

Ballenger, Lucinda Garrison

Barmore, William Edward

Barnes, Scott

Barnett, Louis William

Baroody, Barbara Ann

Bruce Barr

Barron, Gary A.

Barry, James J.

Barry, Kent Lee

Barton, Nelda

Anne G. Basker

Bateman, Herbert H.

Balthanzas, Joyce

Baynard, Wilbur E.

Beall, Carlton

Beatty, Debra

Behan, John L.

Belk, Gene C.

Bell, Theron

Belt, Kaye

Bender, William    

Bengs, Margaret A.

Benitez, Carlos

Benjamin, Barbara

Benschoter, Ronald

Benton, Joe E.

Benza, Louis C.

Bergaust, Jean C.

Berkowitz, Maurice

Mark De Bernardo

Berry, Phyllis

Sharon Berry

Black, Dr. Harold

Blackburn, Lee

Blackmon, Floyd F.

Blaever, Dennis

Blizzard, James P.

Blume, Catharine N.

Blumenthal, Gary

Boddy, Craig S.

Boling, Ralph L.

Bollin, Caddell

Bond, James

Boney, Sara

Borchard, Susan

Borden Enid

Bostick, Douglas W.

Bouchey, Ampy B.

Bowen, Frances

Bowen, William M.

Bowers, Stuart

Bowman, LT. Col. James C. (Ret.)

Boyd, Dr. Janie

Brady, Donley L.

Bradley, Patricia

Brady, Phillip D.

Bramlett, Virginia (Ginna)

Bramwell, Patricia

Brannigan, Maureen A.

Brassell, Charlie

Patrick Breheny

Breuninger, Bruce W.

Bringham, William T.

Brinker, Larry H.

Broley, Harry

Brooker, Beach

Roy T. Brophey

Brown, Carl

Brun, Roy

Brown, Carol Y.

Brown, Carolyn LaVerne

Brown, Clifton G.

Brown Diane Patricia

Brown, Douglas E.

Brown, Rick

Bruinsma, Theodore A.

Elizabeth C. Brune

Bryant, Gilbert

Bryant, Michael

Buchanan, Thomas M.

Buckingham, David

Buckley, F.R.

Buckmaster, Thomas L., II

Bukowski, Dawn Renee

Bull, Christa K.

Bullock, Katja

Burch, John Thomas

Burke, Maurice Leon (Nick)

Burnes, Robin

Burdette, William M.

Burris, H.H.

Butler, Debra

Toye Byrd

Cain, Charles

Cain, John

Calnan, C.J.

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Dennis Miles

Campbell, Doug

Campbell, Nancy Jean

Campbell, Tony

Cannon, Douglas R.

Cantrell, Robert J.

Caraway, Hardy

Cardenas, Al

Cardin, William

Carew, Glenn

Carmichael, Gilbert E.

Carothers, Dr. Gary

Carr, Cary Peyton

Carrington, Henry

Carson, Lane A.

Carter, James Darwin

Carter, Tim Lee

Casey, Mrs. Lyman (Donna)

Castle, Tom

Cavanaugh, Ann

Centner, Rita M.

Chandler, Marilyn Bryant (Missy)

Chandler, Martha Bratton

Charles, Dr. Allan D.

Chase, Carl Jr.

Chase, John A.

Chenoweth, Carol Jane

Chester, Dr. Edward W.

Christie, Gene

Christmann, Robert J.

Church, Winfred

Clark, Colin D.

Clarke, Neil

Clarke, Vicki

Clarkson, Crawford

Clawson, States L.

Coakley, John H.

Cochran, Angela A.

Cockerham, John

Cogman, Dan

Coleman, Donal T.

Collum, Patrick

Collumb, Peter J.

Combs, Bradford Morris

Conte, Frank H.

Cook, Jody

Cook, Dr. Wayne

Cook, W.A.

Wayne Bruce Cook

Cooper, John Hughes

Cooper, Joseph N.

Copeland, William

Cormaney, Theodore M.

Cornelius, Samuel J.

Joy Dianne Cothran

Cotter, Leslie Arlen Jr.

Covar, Jeffrey

Court, Susan

Cox, Celeste

Cox, Earl G.

Cox, Emmett

Cox, Lorraine

Cox, Ronald B.

Coyle, Timothy L.

Cramer, Mark

Crawley, Adair

Crayton, Jenkins S.

Cribbs, James A.

Crowley, Bruce

Cuddy, Dennis

Cullman, Alexandra

Culp, Wayne A.

Cumberland, Alice

Cunningham, Jack

Curran, Robert F.

Curry Henry Lee

Curry, Joyce Blair

Curtis, Robert A.

Curtis, Tom

Curtis, Tom


OA 2404

Daniel, Charles A.

Davenport, Vivien Ph.D.

Davis, Hugh K.

Davis, J. Kennedy Jr.

Davis, Mark

Davis, Richard

Davis, William F.

Davies, Robert S.

Dawson, Robert

Dawson, William

Day, Richard W.

Decas, George C.

DelleBovi, Alfred A.

Demain, Wadgy

Den Dulk, John

Den Dulk, John Jr.

Denman, Mrs. LeRoy

Denysyk, Bo

Deville, William B.

Dickey, Lee and Netta

Dickson, Joe Nathan

Dietrich, Laura

Dietrich, Laura

Difede, Joseph

Digenova, Joe

Dillard, Hughes

Dilley, Jeffrey M.

Dodge, G. Doyle

Dodge, William D.

Dodge, William D. Jr.

Doherty, Eileen

Dolan, Robert E.

Dolibois, John E.

Donaldson, Arthur J.

Donaldson, John   

Donnalley, Mary Jane

Dorsey, Patrick C.

Doty, Richard II

Dougherty, Stephen

Douglas, Phillip H.

Doulin, Almada H.

Doyle, Elizabeth

Drew, Mitchell Nebraska

Drury, Peter

Dugan, Brenda

Duke, Lois

Dungan, Avalon

Dunn, Roberta

Dunnagan, Phillip

Durham, William S.

Duvall, Dale

Easton, Michelle

Eckles, Robert Y.

Edmonds, Lesley

Edwards, Gus

Edwards, Van E.

Elam, Mark

Elgarresta, Mario

Eiler, Greg Allen

Eisenhower, Mrs. Edgar

Elmets, Douglas G.

Endres, Rick

Ergle, Harvey

Erkenbeck, Jane

Erwin, Molly M.

Esterly, Thomas E.

Evans, Donald A.

Jeptha Evans

Evans, John

Evans, John

Evans, John Marion

Evans, William T.

Fanseen, James F.

Feck, Jens

Ferrandina, Thomas

Jeanne R. Ferst

Fessler, Sherrie M.

Finch, Orrin F.

Finesilver, Annette

Fischer, Jeffrey W.

Fischer, Lawrence Edward

Fischer, Lynn

Fisher, M. Anthony

Fitzgerald, Ernest

Fitzsimmons, Robert

Flack, William Patrick

Flathey, Carol

Fleer, Charles H.

Flemming, W. Ray

Fohl, John S.

Folsom, Henry R.

Forgash, Mike

Forst, Alan Jay

Foster, Gregory A.

Fouche, Rebecca

Fowler, Donald

Frederickson, Dave

Freeman, James W.

Samuel R. Freeman

Freeman, Ted Barron

Fuller, Mike

Fudenberg, Dr. H. Hugh

Funderburk, David B.       

Fusaro, Ted

Gabriels, Alexander

Gaddy, Steven M.

Gains, Randall

Gardenhauer, Todd

Garrigan, Lee D.

Gaston, Dr. Victor

Gualt, Phyllis

Geary, Patrick S.

Geisinger, Harry G.

George, Dr. James L.

George, Nancy W.

Gertz, Jack

Giddens, Kenneth R.

Giere, Michael

Giamboi, Joseph

Gilliam, Dubois

Gillard, Maurice

Gillis, Leni B.

Glavin, William

Goatley, Gregory

Godfrey, Fike

Arthur A. Goldberg

Gomez, Mary Ann

Gomez, Mary Ann

Gonzmart, Caesar

Gordon, Paula

Gordon, William G.

Goodman, Darryl H.V.

Gorman, Judy

Gottfried, William

Graber, Edmund C.

Graglia, Lino

Gragson, George N.

Graham, Deborah Jean

Ken Graham

Grant, Toni

Graves, Gregory G.

Green, Cliffeton

Green, James L.

Greenwald, Alan J.

Greenwalt, Michael

Gregg, Steve

Gregory, Carlyle Jr.

Griffin, Thomas C.

Griffith, Earl W.

Gross, Noel

Grossman, Jodie

Guiden, Nancy Ann

Guillot, Louis Creath

Guram, Dr. Malkiat S.

Hackett, James T.

Hager, James William

Haggard, Thomas Ross

Haimbaugh, George Dr.

Hair, Jay

Hairston, F.R.

Hale, Roy

Haley, George Williford Boyce

Hall, Jason Y.

Hallman, Harry M. Jr.

Halloway, Stephen

Hallowell, John

Hamilton, Betse

Hamilton, Elizabeth

Hammerstrom, William Neil Jr.

Hammond, Barbara S.

Hammond, Lou Rena

Hammond, Mary Ellen

Hampton, Georg

Hampton, Leon

Hansen, Slade

Hansen, William Dean

Harden, Catherine

Harkey, Charles N.

Harlan, Marth Ball

Harrell, H. David

Harriman, John

Harrington, Susan P.

Harris, Kent

Harris, Ray

Hartley, Robert

Hatch, Randy Edward

Hayes, Donald Ray

Hayes, William G. IV

Hayes, Junius III

Hayes, William G.

Hayward, Mark

Hayward, Mark S.

Heckman, Connie

Heffner, Richard L.

Hefley, Phillip

Heldman, Dan

Heldridge, Richard W.

Hendricks, Carol Diane

Bill Herring

Hess, Bart

Hewitt, Ms. Frankie

Hickman, J.P.

Hicks, John W.

Hicks, R. Miller

Higgins, George

Hill, Terry

Hilty, Carol

Himmelstein, Marc

Hinkley, Gerard J.

Hines, Richard

Hines, Richard Towill

Hiott, Harry Wayland

Hipp, Van D.

Hipps, George

Hirsch, Hon. Samuel

Hite, Bernie

Hobgood, Harry

Hoel, Ed R.

Hofeller, Tom

Hoitsma, Gary

Holcomb, Gary

Holdridge, John H.

Holland, Daniel Stephen

Holleman, Christopher

Hook, Patricia

Horn, Marian Blank

Horst, Thomas A. Jr.

Hover, Wade Hampton

Howard, Harriet

Howe, E.L.

Howell, Forrest

Hoyt, Richard III

Huasta, John

Hughes, Charles

Humbert, Daniel

Hunt, Guy

Hunt, Mrs. Olive

Hunt, William W. (Tripp)

Hunter, Charles

Hunter, Lawrence M. Jr.

Hussey, Nora

Hutchines, Fred S.

Louise Hutchinson


OA 2405

Iglesias, Manuel

Penny, Neal Ince

Inman, Vice Admiral Bobby R.

Ironfield, Sally B.

Irwin, Charles

Jackson, Arthur J. Jr.

Jackson, Steve

Jackson, Ted

Jacobsen, Catherine

James, r. D.

Jenkins, Woody

Jenkinson, Joe T.

Jernigan, Rodney Clark Jr.

Jeter, Charles R.

Johnson, Donald

Johnson, James Douglas

Johnson, James H. (Jim)

Johnson, Jeffrey M.

Johnston, Means

Jones, Brenda

Jones, Daniel

Jones, Ida Faris

Jones, J.A.

Jones, Libby

Jones, Mark

Jones, Nancy

Jones, Paul r.

Jordan, Bettie

Jorgensen, Ralph G.

Julian, Barbara

Juliana, Lisa

Justice, David O.

Kaiser, Joyce Ann

Kaiser, Kay

Kapp, John Merrill

Kavanaugh, Walt

Kearns, Richard H.

Al Kemp

Kendall, Arden Chambers

Kennedy, Dennis

Kennedy, Patrick G.

Keough, William F.

Andrew A. Kerhulas

Kersch, Cheryl R.

Kettlewell, Larry G.

Kielich, Christina

Larry Kielkopf

Kim, Anthony

Kimball, Leonard M.

Kimberly, Richard H.

Kinard, W. Robert

King, Ed

King, Henry Spencer

King, Terry

Kingman, Woodward

Kinnaird, Virgil

Kirby-Smith, Edmund

Gladys Kirchgatter

Kirkland, Lloyd E. Sr.

Klapman, Mellie Elizabeth

Kleppe, Thomas S. Jr.

Kline, Richard

Klock, George Edwin

Knight, Edna

Koch, Susan D.

Kocik, Denis E.

Koerner, Star

Kojelis, Linas Juozas

Korn, David

Kosco, Ann

Kowals, George

Kraeuter, John N.

Kramlich, Gary R.

Kretschmer, Ruth K.

Kuonen, Nell

Kush, Daniel

La Farrelle, Lorenzo

Lacy, James

Lajeunesse, Raymond J. Jr.

Phillip E. Lammi

Lane, Carol H.

Lane, Gary

Lanier, Christian III

Lanning, Calvin

Larkin, Nancy L.

Latimer, William R.

Laubach, Vincent

Lavin, Franklyn L.

Lay, Christy Jean

Lezur, John William

Lebby, Gael C.

Ledbetter, Beverly E.

Lee, Adrian

Lee, Herbert

Lee, Jackson F.

Lee, Vincent

Leet, William D.

Legal: Judge Jim Crow, Missour Judicial District 8

Levinson, Stephanie

Lewis, Dr. (Miss) Gail M

Lewis, Dr. Mary

Lewis, Ruthie

Lieber, Gary

Leibman, Marvin

Lihn, Charles

Lilly, Francis X.

Lindquist, Lucille

Lipkin, Gary D.

Liss, Wayne A.

Little, Barbara

Orlando Llenza

Lloyd, Gary M.

Loewel, Michele

Loewy, Steve A.

Lombard, Jim

Long, Jane Sennett

Lott, Spencer

Love, Arthur M.

Love, Ezekiel

Loveday, David G.

Lower, Robert C.

Lucas, April

Lumley, Dorcas (Dot)

Lukens, Donald

Lynch, Ned

Lyons, Charles

Maddox, Yvonne

Madey, Doren L.

Madsen, Ronald

Madson, Patricia A.

Maginnis, Tom

Mahan, Jann

Mann, Frederick W.

Mann, Robert W.

Mares, Jan W.

Jacob P. Margosian

Mark, Lori

Markle, Robert

Marler, Edward Patrick

Marsh, John D.

Marshall, Ann Kelsey

Martin, Anne Kerwin

Martin, Michael

Martindale, Wlater Reed

Martinez, David

Masin, Jackie

Mastolish, Ray

Mathison, R. V.

Matthews, Joe

Matthias, Ernie Jr.

Maxfield, James Marshall

Maxfield, Marjorie

May, Floyd

May, Major Phillip

McAlister, John

McCaffrey, Shiela L.

McCants, Lynn

McClean, Thoms

McClure, Rev. Hugh

McClure, James Donaldson

McConnnell, Samuel

McCormick, Hal

McCormick, James M.

McCully, James M.

MacDonald, Ian (Mac)

McDonald, Neil Raymond

McDougal, Steven

McDuffie, Ida Grimble

McElligott, Richard

McElveen, William T.

McFadden, James J.

McGivney, Marilyn

McGregor, Richard

McGuire, Dan


OA 2406

Frank R. McKay Sr.

McKee, Myron

McKenna, Raymond

McLean, James L.

McLean, John H.

McLendon, W.L. (Mac)

McLeod, Bill

McMahon, Anthony J.

McManus, Charlie

McNabb, David W.

McNamara, Thomas J.

McNamee, V. Carl

McLane, Robert Bruce

McQuade, Norren

Meadows, James R.

Medero, Fred

Meek, Marvin

Meisenhelder, Jay

Mellinger, Lawrence Paul

Mercurio, Tony

Mermoud, Jules Frank

Merritt, Harrison Shelby

Metz, Thomas (Bud)

Meyers, John V.

Michel, Hubert E.

Michaels, R. Patrick

Mickens, Maxine Nixon

Miller, Gloria Anne

Miller, Harrold

Miller, William F.

Willie V. Miller

Minor, Ernest

Minshall, Dennis

Minter, William

Mischner, Herman

Mitchell, Edgar D.

Mitchell, Robert

Mitchell, William C.

Mitchum, Jacqueline G.

Mizell, Ben

Miziker, Ron D.

Moberly, Warren C.

Mobley, Leonard A.

Mobley, Steve

Moffat, John

Monahan, Hugh I. Jr.

Mongiovi, Arnita

Morris, Anne Haley

Monk, Peter

Montgomery, Sally

Richard “Rick” Thomas Montoya

Moore, Archie

Moore, Fred Henderson

Moore, Frederick T.

Moore, Thomas George

Moore, William T.

David Moorehead

Moorhead, Davis T.

Moran, William B.

Morano, Thomas Joseph

Morgan, Dennis W.

Morley, Martin J.

Morley, Nicholas H.

Morris, Ann

Morris, Claude James

Morrison, Gwen

Mosher, Janice M.

Moss, Judith

Moxley, Dr. John

Murphy, J. Austin

Musgrave, Charlotte

Myers, Henry A.

Nave, Mrs. John

Neel, Lee

M. Clifton Nettles

Newberg, Arthur S.

Newman, Patricia

Newman, Robert I.

Nichols, John S. Jr.

Nicolaides, Phillip

Nieves, Elizabeth

Noel, Margaret

Norton, Sherryll

Norton-Dunlop, Becky

Odell, Kay

O’Flaherty, Harold

Ogata, Kent

Oliver, Claude

Olson, Lyndon Jr.

Orr, Roy

O’Tuel, Maxcy B.

Outlaw, William

Overton, J. Allen

Owen, Hilda

Owens, Hugh

Owens, Sanford N.

Oxley, Stephanie Irene

Page, Phillip Ashton

Pannell, Lowell

Parker, Marshall

Parsley, Andrew

Parsons, Neale

Pascariello, Ken

Passailaigue, Ernest L.   Jr.

Patnett, John H.

Patrick, Larry W.

Patterson, Rachelle

Patton, Gary

Paul, Belinda

Paul, James

Payne, Thomas F.

Pearson, Bobby James

Peek, Wlater A.

Peele, David L. (Buzz)

Ruth Pendley

Perillo, Ronald

Peterson, Harries-Clichy (Pete)

Pettit, Joseph Mayo

Pflanz, Henry S.

Phillips, Bill

Phinney Margaret

Sam Pickard


Pierce, Ronald K.

Pike, Jane Lee

Piper, Stuart B.

Pitts, James Larry

Pitts, Jim

Elaine M. Plotkin

Poe, Rebecca

Poffenberger, David

Pope, J.R.

Popeo, Dan

Poretz, Barry

Potts, Frank S.

Potts, Theresa Hearn

Powell, Cynthia J.

Powell, Pam

Powers, Edna

Pratt, Jim

Prescott, Louisa

Pressley, John

Price, Beverlee

Lisa G. Price

Privitera, Mike

Pruitt, James C.

Purrington, Ward

Quigley, Jesse R.

Quinlan, Jerry

Quinn, Cameron

Rader, Steven

Rady, Leo

Rank, Peter C.

Rather, Dr. John

Ravenel, Louise

Redman, Teri L.

Regner, David J.

Reed, Carol

Reed, Jim

Reed, James Stacy

Rehmann, Ann C.

Reingold, Jacob

Reinhardt, Nelson F.

Renna, John P.

Rey, Mark

Reynolds, Gary

Ricardel, Vincent J.

Richardson, Randle

Richey, Dorothy

Richter, Betty Ann

Rick, Jean M.

Ricks, Lloyd Rand

Riise, Michael

Roberts, Commander A.M.

Roberts, John

Roberts, Thomas Morgan

Robfogel, Susan S.

Robinson, Bernie

Rochester, David Patrick

Rockman, Alan S.

Isidora Rodriguez

Rodway, Allan Colwell

Roe, Medford (Larry)

Roess, Sherry

Rogan, Martin

Rohn, Elizabeth

Roland, David


OA 2407

Paul E. Rollins

Romatowski, Susan E.

Rooks, James O.

Rose, Becky

Rose, Boykin

Rosenbaum, C. Fred

Royce, Kathy

Rowland, Robert A.

Rubin, Robert J.

Rubinoff, Michael Wayne

Rudy, George

Rudy, Mahlon

Ruff, Dan

Rusbuldt, Robert A.

Rusche, Ben C.

Rush, Grant

Russell, Gardner

Russell, Balcome-Rawding Abu-Durah

Rutlege, Howard E.

Saenz, Dr. Paul

Salisbury, William

Sanchelli, James

Sanders, Raymond C. (Sandy) Jr.

Sanders, Raymond Carter

Sandifer, Frank H.

Sanera, Michael

Sanjour, William

Sanzo, Karen Dale

Sara, Mary

Sawyer, Robert John

Saxon, Lori

Scales, John Kent

Scali, Joseph G.

Scarboro, W. Proctor

Schaeffer, William Brent

Schmidlapp, Patricia K.

Schmidt, Leo

Schmid, Coral

Schoener, Judge Jim       

Gary P. Scholick

Schumaker, Larry

Schwarz, F. H.

Sciaroni, Bretton

Scott, Walter

Scotten, David

Scully, Dr. Jay

Seabrook, Cordes G. Jr.

Edward Seitzinger

Seymour Sandy

Shaddix, Douglas

Shaheen, Janie

Sharp, Steve

Shaw, Robert J.

Shaw, Robert J.

Shearer, Charles

Sheehan, John E.

Shipley, Carl

Shockley, Ray

Siceloff, Wendy

Sidbury, Charles Woodbury

Siegal, Penny

Siggard, Kerry D.

Sigmon, Charles

Sillivant, Karen Kay

Simmons, Joan

Simmons, Katherine D.

Simon, Scott

Simpkins, Talmiage

Sizemore, Margaret D.

Sizemore, Tom Lee

Skillings, Jane

Sloane, John

Smaby, Phillip C.

Smith, Anabel Gibbon

Smith, Craig Hayward

Smith, Hon. David S.

Smith, Lee

Smith, Ralph

Smith, Mrs. Richard (Marilyn)

Smitsky, Karen

Smoot, Richard Clayton

Snipes, Charles T.

Snoody, Rick

Snyder, Nona

Sogg, Elise

Solon, Rita St. Marie

Sontag, Frederick

Sourbeer, James

Southard, Burton M.

William W. Spear

Spencer, William R. (Ron)

Staley, Jay Richard

Staley, Richard

Stanhagen, William H.

Stattin, Eric

Steiner, Fay Adams

Steinhilber, Bob

Steorts, Nancy

Stevens, T. Edward

Stevens, Jerry

Stewart, Alexander

Stewart, Robert

Stith, David

Stone, Clement W.

Stone, Eugene E. III

Stone, Robert Ray

Story, Sam

Straughan, Joseph H.

Straw, Larry

Strome, Jack L.

Strong, James W.

Strong, Ralph W.

Stuber, Robert G.

Stucker, John J.

Sud, Dr. Giam

Sud, Harish

Sullivan, Jean

Sullivan, Selby W.

Summers, Alyce Elaine

Sununu, John

Swafford, Claudia M.

Swann, Larry D.

Tabaka, Allen

Tabor, Vicki

Tambs, Lewis A.

Tao, Wesley

Tapscott, Cynthis Elaine

Tapscott, Marilyn

Taussig, Florence C.

Taussig, Joseph K. Jr.

Taylor, Bill

Taylor, Leo Nathaniel  Jr.

Roy T. Taylor

Taylor, Ruth L.

Terry, Peter F.

Tezza, Elizabeth

Tharpe, E. Alan

Theberge, Ambass. James

Thomas, Clyde Monroe

Thomas, Madge

Thomas, Stephanie Adele

Thompson, Lindsay (Lin)

Thompson, James L.

Thorburn, Wayne

Thornhill, Van Noy

Thornton, Carroll

Resumes from Senator Thurmond

Carolyn L. Tillotson

Tilley, Richard M.

Tirrell, Al

Tisdale, Kim Thompson

Claude T. (Tommy) Tolbert

Tonsmeire, Arthur Jr.

Towe, Wallace (Skip)

Tripplet, Tom

Trotter, Ruth M.

Truax, Carlton

Tuggle, Kenneth R.

Turkleson, Morris

Turner, David

Turner, Joe

Ussery , E. Michael

Vachon, Reginold I.

Velde, Joyce

Viraugh, Bendeguz

Vitas, Vil

Wade, Hugh M.

Walker, Anne C.

Dr. Walker

Wallace, Susan

James M. Waller

Walli, Joris

Walters, Rita

Wandling A.M. “Bud”

Ward, John L.

Warner, John

Warwick, R. F.

Barbara K. Wasinger


Wade H. Waters

Weathers, Virginia   (Gin)

Weaver, Samuel J.

Webb, James Henry

Webb William J.

Weber, Kent Reed

Weidenfeld, Edward L.

Weinrod, Bruce

Weston, Chris

Weyl, Kitty

Whaley, Freddie Jr.

Wheeler, Louise

White, Betsy

White, Clifton F. Jr.

White, Don

White-Spunner, Charles

Clinton H. Whitehurst

Whittle, Kimberly

Wicke, Robert F.

Widemire, Miller A.

Wieber, James

Wilkins, Robert B.

Wilkinson, Winston

Willard, Richard Kennon

Williams, Armstrong


OA 2902

Williams, David A.

Williams, Debbie

Williams, Liles

Willis, Mark

Wilson, David E.

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, Jimmie

Wilson, Robert D.

Wilson, Shirley Hennessy

Winchester, James A.

Witcher, Denis William

Withers, Harold J.

Wolfe, James F.

Wolfe, Oliver J.

Wolff, Otto J.

Woodham, Polly

Wooley, John R. (Jack)

Worthen, Bill

Wray, James Richard

Wright, David Austin

Wright, Gregory

Wright, Robert

Wright, Thomas B.

Wright, Thomas B.

Wyatt, Barbara Powers

Yon, David Arthur

Young, Charleise T.

Young, Loretta

Youstra, George

Roger Yurchuck

Zachem, David J.

Zaimes, James P.

Zanelotti, Kurt Louis