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Office of Media Relations: Staff Assistant




Charles Bacarisse holds a bachelor of arts in political science and a bachelor of fine arts in communication from Southern Methodist University. Charles Bacarisse began his public service work as a staff assistant and then as the Associate Director of President Reagan’s Office of Media Relations.  He later became the Assistant Director of the Office of Public Liaison for President George H.W. Bush.  He entered Texas local public service as an Administrative Assistant to Harris County Judge Jon Lindsay, working on economic development and criminal justice issues.

Mr. Bacarisse served four consecutive terms as Harris Country (Texas) District Clerk. 

Charles Bacarisse is currently the Vice President for Advancement at Houston Baptist University, where he oversees Alumni Affairs, Church and Community Relations, and Development.


Office Note


The Office of Media Relations handled all press contacts with the White House other than the actual White House press corps.  It was created in the fall of 1981 from the Office of Media Liaison in the Press Office and the Television Office from the Office of Communication. The office had various names throughout the administration including: Media Liaison; Office of Media Relations and Planning; Office of Media Relations and Broadcasting; Office of Media and Broadcasting Relations.  Their staff, physical location in the White House and general functions remained exactly the same during these various name changes. For ease of use and to reflect their organizational unity the Library is naming this office: Office of Media Relations. 


Box 1

Telephone Logs, 02/24/1987-05/22/1987

Telephone Logs, 05/28/1987-09/15/1987

Telephone Logs, 09/22/1987-11/16/1987

Telephone Logs, 11/17/1987-12/29/1987