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BARNETT, TRICIA:  Files 1985-1988


Office of Private Sector Initiative


OA 18678

Post Conference Correspondence

Mayor’s Awards

Background (not active)

Thank You for Italy

IAC Transcripts

Conference Assignments

Pre-conference / Conference - Correspondence / Materials

ttc Pics

Sample Press Kit

Sample Registration Forms

Original Artwork

Speech Check List

Building a National Network – Moderator’s Guide

Statistics Sheets for Spokesman

Corporate Social Responsibility – Moderator’s Guide

Conference Spokesman Talking Points

Italian-American Conf. - American Speakers 1987

Italian-American Conf. - Italian Speakers 1987

Conference Participants

Guest List - Sforza Castle, Dinner 06/10/1987

Italian-American Conf. - Permanent Sample Materials

Photos / Italian-American Conference

Photos / Italian-American Conference

White House Press Corp - Briefing Paper

English Transcription of News Clips

News Clips Translations

Original News Clips

American Express Programs - Press Materials

Media Lists


Corporate P.R. Support

Public Relations Firm

Italian-American Conf. - Work Plans for Public Relation


OA 18679

Italian American Conf. Binders - Italian Bios:  Agnelli - Fumagelli

Italian American Conf. Binders - Italian Bios:  Glisenti - Zundano

Italian American Conf. Binders - American Bios:  Albertine - Phelan

Italian American Conf. Binders - American Bios:  Phillips - Wick

International Conf:  PSI Binder

Photos - Italian American Conference

British-American Conference:  Loose Information / Calligraphy Sample Packet

          [London Conference]: Background-Miscellaneous-London (1)(2)

          [London Conference]: Staff Assignments-London Conference

          [London Conference]: Graphics Requisitions-London

          [London Conference]: Media

          [London Conference]: Bio Project

          [London Conference]: Announcement News Release

          [London Conference: Participation Lists]

          [London Conference]: Conference News Clips

          [London Conference]: Materials Samples-London

          [London Conference]: HRH The Prince of Wales Remarks

          [London Conference]: Material from American Express (AMEX)

          [London Conference]: Materials Sent Over by the Brits (1)(2)

          [London Conference]: Prime Minister Thatcher Remarks


OA 18680

Milano E. Navgali - Book

Vedere Milano - Book

Italian American Conference Binder

British-American Conference Participants Binder

British-American Conference Binder

Photos - British-American Conference

Tricia’s British-American Conference Book

Press Kit / Event Day / with BIC Materials

Conf. Challenge - Conclusions

Final Participants

Final Conf. / Issued News Release

Staff Notes

Pre-mailing to U.S. Editors

Press Attendance at Conference

Speeches at Conference


OA 18681

Loose Stamps from Volunteer WK, in envelope

W.A. Martin Luther King School Partnership

“12 Who Care” - Info.

*12 Files:  Statistics on Charitable Giving (1&2)

*12 Files:  Study on Volunteerism and Effects

Alexis de Togueville - 1987 Winners

Operation Care and Share - United Way Event 11/09/1987

Distribution Plan PSI Report Blue Book - 1988

PSI Newsletter “Mock Ups”

Media Info Sheets and Draft Stats

Media – 01/25/1988 Editional Drive

General Info - White House

60-Day Forecast Calendar

Mailing List for PSI Publications

PSI Newsletter Drafts

Excellence in Private Sector Initiatives

Symposium 06/14/1985

Elliot 02/24/1987 London


Modern Maturity - TV

White House Press Corp.

Media Directories

Media Lists

The Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy

FJR Biznet Interview

Hoover - The Belgian Relief

Newsweek:  Background Info on Article – “51 Unsung Heroes  07/19/1987

FJR Luncheon Meeting with National Journal (September 1987)

Sarasota, Texas  (October 1987)  PSI Tornado Effect


Accesssion, A93-01

Box 1

Heroes, Volunteers, Etc.

Heroes, Volunteers, Etc: RR Chattanooga Project 714 05/19/1987

Heroes, Volunteers, Etc.: Year Round Volunteers

Heroes, Volunteers, Etc.: Christmas Volunteers

News Clips: PSI Clips of Interest

News Clips: Clips of Interest

News Clips: December 1986

News Clips: January 1987

News Clips: February 1987

News Clips: March 1987

News Clips: April 1987 – Clips of Interest

News Clips: May 1987

News Clips: June 1987

News Clips: July 1987 – Clips of Interest

News Clips: August 1987 Clippings

News Clips: September 1987

News Clips: November 1987

News Clips: December 1987

News Clips: January 1988

News Clips (1)(2)

News Clips: February 1988

News Clips: March 1988

News Clips: Working Partners Newsclips

News Clips: Articles Julie Pulled March 1988 (1)(2)

News Clips: Christmas in April (1)(2)

News Clips: “Miss School – Miss Out” Great American Savings Bank

News Clips: PIE Journal December 1987


Box 2

RR Volunteer Week 1987

RR Medal of Freedom Winners 06/23/1987

Presidential Documents 01/05/1987

We Are the People – 200 09/17/1987

RR Jobs Training Act 10/13/1982

RR Youth Volunteers 11/12/1982

RR PSI Task Force 12/08/1982

RR Urban Awards 12/09/1982

RR Texas Food Bank 12/11/1982

Ronald Reagan Communications Year 12/16/1982

RR State of the Union 01/25/1983

RR Control Data Institute 04/06/1983

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: Heroes of Amtrak Accident 02/03/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: The Mid-American Committee 02/25/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Remarks Kiwanis 07/06/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: Take Pride in America 07/21/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR – Remarks – Constitutional Essay Winners


PSI Related Speeches/Comments: President’s Child Safety Partnership 11/04/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: President’s Remarks: United Way Report 11/09/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: President’s Radio Address 12/26/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Remarks – Executive Forum 01/14/1988

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Radio Address 01/23/1988

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: State of the Union Address 01/25/1988

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Remarks to Vote America 04/15/1988

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR – Palazzo Grassi, Venice 06/11/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: USIA International Council 10/09/1987

PSI Related Speeches/Comments: Youth Volunteer Event 04/18/1988

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Radio Address – Saratoga 10/03/1987

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: Volunteer Action Awards 06/30/1987

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: Volunteer Action Awards 06/10/1988

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: C-Flag Ceremony 07/23/1987

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Video for Public Private Partnership Conference


          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Volunteer Action Awards 04/13/1983

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Young Astronauts 10/17/1984

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR C-Flag 12/10/1984

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: Northside High SchoolAtlanta, GA 06/06/1985

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Red Cross 11/16/1985

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Vote America 07/31/1986

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Thomas Jefferson High 02/07/1986

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR PIE 10/13/1983

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR PSI Advisory Council 06/28/1983

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Great American Flag 06/14/1983

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Sun City Sheriffs 05/06/1983

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR TV Job-A-Thon 04/21/1983

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Chirac Report Presentation 05/11/1987

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: British-American Conference on PSI 05/03/1988

          PSI Related Speeches/Comments: RR Youth Volunteer Event 04/18/1988 (1)(2)

          Commission of the Bicentennial of the Constitution 1987

          USIA (1)-(3)

          Program Examples: Partnerships in Education (1)-(3)

          Program Examples: AAAA


          Box 3

          Program Examples: American Bar Association

          Program Examples: National Paint & Coatings Association (1)(2)

          Program Examples: Pizza Hut

          Program Examples: Home & School Institute

          Program Examples: Housing Examples

          Program Examples: Project 714 (1)-(3)

          Program Examples: Boys Clubs of America

          Program Examples: Literacy Volunteers of America

          Program Examples: Mellon Bank – Volunteer of the Month Program

          Program Examples: Kiwanis

          Program Examples: DuPont

          Program Examples: Food for All Seasons

          Program Examples: Fina-Sexar

          Program Examples: AID Private Enterprise Intitiative

          Program Examples: Clean Sites, Inc.