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BAROODY, MICHAEL E.: Files, 1981-1985


Office of Communications: Deputy Director of Communications, 1981

Office of Public Affairs: Director of the Office of Public Affairs, 1981-1985


Michael Baroody joined the Reagan White House staff in April 1981, as Deputy Director of Communications. He worked under Frank A. Ursomarso, the Director of the Office of Communications. Ursomarso reported to David Gergen, the Staff Director who was named Assistant to the President for Communications in June 1981.


The communications staff was reorganized in the fall of 1981. As part of this reorganization, Baroody was named head of the newly formed Office of Public Affairs. With Ursomarso leaving the White House staff, the Public Affairs office reported directly to Mr. Gergen, as did the Media Relations and Speechwriting offices.


When Gergen left the White House in January 1984, White House communications was reorganized again, in preparation for the 1984 campaign season. Oversight of most communications functions, including Public Affairs, was assigned to Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Deaver and Deaver’s assistant Michael McManus.


Baroody left the White House staff in May 1985, to become the Labor Department’s Assistant Secretary for Policy.



CFOA 613

RR – First 100 Days (1)-(5)

Communications Task Force (1)(2)

NSDD-84 Talking Points

Washington Star

USSR Cable

Private Sector Initiatives (1)-(7)

Reader's Digest Interview (1)(2)

Leaders Magazine

Dan Rather Interview

State of the Union, 01/26/1982 (1)-(6)


CFOA 614

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs, 1981

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs, 1982

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs, 1983 (1)(2)

Weekly Updates, 09/01/1981

Weekly Updates, 09/08/1981 (1)(2)

Weekly Updates, 09/14/1981 (1)(2)

Weekly Updates, 09/21/1981 (1)-(4)

Weekly Updates, 10/05/1981

Cabinet Council Meeting on Commerce and Trade, 03/17/1982 & 04/20/1982

Cabinet Council Meeting on Commerce and Trade, 11/08/1982 (1)(2)

Cabinet Council Meeting on Commerce and Trade, 11/19/1982 & 04/20/1983

Reports on DOJ Visits, 1982

Year End Report, 1981 (1)-(7)

Year End Report, 1981: With Mike’s Edits (1)(2)

Year End Report, 1981: With Gergen’s Edits

Year End Report, 1981: Graphs

Press Conference Luncheon Briefing with the President 06/15/1981


CFOA 615

[Civil Defense Program Info]

07/20/1984 Mobile Communications in White House Staff Cars

Security Day at STC (Space Transportation Company)

James Nance Memo - Weekly Update

Professional Builder Magazine (1)(2)

Promises Report (1)(2)

Mobile Oil, 02/23/1982

Timecards, 1981

Timecards, 1982


OA 5445

[President Reagan’s Program for Economic Recovery]

          South, Karen

          Calendar – Weekly News – March 1981-March 1982

          Baroody Resumes

Federal Assistance to Those in Need of Help

State of the Union Briefing for Reporters, 01/27/1982

State of the Union Fact Sheet

Requests for Copies

          Federalism Fact Sheet

          Domestic Issues Briefing Book 09/29/1091

          Appointment Book 1981

          Senior Staff Briefing Book 10/09/1981

          Gergen Edits – Not Typed [First Year Chronology]

          [Document Printouts October 1981]



OA 5446

Week at a Glance, April 1982-July 1982

Weekly Reports, July 1982

Invitations September 1981-June 1982


OA 5447

AWACS - Editorial Analyses (1)-(8)

Promises: A Report of the President's First Year

Week at a Glance, April 1982-June 1982 Agriculture / Commerce / Education / Energy


OA 5448

Reagan Interview: First Monday, June 1981 (Background)

Reagan New Conference 08/03/1981 Washington Star (Background)

Executive Briefing Book - Budget Cuts - Round 11

Reagan Interview Construction Equipment Magazine (Backup)

Reagan Televised Speech 10/24/1981 Round 11 Budget Cuts (Backup)


OA 5449

Year End Report (1981) (Backup)


OA 5450

Press Book - Bound President's Trip to Europe, January 1982

"Promises" (5 envelopes)


OA 5451

Solidarity Day - Talking Points 09/12/1981 (1)-(4)

Department / Agency Budget Briefings

"Reagan Record" - Year End Report

Reagan New Conference (06/16/1981) Background

Senior Staff Briefing Book April 1981-August 1981 (1)-(8)

Presidential News Conference 10/01/1981 (Back-up Material) (1)-(8)


OA 6550

Two Year Review of Presidency Edits and Charts (Dummy's and Backup Information)

Plus two final copies 01/20/1983


OA 6551

Two Year Review of Presidency Final Edits


OA 6552

National Republican Congressional Committee Bulletins

          President Reagan’s Fall Proposals – Additional Budget Savings – October 1981

Fact Book on the Presidential Campaign Against Waste and Fraud, July 1981

Program for Economic Recovery 02/18/1981


OA 6553

Agency Weekly Reports, August 1982-September 1982


OA 6554

A Program for Economic Recovery 02/18/1981


OA 6555

Two Year Review of Presidency First Drafts


OA 9091

Michael E. Broody Chron and Correspondence 1982-1983 - Jude Muskett - Material is untitled and much is unfoldered miscellaneous


OA 9092

Week at a Glance Schedules / Calendars for June 1983-September 1983


OA 9093

           Week at a Glance Schedules / Calendars for September 1983-December 1983 (Agency)


OA 10722

Agriculture Department 1983

Food Stamps

PIK Program

Drought / Emergency Loan Program

Commerce Department 1983

Education 1983


OA 10723

Education Department 1983

Education Speaker's Kit 1983

Commission on Excellence 1983

Partnership in Education 1983

Merit Pay

Energy Policy 1983

Oil Imports 1983


HHS General

Infanticide Issue 1983

Health Care Incentives Reform 1983

Squeal Rule

Women's OP- ED

Liver Transplants

Child Support Enforcement





OA 10724

Interior Department 1983

ICC' Commissioner Andre

Justice Department OPD/ Fairness Book


Treasury Department 1983


OA 11216

Cabinet Meeting Council Notes

Reagan First Year Review, December 1981

Republican National Committee Surrogates Briefing Book, March 1982


Action Requests

Advance Office

African Mission

News Calendar

Agency for International Development


Report on Agricultural Research

American Bald Eagle Celebration

Armed Forces Commercials

Assassination Attempt


James Baker Background Information

Statement by Malcom Baldridge, Secretary of Commerce, Regarding Economics

Balance Budget Amendment

National Black Republicans Council 09/15/1982 Shoreham Hotel


OA 11217

White House Digest: On Hold: Sandinista Violations of Human Rights

White House Digest: On Hold: Sandinista Repression of Trade Union and Employer


[List of Names]

White House Digest: #1 Nicaragua’s Sandinistas: Having It All (OPL)

White House Digest: #2 Soviet Cuban Threat in Caribbean

White House Digest: #3 Central America: Facts Not Widely Known

White House Digest: #4 The PLO in Central America (OPL)

White House Digest: #5 Background on Law Enforcement (PA)

White House Digest: #6 Background on Food Assistance

White House Digest: #7 Human Rights in Cuba (OPL)

White House Digest: #8 Nicaraguan Suppression of Labor Unions (OPL)

White House Digest: #9 President Reagan on Peace, Arms Reductions, and Deterrence


White House Digest: Refugees Killed 12/02/1983

02/29/1984 Persecution of Christian Groups on Nicaragua

Sea Lanes, 04/04/1984

Nicaragua / Miskito Indians

Soviet Objectives and Intentions in Latin America

Sandinistas Saying on Sandinismo

What Central Americans Are Saying on Central America

Central American Bishops, 10/31/1984

“Republican Leadership in the 1980s: A Report to the American People on the

          Accomplishments of the Last Three Years,” RNC, 03/09/1984

Kids Life & Times Questionnaire, 12/03/1984

Woodlands Forum

Film Comment

Kids Life, Inc.


Footwear News

Modern Maturity

Progressive Farmer

Pacific Magazine February 1984

National Forum (Education)

National Forum (Fielding Draft)


OA 11218

Task Force

Chuck Taylor

Tax Bill, August 1982



Television Department

Tour Request

Travel Team's Staff



Tuition Tax Credits

Typewriter Ribbon

United Nations

Urgent Supplemental




Wall Street Journal Story, 10/21/1982

Book Manuscript on James Watt

Women in Administration

Women's Party for Survival

Year End Report


Federal Communications Commission

Weekly Updates (Combined Domestic and Foreign)

Public Affairs Weekly Reports to Ronald Reagan



Supreme Court Nominations

Support Economic Programs


Miscellaneous Administrative


OA 11219 (1984-May 1985)

World Trade Week Information Kit, 1983

Williamsburg Summit

Women (Accomplishments, etc.)

President's Statement, 08/12/1984

TIMS Tax Legislation

Taxes - Signing of H.R. 4170 (07/18/1984) Statement & Fact Sheet

Presidential Decision, 09/18/1984

SSA Study, 06/12/1984

Social Security / Medicare March 1984

Social Security (1)-(3)

[Social Security Op-ed 04/27/1983] (1)(2)

Michael Broody



OA 11220




Economic Task Force

Paul Duke Interview

Enterprise News Service

Enterprise Zones (1)-(5)

Issue Book

Conference on Aging

Health and Human Services

Helen, Articles

Gun Control

General Service Administration

Groton School

Grain Embargo



Fraud and Waste


OA 11221

DOT Testimony


Briefing materials

Jack Anderson

Briefing Materials, Baldridge

Briefing Book II



Brocks Geneva Speech

FY 1983 Budget

Vice President Bush


Cable News

Caribbean Basin Initiative

Carter Economic Problems

CBS, Moyers Special 04/21/1982

Communication Plan for PIP


Congressional Relations Weekly Reports

Congressional Wives

Construction Equipment Magazine

Cotton Dust Standard

Chamber of Commerce

Carter Clews

Council of Economic Advisers

Center for the Study of the Presidency, 10/16/1981

Central Intelligence Agency

Clean Air Act


CBS Interview with Walter Cronkite

Daily Oklahoman Interview

Davis / Bacon


Disarmament / Smart Talks


Drugs / Alcohol, Mrs. Reagan



OA 11222


Personnel Management

Tip O'Neill

Peace Corps

Pennsylvania Public TV Network

Personnel and Security Forms

Phone Logs / Mike

Office of Management and Budget

OEOB / Brief History (Empty Folder)


Office Matters

Nuclear Freeze / Arms Control

Notre Dame Trip

New York University / Public Affairs

New York Post Interview


Newspaper Clips

Cabinet Council Meetings

Truck Stop Operators (Empty)

TV Charts

Tax Spending Summary

Tax Package

Tax Package

Tax Package



NAAA (National Association of Arab Americans)




OA 11223


Public Affairs

Public Affairs Directory

Publications / Subscriptions

Puerto Rico


Questions: Economy

Questions: Budget

Questions: Taxes


Radio Ratings

Registered Representatives

Rejections / Secretarial

Active Resumes

Gunderson Milk Marketing Improvement Act


RNC Communication Department

RNC File

Saudis / Weapon Sales

Schedule Proposals

Chancellor Schmidt

Selective Service

Second Year

Small Business

Social Security

Briefing Book (Surrogates)

Surrogates Briefing (Drafts)

Space Shuttle

Spanish International Network

Speech Communication Association

Speeches – Administration (1)-(4)

Speech Followup, 04/28/1981




OA 11224


February Groups

Federalism (1)(2)

Foreign Policy Commission Plan


Anne Higgins

Human Events


Klien Group


Leaders Magazine

Leadership Conference

League of Women Voters


Local Content Legislation

Mail Report

Mailing Lists

Media Appearances

Medial Liaison



OA 11225


Ku Klux Klan, 04/17/1984


DOD Spare Parts 1984

Banking Industry


Bishops’ Letter

Dunn and Bradstreet, 04/19/1984

American University

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America



OA 11226

Press Guidance

Press Corps, White House

Press Room Alterations

President Reagan's Economic Recovery Program / Draft

Economic Program, Copy

President's Speech 09/24/1981

Presidential Briefing Book, 10/01/1981 (Press Conference)

Presidential Briefing Book, 09/28/1981

Polling Data (1)(2)


Lopez / Portillo

Policy Development

Missing Children's Center 1984

Jennifer Sims, June 1984

Mary Humes

Michael Grace

Elizabeth Penniman

Irma J. Kanter

Federal Reserve


[Fairness] II

[Fair Housing 1983] (1)(2)

[Civil Rights Commission]

84 "Dirty Dozen"

Corporate Use of Information Regarding Natural Resources and Environmental Quality (CEQ) 05/15/1984

1984 Elections

General Information



OA 11227

Reagan Speeches – Inaugural – April 1981

Reagan Speeches – May 1981-July 1981

Reagan Speeches – August 1981-December 1981

Reagan Speeches – January 1982

Reagan Record, - First Six Months

Presidential News Conferences

Reagan Performance / Press Conference

Reagan First 100 Days

State of the Union – January 1982

State of the Union 1982 - Briefing Book

Reagan First Year

Reagan Performance – 100 Days - Present

Presidential Performance First Six Months (Various Projects)

Reagan Popularity / Performance (Polls / Quotes)

Reagan Campaign Speeches

Reagan Administration Strategic Plan, 1981

Reagan Interviews 1981

Reagan Administration – Presidential Transition

Reagan – Personal / Family

Reagan Administration:  White House

Library / Research

Reagan / Record as Governor

Reagan – First Year Appointments


OA 11228



Voter Participation

H.R. 4207

Homeless Shelter Program, 1983

President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (1)-(10)

President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Press Kit, 06/30/1983

President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, 05/16/1983

Duke Conference

Pension Funds Assets

Peace Corps Volunteers Presentation, 04/18/1983



OA 11229

Mike Baroody Telephone Logs, Dates Uncertain, in no particular order


OA 11230

Garah Analysis

RBC / Talking Points Book, 1984

John P. Richardson

RBC (Telethons)

Republican Women's Leadership

Republican Convention 1984

Saturday Conference Calls / Platform Drafts

14th Annual Leadership Conference / Center for the Study of the Presidency


OA 11231

Various Unemployment Statistics

Requirements for Recurring Reports to the Congress

Federal Information, Sources and Systems

Federal Evaluations


OA 11232

Various Telephone Logs, 1982, 1983

1984 Appointment Book

The Reagan Record

RBC Page Proofs

Talking Points: Domestic Policy

Talking Points: Economy

Talking Points: Defense

Talking Points: Foreign Policy

Analyzing the Reagan Record, National Center for Policy Analysis

Hunger / White House Task Force, August 1983

Economic and Domestic "Talking Points" Draft, 07/13/1984

[State of the Union, 02/06/1985] (1)-(3)

Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale Address Major Economic Issues Affecting Wholesalers / Distributors


OA 11233

Freeze File

New England File

Minority Enterprise Week

Leading Economic Indicators (Economic Statistics)

Job Training Partnership Act

Fraud, Waste and Abuse



OA 11234

Council on Environmental Quality, National Acid Precipitation Task Force

Food Stamps

3 Month Preview (Commerce)

Bilingual Education

GSA / Air Bags / Ford Company

Regional Schedules C's May 9 / 10 Meeting



Deficit / Rose Garden Downplayment Plan 03/15/1984

Baby Doe

Food Stamps

HHS / GAO Report / OBRA


Housing Industry, 1984

U.S.V. City of Miami, August 1984

Title IX

Baby Jane Doe, 07/19/1984

OP ED Piece on Gas Rationing / Joe Wright, 07/30/1984


OA 11237

Press Conference, 06/14/1984

Press Conference, 07/24/1984

Radio / TV interviews 07/27/1984

Local TV Interviews with the President 07/27/1984

Radio Interviews with the President 08/04/1984

Talking Points Book, May 1984

Mini/Press Conference, 09/11/1984


OA 11238

Presidential Press Conferences (1)-(3)

Presidential Press Conferences: Ronald Reagan Press Conferences [03/06/1981]

Ronald Reagan Briefing Book – Press Conference 11/10/1981

Press Conferences 09/10/1981

President's Press Conference, 03/31/1982

Presidential Press Conference, 05/31/1982

Presidential Press Conference, 06/30/1982

Presidential Press Conference, July 1982

Presidential Press Conference, 09/28/1982

GOP Teleconference, October 14

Teleconference, October 18

Teleconference (GOP) November 1982

Teleconference, (Chamber of Commerce)


OA 11239

Press Availability, 04/14/1983

Defense Speech (RR) March 23

Enterprise Zone Legislation (1983)

Employment Act (1983)

Press Availability, 04/22/1983

Crime Fighters (New York, New York) 04/27/1983

USA Today, Apr 26

USA Today Interview, and OPED, April 26

Sensitive Information, NSDD Briefing, 03/11/1983

RR Speech (Central America) April 27

Small Business Administration

Small Group Press, Press Availability May 4

Gun Owner Magazine, Minnesota Radio Interview June 1983

Jobs Program, 07/20/1983

Small Interview, May 29

Presidential Small Interview, 07/20/1983

Helen Thomas Interview, May 19

Press Conference, May 1983

Press Conference, May 17

Benavida, Roy P.

Forbes Interview, June 1983

Press Conference, 06/28/1983


OA 11240

Issues of Interest to Women (Update) February 1984 (1)-(7)

3 Year Reviews (Agency)

RR Interview with Cannon (Washington Post)

RR Time Interview, 01/27/1984

RR / Newsweek Interview, 01/27/1984

RR / Wall Street Journal Feb 15

Knight Ridder, 02/13/1984

RR Press Conference, 02/22/1984

RR with Southeast Reporters

RR (Luncheon) Business Press 03/07/1984

RR with Midwest Reporters

Family Weekly (April 1984)

New York Times, March 1984

Press Conference, 04/04/1984

Press Conference, 05/22/1984


OA 11241

Presidential Press Conference, 11/11/1982

Hearst Interview

Cannon Interview

Presidential Press Conference, 01/05/1983

Business Week Interview, 01/05/1983

Business Week Interview, 01/28/1983

Press Availability, 02/04/1983

Jobs Talking Points, 02/07/1983

Local Anchor Drop-by, 02/07/1983

Human Events, 02/14/1983

Human Events, 02/11/1983

Out of Town Reporters, 02/09/1983

(YPO) Teleconference Feb 14

Press Conference, 02/16/1983

Sperling Breakfast, 02/23/1983


OA 11242

Houston(KTRK and KHOU)

Scripps / Howard, 10/25/1984

Washington Times, 11/27/1984

Mini Press Conference, 12/07/1983

Dallas Morning News, 01/08/1985

People Magazine, 01/11/1985

USA Today and Time, 01/17/1985

Human Events, 12/06/1984


OA 11243

Pension Equity Act of 1983

10/1983 Beirut Bombings - Reaction

M.L. Icing, Intelligence Activities Report, October 1985

RR First 1000 Days, Talking Points, Foreign Policy

Press Conference, 10/19/1983

Cleveland Plain Dealer 11/01/1983 Gannett

Press Availability, 12/14/1983

Press Conference, November 1983

People Magazine, 12/06/1983

Mini- Press Conference, 12/14/1983

Press Conference, Dec

3rd Year Review


OA 11244

Lambro Interview, 10/06/1983

RR Education GMA, October 1983

Lebanon / Grenada RR's Speech, 10/27/1983 (1)-(5)

[Grenada, General]

[Grenada Press Access to]

[Grenada, RNC Information] (1)-(3)

Coleman, Milton

Talking Points on Issues of Interest to Women, October 1983 (Final and Background



OA 11245

Press Conference, May 17

Press Availability, July 1983

Public Affairs Meeting, 07/22/1981

Domestic Talking Points, Fairness Book, June 1983

Press Conference, 07/26/1983

ABA Speech, 08/01/1983

National Productivity and Innovation Act of 09/12/1983

American Legion Magazine

James Kilpatrick Interview, 09/08/1983

Hispanica (Program / Achievements) September 1983

Spanish Today, September 1983

Regional Broadcasters 09/21/1983

Lambro Interview, 10/06/1983


OA 11596


[Talking Points April 1984-June 1984] (1)-(11)

Title IX Grove City

Talking Points-3rd Set (1)-(3)


OA 12229

Business Week, 02/22/1985

[President’s Press Conference, 01/09/1985]

[President’s Press Conference, 02/21/1985] (1)(2)

[The President’s News Conference, 03/31/1985]

[Wall Street Journal Interview, 02/07/1985]

[Response to National Wildlife Magazine, 02/27/1985]

[Questions and Answers with Regional Editors and Broadcasters, 03/11/1985]

[Briefing Notes for Wednesday Interview with Pat Robertson, 04/23/1985]