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BARR, WILLIAM L.: Files, 1982-1983


Office of Policy Development


OA 7984

Military Manpower Task Force Report

Fair Housing Bill [1983]

Resource Manual on Women’s  Issues (1)-(5)

Fourth [Third] Quarterly Report of the A.G. [Attorney General] Legal Equity for Women (1)-(4)

4th Quarterly Report of A.G. [Attorney General] E.O. 12336 – Legal Equity for          Women (1)-(6)

Housing for the mentally retarded

Chron Files  - 08/22/1983-September 1983


OA 8875

Memos (1982)


OA 9094


[Administration Accomplishments]

[Afghan Refugees]

[Alternatives to ERA]

[Amendments to the Federal Tort Claims Act]

[American Coalition Against Crime]

[American Indians][Americans for the National Voter Initiative]

[Attorney Fee Reform Legislation]

[Catholic League]

[Civil Service Spouses for Equity]

[Commission on Legislation and Civic Action]

[Court Cases re First Amendment Establishment Clause]

[Criminal Law Initiatives]

[Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week]

[Employment Discrimination Court Cases]

[Emergency Mobilization Preparedness]

[Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Statistics]

[E.O. 11246 and Affirmative Action] (1) - (4)

[Expropriations - Economic Decline]

[Extradition Act] (1) (2)

[FTC Activity]

[Fire Fighters]

[Forced Busing]

[Intergovernmental Legislative Concerns]

[Law of the Sea Convention]

[Memos, 1982] (1) - (5)

[National Commission on Crime Control and Administration of Justice Policy]  

[Nixon v. Fitzgerald]

[Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982]

[OMB Circulars re Non-Profit Organizations]

[OLD and OPL Areas of Specialization]

[Parents and the Army]

[Patsy v. Florida Board of Regents]

[Postal Rate Commission]

[The State Justice Institute Act]

[Title IX Policy]

[Tuition Tax Credits] (1) - (14)

[United States v. Enmons (Hobbs Act]

[Veto Bait]

[Working Women]

[1978 Higher Education Desegregation Plan] (1) - (4)

[1983 Supplemental Appropriations]

[WHORM casefile FG999 101740] (copy)

[WHORM casefile FO007 090356] (copy)


OA 9095

[Crime: Articles and Papers]

[Crime: Coalition Against Crime]

[Crime: Jackson Lecture]

[Crime Bills: 1981]

[Crime Bills: 1982] (1)-(5)

[Crime Bills: 1983]

[Crime Bills: Congressional Testimony and Statements] (1)(2)

[Crime Bills: Memos] (1)(2)

[Crime Bills: Press Releases and Statements]

[Fair Housing Act Amendments]

[Fair Housing Amendments of 1983 - Transmittal to Congress]

[Fair Housing - S1670 & S570]

[Immigration Reform - Articles]

[Immigration Bill]

[Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1983] (1)(2)

[Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1983: House Judiciary Committee Report]

[Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1983: Senate Judiciary Committee


[Immigration - Rand Paper]

[Immigration Reform - Status Memos]

[Simpson - Mazzoli Topic Index to Congressional Reports, 07/18/1983]

[Legal Services Corporation]

[Legal Services Corporation Act Amendment of 1981] (1)(2)

[Legal Services Corporation - Congressional Record] (1)(2)

[Legal Services Corporation - Meeting of the Committee on Operations and   

          Regulations, 08/06/1982] (1)(2)

[President Reagan’s 50 States Project: “Status of the States,” 1982 Year End


[Women’s Career Choice Act of 1983]

[Retirement Equity Act of 1983]

[Republican Congresswomen]

[Task Force on Legal Equity for Women]

[Comparable Worth] (1)(2)

[Equal Employment Advisory Council: Annual Report 1982]

[Women in the Army]

[Women’s Bureau: Dept. of Labor]

[Equal Employment: Court Rulings]

[Women’s Issues] (1)(3)

[Women’s Issues: Gender Gap]

[Women’s Strategy]

[Economic Equity Act of 1983] (1)-(4)


OA 9096

Civil Rights: Historical Background on CRC

[Bob Jones & Goldsboro] (1)-(8)

[Tuition Tax Credit Bill] (1)-(3)

Tuition Tax Credit

Tuition Tax Credits - File II

Tuition Tax (1)(2)

[Letters from Children re: Nuclear Bombs]

Indian Policy Statement (1)-(10)

Bob Jones Bill


OA 11313

Balanced Budget (Empty)

Bankruptcy Court Reform

Bank Secrecy Act Amendments