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BARUN, KENNETH L.: Files, 1985-1986


Office of the First Lady


OA 12046

Miscellaneous Information re: Drug Abuse and other Areas


OA 12047

Miscellaneous Drug Abuse Material


OA 12048

Letters and correspondence about drug abuse from Otto Moulton and the Committee on



OA 12897

05/25/1985, Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Tennis Tournament - Joe Canzeri and Larry Stinchcomb

Harlem Dance Theater - Mr. Arthur Mitchell

07/17/1985, USSS America Carrier Ship - Captain Ernie Christianson

07/25/1985, Carol Radtke and Robin Seymour, Youth to Youth Camp, Dennison University

07/30/1985, Boy Scout Diamond Jubiliee, Fort A.P. Hill, Harold Sokolsky, National Boy

Scouts of America

08/08/1985, Ms. Cindy Cleary, Peers Educating Peers, Bentley College

09/03/1985, - Canceled - Randall Kremer, Pennies for Pandas, World Wildlife Fund, US

09/04/1985-09/05/1985, Private Memorial Service, Mrs. E. Shine, Museum of Modern Art

09/19/1985, Children's Express, Mr. Bob Clampitt

09/24/1985, Joffrey Bellagio Dinner, David H. Murdock

06/19/1985, Great American Family Awards, Wayne Scott

06/22/1983, Great American Family Awards, Wayne Scott

06/15/1985, Covenant House

06/05/1985, Catholic Youth Organization Spring Banquet, Father George Golden, Archdiocese of Washington (packet) (1)(2)


OA 12898

05/29/1985, National Center for Therapeutic Riding Mr. Robert (Bob) Douglas

05/21/1985, Congressional Families for Drug - Free Youth, Mrs. Carolyn Mattingly, Mr.

Robert Okun, U.S. House of Representatives, Republican Research Committee

06/13/1985, Festival of India, Mr. Jeffery Lariche, Office of Folklife Programs, Smithsonian Institution

06/26/1985, Toy Give Away, American Greetings, Mr. Norbert H. Hobrath, Mr. Robert H. Sweeney

04/30/1985-05/10/1985, European Trip to: Bonn, Germany; Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain;

Strasbourg, France; Lisbon, Portugal

05/15/1985, Congressional Wives Luncheon, The Shoreham Hotel: Mrs. Doris McClory,

Mrs. Barbara Dickinson, Mrs. May Mineta

04/24/1985-04/25/1985, First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse

09/26/1985, Entertainment Industries Council, Brian Dyak

10/10/1985, Rex Tompkins, National Partnership Announcement (Filed in Honorary

Chairmanship File in East Wing, Room 213)

10/10/1985, 20th Anniversary, Foster Grandparent Progra, Mr. Jack Kenyon, Action

10/20/1985, Tribute to Mary Martin, Ann Sosenko

11/05/1985, United Cerebral Palsy Humanitarian Award Dinner, Mr. Leonard H.

Goldensen, American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Pat Matson


OA 13019

10/21/1985, First Lady's Conference, United Nations

10/30/1985, Girl Scout Luncheon, Mary Frances Peter

11/11/1985, Visit to Straight with Princess of Wale, Mr. Page Perry (1)(2)

11/20/1985, International Red Cross Cornerstone unveiling, Geneva

12/04/1985, Christmas Tree Presentation

12/17/1985, Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Mr Harold Kratz and Ms. Holly Hansen

01/13/1986, Taping for Associated Builders and Contractors Awards, Associated

Builders and Contractors, Inc., Ms. Jean Hails

02/21/1986, Public Law 142 Celebration

02/24/1986, Governor's Spouses (Wives), Mrs. Lamar Alexander, National Governor's

Association, Ms. Pat Torbett

02/26/1986, Arts and Humanities Luncheon

02/26/1986, "Shooting Stars" Photo - Op

03/20/1986, Pride Conference, Dr. Buddy Gleason

03/19/1986, Professional Golf Association Taping, PGA Tour Mr. Lanny Wiles

04/07/1986, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Mrs. Susan R. Lewis

04/10/1986, Martin Luther Elementary School, Mr. William K. Dalton

04/14/1986, Second Genesis Benefit "Super Ball '86", Ms. Ruth Cavanaugh

04/15/1986, Senate Ladies Luncheon (Wives), East Trip

05/14/1986, Congressional Wives Club Luncheon, The Congressional Club, Mrs. Norman Y. Mineta