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BAUER, GARY L.: Files, 1981-1988


Office of Policy Development, 1981-1982: Policy Analyst, Policy Advisor, Deputy Assistant Director for Legal Policy

Office of Policy Development, 1987-1988: Assistant to the President for Policy Development and Director of the Office of Policy Development




Gary L. Bauer was born in Covington, Kentucky on May 4, 1946.  He graduated from Newport Public High School in 1964 and then attended Georgetown where he graduated in 1968.  He received a Henry Cook scholarship from Northern Kentucky businessmen to attend Georgetown Law School in 1969. He graduated with a law degree in 1973.


Mr. Bauer worked in the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign as a senior policy analyst and worked in the Office of the President-Elect as Assistant Director for Policy/Community Services Administration.


Bauer joined the White House in 1981 as a policy analyst in the Office of Policy Development. He was later promoted to Policy Advisor to the President and finally as Deputy Assistant Director of Legal Policy.  Bauer left the White House in 1982 for an appointment in the Department of Education as Deputy Under Secretary for Planning, Budget and Evaluation.  There he was responsible for developing the Department’s budget.  He also stayed active in the White House as the Department’s representative in the Cabinet Council for Human Resources and was Chairman of the Working Group on School Discipline.  In addition, he directed the Department’s efforts in the development of the President’s Partnerships in Education Initiative.


In July 1985, Mr. Bauer was appointed Under Secretary of Education.


On January 30, 1987 Bauer returned to the White House, as Assistant to the President for Policy Development and Director of the Office of Policy Development. He succeeded John A. (Jack) Svahn in this position.


Bauer resigned from the White House staff in 1988. He became President of the Family Research Council, an evangelical Christian organization dedicated to promoting the traditional family structure. Bauer left this position in 1999 to run for the 2000 Republican presidential nomination.


Bauer is currently president of American Values, an organization dedicated to promoting conservative views on marriage, abortion, and other cultural issues. He is also Chairman of Campaign for Working Families a political action committee which works to elect conservative candidates to Congress. Bauer lives in the Washington, DC area.


Scope and Content Note


Mr. Bauer’s collection is currently unarranged.  It includes material from both his 1981-1982 service in the Office of Policy Development, and his 1987- 1989 work in OPD.  It also contains material from his time at the Department of Education (1982-1987).




          CF 627

          [Cabinet Meeting, 03/24/1987 re: Management Improvement Goals]

          Joint DPC/EPC Meeting, 04/14/1987 re: Energy Security (in annex)

          Domestic Policy Council Meetings re: Acid Rain March 1987 (1)(2) (in annex)

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting, 03/18/1987 re: Tort Reform, Welfare Reform, &

                   Privatization (1)-(4)

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting, 04/01/1987 re: Welfare Reform, Acquired Immune

                   Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting, 04/08/1987 re: AIDS

          Economic Policy Council Meeting, 03/06/1987 re: Farm Legislation, Steel

          Economic Policy Council Meeting, 03/11/1987 re: Minimum Wage, Economic Statistics

          Economic Policy Council Meeting, 03/18/1987 re: Farm Credit System, Canada Free

                   Trade Agreement

          Economic Policy Council Meeting, 03/25/1987 re: Semiconductors, Supercomputers

          Economic Policy Council Meeting, 03/26/1987 re: Semiconductors, Supercomputers (in


          Economic Policy Council Minutes – April 1987 & May 1987

          07/20/1987 Economic Policy Council Meeting re: Superconductivity

          08/07/1987 Economic Policy Council Meeting re: Senate & House Trade Bills

          08/20/1987 Economic Policy Council Meeting re: Trade Legislation (1)(2)

          08/21/1987 Economic Policy Council Meeting re: Free Trade Agreement / Canada



Gary Bauer Copy of President’s Weekly Update, 02/20/1987-12/18/1988


CF 0787


Stock Market






OA 11308

[Tuition Tax Credit ] (1)-(6)

[Tuition Tax Credit Bill]

[Tuition Tax Credit Working Group] (1)-(3)


OA 11313

[Abortion: Draft Report on the Human Life Bill]

[Abortion: General, 1981] (1)-(3)

[Abortion: General, 1982] (1)(2)

[Abortion: Human Life Bill] (1)-(3)

[Abortion: Jesse Helms]

[Abortion: LifeLetter, 1980]

[Abortion: LifeLetter, 1981]

[Abortion: LifeLetter, 1982]

[Abortion: Polling Information]

[Abortion: Roe v. Wade Ruling] (1)(2)

[Abortion: Senate Proposed Bills/Action, 1981] (1)-(3)

[Abortion: Senate Proposed Bills/Action, 1982]

[Abortion: Testimony re: Human Life Bill, April-June 1981 (1)-(7)

[Abortion: Testimony re: Constitutional & Legal Background of the Abortion Right,

          October 5, 1981]

[Abortion: Testimony re: Myths & Realities of Abortion in America, October 14, 1981]

[Activity Reports]

[Bauer Copies – Max Friedersdorf Correspondence 02/06/1981]

[Bauer Copies – Max Friedersdorf Correspondence 02/06/1981-02/09/1981]

[Bauer Copies – Max Friedersdorf Correspondence 02/09/1981-02/27/1981]

[Bauer Correspondence – Includes Drafts & White House Correspondence, February

          1981-April 1981]

[Bauer Correspondence – Includes Drafts & White House Correspondence, 05/01/1981-


[Bauer Correspondence – Includes Drafts & White House Correspondence, 05/21/1981-

          September 1981]

[Bauer Correspondence – Includes Drafts & White House Correspondence, October

          1981-April 1982]

[Bauer Correspondence – Referrals from Lee Atwater]

[Bauer – Personal]

[Budget Cuts]


[Charitable Fund-Raising]

[Civil Rights]

[Community Impact Assistance – Military Bases]

[Congressional/Legislative Reports re: Social Issues]

Congressional Record, v. 128, no. 48 04/28/1982


[CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)]

[Constitutional Convention]


[DOD Schools Abroad]

[Education Department] (1)(2)

[Education Reform] “The Modesto Story” by Frank Goble, 1981

[Family Protection Act]

[Heritage Foundation Publications, 1982]

[HHS (Health & Human Services) – Family Planning & Parental Notification]

[Hot Water – Federal Buidlings]

The Hudson Communiqué, July 1982

[Infanticide : Baby Doe Bloomington, IN Case] (1)(2)

[Infanticide: Department of Justice Handicapped Regulations]

[Infanticide – Handicapped]

[Meese – Draft Letters, Speeches]

[Meeting with Rabbi Lubinsky, May 1982]

“Notes on How to Live: The Behavioral Left Unmasked” by Leopold Tyrmand,

 March 1982

[O’Connor, Sandra Day – Supreme Court Nomination]

[OPD (Office of Policy Development) Flow & Work Assignments]

[Polls – General]


[President’s Trip to Mexico]

[Press Conferences – Suggested Talking Points]

Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Services and Development Disabilities Legislation: A

          Compilation, Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, 1979

[Religious Liberty]

[Restricting Court Power] (1)(2)

[Sample Responses – Requests for Jobs]

[Social Issues – General]

[Social Issues – Polling]

[U.S. Postal Service]

[Vietnam Vets – Volunteers]

[White House Conference on Aging]

[Women’s Issues]

[Work-in-Home – Home Sewing]


OA 16706

Chronological File – [March-December 1987] (1)-(3)

Chronological File – December 1987

Chronological File – May 1988

Chronological File – July 1988 (1)-(3)

Bartlett, Bruce (1)-(4)

Bennett, William

Chicago Neighborhoods – Save Our Cities, Save Our States (1)-(3)

Correspondence - Outgoing

Crime (1)-(4)

Culvahouse, A.B.


OA 16712

Gasper, Jo Ann (1)(2)


Ginsburg, Douglas

Gonzalez, Macuran

Gray, Ed - Briefing Paper

Videotape: Anti - Pornography Workshop, Parts I and II – Stored in AV

Videotape: AIDS Mobile in Detroit; Teen Challenge in Brooklyn; Jim Curran at

Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta – Stored in AV

Videotape: The Making of a School – Stored in AV

Videotape: Pornography Defined: 1986 National Decency Forum – Stored in AV


OA 16920

Population Growth, Commission On

Private Sector

Welfare and The Family


Working Women

Youth Employment / Illiteracy


Family Strengths

Educational Survey


Thomas Jefferson Research Center

Broken Families

Policy Forum

Non - Career SES

Misc - Memoranda


Japanese Education Today

Alliance For Excellence

Family Working Group

OS / OUS Directory

Resumes and Misc.


OA 16921

General Mills American Family Report 1976-1979

17th Annual Gallup Poll (Phi Delta Kappa)

[Personnel and Resume Material]

[Personnel Material: White House Fellowships]

Library Services

Latch Key Children


Misc. Office Files

Odds ‘n Ends for the Family Working File

Misc. Information on the Family

Television and the Family

Teenage Suicide

Charles Ajalat's Letter

Catholic Church and Family (1)-(3)

Families (Readings, Resources, and Family Activities)

Federal Government and Family

Persuasion at Work

Correspondence - Ed Meese and Family

Survey on Education Standards

Sex Education

Working Group

Metropolitan Court Judges Committee Report


Policy Briefing

Parental Involvement

Reagan / Statements Re:  Family

Response Forum

Educational Choice

Public Interest

Interviews, Fred Breznick


Bill Coffin

Patricia Driscoll

Steve Entin

Lawrence Fuchs

George Gilder

Dorcas Hardy

Frank Keat

Mickey Kraw

National Forum Foundation


OA 16922

David Reist

Robert Samuelson

Clarence Thomas / Commission

Rosemary Thompson

Peter Whlenberg

Paul Vitz

Ben Wattenberg

Herb Wallberg

Patricia Welsh

Ed Wynne

Newspaper Articles

Summary Of Concerns

Introductory Paragraphs

Extra Information On Family

Alan Carlson

Teachers' Attitudes

Child Safety

Single Family Households

California - Family

Candle Lighters Childhood Cancer Foundation



Directive From Gory to Dept Re: Family

Summary of Democratic Statement On Family

Commission On Population Center


Committee On Status Of Women

James Coleman Re: Family

Christian Science Monitor

Bruce Chapman

Christian Black Magazines

Child Abuse

Leslie Lenkowsky

Rhonda Lorand

Rea McDaniel

Ed Meese / Charter [Family Working Group]

Theodore Ooms

Michele Novak

John Poccrano

George Reters

Phyllis Schlafly

Indian Education

Hatch [Amendment] (1)(2)

Hatch Amendment

Michele Dommremy

Thomas Jefferson

Malcom Lawrence

Black Family

Solicited Information (Summarized)

Fred Breznick


OA 16923

Better Homes and Garden

Additional Information on Family

Additional Information On Schools

Birth Control [American Life League]

Bennett, (Speeches Articles)

AEI Briefing

Free Congress - Information

Family Research Council

Family's Influence on Children

Drugs in Relationship to Family

University of Washington / Drugs


Illegitimate Children

Information on Working Group

My Introduction

Marriage Encounter


Materials on Judge Robert H. Bork


OA 16924

Unfoldered Material Consisting of Memos, Correspondence, Cassette Recording (1),                    and Books (4)


OA 16925

Unfoldered Material Consisting of Cassette Recordings (3), Memos and Correspondence


OA 16926

Unfoldered Material Consisting of Memos, a Book, Telephone Messages and Rolodex                              Cards


OA 16927

[Notes to Patricia Hines]

[Handwriten Notes]



[Bauer: Outgoing Memos]


[The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act]

[Abortion/Family Planning]


[Canadian Free Trade Agreement]

[Domestic Policy Council Meeting Minutes]


[Final Report: The White House Conference for a Drug Free America]

[Gun Control]

[Homeless] (1)-(4)

[Lee Shapiro]

[Monetary Policy]

[Report on the Family] (1)(2)

[Tax Policy]

[1988 Legislative and Administrative Message]

[Articles/Press Releases]

[White House News Summary]

[Publications] (1)-(3)


OA 16928

Unfoldered Material Consisting of Memos, Correspondence, Video Cassettes (3), and Books


OA 18445


Clippings from Various Newspapers

Printouts of Various News Articles

Press Conference Releases, Annotated - 1988


OA 19222



Adolescent Family Life Program

Agency Rule Making

AIDS (1)-(3)

AIDS I (1)-(4)

AIDS II (1)-(3)

AIDS III (1)-(3)

AIDS IV (1)-(3)

AIDS V (1)-(4)

AIDS VI (1)-(3)

AIDS VII (1)-(5)

AIDS VIII (1)-(4)

AIDS Commission

AIDS and Refugees

AIDS Testing

AIDS Waxman

Black Family Task Force

Budget OPD

Child Care

Chron. August 1988

Chron. September 1988

Chron. October 1988

Chron. November 1988


OA 19223

December 1988 Chron File


Continuing Resolution

Dawson Memos

Dolan, Tony


Duberstein Memos



Education, Choice


Family Report

Fetal Research

Fetal Executive Order

Grove City

Health Policy Working Group

Home Base Work


Insider Trading


OA 19224

Minimum Wage

President’s Memos

January 1989 Chron File

Schedule Proposals

Presidential Messages


Parental Leave


Pornography (1)-(6)

Post Abortion Syndrome

Pro Life

School Discipline


Ukraine Famine

Ukraine Famine [1987 Conference Folder] (1)(2)

Ukraine Famine [1987 GOP Report on]

Ukraine Famine [Hearing 04/30/1987] (1)-(3)

Ukraine Famine [Hearing 06/05/1987] (1)(2)


OA 19363

[Memo - Acid Rain]

Michael Duggs

Free Congress F.

[Memos - Salary]


[Family related]

Calls to Return for Patnere

[Misc. Newsletters]


G. Bauer from Education

[Aids Material/ Family Material] (1)(2)

[Aids Material]

[Next 100 Days]

Issues Basic

The Family


Tony Blankley

Michael Duggs




Commencement Speech

[Travel Leave]

[Economic Council]



Ian Mars

James Warner



          OA 19367

          [WH Staff Manual (1984)] (1)(2)

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1987-1988 Re: Abortion] (1)-(3)

          [Outgoing Correspondence, June 1987 Re: AIDS Commission] (1)(3)

          [Outgoing Correspondence, July 1987 Re: AIDS Commission]

          [Outgoing Correspondnece, 1987 & 1988 Re: AIDS] (1)(2)

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1987-1988 Re: Pornography]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 06/17/1987 Re: Pornographic Materials on Military


          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1988 Re: FCC Ruling]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1988 Re: Fetal Research]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1987-1988 Re: Personnel]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1988 Re: H.R.5 & S.373]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1987 Re: Trade Bill]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1987-1988 Re: US-USSR Agreements]

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1987] (1)-(5)

          [Outgoing Correspondence, 1988] (10-(4)

          [Incoming Correspondence]


          [Schedule Proposals]

          McAteer Schedule Request

          [Project Plan: Vision 2000]


          OA 19370

          Abortion (1)(2)

          AIDS (1)-(8)

          Bicentennial Issues



          National Family Week – Sam Wiley

          Senior Citizen Issues

          Family Task Force to Establish Policy Criteria

          Family Report

          Family Articles

          Drug and Alcohol Abuse



          Welfare I

          Welfare II