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BEAL, RICHARD S.: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Planning and Evaluation, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director, 1981-1983

Crisis Management Support and Planning., NSC, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director, 1983 (see separate inventory)


Richard Smith Beal was born in Washington DC and raised in College Park, MD.He received his bachelorís and masterís degrees from Brigham Young University and a PhD from the University of Southern California in International Relations.In 1979, he was a Fulbright-Hays senior lecturer at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India.Prior to joining the Reagan administration, Dr. Beal held the position of Associate Professor of International Relations and Political Science at Brigham Young University.


During the 1980 campaign, Dr. Beal worked with Richard Wirthlin of Decision Making Information (DMI).Dr. Beal held the position of senior political analyst and was instrumental in the development of the Political Information System (PINS).During the transition, Dr. Beal served as Assistant Deputy Director for Planning and Evaluation for the Office of the President-elect.Dr. Beal was named Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of the Office of Planning and Evaluation in January 1981.He joined the National Security Council staff in June of 1983 as Senior Director of Crisis Management Support and Planning.Dr. Beal died on November 2, 1984 following surgery.


Richard Bealís chronological files for the period May 1983 onward are located in his NSC collection. Much of the material refers to his work and contacts with the Office of Planning and Evaluation.Other files from his NSC collection, especially his files re India, may also contain material from his work with the Office of Planning and Evaluation or his work with international

education at Brigham Young University.




CFOA 184

National Indicator System reports - Perspective on Agriculture and Rural America, Report

††††††††† for Ronald Reagan, May 1981

National Indicator System reports - Report #5 Growth of Government, September 1981

National Indicator System reports - Report #4 Violent Crime in the U.S., September 1981

National Indicator System reports - Report #7 Economics of Health Care Report on

††††††††† Condition of Central Cities

Demographic Profile of the U.S. - Early findings of the 1980 Census

2 Copies of DIDS Operations Guide (Decisions Information Display System)

Incoming Chron October 1982-November 1982

††††††† Incoming Chron 82-83 January 1983-March 1983

Incoming Chron 82-8304/01/1983-04/18/1983

Incoming Chron 82-83†† 04/19/1983-04/30/1983

Personal-Purge file

[1982 Congressional Election]

[Articles re Reagan Presidency]

[Fairness Issue]

[Foreign Affairs]

[The Future of the Reagan Presidency]

[International Education] (1)-(8)

[Just Society Workplan]

[Loose Material re MX]


[National Living Allowance]

[Phase 5 Plan-President Reaganís Special Sessions Strategy]

Presidential Time

††††††††† Project Silver

††††††††† [Reagan Science Policy]

††††††††† TAG Correspondence

[Tax and Monetary Policy] (1)(2)

[US Energy Situation-White Paper]

Working Group on Social and Demographic Statistics



CFOA 185

National Review Magazine, January 1982-December 1982

Richard Beal Telephone Logs January 1982-December 1982

Richard Beal Telephone Logs January 1981-December 1981

Richard Beal Notebook: Two Worlds

An Exchange of Views

Washington International Business Report

Opinion Outlook

Lexitran: Manual, Tapes, Printwheel and Ribbons


CFOA 186

Lexitron Disks

National Indicator System Report

Public Opinion Digest

Strategic Plan - Volume I

Strategic Plan - Volume II


CFOA 187

Office of Planning and Evaluation Meeting

Correspondence Ė 05/31/1981 Memos from Beal

Correspondence June 1981-August 1981 Outside

Incoming Correspondence Not Answered September 1981-December 1981

Incoming Correspondence Not Answered January 1981-August 1981

Strategic Planning File

Plans for the White House Office Planning and Evaluation

Strategic Planning Memorandum #10 Dev. Material

Memo from Joe Wright to Jim Jenkins - Proposal of Participation in the President's ††††††††

††††††††† Management Reform Program


CFOA 188

Strategic Evaluation Memoranda

Summary of Cabinet Council Activities

SEM #2 [Comprehensive Evaluations of Phase I and II]

SEM (Strategic Evaluation Memorandum) #3A Evaluation of President Reaganís 1982 State of the Union Address

[SEM (Strategic Evaluation Memorandum) #3A - Draft Cover Sheet]

SEM (Strategic Evaluation Memorandum) #3 State of Union Messages in the Modern Era (1)-(4)

Evaluation of President Reagan's 1982 State of the Union Address

Information System for Policy Planning

Long Range Plan for White House Information Handling

Coalition Possibilities

Analysis of Virginia's 1981 Elections

Economic Indicators and the 1982 Elections

Reagan Federalism

Women Constituency Support

International Crisis in the Queue

Presidential Political and Economic Confidence Builders

Support, Opposition, Reaction and Alternatives to the President's Economic Program

Cabinet Council and Domestic Affairs Management

An Evaluation


CFOA 189

Strategic Planning Memoranda

Phase III Policy Focus

Phase III Policy Focus: A Synthesis]

SEM (Strategic Evaluation Memorandum) #3 [The 1982 State of the Union Message] (1)(2)

Presidential Strategy - Phase 4

SPM #5 [Presidential Policy Opportunities - Phase 4] (1)(2)

Planning Conditions and Contingencies - Phase 4

Political Plan

(Supplement) 1982 Election Update

Economic Conditions Supplement

Phase 5 Plan (July 1982-October 1982)

(Supplement #1) Special Session of the 97th Congress

(Supplement #2) Strategizing of the Tax Increase


CFOA 190

Forecast for the Reagan Presidency

OPE Agendas - 1982

Societal Forecast for the 1980's

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #11 Phase 4 Supplement

NRCC - February 1982

OPE 1982 Work Plan

Plan Dates

Cochran / PPRC

Revised ISA Speech Ė 03/25/1982

Forest Woody Proposal

OPE Outlooks

Decision Support System, Jun 14, San Francisco

Double Decision

Option for the 1980's: Changing

Lifestyles, Economy, Information

India: A Presentation of Indian Culture

National Review Magazine: November 1983-January 1983

Business Week Magazine: November 1983-February 1983


CFOA 465

Office of Planning and Evaluation-Mission, Personnel, Documents

Weekly Poll Summaries-Public Opinion Digests 1981 (1)(2)

Cordell Hull Room 208 (1)(2)

Evaluation-Memorandum, Phase 3 07/13/1981 Documents

Phase III (1)(2)

Strategic Plan: Phase III, 07/08/1981 version (1)-(3)

[Office of Planning & Evaluation-Agendas and Memos-December 1981]

[Agendas and Memos 07/28/1981-11/30/1981]

Overview Charts

[Phase IV] (1)(2)

Strategic Evaluation Memo

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #1- #2

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #3-3a (1)(2)

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #4

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #5, 6, 7 (1)(2)

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Strategic Planning Memorandum #1 [empty]

Strategic Planning Memorandum #4, 5, 6 (1)(2)

Strategic Planning Memorandum #1, 2, 3 (1)(2)


Social Security

OPE Staff Agenda

Minutes of Management Meetings

History of National Indicators System

Phase 4 (1)(2)†††††††


OA 7234

ADAPSO (Association of Data Processing Service Organizations)



Bruce Chapman - Census

Committee on National Statistics

Communication Planning Group

CMF (GSA Self - Service Store Shopping Plate)

OA Correspondence

Richard Beal to Edwin Meese Memos 2 Folders

Edwin Meese to Richard Beal Memos

Charles Smith Correspondence

Ed Harper Memos

Jon Bellis Memos

Richard Bledsoe Memos

Grayling Achiu Memos

Growth to Size Government


OA 7235

DIDS (Decisions Information Display Systems)

Congressman Newt Gingrich

Albert Gore Hearings

House Bills

[New Hoover Commission Proposal]

High - Performing Systems


Release Dates for Principal Federal Economic Indicators

Economic Statistics Series

Emergency Planning

Briefing Background: U.S. Government's Response to International Flows Issues for Mr. James

Jenkins, Deputy Counsellor to the President (1)-(5)


OA 7236

National Indicators System (NIS) Several Folders

National Association of Business Economists

National Council for International Visitors

National Council on International Policy Research

National Center for Health Statistics

Meese Monthly Reports

Library of Congress


Legislative Information available in OA Library

Leadership Style, President Reagan's

Sheila McCaffrey (Detailee)

Crisis Management

Definition of Poverty

Decision Making System


Joe Duncan Memos

Correspondence: Meese to Outside

Robert Kupperman


John Kessel

Ohio State

Global Foresight Roundtable

Presidential Policy and Recommendation Action (List of 59 Items)

Issues, Policy, and Legislation


International Finance

International Business - Government Counsellors

Inter Agency Information Exchange

Initial Actions Project

Information Systems for OPE

Intelligence in the 1980s by William Colby

Information Planning Meetings


OA 7237

Working Group / Economic Statistics

Women's Issues

White House Information System

Personnel (OPE)


Violent Crime

Treasury's Financial Deregulation

J.T. Sprehe Travel


Tracking Worksheet #074252

Telecommunications (1)(2)

Social Security

Senior Staff Memos

Senior Executive Service

Public Opinion

Presidential Records Act

Presidential Plans

Action Plans

OPE Staff Meetings

International War

OPE Structure

OPE History

OPE Agendas

Statistical Policy

OPE Information

November 1982 Elections

1980 National Republican Congressional Committee

National Security Record / Naval Postgraduate School

National Library of Medicine


OA 7238

World Bank

World Future Society, Washington

Old Correspondence February 1981-January 1982 (Unarranged)

Wilkinson, Cragun & Baker

Exchange (ICA)

Economic Policy


OA 7239

Immigration - Refugees

Fraud and Waste

Strategic Design (3 Folders)


Status of Administration Sponsored Legislation

Long Range Strategic Planning

Report on Transition 1981

Polls - Gallup

Polls - Los Angeles Times

Polls - ABC

Polls - NBC

Polls - CBS

Long Range Planning for White House Information Handling

Graphic Color Transparencies

Eagle I

Eagle II

Eagle III

Eagle IV

Eagle V

Eagle VI


OA 7240

Briefers Book for Census by Beal

OMB Statistical Policy Role

TV Nightly News - Minutes of Coverage - Foreign / Domestic (Communications)

Ed Zimmerman Notes / Memos

Long Range Planning

Census (3 Folders)

Communication Planning Group

Congressional 1980 Model

Vote Production 1980

Miscellaneous Publications

Executive Committee Meeting 03/02/1982


Herman Kahn Material


OA 7241

Telephone Logs / Messages August 1982-January 1983

Congressional Quarterlies October 1982-November 1982

National Journals

U.S. New and World Report


The Hoover Institution


Washington International Business Report

GAO Reports

USICA Publication Reports


OA 7513 †††††† ††††††††

National Journals: 1982, June 1982-December 1982, January 1983


OA 7514

Congressional Quarterlies: January 1981-December 1983


OA 8051

National Indicators System: Presidential Briefing: The Domestic Supply of Critical

Materials, May 1982, Report #9

††††††††† National Indicators System: Report on the Condition of Central Cities, July 1981

††††††††† National Indicators System: Report Number 7: Economies of Health Care, April 1982

Strategic Evaluation Memos #5 (1)(2)

Strategic Evaluation Memos #13

Strategic Evaluation Memos #18

Strategic Planning Memo #9

††††††††† Strategic Planning Memo #10 (1)(2)


OA 12386

State Monitoring, October 1980, Ballot State by State Work File

Campaign Plan, Last 2 weeks, 10/03/1980 First Draft

Press Statement on Surveys 10/17/1980

Briefing Book 10/13/1980

Strategy Transparencies

Market Opinion Research, Nov 2

Substantive Issues

Reagan and Bush Committee Chairman's Meeting 10/13/1980

PINSTA (Political Information System State Longitudinal Ballot)

State Monitoring October 1980, State by State Ballot Surveys

Presidential Popularity Articles

Presidential Ballot by States 10/03/1980

The Dynamics of Party Support in the American Electorate, 1951/1976

Assessment of the Reagan Coalition in its Stability

Is the Prince Listening? Politics of Education and Policymaker

Sex and the Survey Respondents, "Toward Substantive Interpretation of 'Don't Know' Responses"

Abstract, Axiomatic Modeling by Ruth Lane

The Structure and Stability of Political Attitudes, Findings from the 1974 / 1976 Dearborn Study

Rational Turnout, Closeness Counts in the Voting Calculus

Campaign Effects on the Voting Behavior in the 1978 Congressional Elections

Reagan Bush Committee Operations Center Daily Summaries, October 1980

Deputy Director Briefing, 09/11/1980

Pennsylvania, Wave 1, 08/22/1980-08/28/1980

†††††††† New Jersey, Wave 1, 08/22/1980-08/28/1980

New York, Wave 1, 08/22/1980-08/28/1980

Campaign Releases, Supporting Material

Connecticut Statewide Wave 1


OA 12387

Presidents Briefing in Growth of Governments (2 Copies)

Presidents Briefing on Employment and Unemployment

The Proposal for Local Area Network in the White House

National Indicators System, Perspectives on Agriculture and Rural America

Study of the Sustaining Effects of Compensatory Education

Private Sector Initiatives Program

Fortran 10 Language Manual / Digital

VAX Reference Manual

Weekly Briefing Notes on U.S. Domestic Developments 04/05/1976

National Income and GOP Accounts Briefing Notes, 05/05/1976

Decision Information Display System

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Subjective Probabilities, 10/03/1980 / 11/03/1980

National Survey, 08/22/1980-08/28/1980

PINS, Political Information System, Computer Code

Direct Mail Targets, Reagan / Bush Committee

Director and Deputy Director Meeting 09/23/1980

Simulations, 1980 Presidential Election

Linear Estimates for National Tracking

Extra Table, Deputy Directory Briefing, 09/11/1980

State Highlights

Targeting 1980


OA 12388

South Carolina, Wave 1, 08/22/1980-08/28/1980

State by State Monitoring

State Monitoring

State Monitoring 1980

State by State Ballot

Strategy, RFP 1980

News Clippings

State Highlights

News Clippings on States

Presidential Briefing, 01/15/1981

Regional Political Directors Briefing, 09/19/1980

National Indicator Project Briefing, 03/25/1981

Report for Ed Meese

TV Nightly News Time

Office of the Secretary of the Treasury Tax Program

EPA, Decision Information Display System

National Indicators System Report on the Condition of Central Cities, June 1981

Directory of Federal Statistical Machine Readable Data Files, Prototype, Test Version May 1980

Office of the President Reference Booklet on Conflicts of Interest

Perspectives on Agriculture and Rural America, 05/13/1981

Survey of Legislative Objectives, Republican Members House of Representatives 97th Congress (Wirthlin)

Graphics for Briefings

The Federal Statistical System


OA 12389

Domestic Debate Issues

Decision / Making / Information Presidential Ballot by State

State Tables


Internal Reagan / Bush Committee 1980

Decision / Making / Information Computer Data

Whither the Future of Blacks in the Electoral Scoreboard 10/01/1980-10/31/1980

Wirthlin, Folder containing Tracking of States

National Press Club, 10/28/1980

The Status of the Campaign

U.S. News and World Report, 11/10/1980

Changing of the Guard

#514, Local Area Network Proposal

#358, Test for Arafat†††††††

#73, Cox Memo, 06/28/1982

#81, Cox Memo 07/07/1982

#103, Polling Activities

#104, SPM, 08/18/1982

#2907, Tuck Memo, CM Computers

#344, China's Census

#72, Poindexter Memo, 06/18/1982

#71, Cox Memo for the Record, 06/11/1982

#70, Agenda for CMF Meeting Costs

#69, CMF Estimated Costs

#65, Oliver North Memo, 05/19/1985

#63, Meese / Clark Memo, 05/27/1982

#61, Jenkins Memo to Meese, 04/02/1982

#353, Post / Brezhnev Attitudes

#60, Ed Meese Meeting Agenda / Minutes, 04/06/1982

#357, Martial Law in Poland

#355, Technology Transfer

#59, DARPA Memo, 05/26/1982

#356, Middle East Initiative

#57, NMCS Security Classification Guide

#55, OPE Computer System Design Document

#49, Initial Action Project

#37, Project "C"

#35, Report by William R. Kintner

#34, Federal Executive Institute, Neuchterlein Report

#14, NSC Memo, Foreign Policy

#354, Financial Crisis, Latin America

#10, National Science Foundation Report to Dr. Kent Wilson

#9, Introduction

#8 Automation of the NSC

Briefing Book, United Nations General Assembly, Special Session On Disarmament,


The Prisim Corporation, Final Report of Focus Group Research Concerning The

††††††††† Receptivity and Awareness of the General Public to Federalism for OPE


OA 12390

OPE Prime Power Codebook (Richard Beal)

The First 100 Days (1)(2)

Church of the Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (1)(2)

President Carter Quotes - Campaign Promises, 1976 /1977 (1)-(3)

Carter-Mondale - Potential Legislative Agenda in the Domestic Area (1)-(3)

National Indicators System Report on Violent Crime in the United States, September


Presidential Mandate

Draft 3, The Demographic Framework for Policymaking in the 1980s, A 1980 Census Perspective

White House Briefing Book Suggested Content, 04/17/1981

Fairness Issues, and Executive Briefing Book

Office of Policy Coordination

International Education

National Council on Foreign Language and International Studies

Task Force on the Utilization of International Skills (4)

Memo for the Record

Policy Issues for Phase III


Draft, White House Organizational Recommendations

Public Opinion Digest #20, 11/02/1981

Action on Cabinet Council Agenda Topics, Presidential Policy Decisions

Project Truth, Soviet Propaganda Alert, ICA

First 90 Project Rough Drafts, 01/13/1981

Memos December 1980-January 1981

First 90 Days, Presidential Briefing, 01/15/1981 (1)-(3)

Foreign Policy Objectives First 90 Days (1)-(3)

First 90 Days Project, 12/16/1980


OA 12391

(Found to have same inventory as CFOA 465)