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BELL, MARIAM: Files, 1985-1988


Office of Public Liaison (Domestic Policy, Protestant/Evangelical Groups, Roman Catholics, Law Enforcement and Civic Groups, Veterans, Education, Women)


Mariam Bell (1954- ) joined the White House staff in September 1986. She was initially a Staff Assistant within the Office of Public Liaison’s Social Services Division (later called Domestic Division), which was headed by Carl Anderson. After Anderson left the White House staff in October 1987, Bell worked for Mary Dewhirst, followed by Juanita Duggan when Duggan joined the staff in January 1988. Bell was promoted from Deputy Assistant Director to Deputy Associate Director in February 1988, and became an Associate Director in June of that year.


This collection includes work product from Bell’s direct predecessor, Carol Hornby Solon.  At the time Bell’s collection was arranged, the Library created a small collection for Hornby Solon from material previously assigned to Bell.  Bell carried over some of Hornby Solon’s folders and added her own material to them.  These were retained within Mariam Bell’s collection.  More of Mariam Bell’s work product can be found in the collection of her two supervisors, Carl Anderson and Juanita Duggan.



          OA 17951

          ABC Bill

          [Abortion:] Prolife Event (1)-(3)

          Abortion – Alternatives

          [Abortion – Alternatives: Pro-Life Material]

          [Abortion:] Fetal Experimentation (Packet)

          [Abortion:] Adolescent Family Life Act

          [Abortion:] Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services

          [Abortion:] American Coalition for Life

          [Adolescent Family Life Act]

          Adoption Information

          Adoption Event 11/22/1988

          Agency Liaison Meetings

          AIDS (1)(2)

          AIDS and Adolescents

          POTUS on AIDS

          American Christian Trust

          Apostolic Coalition

          Association of Christian Schools International Videotapes

          [Association of Junior Leagues, Inc.]

          Astrology (1)-(4)

          Baptist World Alliance

          Baptist World Alliance 03/08/1988-03/10/1988

          Black Ministries

          5-Week Calendar

          OPL-Planning Calendar

          California Christian Activists

          Central America (1)-(6)

          Central America: Contra – Meetings

          Central America: Contra – Project

          Central America: Contra – East Room Briefing (1)-(3)

          Central America [Publications] (1)-(3)

          Child Protection Act

          Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement – Support

          China-American Medical Project

          Christian Educators Association International

          Christian Educators Association [empty folder]

          Christian Embassy

          [Christian Heritage College]

          [Cities in Schools, Inc. – Resumes Sent]

          [Combined Federal Campaign 1988-1989]

          [Concerned Persons for America]

          Constitutional Convention (Balanced Budget)

          Covenant House

          Cult Awareness Network

          Domestic Policy Speech 12/13/1988


          MB – Drug File

          Drug Education

          Drug Event – Fall 1988

          Drug Event – Cleveland Sparrow – Canceled

          [Omnibus Drug Bill Signing: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)]

          Education – General

          Education – Choice

          Education Events (Possible)

          Education Referrals

          [1988 Election: Roll Call]

          Ethics and Public Policy

          Event Lists (TX/FL)


          Family Proclamation

          [Family Research Council of America]

          Fetal Experimentation


          OA 17963

          Fellowship House

          Focus on the Family – Citizen

          Focus on the Family (Physicians) 11/17/1988 (1)(2)

          [Focus on the Family (Physicians) 11/17/1988 – Thank-You Letter]

          [Focus on the Family: Publications, October 1988-November 1988]

          [Good News Publications]

          Grove City Legislation (1)-(3)

          Grove City Calls/Mail

          [Grove City: S.557 Veto Response Letters]


          Home Schools

          House of Hope – Video 12/21/1988

          [House of Hope]

          IRD (Institute for Religion and Democracy)

          [Interfaith Action for Economic Justice]

          Anthony Kennedy

          Anthony Kennedy: Kennedy – Wrap Ups

          Anthony Kennedy: Conservative Meetings

          Anthony Kennedy: Kennedy – Talking Points

          D. James Kennedy

          Kwikscan New Testament

          Last Temptation" (Movie)

          Laymen’s National Bible Association Inc. 01/13/1988 Oval Office

          Legal Services Corporation (1)(2)

          C. S. Lewis Institute

          Liberty Federation

          Lobbying Regulations – Religious Groups

          Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (Candace) (1)-(5)

          Lutheran Church – Missouri [Synod]

          Maternity Homes

          McIntyre, Carl

          Minority Issues


          [Miscellaneous Loose Notes – October 1988]

          [Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles – November 1988] (See Oversize Box #1)

          [Moral Majority: Liberty Report, November 1988]

          Moscow Speeches

          National Association of Evangelicals

          [National Day of Prayer – Open Letter re]

          National Day of Prayer 1988: Proclamation File

          National Family Institute

          [National Legal Foundation]

          [National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Act of 1988]

          National Organization of Episcopalians for Life

          National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)

          National Religious Broadcasters 02/01/1988

          New Age

          Next Long Range

          OPL [Interview of Mari Maseng]

          Office of Public Liaison Key Organizations (1)(2) (Notebook)

          Office of Technology Assessment – Life Sustaining Technology Report

          [Parental Leave]

          Photo Request 1987

          Pornography – II (1)-(3)

          Pornography / Drug Invite List (1)-(3)

          Pornography – Executive Order

          Pornography Legislation [11/10/1987 Message to Congress]

          Pornography Legislation [Mailing]

          Anti-Pornography Bill – 1988

          Anti-Porn Bill (Signing List – Potential) (1)(2)

          Pornography Briefing/Legislative Transmittal 11/10/1987

          Pornography Legislation S.2033 / H.R.3889

          Pornography Hearing 06/08/1988 (Senate)


          OA 17972

          Prayer Book Society (Largest Episcopalian Lay Organization)

          Presbyterian Church USA

          Presbyterian Lay Committee

          Presbyterians for Democracy and Religious Freedom

          President’s Accomplishments Pro-Life

          [Staff Requests for Presidential Greetings]

          Presidential Message Requests

          [Press Releases 11/14/1988]

          Prolife Lists (1)(2)

          Pro-Life – NRTL [National Right to Life Convention] (1)(2)

          Prolife – H.R. 5020 – Presidents 1988

          Reagan Record (1)-(4) (Binder)

          [Red Cross: Signing of S.2496 (11/09/1988)]

          Religion – Schools

          Religious Alliance Against Pornography

          Religious Leaders – Prolife Interest

          Religious Roundtable

          Roth, Jane R. [Judiciary Nominee 11/21/1985]

          Schedule Proposals Pending

          Schedule Proporals – Regretted

          Signatures Needed – MB [empty folder]

          Southern Baptist Convention

          Speeches – POTUS [1988 Republican Convention]

          Speech Materials

          [The Standard Bearer]


          Surrogate Motherhood

          Surrogate Speaking

          [Thatcher Event 11/16/1988 – Press Release]


          Title X

          Title X – 1988

          Title X – Adoption Provision [empty folder]

          Title X – Block Grants

          MB Tracking Sheets To Do [empty folder]

          [Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA]

          [United Methodist Church]

          United Pentecostal Church

          White House Chaplaincy

          [White House Friday Follies: The Campaign in Retrospect (11/11/1988)]

          [White House News Summary 11/10/1988 (Post-Election)]

          [White House Television: Presidential Activities November 1988]

          The Williamsburg Charter

          Williamsburg Charter – Religious Freedom Week

          Christy Wilson – Zia Matter

          [Women: White House Talking Points 08/17/1988]

          Young Reader Proclamation

          Youth for Christ

          [Youth for Christ: White House Gift Record]

          Youth with a Mission


          SERIES II:  EVENTS

          OA 17973

          Supreme Court Nominee Event 10/29/1987 POTUS

          Dobson Photo-Op 11/10/1987

          Sister Michael Briefing 11/18/1987

          US Jaycees – Video 01/12/1988

          Temple Heights Christian School 01/15/1988

          American Collegians for Life 01/22/1988

          National Association of Evangelicals Briefing (Students) 01/26/1988

          National Religious Broadcasters 02/01/1988

          National Religious Broadcasters Briefing 02/02/1988

          Apostolic Leaders/POTUS 02/03/1988

          Briefing for American Studies 02/08/1988

          College and University Personnel Association 02/16/1988

          Dobson Briefing 03/03/1988 (1)(2)

          National Black Coalition for Traditional Values 03/09/1988

          National Decency Forum 03/14/1988

          Harding University Students 04/13/1988

          Boy Scout Briefing 04/15/1988

          Mission Hills Christian Schools 04/18/1988

          United Women’s Pentecostal Women’s Conference 04/21/1988

          Mercy Ship Briefing 04/22/1988

          National Association of  Evangelicals Washington Insight Briefing 04/26/1988

          International Women in Leadership 04/27/1988

          Concerned Citizens for Government (Texas) 04/28/1988

          Bill Signing for H.R. 5 – 04/28/1988

          Washington for Jesus 1988 [04/29/1988]

          Seminar on Religious Rights in USSR 05/03/1988

          USSR Religious Right Event 05/03/1988

          National Day of Prayer 1988 – 05/05/1988

          Southern Baptist Convention Public Affairs Committee 05/20/1988

          Wheaton College – Political Science 06/03/1988

          Congress on Church and the Disabled – Video – 06/07/1988

          Carol Sasaki Meeting 06/10/1988 – Cancelled

          Distributive Education Clubs of America 06/17/1988 – Cancelled

          Event File – Call to Archbishop Szoka 06/22/1988

          First Liberty Summit" 06/24/1988-06/26/1988 – Signing of Williamsburg Charter

          Leadership ’88 07/01/1988

          National Family Institute – Black Ministers 07/01/1988

          Event File – Video / Right to Life 07/01/1988

          Nova University Students 07/13/1988

          American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation 07/21/1988

          Hispanic Congress 1988 07/25/1988-07/29/1988

          Student Congress on Evangelism DC ’88 – 07/28/1988

          Address Student Conference on Evangelism at the Convention Center 07/28/1988


          Home School Legal Defense Association Briefing 07/29/1988

          Students on Foreign Policy 08/05/1988

          Briefing for High School Students 08/05/1988


          OA 19273

          [American Christian Trust 08/18/1988]

          Sex Respect Meeting (Kathleen Sullivan) 09/12/1988

          Covenant College Briefing 09/13/1988

          Christian College Coalition 09/16/1988

          Wesley Theological Seminary 09/19/1988

          Jaycees Events 09/20/1988

          Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship 09/23/1988

          Presbyterians for Democracy and Religious Freedom Briefing 09/30/1988

          Presbyterians for Democracy and Religious Freedom – Video 09/30/1988

          Dallas, Texas – Coalition for Life – Mariam Bell – Out of Town 10/01/1988

          United Pentecostal Church Video 10/05/1988-10/09/1988

          Mariam Bell California Trip 10/14/1988 – Cancelled

          St. Johns-Kutztown, PA United Church of Christ 10/23/1988

          American University Honor Students 10/26/1988

          National Association of Secondary School Principals Women’s Conference 10/28/1988 –




          OA 19273 (Continued)

          Chron – MB [September 1986-December 1986]



          OA 19356


          Mailing 11/28/1986 – Pornography (Who Attended Briefing)

Mailing 12/17/1986 – Christian Media

          Mailing 12/17/1986 – Iran Info – Christian Media (831)

          Mailing 01/28/1987 – State of the Union (Prolife) – NRB [National Religious

                   Broadcasters] (1,300)

          Mailing 02/02/1987 – March for Life Address – Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops

          Mailing 02/19/1987 – Welfare Reform – National Religious Broadcasters (1,300)

          Mailing 03/02/1987 – Welfare Reform – Key Catholics (178)

          Mailing 03/24/1987 – Pro-Life – National Religious Broadcasters (1,300)

          Mailing 03/31/1987 – Pro-Life – Cardinals/Bishops/Archbishops (354)

          Mailing 03/31/1987 – Pro-Life/Christian Media List (843)

          Mailing 03/31/1987 - "Highway/Transit"

          Mailing 04/02/1987 – Pro-Life Key Catholics List

          Mailing 04/02/1987 – Pro-Life – All

          Mailing 04/07/1987 – Catholic Fraternals/Pro-Life

          [Mailing] 04/14/1987 – Pro-Life Mailing for Students (13)

          Mailing 04/20/1987 – Federal Communications Commission Ruling on Pornography

          Mailing 06/09/1987 POTUS Address to Vatican – Cardinals/Bishops/ Archbishops

          Mailing 06/24/1987 POTUS Address to National Right to Life Convention –

                   Archbishops, Bishops, Cardinals

Mailing 06/24/1987 – POTUS Address to National Right to Life Convention – Christian Media

          Mailing 07/09/1987 POTUS Remarks – Bork – Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals

          Mailing 08/07/1987 – Nicaraguan Peace Plan – Christian Media

          Mailing 08/20/1987 – Bork - Religious Broadcasters, Leaders

          [Mailing:] 09/24/1987 – Family Executive Order and Carl Anderson’s Leaving (Key

                   Catholics, Bishops, etc.)

          Mailing 10/16/1987 – Presidential Message Organization of American States/State

                   Department Publication

          Mailing 10/29/1987 – Supreme Court Nominee

Mailing 11/17/1987 – Supreme Court-Kennedy (Religious)

          Mailing 11/17/1987 – Pornography Legislation Draft Material

          Mailing 12/17/1986 – Christian Media Mailings

          Mailing 12/21/1987 – Sandinista Compliance – Religious Leaders

          Mailing 12/21/1987 – INF Treaty/POTUS Remarks – Religious Leaders

          Mailing 01/15/1988 – POTUS Remarks INF (Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals)

          Mailing 01/22/1988 – Contra Aid (Pastors, National Religious Broadcasters, Media)

          Mailing 01/25/1988 – Contra Aid (Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops)

          Mailing 01/26/1988 – State of the Union (Key Catholic Cardinals, Archbishops,


          Mailing 01/26/1988 – State of the Union (Pastors, National Religious Broadcasters,


          Mailing 03/04/1988 – Grove City – Catholics, Bishops, Cardinals

          Mailing 03/04/1988 – Grove City (Key Pastors, Media, etc.)

          Mailing 05/17/1988 – Law Enforcement Leaders

          [Mailing:] 05/18/1988 - Drug Letter to Service Leaders from Juanita Duggan

          Mailing 05/26/1988 – Christian Mailing Lists (National Day of Prayer Etc.)

          Mailing 06/07/1988 – Religious Freedom – Religious Leaders

          Mailing 06/08/1988 – POTUS Pro-Life Bill – Catholic Groups

          Mailing 06/08/1988 – POTUS Pro-Life Bill – Religious Leaders

          Mailing 06/08/1988 – POTUS Pro-Life Bill – Conservatives

          Mailing 06/13/1988 – White House Briefing National Family Institute

          Mailing 06/25/1988 – Fair Housing – Catholic Golden Age RR30

          Mailing – Religious Freeedom/Captive Nations 07/15/1988

          Mailing 07/29/1988 – FLOTUS/POTUS Religious Leaders

          Mailing 07/29/1988 – POTUS Youth for Christ  – Prolife Groups MB

          Mailing 07/29/1988 – FLOTUS Youth for Christ – Drug List Groups

          Mailing 08/30/1988 – Women’s Appointments JD

          Mailing – Child Care Business and Professionals 09/20/1988 JD

          [Request for Mailing 09/20/1988]

          Mailing 10/24/1988 – Juanita’s Farewell – Catholics and Conservatives

          Mailing – Grove City

          Mailing Lists (To Go Through)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Religious Liberty List - RR 37


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Key Black Pastors - RR 38


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Black Priests - RR 44

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Conservative Mailing List – 140


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: National Day of Prayer List 168 –

                   RR 34 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Catholic Golden Age Chapter

                   Presidents - 101 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Senior Citizens List – 506 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Law Enforcement Groups (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Service Leaders – 06/21/1988


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: General Constituent Mailing

                   List (Pornography, Pro-Life, Grove City) 145 and 104 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Education Officials 364 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: American Association of Christian

                   Schools 189 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Christian Media LC01 675


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Black Pro-Family 30 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Key Pastors MM37 923 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Catholic Leaders LC21 175


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Catholic Cardinals,

                   Archbishops and Bishops LC 56, 57, 58 335 (empty)

          [OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: National Religious Broadcasters

                   (NRB) MM34 1170 (empty)

          Multiple Mailing Blank Forms

          Duplicating Requests