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BESERRA, RUDY: Files, 1982-1988


Office of Public Liaison (Hispanics, Asian Americans, Arab Americans)


Rudy Beserra joined the White House staff in September 1986, succeeding Luis Acle as the Public Liaison Associate Director in charge of outreach to the Hispanic-, Asian-, and Arab-American communities. In August 1988, he was promoted to Special Assistant.


Some of the material in Beserra’s collection predates his arrival at the White House, but was utilized by him in the course of his work.



          OA 15016

          [Correspondence Received 1986]

          [Correspondence Received January 1987-November 1987] (Binder)

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 A-L (Binder)

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 M

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 Mc-P

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 Q-R

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 S

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 T

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 U-V

          Correspondence Received November 1987-June 1988 W-Z

          [Correspondence Received 1988] (Binder)

          Rudy – Incoming Correspondence February 1988-August 1988]

          Rudy Beserra Chronological File 1986 (Binder)

          Chronological File January 1987 (1)(2)

          Chronological File February 1987 (1)(2)


          OA 15058

          Chronological File March 1987 (1)(2)

          Chronological File April 1987 (1)(2)

          Chronological File May 1987 (1)(2)

          Chronological File June1987 (1)-(3)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 Samples, A-B] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 C-E] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 F-H] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 I-L] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 M-N] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 O-P] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 Q-R] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 S-T] (Binder)

          [Chronological Files External June 1987-December 1987 U-Z] (Binder)

          Chronological File External 1988 A-D (Binder)

          Chronological File External 1988 E-L (Binder)

          Chronological File External 1988 M-R (Binder)

          Chronological File External 1988 S-Z (Binder)


          OA 15059

          [Chronological File Correspondence Sent 1988] (Binder)

          [Chronological File - Internal January 1987-October 1987] (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [A-B] (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [C-E] (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [F-J] (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [K-L] (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [M-Q] (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [R] (1)(2) (Binder)

          Chronological File – Internal June 1987-May 1988 [S-Z] (Binder)

          Chronological June 1988

          Signature [Resumes and Correspondence]



          OA 17127

          Abraham, Thomas

          Acle, Luis

          LA’s [Luis Acle’s] Working List


          [Adult Literacy Initiative]


          American Empire Mortgage

          Appointees – Hispanic

          Appointments [Requests for Appointments, December 1986-September 1987] (Binder)



          ARAB: Arab American Institute

          ARAB: Arab American Republicans

          ARAB: National Association of Arab Americans

          [Arab:] National Association of Arab Americans, Region VI

          Arabic Community Church

          Armenian Students Briefing


          Asian: Asian American College Republican Alliance

          Asian: Asian American Voters Coalition

          Asian Americans Voters Coalition

          Asian Americans Voters League

          Asian Briefing 06/15/1987

          Asian Business Association

          Asian: Calendar

          Asian: California Korean American Republican Association

          Asian Charity Ball

          Asian Data

          Asian: Federation of Republican Asian Americans

          Lists: Asian

          Asian: Miscellaneous

          Asian: Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce

          [Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 1981-1985]

          Asian: Asian Pacific American Week 1987

          Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 1988

          Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 1988 / Lists Etc.

          Asian Heritage Week

          Asian Pacific American Heritage Council

          Asian: Asian Pacific American Heritage Council

          Asian: Asian Pacific American Heritage Proclamation Signing May 1987

          [Asian Studies Center Backgrounder (11/30/1987)]

          Asian: Asian Youth Briefing

          Asian: Republican National Asian Assembly

          Asian: Texas Asian Republican Coalition Chapters

          Asian: Vietnamese

          ASPIRA - I

          ASPIRA - II

          Baker, Howard H.

          Banik, Sambhu

          Banik, Dr. Sambhu N.

          Bareño, John T.

          Beserra: Bios, English

          Beserra: Bios, Spanish

          Rudy Beserra Events

          Beserra: News Articles

          Rudy’s Articles

          Beserra: Reception

          Beserra: Speeches / Remarks



          Speaker Bio’s: James C. Miller, III


          OA 17128

          Bork Nomination I

          Bork Nomination II

          [Bork Nomination III]

          [Bork Nomination - Returned Mailings]

          [Bork: A Response to the Critics of Judge Robert H. Bork, Department of Justice,


          Box Inventories

          [Brazilian-American Cultural Institute, Inc.]

          BRIEFING: Arab American Institute 03/13/1987

          Briefing: Asian Americans 06/15/1987

          Briefing Cuban American Foundation 06/13/1988 (1)-(3)

          Briefing: Economic Bill of Rights / Minority Business Audience 06/15/1987

          Briefing: International Trade, Business and Education 10/22/1987

          Briefing: Republican Heritage Group Council 05/12/1987


          California Forum

          California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

          California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

                   Briefing 04/25/1988

          Cambodian Refugee Meeting

          Campaign Leave

          Casanova, Alicia

          Casso, Dr. Henry J. [empty]

          Castro, David B.

          Center for Economic and Social Justice – Anne Orleans

          Central America - I

          Central America - II

          Central America Week

          Central America Briefing 01/23/1987

          Central America Briefing 02/26/1987

          List: January 1988 US Central America Policy Briefing

          01/11/1988 Briefing [Central America]

          01/11/1988 U.S. Policy in Central America

          01/19/1988 US Policy in Central America Briefing

          01/20/1988 and 01/22/1988 US Policy in Central America Briefing

          01/25/1988 US Policy in Central America Religious

          02/01/1988 US Policy in Central American Briefing

          02/01/1988 US Policy in Central America (Agitant [sic] Generals) Briefing

          02/10/1988 US Policy in Central America Briefing

          02/18/1988 US Policy in Central America Briefing

          Central America Private Aid

          Proclamation Dennis Chavez Day 1988 (See oversized box #1)


          Cherian, Joy

          Chicanos Por la Causa, Inc


          OA 17129

          Chinese American Chamber of Commerce

          Chinese - American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California

          Chinese American Society - I

          Chinese American Society - II

          Committee for Chinese New Year Party of Greater Chicago 1988

          Chinese: Organization of Chinese Americans I

          Chinese: Organization of Chinese Americans II

          Organization of Chinese Americans

          Chinese: Organization of Chinese American Women

          CAHA (Coalition for the Advancement of Hispanic Americans, Inc.)

          Coalition of Minority Women in Business

          Computer Files

          Concerned Citizens for Democracy – Carlos Perez

          Concerned Citizens for Democracy – Carlos Perez: Concerned Citizens for Democracy

          Carlos Perez – Concerned Citizens for Democracy

          Conditions of Hispanics in America – September 1983 and December 1987


          Conference Room Reservation Requests

          Congregation of Vietnamese Buddhists in U.S.

          Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc.

          Congressional Recess Schedules


          Contra Aid – Round II

          Core / Linas

          01/26/1988 Core Group Briefing

          02/04/1988 Emergency Core Meeting

          COSSMHO [National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations]

          Crazy Mail

          Creative Association – Presidential Training Initiative for the Island Caribbean

          Crossing Cultures

          Cuban American Briefing [empty]

          Desk Gift to President (1)(2)

          Cuban American Leaders in Miami

          Cuban American List (from Dr. Queral)

          Cuban American Names and Dates of Birth

          National Association of Cuban-American Women

          [Cuban:] Human Rights in Cuba Coalition

          Cuban Review Plan

          Cuban Event 05/20/1988

          Coalition / Cuban Detainees

          Department of Labor

          Index of Diskettes Contents for Diskettes "BEE3," "MLACLE," and "ACLE"

          Documents / Copies

          Domestic Issue Lists

          Letter to Frank Donatelli

          Drug Education and Prevention 10/06/1986

          Dukakis File

          Economic Bill of Rights – Ethnic 07/15/1987 I

          Economic Bill of Rights – Ethnic 07/15/1987 II

          Economic Social Justice I

          Economic Social Justice II

          Economic Social Justice III

          Economic Social Justice IV

          El Diario Las Americas Editorials 1987

          El Salvador

          Employment – Hispanic


          OA 17130

          English Only

          English Only Movement

          Entrepreneurs – Hispanic Women

          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

          Ethnic Appointments

          Family Against Drug Abuse (NHFADA)

          FAHA – Foundation for Advancement of Hispanic Americans

          FAX Transmittals

          Association of Hispanic Federal Executives

          Federal Express Invoices

          Federal Express Receipts

          Fiesta Indianapolis 07/24/1987

          59-Month Initiative


          Filipino, Anti-Communist

          Filipino Workers Association USA


          [The Forum: California Forum]

          Foundation for Freedom and Democracy

          Franchi, Rafael

          Gala Reception

          Gallegos, Christopher D.

          Gandhi Day Proclamation 10/02/1988



          Harris, Candace J.

          Heritage Foundation

          High Road to Economic Justice 1987

          Hispanic Americana - I

          Hispanic Americana - II

          Hispanic Calendar – 1987 – Major Hispanic Events

          Hispanic Demographics – Reports

          HEP (Washington Council Hispanic Employment Program Managers)

          Consortium National Hispanic Organization

          Hispanic Entrepreneur

          Members of Congressional Hispanic Caucus

          Major Hispanic/Asian Events 1988, List of

          ["Hispanic Children in Poverty" (Congressional Research Service, 09/13/1985)] (1)(2)

          Hispanic Family Against Drugs

          National Hispanic Heritage Week 09/14/1986-09/20/1986 (1)-(6)

          [Hispanic National Heritage Week 1986: White House Ceremony] (videotape –

                   transferred to AV for preservation)

          [Hispanic Heritage Week 1987]

          Hispanic Heritage Week 1988

          Hispanic Heritage Week Ceremony 09/13/1988 - (1)-(7)


          OA 17131

          Hispanic Heritage Week Foreign Policy Briefing

          Hispanic Heritage Week Literacy Briefing

          Hispanic Heritage Week Miscellaneous

          Hispanic Heritage Week Outside Events

          Hispanic Heritage Week Salute to Hispanics in the Military

          Hispanic Heritage Week Small Business Briefing

          Hispanic Heritage Week Media Event

          Hispanic Media Briefing 09/15/1988

          Hispanic Heritage Week Miscellaneous

          Hispanic Week

          Hispanic Heritage Week Proclamation / Proclamation Signing Ceremony

          Proclamations: National Hispanic Heritage Week 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 (See oversized

                   box #1)

          Hispanic Leaders

          Hispanic Link

          Hispanics in Military

          Hispanic National Bar Association

          [Hispanic Organization Relocations]

          Hispanic Outreach Program (Republican National Committee Liaison Department)

          Hispanic Students 07/27/1988 – Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons

          Hispanic Lists

          National Hispanic Heritage Week 09/11/1988-09/17/1988 (1)-(4)

          Hispanic Heritage Week Proclamation Signing 09/13/1988

          Business and Professional Women Hispanic, Las Vegas, NV

          Hispanic: National Hispanic Scholarship Fund

          Hispanic Women’s Conference 1987

          Hispanic Youth Briefing

          Hispanics in Support of Jonas Savimbi [empty]

          [Hispanic: La Alternativa, April 1988]

          Hsu, Cindy

          [Hurd, Chris]

          Huezo, Ricardo

          Linkages for Indian Child Welfare Programs April 1988

          Ibero-American Chamber of Commerce

          Immigration (1)(2)

          Immigration and Nationality Law (1)-(9)

          Immigration Bills (H.R. 3080 and S. 1200) Analysis (1)(2)

          Immigration Law - General Info

          Immigration Policy – Background Information

          Immigration Reform

          [Immigration Reform]

          Immigration and Naturalization Service

          Administration Proposals on Immigration and Refugee Policy [1981] (1)(2)

          Studies and Testimony of the Immigration Problems and Proposed Solutions

          India Chamber of Commerce

          Indian Americans (Asian)

          Indian: Anti-AWACS Sale

          Indian: Association of Indians in America


          OA 17132

          Indian: Federation of Indian Associations

          Indian: Indian American Forum for Political Education

          Indiana Hispanic Organizations

          Indo-Chinese American Voters Coalition

          Indonesian Briefing 05/31/1988

          Intern Information

          Internship Program (by Hispanic Women)

          Intern Forms

          International Catholic Migration Commission / Andre van Chao

          International Immigrants Foundation

          International Trade


          Miscellaneous Invitations / Beserra

          Japanese Redress

          Japanese Redress: Redress Issue (Japanese)

          [Justice Department Calendar May 1988]

          July 3 Event

          Khanna, T.S.

          Kim, Hellen Y.

          Proclamation Letter From Linas Kojelis


          Linas Kojelis Let’s Discuss

          08/13/1987 Breakfast with Linas

          Korean American Leaders 04/29/1988 Briefing

          League of United Latin American Citizens - I

          League of United Latin American Citizens - II

          League of United Latin American Citizens - III

          League of United Latin American Citizens Education Service Center 10/20/88


          Lunar New Year 4686

          Mailgram Messages

          [Malankara Jacobite Center of North America]

          Lt. General Leo Marquez

          Lt. General Leo Marquez; Marquez, Leo Gen.

          Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


          Mexican and American Foundation - I

          Mexican and American Foundation - II

          Mexican American Foundation

          Mexican American Grocers Association

          Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

          Mexican American Opportunity Foundation – 1987 Aztec Awards

          [Mexican American Women’s National Association) – Newsletter Fall 1987]

          Embassy of Mexico – Press Releases

          Midwest Voter Registration Project

          Dallas – Minority Business

          Minority Business, Hispanic

          Minority Business Journal [empty]

          Los Angeles Minority Business

          Minority Growth Market

          Minority Opportunity / Civil Rights


          Miscellaneous Correspondence - Pending

          Miscellaneous Hispanic Lists

          Miscellaneous News Articles

          Miscellaneous Organizations – Various Ethnic Groups

          Miscellaneous Pending


          OA 17133

          [Rick Montoya (US Senate Candidate)]

          [Moscow Summit - Departure and Arrival Ceremony Attendance Requests]

          Multiple Mailings

          Multiple Mailing

          Nestor Macho - American G.I. Forum

          National Asian Pacific American Heritage Training Conference 05/04/1988-05/07/1988

          National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials

          [National Association of Americans of Asian Indian Descent]

          National Council of Hispanic Women 06/03/1988

          National Council of La Raza

          National Federation of Asian Indian Organizations

          National Institute for Professional Development, Inc.

          National Religious Broadcasters 1988

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council

          National Republican Hispanic Leadership Reception 09/12/1988

          National Security Council [Iranian Groups]

          [Newspaper Articles about Countries (in Spanish)]

          Nicaraguan Issues

          Nicaragua Miscellaneous

          [Organization of Chinese Americans, Inc.]

          Office Procedures

          Office of Public Liaison Calendar [01/01/1986-05/12/1986]

          Office of Public Liaison – Weekly Calendar

          Pagan International

          Pai, Deepak

          Pal, Dr. Gopal Sivaraj

          [Palestine Perspective (March/April 1988)]

          Palo Alto Enterprise (New Mexico)

          Pan American Games

          [Petitions Concerning S.157 (Panama Canal legislation)]

          Perera, Ana Maria

          [Perez, Carlos]

          Personnel Management Association of Aztlan White House Briefing

          Photos: Beserra – Publicity

          Photos – Blanks

          Photos: First Lady

          Photos – Homeless (empty)

          Photo Letters

          Photo Requests – Completed

          Photo Requests Completed Summer 1988

          Photo Requests Completed October 1988

          Photo Requests Completed November 1988 (1)(2)

          Photo Requests Completed December 1988 (1)-(4)

          Photo Requests Completed January 1989

          Photo Requests Pending

          Photos: POTUS

          Hold [Photos with Howard Baker] (Envelope)

          Political Action Committees

          Political: Luis Acle, Jr.

          [Political: Candidate Assessments]

          Presidential Advance

          Greetings - Staff Requests for Presidential Greetings

          Presidential Messages – Completed

          Presidential Message Pending

          Presidential Messages – Rejects

          Presidential Messages – Requests

          Presidential Messages – Requests for Clearance

          Presidential Messages - I

          Presidential Messages - II


          OA 17134

          Presidential Message – Arabs

          Presidential Message – Asian (1)-(5)

          Presidential Message – Hispanic (1)-(4)

          Presidential Remarks – Press Releases from March 1988 to April 1988

          Presidential Statements

          Press Releases

          Puerto Rico Coalition

          National Puerto Rican Coalition

          Puerto Rican Life Achievement Awards Photo Op on 06/16/1988

          Puerto Rican: National Puerto Rican Coalition

          [Puerto Rico – Republican Party]

          Puerto Rico – USA Foundation: "An Assessment of the Administration’s Proposal

                   To Substitute a Wage Credit for Section 936" 07/13/1985

          Puerto Rico – White House Task Force

          [Senator Dan Quayle’s visit to Houston, 09/27/1988] (videotape – transferred to AV

                   for preservation)

          Queens Chinese Women’s Association

          Radio America

          Ramirez, Ralph R.


          Rao, Julie February 1987

          Rayis, Mr. Afram Immigration and Naturalization Service

          Ronald Reagan Remarks to Hispanics

          [Republican Indo-American Heritage Federation]

          Republican National Committee

          Republican National Committee Ethnic Group Study

          [Republican National Hispanic Assembly]

          Republican National Hispanic Assembly Executive Committee

          Republican National Hispanic Assembly 04/14/1988

          Republican Party Miscellaneous

          Requests for Scheduling Recommendation

          Resume - I

          Resume - II

          Returned Mail

          Rodriguez, George

          [Schedule of the President 04/19/1988]

          [Schedule Proposals 1986]

          [Schedule Proposals 1987]

          [Schedule Proposals 1988] (1)-(3)

          [Schedule Proposals February 1987-July 1988] (Binder)

          Sen, Mono R.

          Senior Staff Calendar

          SER – Jobs for Progress - I

          SER – Jobs for Progress - II


          OA 19269

          Sino-American Cultural Society

          Small Business Administration

          Small Business Administration: Small Business Etc.

          Small Business Administration Minority Set Aside Program List

          Small Business Briefing

          The White House Conference on Small Business – Final Recommendations August 1986

          South Africa

          Southern Nevada Health Services


          Speakers List – Central America Policy


          Speeches / Remarks Beserra

          State Dinner Names

          [State Dinner Names re: Latin America]

          State Dinners

          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Taiwanese Association of America

          Economic Talking Points May 1988

          Talking Points: Trade

          White House Talking Points - I

          White House Talking Points - II

          Taipei Medical Association

          Taiwan: Background Information

          Texas Association of Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce

          Thank You


          Tracking: Correspondence – Miscellaneous

          Tracking: Correspondence Tracking, Copies of

          Travel I

          Travel II

          Travel Requests

          Trevino, Jessie

          Tudela, Colonel John A.

          US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 1987

          US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce POTUS Photo 09/08/1988

          US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Dinner 09/10/1988

          United Way

          Vacancy Announcements

          Velasquez Condolences

          Vice Presidential Messages Requests / Completed


          ["Vote America"]

          Weekly and Outweek Schedules - I

          Weekly and Outweek Schedules - II

          Weekly Wrap-Ups - I

          Weekly Wrap-Ups - II

          Welfare Reform Briefing

          White House Gala Dinner 09/14/1988 Hispanic Heritage Week – Organization of American States

          White House Issue Briefs [empty]

          White House Memorandums

          White House Staffing Memos

          Womens Organizations

          Wright, Linus – Undersecretary / Department of Education – Biography

          Yashodhar, Vallala

          Young Chinese Americans of D.C.


          SERIES III: PHONE LOGS 1987

          OA 19269 (Continued)

          Phone Calls 1987 [01/01/1987-01/20/1987]

          Phone Calls 1987 [01/21/1987-02/12/1987]

          Phone Calls 1987 [02/13/1987-02/28/1987]

          Phone Calls 1987 [03/01/1987-03/24/1987]

          [Phone Calls 1987 (03/25/1987-04/15/1987)]

          [Phone Calls 1987 (04/16/1987-05/11/1987)]

          [Phone Calls 1987 (05/12/1987-06/09/1987)]

          [Phone Calls 1987 (06/10/1987-07/02/1987)]

          [Phone Calls 07/06/1987-07/31/1987]

          [Phone Calls 08/01/1987-08/07/1987]

          [Phone Calls 08/07/1987-12/21/1987]

          [Phone Calls 1987 (10/15/1987-10/31/1987]

          [Phone Calls 1987 (November 1987-December 1987)]



          OA 19286

          AAA California/Nevada Tour Book (transferred to Book Collection)]

          Anuario Hispanico: Hispanic Yearbook (1987)

          Asian Indian Businesses and Independent Professional Practitioners: Directory

          The Challenge to Democracy in Central America

          Chicanos por la Causa, Inc. – Publications

          Organization of Chinese Americans: 1978 Biennial National Convention

          Organization of Chinese Americans: 1980 Biennial National Convention

          Civil Rights Digest, Fall 1976

          US Commission on Civil Rights: "Recent Activities Against Citizens and Residents of

                   Asian Descent" (1986)

          Commonsense," December 1985

          Cuban American National Foundation: "The Media and the Cuban Revolution,"

                   Washington, DC, 11/16/1984-11/17/1984 (1)-(6)

          The New Consensus on Family and Welfare

          1983 Statistics of Fraternal Benefit Societies" 1984 Edition

          [Gandhi, Rajiv: Statements on Foreign Policy, September-December 1985] (book)

          [Guest Book – 12/20/1983]

          The Heritage Foundation "Making America More Competitive: A Platform for Global

                   Economic Success"

          ["Conditions of Hispanics Today," Bureau of the Census, 09/13/1983](WH checkout


          Hispanics in America’s Defense

          Of Human Rights 1985-1986

          District of Columbia, Office of Latino Affairs: "Immigration – Residency – Citizenship"

          India: A Democracy on the Move

          [International Narcotics Trafficking]

          Order Sons of Italy in America: Constitution – General Laws – Judicial Code (transferred

                   to Book Collection)


          OA 19287

          [Korean Medical Association of America: 1982 Membership Directory]

          Latino, 11/01/1985

          [Masons Publications]

          Media Round Up – Latin America and the Caribbean (09/18/1986)

          Media Round Up – Latin America and the Caribbean (09/23/1986)

          Media Round Up – Latin America and the Caribbean (10/09/1986)

          Media Round Up – Latin America and the Caribbean (10/20/1986)

          Media Round Up – Latin America and the Caribbean (11/12/1986)

          Mexican and American Foundation, Inc. 1986

          National Council on U.S. Arab Relations 1986 Annual Review

          National Security Strategy of the United States" January 1987

          Human Rights in Nicaragua Under the Sandanistas: From Revolution to Repression

          Open the Door to Opportunity: Become a U.S. Citizen

          Implementation of the Job Training Act in Puerto Rico – Final Report

          Bureau for Refugee Programs: "Kaleidoscope: The Resettlement of Refugees in the US

                   by the Voluntary Agencies"

          St. Philip’s College: A Case Study of a Historically Black Two-Year College

          SER American Quarterly, Spring 1987

          SER – Jobs for Progress, Inc.: Hispanic Literacy Program; Family Learning Centers


          SER – Jobs for Progress, Inc.: Miscellaneous Literature

          The Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies," Summer 1985

          Association of Overseas Vietnamese Seniors: Vietnamese-Americans for Reagan-Bush