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BISTANY, JOANNA: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Communications


Joanna Bistany (1947-2002) was a native of New York City. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Kentucky. She then did postgraduate work at the University of Cincinnati, and the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, in the area of clinical behavior management. She worked for the Reagan presidential campaign beginning in October 1979, and assisted David Gergen during the 1980-81 transition period. When Gergen joined the White House staff in 1981, he brought Bistany in as his assistant. In mid-1983 Bistany left the Reagan White House staff for a position with ABC News.


Her collection is arranged into two series: SERIES I: Subject File; and SERIES II: Phone Logs.  We have created a “Bistany/Gergen” subject file within the Gergen collection.  Much of the material bears some imprint from David Gergen, but much of it also shows work product for Bistany.  For a fuller sense of her responsibilities, please see SERIES I: Bistany/Gergen Subject File within the David Gergen collection.



          OA 7888

          Chron File 1981-1983 (1)-(4)

          Implementation Update: State of the Union Initiatives Review 04/20/1983 (1)-(3)

          Inflation 11/15/1982 (1)(2)(F01-108/3 Mitchell)

          Interview Requests, 1981-1982 (1)-(9)

          New York Articles February 21 -- Nuclear Arms

          Press Credential Requests

          Press Interviews

          Press Log 06/13/1982-06/20/1982

          Press Log 06/21/1982-06/24/1982

Resumes – Miscellaneous (Pending)

          Resumes – Other Agencies

          Resumes Referred by Marge Carlisle – Republican Senate Conference

          Resumes – Summer Interns

          Resumes – White House Fellows 1982

          [State of the Union 1983: Key Initiatives Book] (1)-(3)

          Summit of Industrial Nations, Williamsburg 05/28/1983-05/30/1983: Background


          Women's Issues (Briefing Book)



          OA 7994

          Phone Log 01/28/1981-05/15/1981

          Phone Log 03/30/1981-04/29/1981

          Phone Log 05/01/1981-06/30/1981

          Phone Log 07/01/1981-11/30/1981

          Phone Log 12/02/1981-02/26/1982

          Phone Log 03/01/1982-04/12/1982

          Phone Log 04/13/1982-05/28/1982

          Phone Log 05/02/1982-05/19/1982

          Phone Log 06/14/1982-06/30/1982

          Phone Log 07/02/1982-07/30/1982

          Phone Log 08/02/1982-08/30/1982

          Phone Log 08/30/1982-09/20/1982

          Phone Log 09/20/1982-09/30/1982

          Phone Log 10/01/1982-10/30/1982

          Phone Log 11/01/1982-11/30/1982

          Phone Log 12/01/1982-12/28/1982

          Phone Log 01/03/1983-01/19/1983

          Phone Log 01/20/1983-02/02/1983

          Phone Log 02/02/1983-02/18/1983

          Phone Log 02/18/1983-03/10/1983

          Phone Log 03/10/1983-03/18/1983

          Phone Log 03/21/1983-03/30/1983

          Phone Log 03/31/1983-04/15/1983

          Phone Log 04/18/1983-04/27/1983

          Phone Log 05/20/1983-06/02/1983

          Phone Log 06/02/1983-06/10/1983