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BLACK, JUDY A.: Files, 1981-1988


Office of Intergovernmental Affairs


OA 11257

Disaster Declarations

[Misc. Material - Unfoldered]

RGA Annual Meeting 11/21/1987-11/24/1987

Requests - Judy Black

Western Governors Assoc.

Picture & Letter Requests 1988

NAAG Winter Meeting 12/04/1988-12/08/1988

Republican Governors’ Assoc. Meeting 11/20/1988-11/22/1988

Southern Governors’ Assoc. Meeting 09/25/1988-09/27/1988

New England Governors’ Conference 1988

CONEG 08/25/1988 Pittsburgh, PA

RGA Dinner 10/04/1988

Judy Black’s Travel Vouchers


OA 15370

1986 State Files,  Alabama - Maine


OA 15371

1986 State Files,  Maryland - New Jersey


OA 15372

1986 State Files,  New Mexico - Vermont


OA 15373

1986 State Files, Virginia - Wyoming


OA 16830

Acid Rain

Acid Rain

ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations)

(Agriculture) AG Commission

AIDS (1)(2)

Balanced Budget

Bellas Hess

Bicentennial Commission

Bork Nomination

Child Support Enforcement

Clean Air Act

Clean Water Act

Coal Severance Taxes

Comparable Worth


Contra Aid

CSG - 04/23/1987 (Conference of State Governments)

Crime Bill

Justin Dart [Jr.] (1)(2)

Davis Bacon

Delaware River Basin Compact

Drought 1988

Drought 1988

Drug Abuse

Enterprise Zones


OA 16912

Farm Crisis Situation

Federalism 1985

Federalism 1986

Federalism 1986

Federalism 1988

55 MPH Speed Limit

Yellowstone Fire

GAP Support Calls / Miscellaneous

Ginsburg Nomination

Trade Mission

Grove City Bill (1)(2)

Handicapped Parking

Highway Bill H.R. 2 (1987) (1)(2)

Highway Bill Veto / Letters from Governors


Hurricane 1988


Insurance Liability Briefing 04/25/1986

Liability Insurance

Judge Kennedy


OA 16913

Line Item Veto

Low Income Opportunity Board




Multi State Tax Meeting 05/22/1985

National Guard

National Science Federation

Nuclear Waste

Off Shore Oil

The Pope’s Visit 09/10/1987

Private Sector Initiatives

Regulatory Reform

Rural Development


Social Security

South Africa

Stripper Well Settlement Agreement

SSS (Superconducting Super Collider)

State of the State


OA 16914

State of the State

Tax Reform (1)(2)

Tax Simplification (1)–(6)


Unemployment Insurance Meeting 01/31/1985


Unitary Tax (1)-(12)

Veterans Signing Ceremony

Welfare Reform (1)-(10)

Welfare Reform Signing Ceremony 10/13/1988


OA 16915

NGA Winter Meeting February 1986 (National Governors Association)

NGA Summer Meeting August 1986

NGA General Meeting 1986

NGA General Meeting 1985

NGA Executive Committee Meeting 12/05/1985

Presidential Speeches to NGA, Eisenhower to Reagan (1)-(5)

RGA General (Republican Governors Association)


OA 16916

NGA Presidential Remarks - Talking Points

NGA Policy Positions

State Dinner 02/22/1987

POTUS / Governors 02/23/1987

Vice President Governors Meeting 02/23/1987-02/24/1987

NGA Executive Committee

NGA Federal Meeting February 1987

NGA Meeting Traverse City 07/26/1987-07/28/1987

NGA General 1987

NGA General 1987


OA 16917

Welfare Reform - 1987 (1)-(5)

Welfare Reform- 1987: Waivers

Welfare Reform- 1987: Welfare Trips Chuck Hobbs (1)(2)

Youth 2000

Agriculture Department

Commerce Department

Defense Department

Energy Department

Education Department

General Services Administration

Health and Human Services

Housing and Urban Development



Office of Management and Budget

Office of Management and Budget

Small Business Administration

State Department

Transportation Department

Treasury Department

United States Trade Representative

Veterans Administration

WGA 1984


OA 16918

National Governors Association (NGA) 1984

NGA 1984

NGA Winter 1985 (Part 1)

NGA Winter 1985 (Part ll)

NGA Summer 1985

Policy Positions NGA 1985

NGA February 1986

NGA Summer 1986

NGA 1987

NGA Summer 1987

NGA Winter 1987

NGA Summer 1988

Political Briefing Book, States Alabama - Michigan

Political Briefing Book, States Minnesota - Wyoming


OA 16919

NGA General 1988

NGA General 1988

NGA Summer Meeting August 1988

NGA Winter Meeting February 1988

New England Governors Association Meeting 06/16/1985-06/18/1985

Iowa Farm Economy Briefing Book, White House Meeting 06/27/1984

RGA November 1983

RGA 1983

Southern Governors Annual Meeting 09/25/1983-09/28/1983, Texas

RGA 12/02/1984-12/03/1984


OA 16941

State Files, Virginia - Wyoming


OA 16942

State Files, North Carolina - Vermont


OA 16982

State Files, Mississippi - North Carolina


OA 16983

State Files, Hawaii - Minnesota


OA 16984

State Files, Alabama - Guam


OA 16985

New England Governors and Canadian Premiers

Andy Card Trip to California and Massachusetts May 1984

CONEG - General (Coalition of North Eastern Governors)

Western Governors’ Association - General (WGA)

National Association of LT. Governors - General

NCSL Spring Meeting 04/13/1988-04/15/1988 (National Conference of State



OA 16986

National Association of State Treasurers

National Association of Secretaries of State

National Association of Budget Officers

National Conference of State Legislatures

NAAG Briefing Materials (National Association of Attorneys General)

NAAG 1985-1988

Southern Governors Association

Midwestern Governors Association

Republican Governors Association Event 1988 (Alabama)

National Governors’ Association Event - Briefing Materials - 1988


OA 16987

Trip of the President to Boise/ Milwaukee 10/15/1988

Trip of the President to Northern Virginia 10/09/1985

Trip of the President to New Jersey 10/04/1985

Trip of the President to Ohio 10/03/1985

Trip of the President to Florida 05/27/1985

Trip of the President 06/05/1985-06/06/1985 to:  Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia

Key Governors Races

Calls to Governors by Lee Verstandig

Recommended Phone Calls

Travel Requests

Andy Card

Expense Records - Andy Card

Past Office File Lists

Andy Card Speaking Engagements


1987 Governors’ List with Dates of Birth

Inaugurals 1987

Scheduling Proposals


GOP Representatives Meeting and Lunch 06/04/1987


Photo Requests and Special Letter Request

Ronald Reagan (RR) Meeting with Governor Collins (Democrat - Kentucky) 02/10/1986

The President’s Report

Weekly Reports

Expenses Reimbursed

Travel Vouchers

Western Governors Meeting, 07/10/1988-07/12/1988


OA 16988

Disk Indexes – July 1988

Used Disks (2 Folders)

Governors Mailings, 1983-1986

          New England Regional Commission 1981

Council of State Governments

Job Training Partnership Act

Age 21 Drinking Age

“Non Bank” Banks

NGA Executive Committee Meetings with the President 09/24/1981

Presidential Meetings with Governors 1981-1985

POTUS Meeting with Governors 1983: Thompson

POTUS Meeting with Governors 1983: Mathenson

POTUS Meeting with Governors 1983: Carlin

POTUS Meeting with Governor Orr 10/27/1983

Attorneys General Meeting with the President 11/18/1983

President Meeting with Governor Deukmejian 12/06/1983

07/17/1982 POTUS meeting with NGA on Federalism

Baker, Meese, Stockman Meeting with NGA 12/04/1981

19 Governors and POTUS Block Grants 05/12/1981

POTUS Meeting with Secretary Block and Governors Regarding Agriculture: Schwinden

POTUS Meeting with Secretary Block and Governors Regarding Agriculture: Branstad

POTUS Meeting with Secretary Block and Governors Regarding Agriculture: Olson


OA 16989

POTUS Meeting with Governors Kean, Carlin, Graham, Thompson, Sununu 01/20/1984

Farm Credit Meeting

Oct 30th Switcher Event

New Republicans Event

Political File

Newspaper Clippings

International Trade Meeting with Governors

Governor’s Miscellaneous File, 1983-1984

Presidential Greeting / Staff Requests 1986

Greeting Requests 1985-1986

Contact List 1984-1985

Pro and Con Tax Reform Letters

Treasury/Tax/Big 7/Republican Governors

Tax Reform Proposal (1)(2)

Governors 1986

Master List 1983-1984

Weekly Reminders 1986-1987

IBM Displaywriter Information (1)-(4)

White House Staff Memo 1984