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BLACKWELL, MORTON C.: Files, 1981-1984 (26 l. ft., Boxes 1-65)


Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President, 1981-1984




Born in La Jara, Colorado, Morton Blackwell attended Louisiana State University during the 1960s.   He was politically active from a young age, serving as a college Republican state chairman, and attending the 1964 Republican National Convention as the youngest elected delegate pledged to Barry Goldwater. Throughout 1965-1970 he worked as executive director of the College Republican National Committee in Washington, DC, and also served on the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee.  From 1972-1979 Mr. Blackwell founded and served as chairman of the Committee for Responsible Youth Politics.  He worked for the Viguerie Company and served as editor of The New Right Report from 1973 to 1979, and contributing editor to Conservative Digest from 1974 to 1981.  From 1979-1981 Mr. Blackwell was the policy director for Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-New Hampshire). He oversaw outreach to youth for the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign, and was Deputy Director for Congressional Clearance for the 1980-1981 Transition. He is currently president of the Leadership Institute, an organization he founded in 1979 to train conservatives for positions in politics, the government and news media.  Since 1988 has held the post of Virginia’s Republican National Committeeman.  From 2004-2008 Mr. Blackwell served on the Executive Committee of the Republican National Committee.


Scope and Content


Mr. Blackwell joined the Office of Public Liaison in February 1981 as a special assistant responsible for veterans, fraternal organizations, Native Americans, religious affairs, and limited government organizations.  His general responsibilities were to facilitate communication between these groups and the White House, and raise support on various White House policies and initiatives.  He served as liaison to Native American groups until February 1983, when this function was transferred from the White House Office of Public Liaison to the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (Rick Neal). After Jack Burgess left the White House in March 1983, Blackwell took over his Roman Catholic portfolio. Blackwell continued to work on Catholic outreach even after Robert Reilly was appointed as the main Catholic liaison in October 1983 (see also the Linas Kojelis collection).


Blackwell was the original White House coordinator for the Central America Outreach Working Group.  The Library has maintained the entire set of meeting files within the Robert Reilly collection and these files contain work product for Blackwell for the time period May 1983-October 1983.  Folders on briefings given by the group and other information about this Working Group from May 1983-October 1983 are still maintained in the Blackwell collection within a specific series on Central America.


The collection is arranged into six series: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: American Indian Liaison; SERIES III: Religion Liaison; SERIES IV: Veteran’s Liaison; SERIES V: Central America, 1983; SERIES VI: Correspondence, June 1982-February 1984.


SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE, 1981-1984 (11.2 l. ft., Boxes 1-28)


The Subject File pertain to issues and organizations regarding topics such as defense, family planning, economic recovery, abolishment of the Department of Education, school desegregation, and testimonies from David Stockman on a proposed balanced budget constitutional amendment, and William French Smith on a proposed federal criminal code.  The files are arranged alphabetically.


SERIES II: AMERICAN INDIAN LIAISON, 1981-1983 (1.8 l. ft., Boxes 29-33)


The American Indian Liaison series consists of correspondence, annual reports, brochures, directories, and articles on Indian resource and economic development, input of Indian leadership on Administration policies, business investments on Indian reservations, “Red Jacket” medals, unemployment, housing, and education.  The files are arranged alphabetically.


SERIES III: RELIGION LIAISON, 1981-1984 (3.2 l. ft., Boxes 33-41)


The Religion Liaison series consists of correspondence, articles, and lists on topics such as religious school tax exemption, school prayer, family planning, grassroots organizations, tuition tax credit, Bob Jones University, and a National Day of Prayer.  The files are arranged alphabetically.


SERIES IV: VETERAN’S LIAISON, 1981-1984 (5.2 l. ft., Boxes 41-54)


The Veteran’s Liaison series consists of congressional testimonies, correspondence regarding defense budget estimates, arms control and disarmament, Pershing Hall, and retirement benefits.  The files are arranged alphabetically.


SERIES V: CENTRAL AMERICA, 1983 (1.9 l. ft., Boxes 54-59)


The Central America series consists of invitations, organizational lists, and correspondence regarding El Salvador, Nicaragua, the establishment of the Kissinger Commission, the report of the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America, and White House Digest drafts.  The files are arranged alphabetically.


SERIES VI: CORRESPONDENCE, 1982-1984 (2.7 l. ft., Boxes 59-65)


The Correspondence series consists of letters and memorandums regarding weekly reports, meeting schedules, request for speakers, presidential messages, invitations, thank you letters, and administrative matters.  The files are arranged chronologically.





          Box 1

          Academy for Educational Development

          ACTION (1)(2)

          Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life



          Agency for International Development

          Agudath Israel of America

          Air Traffic Controllers

          American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

          American Business Media Council

          American Citizens Concerned for Life

          American Conservative Union

          American Council for Free Asia

          American Law Enforcement Officers Association

          American Legal Foundation

          American Legislative Exchange Council (1)(2)

          American Life Lobby (1)-(4)

          American Security Council Speakers Bureau Briefing, 08/26/1983

          American Security Council and Coalition for Peace through Strength

          American Society of Local Officials

          American Student Association


          Box 2

American Way

          Americans for a Sound Foreign Policy

          Americans for the Reagan Agenda

          Americans for the Voter Initiative

          Americans in Support of Democracy in Latin America

          Americas Coalition

          Baby Jane Doe (1)(2)

          Balanced Budget Amendment (1)-(3)

          [Blackwell Personal]

          Blackwell Travel (1)-(5)

          Block Grant Program

          Boys Clubs of America

          Briefings Book (1)-(4)


          Box 3

          Budget Briefing List 1982

          Budget Resolution Endorsements

          [Budget/Tax Programs – Economic Recovery] (1)-(9)

          Busing (1)-(3)


          Caribbean Basin Initiative

          Case Work


          Center for International Relations

          Center for National Labor Policy


          Box 4

          Central Intelligence Agency (1)(2)

          Century III Foundation (1)(2)

          Chamber of Commerce

          [China – Christianity]

          [Chinese American Women]

          Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

          Citizen’s Choice

          Citizens for America

          Citizens for a New Beginning

          Citizens for Decency through Law

          Citizens for the Republic

          Civil Rights

          [Cleaver, Eldridge]

          Coalition for Freedom

          Coalition for Peace through Security

          Coalitions for America (1)(2)

          College Republican National Committee (1)-(4)

          Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles


          Box 5

          Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress (1)-(3)

          CAUSA (Confederation for the Association and the Unity of the Societies of the


          Conference of Private Organizations (CONPOR) (1)-(3)

          Congressional Club

          Connecticut Mutual Life Report on American Values

          Conservative Caucus

          Conservative Digest

          Conservative Groups (1)-(4)

          Conservative PACs (Political Action Committees)

          Conservative Political Action Conference (1)(2)

          Conservatives against Liberal Legislation

          Constitutional Liberties Rally

          Council for American Private Education

          Council for Inter-American Security


          Box 6

          Council for National Policy (1)(2)

          Criminal Code Revisions (1)(2)


          Daughters of the American Revolution

          Decatur Shop

          Defense Policy - 1983

          Defunding Advocacy

          Defunding Advocacy: Circular A-122, “Defunding the Left,” Meeting of 10/06/1983

          Democratic National Committee

          Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

          Department of Education

          Department of Energy (1)(2)

          Department of Health and Human Services

          Department of the Interior (1)


          Box 7

          Department of the Interior (2)-(4)

          Department of Justice

          Department of Labor (1)-(3)

          Department of Transportation (1)(2)

          Dissidents (1)(2)

          [Doolittle, John - Banning of USSR from 1984 Olympics]

          [Dornan, Bob]

          Economic Package

          Education (1)-(4)


          Box 8

          Education (5)-(10)

          [Educational Excellence]

          El Salvador (1)(2)

[El Salvador – Classified]

          Election Law


          Elections of 1984

          Enterprise Zones (1)(2)

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Equal Rights Amendment

          Fairness Issues - A Briefing Book on Individual Programs and General Perspective –

                   06/01/1982 (Binder) (1)(2)

Fairness II, An Executive Briefing Book (1)(2)


Box 9

Fairness II, An Executive Briefing Book (3)-(7)

          Family Defense Coalition

          Family Protection Act (1)-(5)

          Federal Election Commission (FEC) (1)-(6)

          Federal Election Commission (FEC): Federal Voting Assistance Program

          Federalism Initiative

          Federalist Society of Delaware Law School

          [50 States Project Fact Sheet]

          Flat Rate Tax


          Box 10

          4-H Council [Empty]

          Fraternal Organizations (1)-(5)

          Fraternal Organizations: Elks

Fraternal Organizations: Lions

          Freedom Council

[FSLN (Sandinistas)]

Gingrich, Newt

          Global 2000

          [Grass-Roots Groups (New York Times Magazine Article)]

          Great Seal of the United States (1)(2)

          Green Case



          Guirard, Jim

          [Gulf Caribbean Foundation Group]

          Heritage Foundation: National Security Record

          High Frontier (1)(2)


          Hobbs Act

          Homosexuals (1)(2)


          Box 11

          Homosexuals (3)-(5)

          House of Representatives

          Housing and Urban Development

          Hultman, Evan

          Human-Life Amendment

          [Idaho Young Republican Federation: KAL 007] (1)(2)


          Information Digest

          Institute on Religion and Democracy

          Intergovernmental Affairs

          Internal Revenue Service

          International Association of Chiefs of Police

          International Youth Year Commission

          Invest in America Award, 10/05/1982 (1)-(4)

          Investigative Research Foundation

          United States Jaycees


          Box 12

          Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

          Jonker, Frederick

          Key 1983 Initiatives – White House Office of Policy Information, 05/01/1983 (Binder)



          [Latin America]

          Laubach, Vincent A.

          Leadership Foundation

          Legal Services Corporation (1)(2)

          [Letters from Constituents]

Liberal Political Action Committees [COPE Newsletter 04/22/1982]

          Lions Club, Libertyville, IL

          [Livermore Graduation Incident (School Prayer)]


          [Lucas, Harry Jr.]

          Mailing – Year of the Bible – Law Suit

          March for Life

          [McAteer, Ed]


          Meridian House International

          Military Issues (1)-(4)


          Box 13

          Military Issues (5)-(9)

          [Mississippi Gubernatorial Election]

          Monetary Newsletter Editors

          Moral Majority (1)-(5)

          Moral Rearmament

          Morality in Media, Inc.

          [National Alliance of Senior Citizens]

          National Association of Neighborhood Schools, Inc.

          National Center for Pan-American Studies

          National Center for Policy Analysis

          National Center for Public Policy Research

          National Coalition on Abortion Rights

          National Conservative Foundation (1)(2)


          Box 14

          NCPAC [National Conservative Political Action Committee] (1)-(5)

          National Day of Prayer (1)-(4)

          National Flag Day

          National Forum Foundation

          National Labor Relations Board

          [National Pro-Life Political Action Committee]

          National Pro-Life Action Committee

          National Pro-Life Action Committee: POTUS – Pro-Life Coalition – Cabinet Room

                   – 01/23/1984 (1)(2)

          National Republican Congressional Committee

          National Republican Senatorial Committee

          National Right to Life Committee (1)-(3)

          [National Strategy Information Center]

          National Thanksgiving Convocation Committee

          New Directions Advisory Committee

          [New Orleans Trip June 1983]

          New World Dynamics


          [Nicaraguan Development Council]

          No Response


          Box 15

          Nuclear Freeze (1)-(16)


          Box 16

          Office of Management and Budget

          Office of Personnel Management

          OPL 1982 (1)-(15)


          Box 17

          OPL Weekly Reports/Forms 1981 (1)-(9)

          OPL - Administration (1)-(7)


          Box 18

          [OPL - Note Regarding Personnel]

          Opportunities Industrialization Centers

          Optimist International

          Palestine Liberation Organization

          [Panama Canal Treaty]

          Pending Presidential Messages (1)(2)

          Photo Requests (1)(2)


          Pornography (1)(2)

          Federal Anti-Obscenity Laws/Pornography – Presidential and Anne Higgins' Form


          U.S. Postal Service

          Potential Events

          POTUS – (Videotape) Campus Crusade for Christ 11/22/1983

          POTUS – Dennis Joyner, Disabled Veterans 12/22/1983

          POTUS – Keith Kreul National Commander American Legion 12/22/1983

          POTUS – National Rifle Association Presentation of Commemorative Firearm

          POTUS – Tuition Tax Credits 09/16/1983

          POTUS – Tuition Tax Credit Coalition 12/07/1983 (1)(2)

          Prayer in Schools (1)(2)


Box 19

Prayer in Schools (3)-(11)

          President’s Proposal – Voluntary School Prayer (Information Packet)

          President’s Proposal – Voluntary School Prayer

          [School Prayer] (1)-(7)


          Box 20

          [School Prayer] (8)-(10)

          [School Prayer - II)] (1)-(3)

          [School Prayer: Constitutional Amendment]

          [School Prayer: United States Catholic Conference]

          Presidential Awards

          Presidential Gifts

          Presidential Greetings

          Presidential Proclamations

          Presidential Task Force on Volunteers for the Needy (1)-(4)

          President’s Commission on Executive Exchange

          [Private Sector Initiatives] (1)(2)


          Box 21

          [Private Sector Initiatives] (3)-(9)


          Pro-Family Activists (1)-(4)

          Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association – Saluting America’s Government, 09/24/1983

          Pro-Life I (1)-(4)


          Box 22

          Pro-Life II (1)-(6)


          Pro-Life (1)-(7)

          [Pro-Life (continued)] (1)-(3)


          Box 23

          [Pro-Life (continued – #2)] (1)-(5)

          Reagan! (1)(2)


          Regulatory Reform

          Religious Schools – Tax Status (1)-(3)

          Reviving the Winning Coalition – Morton Blackwell (1)-(3)

          Right to Life

          Rockford Institute

          Roundtable of Pennsylvania

          Rutherford Institute


          Box 24


          Salvation Army

          Save Our Schools

          Scheduling Office [Empty]

          Secret Service (Kooks) (1)(2)

Security and Exchange Commission    

          Senior Citizens

          Sluhan, Clyde

          Social Security (1)(2)

          Solidarity Day (09/19/1981) (1)-(5)

          [South Africa]

          Springer, Edward

          Stand Up for America – 07/04/1984

          State of Union Speech

          Students for a Better America

          Supreme Court (07/02/1981-07/07/1981)

          Supreme Court (07/07/1981-07/10/1981)

          Supreme Court (07/11/1981-09/08/1981)

          Supreme Court (09/09/1981-01/20/1982)

          Tax Bill 1982 (1)


Box 25

Tax Bill 1982 (2)

          Taylor, Helen Marie (1)-(15)


          Box 26

          Third Class Nonprofit Mailers

          [Title IX: Grove City Case]

          Office of Public Liaison Tracking System (Binder)

          Tradition, Family, and Property

          Tuition Tax Credits I:  Tuition Tax Credit Meeting 06/03/1983

          Tuition Tax Credits I (1)-(13)


          Box 27

          Tuition Tax Credits II (1)(2)

          Issue Update – Tuition Tax Credits


          United Kingdom (1)(2)

          United Nations

          United States Defense Committee (1)(2)

          United States Information Agency

          United States Sugar Cane Refiners Association


          Victims’ Bill of Rights (1)(2)

          Voice of America

          Volunteer File

          Volunteerism (1)-(3)

          National Workshop on Volunteerism 03/09/1982 (Binder) (1)(2)


          Box 28

          National Workshop on Volunteerism 03/09/1982 (Binder) (3)

          Voting Rights (1)(2)

          Voting Rights Act (1)-(3)

          White House Conference on Aging (1)(2)

          White House Conference on Productivity

          White House Regulations - Staff (1)-(4)

          White House Tours (1)(2)

          [Whittlesey, Faith – "Evans & Novak"]

          Women’s Issues [Empty]

          World Without War Council, Inc.

          Young Americans for Freedom

          Young Conservative Alliance

          Young Republican National Federation

          [Youth Campaign]

          Youth Volunteers



          Box 29

          Coushatta Tribe

          Department of Agriculture – Indians (1)-(3)

          Department of Labor – Indians

          Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe

          Indian Art (1)(2)

          Indian Economic Development (1)-(7)

          Indian Economic Development Meeting – Background (1)-(4)


          Box 30

          Indian Economic Development Meeting – Background (5)-(9)

          Indian Economic Development Meeting – Early October

          Indian Economic File (1)-(3)

          Indians – General (1)(2)

          Indian Groups (1)-(5)

          Interstate Congress for Equal Rights and Responsibilities


          Box 31

          [Administration for Native Americans]

          Alaska Indians

          Alaska Inter-Regional Private Industry Council (1)-(4)

          [All Indian Pueblo Council]

          [American Indian Development Corporation]

          American Indian Leaders Advisory Council (1)-(7)

          American Indian National Bank

          [American Indian Science and Engineering Society]

          [Americans for Indian Opportunity] (1)-(3) 


          Box 32

          [Ancient Indian Land Claims Settlement Act]


          [California Indian Education Association, Inc.]

          [California Tribal Chairmen's Association]


          [Cherokees – Indians] (1)-(4)

          [The Chippewa Tribe] (1)(2)

          The Clary Institute (1)(2)


          [Indians – Economic Package]

          [Indian Programs]

          [National American Indian Court Judges Association]

          [National Congress of American Indians]

          Peace Medals

          [President’s Commission on Indian Reservation Economies]


          Box 33

          [Society for the Preservation of Indian Culture]

          White House Consultation: Materials presented by the National Congress of

                   American Indians 06/24/1981(1)-(4)



          Box 33, Continued

          Accelerated Christian Education

          African Methodist Episcopal

          Alamo Christian Foundation

          American Association of Christian Schools

          American Catholic Committee

          American Institute of Religion

          Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

          Armenian Church of America

          Assembly of God

          Association of Christian Schools International

          Baha’i Faith

          Baptist (1)(2)

          [Baptist World Alliance 09/21/1983]

          Becoming One Ministries

          Black Religious Leaders

          Bold Ministries


          Campus Crusade for Christ


          Box 34

          Catholic (1)-(3)

          The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights – Meeting with President

                   05/13/1983 – Father Virgil Blum (1)-(4)

          [Catholic:] Seton Hall University, 05/21/1983 – Presidential Visit (1)(2)

          Catholic Traditionalist Movement (1)-(3)

Catholicism in Crisis

          Christian Action Council

          Christian Booksellers Association

          Christian Broadcasting Network

          Christian College Coalition

          Christian Embassy

          Christian Legal Society

          Christian Restoration Ministries

          Christian Voice (1)


          Box 35

Christian Voice (2)

          Christian Voters

          Christian Woman's National Concerns

          [Christianity Today Interview]

          Church Alliance for the Classification of Employee Retirement Income Security Act

          Church of Christ

          Church of God

          [Clarksdale Baptist Church]

          Clergy and Laity Concerned

          [Clergy and Laity Concerned]

Cults [and Miscellaneous Groups] (1)-(3)

          Disciples of Christ

          Episcopal Church (1)-(3)

          Evangelicals (1)-(7)

[Faith Baptist Church, Nebraska] (1)(2)


Box 36

          [Faith Baptist Church Letters] (1)-(6)

          Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship (1)(2)

          [Gay Bill of Rights Petitions]

          Grace Reformed Church, Washington, D.C.

          Greek Orthodox

          Billy James Hargis Ministries


          Rex Humbard Foundation

          Intercessors for America

          Interfaith Conference

          Internal Revenue Service Church Auditing Briefing (1)-(3)

          Jewish (1)-(3)


          Box 37

          Bob Jones University

          [Laymen’s National Bible Committee, Inc.]

          List of Religious Leaders – Media/Briefings (1)-(7)

          Lutheran Churches (1)-(3)

          Major Religious Meetings – 1983 and Beyond

          [Maranatha Campus Ministries]

          Methodist Church

          Miscellaneous Religious

          Mormon Church

          William Murray Faith Foundation

          National Association of Evangelicals

          National Bible Week

          National Conference of Christians and Jews


          Box 38

          National Council of Churches

          [National Day of Prayer Petitions]

          National Religious Broadcasters (1)-(4)

          Native American Church of North America


          Old Catholics

          Oral Roberts University

          Prayer Summit

          Presbyterian Churches (1)(2)

          Prison Fellowship

          Private Sector Initiative Task Force/Religious Leaders Briefing/Luncheon, 04/13/1982



          Box 39

          Private Sector Initiative Task Force/Religious Leaders Briefing/Luncheon, 04/13/1982


Progressive Vision


          Religious Briefings (1)-(5)

          Religious Correspondence (1)-(5)


          Box 40

          Religious Correspondence (6)-(8)

          Religious Groups (1)-(7)

          Religious Groups/Disarmament

          Revival Fires Ministries (1)(2)

          Roundtable (1)(2)

          Salvation Army

          Dr. Francis Schaeffer

          Seventh-Day Adventists [and American Bible Society]

          Southern Christian Leadership Conference

          STEP (Strategies to Elevate People)

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries


Box 41

          [Trinity College, San Antonio – 09/28/1983-09/29/1983]

          United Church of Christ

          United House of Prayer

          United Pentecostal Church International

          Washington for Jesus

          Washington Interreligious Staff Council

          The Way International

          World Fellowship Ministry Foundation

          Year of the Bible (1)(2)

          [Youth Prayer Breakfast]

          Youth Service USA (1)(2)

          Youth with a Mission



          Box 41, Continued

          Action! For Former Military Wives

          Ad Hoc Committee (Veterans/Military): Ad Hoc Committee Briefing 06/02/1981

          Air Force Association

          Air Force Sergeants Association (1)(2)

          [Air Transport Auxiliary Museum Dedication 10/01/1983]

          Allied Officers [Empty]

          American Association of Minority Veterans Program Administrators

          American Defense Preparedness Association

          American Ex-Prisoners of War Inc.

          American G.I. Forum

          American G.I. Forum 08/13/1983

          American Gold Star Mothers Inc.

          American Legion I (1)(2)

          American Legion I: American Legion Boys Nation, 07/23/1982-07/30/1982 (1)(2)


          Box 42

          American Legion I: American Legion Girls Nation Schedule Proposal


          American Legion I: American Legion Auxiliary – Girls Nation – 1981

          American Legion I: American Legion – Memos

          American Legion I: American Legion – Correspondence (1)-(3)

          American Legion I: American Legion – Washington Conference, 1983

          American Legion I: POTUS - 65th Annual Convention American Legion 08/23/1983

          American Legion II: American Legion – Miscellaneous

          American Legion II: American Legion Auxiliary

          American Legion II: American Legion Boys Nation, 07/29/1983

          American Legion II: American Legion Commander – Meeting with President 02/16/1982

          American Legion II: American Legion Convention Schedule Proposal (1)(2)

          American Legion II (1)-(6)

American Legion III


          Box 43

          American Logistics Association (1)(2)

          American Society of Military Comptrollers

          American Veterans Committee

          American Veterans for Constitutional Government

          American War Mothers

          AMVETS (1)(2)

          AMVETS: Gold Helmet Presentation

          The Arms Control Association

          Association of the United States Army

          Blinded Veterans Association: Memos and Correspondence

          Blinded Veterans Association: Blinded Veterans Association Convention – August 1981

          Blinded Veterans Association: Miscellaneous

          Catholic War Veterans

          Center for Veterans Rights – Hunger Strike May 1981 (1)-(4)

          Congressional Medal of Honor Society

          [Delaware County Veterans Council]

          Disabled American Veterans (1)(2)


          Box 44

          Disabled American Veterans: Memos and Correspondence [Empty]

          Disabled American Veterans: 1981 Convention

          Disabled American Veterans: Miscellaneous

          Enlisted Association National Guard of U.S. (1)-(4)

          Fleet Reserve Association

          Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project – Veterans Administration

          [Jewish War Veterans (JWV): Attack on Marines in Beirut]

          Korean War Memorial (1)(2)

          Marine Corps League

          Meharry Medical College

          [Michigan Association of County Veterans Counselors]

          Military Order of the Purple Heart (1)(2)

          Military Order of the Purple Heart: Legion of Valor and Military Order of the Purple

                   Heart [Empty]

          Military Order of the Purple Heart: Legion of Valor Presentation

          National Association of Atomic Veterans

          National Association of Concerned Veterans

          National Association of State Approving Agencies Inc.

          National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs

          National Association of Uniformed Services (1)(2)

          National Association of Veterans Program Administrators

          National Black Veterans Organization


          Box 45

          National Council on Health Centers

          Naval Reserve Association

          Navy Seabee Veterans of America

          Noncommissioned Officers Association (1)(2)

          Paralyzed Veterans of America

          Paralyzed Veterans of America: Memos and Correspondence

          [Past National Commanders Association]

          [Pearl Harbor Commemorative Society]

          Pershing Hall, Paris

          Presidential Messages

          Presidential Messages: Presidential Greetings for Veterans and Military Organizations

          POW/MIA (1)(2)

          POW/MIA: Inter-Agency Group

          POW/MIA: National League of Families, 01/28/1982

          POW/MIA: Presidential Phone Calls / POW/MIA Related

          POW/MIA: National POW/MIA Recognition Day, 06/12/1981

          POW/MIA: Correspondence (1)(2)

          POW/MIA: Background Information Papers (1)-(3)

          POW/MIA: POW’s Banquet 05/24/1981


          Box 46

          POW/MIA: POW/MIA's National League of Families, 07/09/1982 or 07/10/1982

          Reserve Forces Policy Board 12/09/1981

          Reserve Officers Association

          Reserve Officers Association: Pershing Hall – Paris France (1)(2)

          Reserve Officers Association: National Officers – "Minute Man of the Year" Award –


          Reserve Officers Association: National Historical Intelligence Museum

          Reserve Officers Association: Miscellaneous

          Reserve Officers Association: Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers

          Reserve Officers Association: Memos and Correspondence (1)-(3)

          Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) (1)-(4)

          Retired Officers Association

          [Salute to All American Veterans 11/08/1983]

          [Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors]

          Sons of Veterans Reserve

          State Directors of Veterans Affairs

          [United States Submarine Veterans of World War II]

          Veterans (1)(2)

          Veterans: Jewish War Veterans Photo Opportunity – changed to 06/01/1983


          Box 47

          Veterans: Veterans Affairs – General Correspondence (1)-(4)

          Veterans: Memos

          Veterans: Meetings Veterans Groups – White House – 05/01/1981 Defense Experts

          Veterans: Veterans Administration Hospitals

          Veterans: Veterans Administration Hospital – Christmastime 1981 – Schedule Proposal

          Veterans: Lists for Veteran and Service Organizations (1)(2)

          Veterans: Correspondence (Not found at time of processing)

          Veterans: 1983 Miscellaneous (Not found at time of processing)

          Veterans Administration: [General]

          Veterans Administration: Veterans – General Information (1)-(6)

          Veterans Administration: [Budget Appeal]

          Veterans Administration: [Organizations – Miscellaneous]

          Veterans Administration: [Property Review Board]

          Veterans Administration: [Veterans Population 09/30/1982]

          Veterans Administration: Veterans Organizations Meeting on Administrator 11/23/1982

          Veterans Administration: Budget (1)(2)


          Box 48

          Veterans Administration: Introduction of Hagel 09/10/1981

          Veterans Administration: Veterans Leaders Meeting with Everett Alvarez 07/07/1982

          Veterans Administration: Administrator (1)-(3)

          Veterans Administration: [Salute to Hospitalized Veterans]

          Veterans Administration: [Recent Activities August 1982 (Binder – Original)]

          Veterans Administration: [Recent Activities August 1982 (Binder – Copy)]

          Veterans Administration: [Agent Orange]

          Veterans Administration: [Budget Appeal Memo 12/14/1982]

          Veterans Administration: [Administrator – Harvey, Thomas E.]

          Veterans Administration: [Miscellaneous]

          [Veterans Administration: Miller, John A.]

          Veterans Affairs Working Group

          [Veterans and Military Organizations Briefing] 07/17/1981 (1)-(3)

          Veterans Briefing (1)(2)

          Veterans Briefing: AWACS (1)-(4)


          Box 49

          Veterans Briefing: AWACS (5)(6)

          Veterans Briefing: National Veterans Service Organizations and Congressional Leaders –

                   Walters Proposal – 02/04/1983

          Veterans Briefing: Reception with Mrs. Reagan and the Ladies Auxiliary Groups

          Veterans Briefing: Veterans Day 1982 (1)-(4)

          Veterans Briefing: Veterans Day 1981 (1)-(3)

          Veterans Due Process

          [Veterans Events]: Reserve Officers Association

          [Veterans Events]: Veterans of Foreign Wars Presentation of Lladro Elephant Sculpture

          [Veterans Events]: Blinded Veterans

          [Veterans Events]: Veterans Groups Briefing: OMB and Veterans Administration

                   re: Budget 11/18/1981

          [Veterans Events]:  Briefing – 02/09/1982 – Veterans, Defense

          [Veterans Events]: Memorial Day Ceremony – 05/31/1982

          Veterans for Constitutional Rights, Inc.

          Veterans Leadership Conference (1)-(3)

          [Veterans of Foreign Wars] (1)-(3)


          Box 50

          [Veterans of Foreign Wars]: Memos

          [Veterans of Foreign Wars]: 1982 VFW Convention – Los Angeles, CA

          [Veterans of Foreign Wars]: VFW Convention, 08/14/1981-08/20/1981, Philadelphia, PA

          Veterans of Foreign Wars (1)-(3)

          Veterans of Foreign Wars: Publications, Press Releases, etc. (1)-(3)

          Veterans of Foreign Wars: 03/30/1982 – Voice of Democracy

          Veterans of Foreign Wars: Correspondence (1)-(4)

          Veterans – Policy Matters (1)(2)


          Box 51

          Veterans – Policy Matters (3)-(6)

          Veterans Publications

          Veterans – U.S. Department of Labor

          Veterans of WWI, Inc.

          Vietnam Veterans (1)-(3)

          Vietnam Veterans: Veterans Upward Bound

          Vietnam Veterans: Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day 04/26/1981 (1)(2)

          Vietnam Veterans: Honor Vietnam Veterans (HVNV) Stamp

          [National Salute to Vietnam Veterans]

          “Frank, A Vietnam Veteran" Showing, 10/08/1981

          Vietnam Veterans - Agent Orange Outreach Centers (1)-(3)


          Box 52

          Vietnam Veterans – Agent Orange Outreach Centers (4)-(5)

          Vietnam Veterans – Agent Orange Outreach Centers: [Interagency Working Group]


          Vietnam Veterans Against the War

          Vietnam Veterans Foundation

          Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program - ACTION (1)-(4)

          Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program - ACTION: January 1983 (1)(2)

          Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program - ACTION: 05/31/1982

          Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program - ACTION: 11/10/1981 (1)-(4)

          Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program – The Program at Mid-Term March 1983

                   (Binder) (1)



Box 53

          Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program – The Program at Mid-Term March 1983

                   (Binder) (2)(3)

          Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (1)(2)

          Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund - Miscellaneous (1)-(4)

          [Vietnam Veterans Memorial] Memos and Correspondence (1)-(6)

          Vietnam Veterans of America (1)(2)

          Vietnam Veterans of America: Meeting with Vietnam Veterans 09/22/1983


          Box 54

          Vietnam Veterans of America: [Vietnam Veterans of America] (1)(2)



          Box 54, Continued

          Central America (1)(2)

          Central America – I (1)-(3)

          Central America – II (1)-(3)

          Central America – III (1)-(4)

          Central America – IV (1)-(3)


          Box 55

          Central America – IV (4)

          Central America – V (1)-(5)        

          Central America – VI (1)-(3)

          Central America – VII (1)-(5)

          Central America – VIII (1)(2)


          Box 56

          Central America Information Packet (1)-(3)

          Central America – Miscellaneous Materials Generated by White House / Inside

                   Group (1)-(7)

          Central America – Miscellaneous Materials Generated by Outside Groups (1)-(6)

          Fact Sheet on Threat to Latin America


          Box 57

          Kissinger Commission (1)(2)

          Palestinian Liberation Organization Involvement in Central America (1)-(3)

          Papers Submitted for Clearance - White House Digest (Central America) (1)-(5)

          White House Outreach Working Group on Central America (1)-(8)


          Box 58

White House Outreach Working Group on Central America (9)-(18)

          Source Data for Outreach Lists (1)-(3)

          Public Defense of Central America Policy

          Businessmen’s Briefing on Central America, 07/13/1983

          Briefing for Religious Broadcasters, 07/28/1983 (1)(2)

           [Outreach Working Group on Central America] Hispanic Evangelicals Briefing



          Box 59

          Briefing for Hispanic Evangelicals, 09/14/1983 (1)-(4)

          List of Invitees to Regional Briefings on Central America (Hartford and Philadelphia)

          Regional Briefings on Central America - Hartford, CT

          Regional Briefings on Central America - Philadelphia, PA



          Box 59, Continued

          Chron Memos June 1982-December 1982 (1)-(11)


          Box 60

          Chron Memos June 1982-December 1982 (12)-(15)

          Chron Memos January 1983-May 1983 (1)-(11)

          Chron Memos June 1983-December 1983 (1)(2)


          Box 61

          Chron Memos June 1983-December 1983 (3)-(15)

          Chron Memos January 1984-February 1984 (1)(2)

          Chron Letters November 1981-December 1981

          Chron Letters January 1982-June 1982 (1)(2)


          Box 62

          Chron Letters July 1982-December 1982 (1)-(5)

          Chron Letters January 1983-May 1983 (1)-(4)

          Chron Letters June 1983-December 1983 (1)-(6)

          Chron Letters January 1984-February 1984 (1)(2)


Box 63

          Blackwell Correspondence (1)-(8)

          [Correspondence Not Requiring Response – 08/23/1983]

          [Invitations Regretted (January 1984)]

          Letters to President Reagan on Busing (via Morton Blackwell’s Office) (1)(2)

          Letters to Morton Blackwell on Forced Busing (1)-(5)


          Box 64

          Letters to President Reagan on Tax Exempt Status of Schools (via Morton Blackwell’s


          Letters to Morton Blackwell on Tax Exempt Status of Schools

          Schedule Proposals 1981-1982 (Binder) (1)-(7)

          Scheduling Recommendations April 1983-December 1983 (1)-(3)

          Staff Memoranda 1983 (1)-(3)

          Staffing Memoranda 1983 (1)(2)


          Box 65

          Staffing Memoranda 1983 (3)-(6)

          [Weekly Reports January 1982-March 1982] (Binder) (1)-(4)

          Weekly Reports April 1982-December 1982 (Binder) (1)-(9)



Box 66

          Military Order of the Purple Heart: Legion of Valor and Military Order of the Purple

                   Heart – commemorative medallion and tile