This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


BOARD, ELIZABETH: Files, 1985-1989


Office of Media Relations: Television Office; Special Assistant to the President and Director (Television Office), 1985-1987

Office of Media Relations; Special Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Media and Broadcast Relations, 1987-1989


The Office of Media Relations handled all press contacts with the White House other than the actual White House press corps.  It was created in the fall of 1981 from the Office of Media Liaison in the Press Office and the Television Office from the Office of Communication. The office had various names throughout the administration including: Media Liaison; Office of Media Relations and Planning; Office of Media Relations and Broadcasting; Office of Media and Broadcasting Relations. The staff, physical location in the White House, and general functions remained exactly the same during these various name changes. For ease of use and to reflect their organizational unity the Library is naming this office: Office of Media Relations. 


Preliminary Scope & Content Note


The White House receives a multitude of requests for Presidential messages for organization meetings, tributes to particular individuals, public service announcements on behalf of various causes and charitable fundraising, and taped endorsements for political candidates.  During the Reagan administration this became a highly developed function, and the President regularly sat for tapings for these requests.  The Television Office coordinated all aspects of the multiple tapings and coordinating the scripts of these messages. In addition, the Television Office coordinated all the arrangements with outside media for taped interviews with the President, nationally televised press conferences and nationally televised addresses. Elizabeth Board became the Director of the Television Office when it briefly functioned as a separate unit from the Office of Media Relations from 1985-1987.  The office was recombined with Media Relations in 1987 and Board became the Director of the combined offices until the end of the administration. 


Elizabeth Board was assisted by a series of television coordinators: Caroline Heinz; Flo Taussig; Caroline Rhoden and John Peschong. The files resulting from the multiple tapings have been gathered together and form a series within the Media Relations Office collection.  The tapings are in chronological order.


SERIES I:   CORRESPONDENCE, 1985-1989 (Boxes 1-3; 1 l.ft.)


This series consists of correspondence in various formats including memos, letters, notes and forms.  It is concerning the tapings of Presidential messages and contacts with outside media. It is arranged by year and whether it was incoming or outgoing correspondence.


SERIES II:  SUBJECT FILE, 1985-1989 (Boxes 4-19; 5.5 l.ft.)


This series consists of folders regarding various subjects including specific events or issues, personnel for the office and administrative matters for the Office of Media Relations. The subject file is arranged alphabetically.


SERIES III:  BRIEFINGS, 1987-1989 (Boxes 19-24; 1.5 l.ft.)


This series contains memos, papers, transcripts, and correspondence regarding briefings the Office of Media Relations held for out-of-town media on various issues.  The material is for 1987-1989 when Board was running the combined functions of media relations and the television office.  Earlier briefing material can be found in the Small-Stringer collection, the Mathis-Richard collection and the Elmets collection.  The material is arranged chronologically.


SERIES IV:  INTERVIEWS, 1985-1989 (Boxes 24-26; 0.5 l.ft.)


This series contains the memos, notes, scheduling needs for the Presidential interviews by outside media personalities or organizations held at the White House.  These files are arranged chronologically. Material for the first administration interviews can be found in the Elmets collection and the Mahan-Duval collection.


SERIES V:  PRESS CONFERENCES, 1985-1989 (Boxes 26-27; 0.5 l.ft.)


This series contains the memos, notes, correspondence and scheduling needs for broadcast outlets for televised press conferences.  These files are arranged chronologically.  Material for the first administration press conferences can be found in the Elmets collection and the Mahan-Duval collection.


SERIES VI:  SPEECHES AND ADDRESSES, 1985-1989 (Boxes 27-31; 1 l. ft.)


This series contains the memos, notes, correspondence and scheduling needs for television, radio and live audience speeches and presidential addresses made during the second administration. It is arranged chronologically.  Material for the first administration can be found in the Mahan-Duval collection.


SERIES VII:  EVENTS, 1985-1989 (Boxes 31-33; 0.5 l.ft.)


This series contains memos, notes, correspondence and scheduling forms for the coordination of televised events for outside media that is not a Presidential speech, interview or press conference.


SERIES VIII:  TAPINGS, 1985-1989 (Boxes 34-36; 1 l.ft.)


This series contains memos, notes, correspondence primarily related to, but not the same as, the multiple Presidential taping sessions in the Media Relations Office Records series.





Box 1

Al Snyder - USIA / 20th Century-Fox Media June 1985

[Chron File] October 1987

Chron November 1987 (1)-(3)

[Chron File] December 1987 (1)(2)

[Chron File] January 1988 (1)-(3)

[Chron File] February 1988 (1)-(3)

[Chron File] March 1988 (1)-(3)

[Chron File] April 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] May 1988


Box 2

[Chron File] June 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] July 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] August 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] September 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] October 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] November 1988 (1)(2)

[Chron File] December 1988

January 1989 Chron

Elizabeth Board Correspondence

Historical Research Foundation - Frank Van der Linden April 1985

Letters To / From Elizabeth Board -1985 (1)(2)


Box 3

Letters To / From Elizabeth Board -1985 (3)-(6)

Letters To / From Elizabeth Board -1986 (1)-(8)

Letters To / From E. Board - 1987 (1)-(6)


Box 4

Letters To / From E. Board – 1987 (7)-(8)

Memorandums To / From Caroline Heinz 1985        

Memos to Elizabeth Board (1)(2)

Memos from Elizabeth Board (1)-(3)

Miscellaneous Messages for Television Office

Regrets 1989



          Box 4 cont.

          Administration / Computer (1)(2)

          Administration General (1)(2)

          [Administrative Contact Meeting 04/23/1986]


          AIDS File

          Air Force One (1)-(3)

          David Aldrich - Associated Press Communications (1)-(4)


Box 5

          Carl Anderson's Media List (1)(2)

Betsy's Chicago Trip

          Beyond War

          Biographies (1)-(3)


          [Bork] Actualities

          Bork-General Background/Miscellaneous (1)-(5)

          Bork-Media Files [I] (1)-(4)

          Bork-Media Files [II] (1)(2)


Box 6

Bork-Media Files [II] (3)-(5)

          Bork-Media Files [III] (1)-(4)

          Bork-Media Files [IV] (1)-(4)

          Bork Nomination (1)(2)

          Bork Nomination: Arkansas

          Bork Nomination: "Media Memos" - Things I've Booked, etc.

          Bork Nomination: National Speakers and Booking Forms

          Bork Nomination: Mailings (Not Ever Done)


Box 7

          Bork Nomination: Betsy – Bork (1)(2)

          Bork Nomination: Betsy – Bork: Bio 2 

          Bork Nomination: Betsy – Bork: Newspapers (Notes on OP/ED Placement)

          Boy’s Nation 1988

          Nick Brady Interviews

          Budget [I]

          Budget [II]

          Budget 1988

          Budget 1989

          Burton and Smith

          C Flags

          White House Cable Project

          Calendars (1)-(5)


Box 8

Calendars (6)-(9)

          Calendars: Contact list, blank schedules

          Camp David Maryland Public Television

          [Cancer: The Second and Final War" by Harry Mantel (Script)] (1)-(4)

          Central America / Contras (1)-(4)

          Central America – Media (1)-(4)


Box 9

          China Central Television Delegation

          Choice in Education (1)-(3)


          Christmas Open House

          Christmas Tree Lighting 12/11/1986

          Christmas Tree Lighting 12/07/1987

          Christmas Tree Lighting 12/15/1988

          Cinema Sound

          Civil Rights

          Coin Toss 01/20/1985

          Collegiate List

          Communications Calendar

          Conservative Digest

          Crews Cinema Sound

          Department of Defense Authorization Bill

          Department of Energy - Lauro Cavazos


          Distinguished Rank Awards 1988


          Drought Bill 08/11/1988

          Drugs (1)(2)


Box 10

Drugs (3)

          Duberstein/Transition 11/30/1988

          Duggan, Juanita

          Easter Egg Roll 1987 (1)(2)

          Easter Egg Roll 1988(1)(2)

          Edmunds, Tom

          Ellis Memo

          Fairness Doctrine

          Fetal Research

          Form Requests Etc.

          Ginsburg Nomination [I] (1)-(4)

          Ginsburg Nomination [II] (1)-(3)


Box 11

          Goodwill Games (1)(2)

          Grove City (1)(2)

          Iakena 03/25/1988

          Information/Trivia - First Lady

          Information/Trivia - Miscellaneous

          Information/Trivia - President Reagan (1)-(3)

          Interns [I]

          Interns [II]

          Interns [II]: Fall Intern Applications 1988 (1)(2)

          Interns [II]: Applications for Summer Internship 1988 (1)(2)


Box 12

          Interns [II]: Hold File (1)-(5)

          Interns [III] (1)(2)

          Intern Resumes

          Intern Resumes: Intern Resumes

          Previously Employed Interns (1)-(3)

          Interviews for Bookings Position "Interview Coordinator" (1)-(4)


Box 13

          Issue Advertising

          Job Applicants March 1986 (1)(2)

          Judicial Nominees

          Kennedy Nomination (1)-(4)

          Judge Kennedy Clippings (1)-(9)


          Box 14

          Lighting – Fiorentino

          McQuay (1)(2)

          [Material for Meeting with Bob Tuttle - 1988] (1)(2)

          Media and Broadcast Relations Central Files

          Media and Broadcast Relations Travel and Entertainment Budget

          Media Info

          Media Information (1)(2)

          Media Interviews

          Fall Media Plans 1988 (1)-(3)

          Media Relations: Mailing List Reporters

          Media Relations Subscriptions

          Minimum Wage Law

          Monthly Highlights

          [National Public Radio] (1)(2)


Box 15

[National Public Radio] (3)(4)

          National Security Council

          900 Number (1)(2)

          900 Number Letters (1)-(5)

          Office Stuff (1)-(4)

          Olympians (1)(2)


Box 16

          George O’Neill Photo

          Op Ed File (1)(2)

          OP/EDs (Memos)

          OP/EDs (Miscellaneous) (1)-(5)

          Alaska OP-ED

          California OP-ED

          Connecticut OP-ED

          Hawaii OP-ED

          Nevada OP-ED

          Oregon OP-ED

          PA [Pennsylvania] OP-ED

          TX [Texas] OP-ED

          Washington OP/ED

          Charles Hobbs [OP-ED]

          Op/Ed – Rowny

          Pamphlets, Brochures

          Dolly Parton / ABC Request

          Pat's Goodbye Gift

          Pending 1985-1986

          Pending 1987


Box 17

          Personnel Former Employees

          Personnel/Vacations Miscellaneous

          Photo Ops 10/29/1987

          Photo Ops 11/09/1987

          Photo Ops 11/16/1987

          Photo Ops 11/23/1987

          Photo Ops 12/06/1987

          Planning – Memos (1)-(3)

          Position Descriptions


          [Radio Talk Shows] (1)(2)

          Resumes 1985-1986 (1)-(3)

          Resumes 1987-1988

          Rhoden, Caroline

          Miscellaneous Scheduling

          Old Schedules

          John Slack Stuff


Box 18

          Elliott Sluhan / Splendid Misery (1)(2)


          Surveys/Opinion Polls [Bork, Iran Air Incident, Oliver North/Iran Contra]

          POTUS Tax Reform Proposal 1985

          Television Central Files

          Television Coordinator Position

          Television Office 1985-1989

          “Television Studio”

          Tokyo Summit 1986

          Trade Bill (Notebook) (1)-(8)

          Trade Policy

          Ukrainian Girl

          Venice Summit - June 1987 (1)(2)


Box 19

Venice Summit - June 1987 (3)-(5)


          Video Monitoring

          Video Tape Archives

          Week of 10/10/1988-10/14/1988 (1)-(6)

          Welfare Reform [I]

          Welfare Reform [II]


          Youth 2000



          Box 19 cont.

08/11/1987 - AIDS Briefing (1)(2)


Box 20

          12/11/1987 - Gorbachev Summit and INF Treaty [Briefing] (1)-(5)

          12/11/1987 - Gorbachev - INF (Continued) [I] (1)-(4)

          12/11/1987 - Gorbachev - INF (Continued) [II] (1)-(3)

          12/11/1987 - Gorbachev - INF (Continued) [III] (1)-(5)


Box 21

          12/11/1987 - Reagan - INF (Continued) (1)(2)

          01/19/1988 - Mayors Briefing

          01/20/1988 and 01/22/1988 Constituent Briefings

          01/26/1988 - State of the Union [Briefing] (1)-(4)

          01/27/1988 - Drug Briefing (1)(2)

          03/07/1988 - Drug Briefing

          03/07/1988 - Drug Abuse Prevention [Briefing] (1)-(4)

          06/06/1988 Clips

          [06/08/1988 Regional Press Briefing - Steve Bell KYW-TV Philadelphia]

          06/08/1988 - Post Summit Briefing [I] (1)(2)


Box 22

06/08/1988 - Post Summit Briefing [I] (3)-(6)

          06/08/1988 - Post Summit Briefing [II] (1)-(5)

          06/08/1988 - Post Summit Briefing [III] (1)-(5)

          [06/08/1988 - Regional Press Briefing] Abortion

          06/08/1988 Clips (1)-(3)

          06/08/1988 Clips: Press Clippings from Regional Briefing


          Box 23

          08/03/1988 - Central America [Briefing] (1)-(7)

          09/15/1988 - Hispanic Briefing [I] (1)-(6)

          09/15/1988 - Hispanic Briefing [II] (1)-(5)


Box 24

          01/10/1989 - Budget Briefing

          01/10/1989 - Budget Briefing

          Sperling Breakfast



Box 24 cont.

          01/26/1985, Independent Radio Network Interview

          04/29/1985 Foreign Correspondents POTUS Interview

          09/09/1985, POTUS Interview / North American Network (1)-(3)

          POTUS Interviews with Radio Stations (Ranch August 1985)

          09/16/1985 ABC Jennings / Koppel Interview

          11/12/1985 Pre-Summit Foreign Correspondents Interview

          01/26/1986 POTUS Brokaw Interview SBS

          02/25/1986 Walters Interview (1)(2)

          03/12/1986 Regan Interview

          05/23/1986 Interview with William Rusher

          06/07/1986 Radio Marti Interview

          04/14/1987 Peter Jennings Stand - Up For "We The People"

05/27/1987 USIA Pre-Venice TV Interview

          10/09/1987 POTUS Interview with CNN

          10/26/1987 USIA Interview with Foreign Journalists

          11/02/1987 The Next President, Frost (1)(2)


Box 25

          11/23/1987 Howard Baker PBS Interview

          12/03/1987 Interview with Four Network Anchors

          12/18/1987 BBC Interview

          03/10/1988 USIA Interview with Foreign Journalists

          [03/19/1988 "One on One" Interview with Howard Baker]

          03/30/1988 POTUS

          03/30/88 POTUS Interview Norman Cohen

          April 1988 Godfrey Hodgson Interviews (1)-(3)

          04/26/1988 Lavin Trip Interviews

          05/19/1988 Foreign Journalist Interview

          05/20/1988 Soviet TV Interview

          06/17/1988 Economic Interview

          08/04/1988 Veto Interviews

          09/12/1988 John Wayne [PBS Interview]

          12/21/1988 Brinkley Interview

          Chicago Trip 1988 [I] (1)(2)

          Chicago Trip 1988 [II]

          01/06/1989 Mike Wallace Interview (1)-(4)


Box 26

01/12/1989 Bernard Shaw/CNN Interview

          01/13/1989 POTUS & Cardinal O'Conner Interview (1)(2)

          01/17/1989 NBC/Tom Brokaw

          Hobbs Trip Interviews 1987-1988

          Interview Requests 1988

          Interviews 1988 (1)(2)

          Interviews – Complete (1)-(3)

          Planning Interviews 1988-1989 (1)(2)

          USIA - Post NATO Summit Interviews



          Box 26 cont.

Press Conference 01/09/1985

          Presidential Press Conference 02/21/1985

          Press Conference 03/21/1985

          Presidential Press Conference 06/18/1985

          Press Conference 09/17/1985

          Press Conference 01/07/1986


Box 27

          Press Conference 02/11/1986

          Press Conference 04/09/1986

          [Press Conference] 06/11/1986

          POTUS Press Conference Chicago 08/12/1986

          POTUS Press Conference 11/19/1986

          Press Conference 03/19/1987

          Press Conference 10/22/1987

          Press Conference 02/24/1988

          Press Conference 12/06/1988

          General File / Press Conferences

          Log POTUS Press Conferences



          Box 27 cont.

02/06/1985 State of the Union

          04/24/1985 POTUS Oval Office Address

          05/28/1985 Oval Office Tax Reform Speech

          05/28/1985 Oval Office Speech - Production Notes

          11/14/1985 Oval Office Address

          11/21/1985 POTUS Address to Joint Session of Congress

          01/28/1986 State of the Union (1)(2)

          01/01/1986 POTUS Message to the Soviet Union

          02/26/1986 Defense Speech (1)(2)

          04/14/1986 Oval Office Address on Libya


          Box 28

          05/13/1986 High School Address (1)(2)

          07/22/1986 South African Speech

          08/05/1986 Knights of Columbus Chicago

          08/15/1986 White House Conference on Small Business Speech

          09/14/1986 President / Mrs. Reagan Speech on Drugs        

          10/13/1986 Post Iceland Summit Speech

          11/13/1986 Speech on Iran

          01/15/1987 Martin Luther King Address to Student

          01/27/1987 State of the Union

          01/28/1987 POTUS NASA Address

          03/04/1987 POTUS Speech

          06/15/1987 POTUS Address

          08/12/1987 Oval Office Address

          08/26/1987 Town Hall of California Speech 

          10/14/1987 Oval Office Address

          11/03/1987 Worldnet Address

          12/10/1987 Oval Office Address (Slides for speech stored in Audio/Visual for


          01/25/1988 State of the Union (1)(2)

          02/02/1988 Oval Office Address Contra Aid

          02/23/1988 Worldnet Address

          09/21/1988 UN Speech (1)(2)


Box 29

          11/14/1988 President’s Address to School Children (1)-(3)

          01/11/1989 POTUS Address to the Nation

          United Nations 1985 and 1986 [and 1988] (1)-(3)

          Summit Speech 1987

          Oval Office Address Graphics

          Oval Office Address Log

          Correspondence Regarding Radio Address (1)-(6)

          Book on Radio Addresses

          RR Broadcasting Magazine Article

          Radio Speeches 1985-1989 [1986] (1)-(3)


Box 30

          Log Radio Address

          Saturday Radio Address

          President Reagan’s Radio Addresses / General Memos [1985-1986]

          Radio Address: General Memos 1987

          Armed Forces Day Radio Address 05/17/1986

          Radio Address Speeches (1)-(8)

          Radio Address: Clearance Memos

          Radio Address Voice of America 11/09/1985 (1)(2)

          Radio Address / Mutual Dispute [1986]

          Spanish Radio (1)(2)

          Book on Radio Addresses 1st Term

          Lists of Radio Address Radio Stations (1)(2)


Box 31

          Radio Address Radio Stations (1)(2)

          First Radio Address FLOTUS and POTUS Address

          Worldnet Address - Radio Address 05/23/1988

          POTUS Taping of Radio Address Berlin Wall 08/08/1987

          Ellis / Radio



Box 31 cont.

          02/11/1985 Saudi Arrival Ceremony

          04/22/1985 Volunteer / Action Awards Luncheon - Clement Stone

          04/26/1985 President Chun of Korea Visit

          06/12/1985 Gandhi State Visit

          06/13/1985 Jacques Cousteau Appointment 

          09/10/1985 Denmark Arrival Ceremony

09/16/1985 Brazilian Press Secretary's Visit - Mr. Mesquita

          12/12/1985 Christmas Tree Lighting

          01/28/1986 RR’s Message: Shuttle Tragedy

          05/21/1986 Close-up (1)(2)

          01/02/1987 Fiesta Bowl

          01/18/1987 POTUS Phone Call "The Conservatives"

          05/07/1987 Administrative Time: Smullin Family

          05/27/1987 Senator Baker / Senator Gorton Tribute

          10/22/1987 Administrative Time Corporation for Public Broadcasting

          12/07/1987-12/10/1987 U.S./USSR Summit (1)(2)

          12/10/1987 Departure Ceremony Gorbachev

          01/06/1988 "Conversations with the Presidents" (1)(2)

          01/28/1988 Task Force on Adoption (1)-(3)


Box 32

          02/22/1988 Governor’s Conference (1)-(4)

          02/25/1988 Administrative Time

          02/26/1988 Drug Free America [empty]

          03/08/1988 Olympians

          03/29/1988 Cancer Event (1)(2)

          03/30/1988 Super Collider Event

          04/14/1988 Administrative Time

          04/14/1988 Administrative Time - Linda Arey, Presidential Academic Fitness Award


          04/15/1988 Lt. Governors’ Association

          04/18/1988 Youth Volunteers Event

          04/19/1988 Pete Dawkins / Heisman Trophy (1)(2)

          04/26/1988 Education Event (1)(2)

          04/26/1988 Wrestling Team Photo-Op

          05/06/1988 John Nester/Baker

          05/10/1988 Small Business Event

          05/16/1988 Schools Without Drugs (1)(2)


          Box 33

          05/19/1988 Nurserymen

          05/20/1988 Cuban Independence Day

          05/23/1988 "E" Awards

          06/16/1988 Scholars

          06/24/1988 POWs

          07/05/1988 PBS Inaugural Program

          07/13/1988 Farmers

          07/15/1988 Science and Technology Medals Ceremony

          07/18/1988 POTUS Trip to Davenport, IA and WOC Radio (1)-(3)

          07/26/1988 Take Pride (1)-(4)

          08/09/1988 National Medal of Arts

          08/10/1988 Japanese Internment Bill Signing Ceremony

          09/13/1988 Hispanic Heritage

          09/14/1988 St. Louis Trip (1)-(4)

          09/20/1988 Jaycees

12/15/1988 Indian Event



Box 34

Generic Drug Tape Requests (1)(2)

          Generic Tape Message

          Footage Requests (1)(2)

          POTUS Audio Recording Yalta Statement 02/26/1985

          Generic Independence Day Tape Requests 1985

          POTUS Remarks on Hostages 06/30/1985

          POTUS Video Tape on Tax Reform

          Tapings Rejected [March 1985-January 1986] (1)-(6)

          Tapings Rejected II [July 1985-August 1986] (1)-(3)


Box 35

Tapings Rejected II [July 1985-August 1986] (4)-(6)

          Tapings Rejected II: National Association of Evangelicals

          Tapings Rejected II: Chinese Superbowl Transmission

          Tapings Rejected II: Coalition for Space Defense Initiative

          USIA / Responses to Satellite Coverage

          Requests for Tape Reuses

          Presidential Message Requests (1)(2)

          Bicentennial Message Requests

          Schedule Proposal Turn-downs and Tape Request Rejects (1)-(6)

          Taping Dubs Requests

          Fourth of July 1988

          Generic Fourth of July (1)-(3)


Box 36

          United Way Taping 09/09/1988 POTUS and FLOTUS

          Lehigh University Tape Schedule Proposal

          Taping Log

          Chamber Foundation Television Spots

          Turndowns 1988 (1)-(4)