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BOLTON, ROGER: Files, 1988-1989


Office of Public Liaison


OA 18688

SERIES I: Chronological File, 1988-1989

Chron File May 1988

Chron File June 1988

Chron File July 1988

Chron File August 1988

Chron File September 1988

Chron File October 1988

Chron File November 1988

Chron File December 1988

Chron File January 1989


SERIES II: Subject File, 1988-1989

OA 18688, cont.

President's Budget - FY 1990

Canada Free Trade Agreement Edit Mailing 05/09/1988

Canada Free Trade Agreement Problems Remaining 05/20/1988

Capital Gains Tax Cut 06/23/1988

Convention 05/17/1988


Drought 06/20/1988

Drought - I

Drought - II

Drug Program 07/08/1988


Drugs 06/29/1988

Drugs - Talking Points 05/20/1988

Eastern Airlines 07/12/1988

Executive Exchange Commission

Ethics Rules 06/23/1988

Fair Housing

OA 18689

Industrial Policy Advisory Committee

Japan 08/11/1988

Japan Beef & Citrus 06/26/1988

Minimum Wage 05/13/1988

Minimum Wage: Activist Lists (Private Sector)

Minimum Wage: Administration Responses

Minimum Wage: Congressional Reports

Minimum Wage: Issue Status Report

Minimum Wage: Press Reports

Minimum Wage: Private Sector Publications

Moscow Summit Talking Points 05/13/1988

Parental Leave

Pepper: Medicare Long-Term Health Care

Plant Closings

Plant Closing - August 1988 (1)-(2)

Plant Closings Talking Points 05/16/1988 (1)-(4)

Political-Target States 05/26/1988

Privatization 06/13/1988

South Africa

Textiles (1)-(3)

Textiles 05/26/1988

Textiles 06/08/1988

Toronto Economic Summit 06/19/1988-06/21/1988

Trade Bill 08/04/1988

Trade Bill Chron File A-Z

Trade Bill Radio 05/14/1988

Trade Bill Veto 05/29/1988

Trade Policy Update 06/15/1988

Voinovich 05/26/1988

Welfare Reform


SERIES III: Events, 1988-1989

OA 18689, cont.

05/16/1988 Howard Baker: National Industrial Council (National Association of


05/18/1988 Howard Baker: American Retail Federation

05/18/1988 Howard Baker American Furniture Manufacturers Association

06/13/1988 Range-Holmer: Agricultural Groups Representatives Textiles

06/16/1988 : Canada Free Trade Agreement Toronto Summit

06/16/1988 POTUS Canada Free Trade Agreement (1)(2)

06/16/1988 POTUS: CEOs Canada Free Trade Agreement Toronto Summit

06/20/1988 Range-Holmer: Manufacturing Co./Association and Representatives

Trade Bill/Textiles/ Plant Closings

06/22/1988 POTUS: Drop By Business Roundtable Annual Meeting

06/28/1988 Howard Baker: CEOs for a Competitive America

07/15/1988 Frank Donatelli: Corporate Political Briefing

07/25/1988 POTUS: Canada Free Trade Agreement Signing Ceremony

07/28/1988 Frank Donatelli: Corporate Political Briefing

08/08/1988 POTUS: U.S. Precision Lens, Cincinnati

08/08/1988 Clayton Yeutter: Cincinnati

08/11/1988 POTUS: Drought Bill Signing Ceremony

08/23/1988 POTUS: Trade Bill Signing Ceremony

09/22/1988 Ken Duberstein: Small Business Legislative Council

09/28/1988 POTUS: U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement Signing Ceremony

09/28/1988 POTUS: Miller Resignation / Appropriation Bills

10/20/1988 Ken Duberstein: US Chamber Association Insiders

10/26/1988 Ken Duberstein: American Council Capital Formation

10/31/1988 POTUS: Berne Convention

11/09/1988 Ken Duberstein American Stock Exchange

11/17/1988 POTUS: US Chamber Foundation

12/08/1988 POTUS National Association of Manufacturers Executive Committee

12/13/1988 POTUS: Business/Government Relations Council

01/09/1989 POTUS: Coalition for Fiscal Restraint

01/10/1989 POTUS: Drew Lewis, Bob Strauss