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BONITATI, ROBERT: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President for Labor


Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President for Labor


In addition to his role as labor liaison, Bonitati spent small amounts of time dealing with public service groups and with energy and natural resources issues.



          OA 6841

          Advisors for Elizabeth H. Dole

          Air Traffic Employees [Federation of]

          Airlie House – Labor / Management Symposium 06/09/1982-06/11/1982

          Airline Employee Protection

          Airline Employees Association

          Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) 1981 (1)(2)

          Airline Pilots Association 1982

          Alaskan Oil Exports

          Allegheny – Mohawk Airline Merger Provisions

          AFL-CIO (February 1981-June 1981) (1)-(6)

          AFL-CIO July 1981-January 1983 (1)-(5)

          AFL-CIO Centennial Convention (1)(2)

          AFL-CIO Executive Council 12/02/1981 with the President (1)-(6)

          AFL-CIO Executive Council, Bal Harbor, February 1982 (1)(2)

          AFSCME [American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees]

          Antenucci, Alfred [Assassination Attempt on President Reagan]

          Anti-Administration Releases

          Apprenticeship and Training

          Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries

          Auto Industry (1)-(3)

          Auto Workers (United) 1981 (1)-(5)

          Auto Workers (United) 1982

          Balanced Budget

          Baltic Shipping Company

          Beach Blanket Babylon

          Black Lung

          Black Lung 12/05/1981

          Black Lung / Bill Signing Ceremony

          Boards and Commissions



          BRAC [Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers,

                   Express and Station Employees]

          Budget Appeals

          Budget Coalition

          Building and Construction Trades

          Building and Construction Trades / Washington, D.C. Conference /


          Building and Construction Trades Convention / Washington, DC / 03/30/1981

          Building and Construction Trades Convention / Atlanta City / 10/21/1981

          Cargo Preference

          Carpenters (United Brotherhood)

          Carpenters Convention 09/03/1981 Chicago, IL


          OA 6842

          Chamber of Commerce [of the United States]

          Child Labor Laws

          China / USA Exchange

          Christmas Cards 1981

          Clean Air Act

          Clean Air Act / Environmental Protection Agency / 08/20/1981

          Clements, Governor

          Clothing and Textile Workers (1)(2)

          Coal Gasification

          Coal Negotiations

          Coal Slurry

          Combined Federal Campaign

          COPE [Committee on Political Education]

          Communication Workers of America

          Commuter Services / Presidential Emergency Board: New York, New Jersey,

          CETA [Comprehensive Employment and Training Act]

          Conference Board


          Continuing Education (National Advisory)

          Contract Expirations

          Crusade for Freedom

          Davis-Bacon Act

          Davis-Bacon Campaign – July 1981

          Death Benefits

          Deconcini, Susan

          Democratic National Committee - Coalition with AFL-CIO

          Detroit Trip (Elizabeth H. Dole)

          Detroit Trip (Elizabeth H. Dole): Trade Adjustment Assistance, etc.

          Dialogue with Labor

          Donovan, Raymond J. (1)(2)

          Driver of the Year

          Driver’s Log Forms

          Drunken Driving (Presidential Commission On)

          Dubinsky, David


          [Economic Recovery Program Mailings to Unions - 1981] (1)-(3)

          Economic Renewal Briefing 03/26/1981

          Economic Renewal Briefing 04/02/1981 (Legislative Aides)

          Economic Renewal Program

          El Salvador

          Electrical Workers (International Brotherhood)

          Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

          Employment Policy

          Employment Relations Report 1981 (1)(2)

          Employment Relations Report 1982 (1)(2)

          Employment Training System


          Endorsers Meeting 02/10/1981

          Endorsers Meeting 07/11/1981


          Energy Independence (Americans for)

          Engineering Association (American)

          Engineers and Scientists Organizations


          OA 6843

          Enterprise Zones

          Enterprise Zones 1981-1982 (Bonitati) (1)-(9)

          Enterprise Zone Meeting 05/17/1982 (1)(2)

          Enterprise Zone Meeting 05/27/1982 (1)-(3)

          Environmental Balance (National Council For)

          Environmental Education

          (EDB) Ethelyne Dibromide

          Export Trade Bill

          Farrell, Janice

          FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]

          Federal Election Commission (FEC)

          Federal Emergency Management Agency

          Federal Employees (1)-(4)

          Federal Labor/Management Relations Program

          Federal Labor Relations Authority (1)-(3)

          Federal Managers Association

          Federal Meditation/Conciliation Service

          Federal Services Impasses Panel

          Firefighters (International Association) 1982


          Flight Attendants

          Flight Attendants: Campaign for Air Passenger Safety – Congressional Responses

          Flight Attendants: Campaign for Air Passenger Safety – Newsclips

          Food and Commercial Workers (United)

          Food Banks

          Football League Players (National)

          Foreign Policy Briefing 10/12/1982 with the Vice President

          Fraternal Order of Police

          Fringe Benefits

          Garment Workers (United)

          Government Employees (American Federation of) (1)-(4)

          Government Employees (Assembly of) (1)-(3)

          Government Employees (General)

          Government Employees (National Association of)

          Grain Millers (American Federation of)

          Hobbs Act

          Hotel and Restaurant Employees

          Housing and Urban Development

          Housing (President’s Commission)

          Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) & Theatrical Unions

          Immigration Task Force Guest Workers and Braceros


          OA 6844

          Inaugural Address

          Independent Truckers Association (ITA)

          Independent Unions (Congress of)

          Independent Unions (National Federation) (1)(2)

          Independent Unions with the President

          Industrial Homework

          Industrial Union Department

          Intelligence Briefing 10/15/1982 Director Bill Casey/Heymann

          [Intelligence:] AHV Briefing on Intelligence Issues

          Interior [Department of]

          International Association of Firefighters, 1981 (1)-(5)

          International Brotherhood of Police Organizations

          International Labor Movement (1)-(3)

          ILO [International Labor Organization]

          ILA(International Longshoremen’s Association)

          International Trade Union Movement

          Interstate Commerce Commission


          Issues Forecast

          Job Training Act 1982

          Kamber, Victor

          Kigin, Joe

          Labor – Accomplishments – 1982 (Major)

          Labor Advisory Committee

          Labor Day

          Labor Department Briefings 04/27/1981 and 04/28/1981

          Labor, Department of

          Labor Department Statistics

          Labor Directive – Memo to Heads of Dept/Agencies – RR

          Labor and 1982 Elections

          Labor – 1982 Elections

          Labor Industry Coalition for International Trade

          [Labor:] Inter-Departmental Labor Communications Group

          Labor Issues Working Group

          Labor-Management Committee

          Labor-Management Cooperation

          Labor Meetings

          Labor Policy Association

          Bonitati – Labor (Press Clippings) – General (1981)

          Bonitati – Labor (Press Clippings) – General 1982


          OA 6845

          Labor Strategy – 1982

          Labor Strategy (1)-(6)

          [Labor Strategy]

          [Labor Strategy:] Portfolio Analysis – RFB

          Labor Women

          Laborers’ International Union

          Ladies Garment Workers’ Union

          Law Enforcement

          Law of the Sea Treaty

          Legislative / IGA

          Licensed Practical Nurses

          Life International

          Local Union Contracts

          Locigno, Paul

          Locomotive Engineers (Brotherhood of)

          Machinists (International Association of)

          Mailing to Affiliate Unions

          Marcos, President (Philippines)

          Marine Engineers Beneficial (MEBA)

          Maritime Committee – AFL-CIO

          Maritime Leaders Meeting 04/15/1981

          Maritime Policy – General – 1981, 1980 & Undated Material

          Maritime Policy – General 1982

          Maritime Trades Department – AFL-CIO

          Masters, Mates and Pilots

          Medicare Funds / Union Organizing

          Merchant Marine Trophy

          Middle East Briefing 10/07/1982 R. 450 Business / Labor

          Middle East Speech

          Mine Safety and Health Administration

          Mine Workers (United)

          Minimum Wage

          Minority Construction Roundtable

          Murphy, Betty S.


          National Association of Manufacturers

          NAPO (National Association of Police Organizations)

          National Education Association

          National Environmental Development Association / Clean Air Act Project

          NLRA [National Labor Relations Act]

          National Labor Relations Board, 1981 (1)-(4)

          National Labor Relations Board 1982 (1)(2)

          National Maritime Union, 1981 (1)-(7)

          National Maritime Union 1982

          National Mediation Board

          National Security 05/15/1981

          National Transportation Safety Board

          Natural Gas

          Negotiations (1)-(7)

          Negro Women (National Council of)

          New Direction


          OA 6846

          New Melones Dam – California

          New York Port Authority

          Newspaper Guild

          Nurses Association (American)

          O’Donnell, Peter

          Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

          OPM [Office of Personnel Management]

          Operating Engineers

          OPL General

          OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] (1)(2)

          Outer Continental Shelf

          Overseas Private Investment

          Panama Canal


          Pension Guaranty Corp


          Plant Guard Workers

          Plasterers and Cement Masons

          Plumbers (United Association)

          Police Benevolent Association (New York City)

          Police, International Association of Chiefs of

          Police (Union of International Association)

          Police Week

          Polish Union/Solidarity (1)(2)

          Political Profiles, Inc.

          Politics, People and Issues Report

          Polling Data (1)-(8)

          Postal Workers (1)-(6)

          Presidential Box

          Presidential Classroom

          Press List

          Press Releases (OPL)

          Private / Public Partnerships

          Private Sector Initiatives


          PATCO – Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (1)-(4)

          Public Employee Retirement Income Security Act

          Public Employees Department AFL-CIO (1)(2)

          PSOB (Public Safety Officers Benefit)

          Public Service Research Council

          Quality of Life

          Railway Emergency Board

          Railroad (Long Island Railroad Company)

          Railroad Retirement

          Reagan-Bush Committee Statements

          Recreation Coalition (American)

          Referrals / General Response

          Regulatory Task Force

          Republican Governors

          Republican Labor Advisory Council (Republican National Committee)

          Republican National Committee


          OA 6847

          Republican National Committee / Labor Meeting / 03/22/1982

          Republican Platform Text

          Restive Labor Community

          Resumes 1981/1982


          Right to Work Committee

          Royal Hawaiian Cruise

          Rubber Workers

          Sample Letters

          Screen Actors Guild

          S 577 (Screen Actors Guild)

          Seafarers International Union, 1981 (1)-(3)

          Seafarers International Union 1982

          Secretaries Week (National)

          Sella, Benjamin

          Service Contract Act

          Service Employees International Union


          Sheet Metal Workers of America

          Shipping Act of 1981

          Shultz, George (Secretary of State)

          SBA (Small Business Administration)

          Social Security


          Solar Energy Industries Association

          Solidarity Day (1)-(3)

          Speech Material

          Standby Petroleum Allocation S.1503

          State Department – Labor Union List

          State Dinners

          State of the Union Speech

          Steel – Weirton

          Steering Committee

          Steering Subcommittee – Trade

          Steubenville Steel

          Support/Blue Collar Correspondence

          Tax Briefing / 07/27/1981 / Burgess

          Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (1)(2)

          Tax Initiatives

          Tax Package / 07/15/1981 / Lyn Nofziger’s Staff

          Tax Package / Supporters Reception

          Tax Policy (1)(2)

          Tax Reduction / Treasury 07/23/1981

          Tayloe House

          Tayloe House Reception 07/15/1981

          Teachers (American Federation of)

          Teamsters – 1981


          OA 6848

          Teamsters – 1982

          Teamsters Convention, 06/01/1981

          Teamsters Local 237 Conference

          Teamsters Meeting With the President – 12/01/1981

          Teamsters - Ohio Conference

          Teamsters: Roy Williams with the President 02/11/1982

          Tecumseh United Products Workers

          Tennessee Valley Authority

          Tile and Marble Union

          Tool Craftsmen

          Tool Die and Mold Makers

          Trade Advisory Committee

          Trades Issues (General)

          Training and Development (American Society of )

          Transport Workers

          Travel Vouchers

          Trucking Negotiations

          Tuition Tax Credits

          Unemployment October 1982

          Unemployment Benefits

          Unemployment Compensation

          Unemployment – Defense Spending

          Unemployment – Structural

          Uniformed Forces

          Union Busters [and Union Attitudes]

          Unions not Affiliated with the AFL-CIO

          [Union Publications, Requests for]

          United States Information Agency

          United Steelworkers

          United Transportation Union (UTU)

          Urban Land Institute

          Urban Mass Transportation Association

          User Fees

          Utility Workers Union

          Vice Presidential Meetings

          Vice President’s Reception

          Vice President’s "Regular" Meetings with Labor Leaders

          Victims of Crime

          Violent Crime

          Violent Crime 11/03/1981


          Voting Rights Act

          Walsh Healey Act

          Weekly Summary/Forecast

          Weekly Summary – James Baker

          Welcoming Ceremonies

          Year-End Reports – 1981

          Year-End Reports – 1982



          OA 6849

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [A-B]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [C-E]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [F-G]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [H-J]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [K-M]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [Mc-Q]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [R-S]

          Bonitati Correspondence March 1981-October 1982 [T-Z]

          Bonitati Chron 10/28/1982-December 1982 (Binder)

          Bonitati Chron January 1983 (Binder)

          Bonitati Chron February 1983 (Binder)

          Bonitati Chron March 1983 (Binder)

          White House Memoranda – General

          Bonitati [OPL Meeting Reports, September 1981-September 1982] (Binder)



          OA 6849 (Continued)

          Phone Log March 1981-December 1981 (1)-(9)

          Bonitati Phone Log 01/01/1982-10/03/1982 (Binder)