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BONK, BENNY L.: Files, 1984-1986


International Economic Affairs Directorate, NSC


Box 90411

June 1984 Chron Bonk

July 1984 Chron [Bonk]

Bonk April 1984 Chron [Includes May Chron]

March 1984 Chron Bonk

January 1984 Chron Bonk

February 1984 Chron Bonk

Ben Bonk Chron File December 1983


Box 90565

8931 (empty)

[Material re: Agaba Pipeline; Financial Export Control Act; March 1984 Compilation of items

from International Economic and Energy Weekly; Syrian; Living on Aid; Economic

Sanctions: An Historical and Conceptual Analysis; travel; The European Community:

Growing Agricultural Exports; Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice;

Task Force on International Private Enterprise; Military Helicopter Exports: A Growing

Security Issue; Soviet Dissent & Its Repression Since the 1975 Helsinki Accords]

Central American Energy & Mineral Development: A Path Toward Economic Security


President Reagan's Trip to Los Angeles to Meet with Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan 01/02/1985

Soviet Petroleum Equipment Needs and Western Availability

Iraqi Pipelines

China Draft material 1984

[Unfoldered Material re: International Energy]

Ben's Project [Nicaraguan Economy]

Box 90566

US-China Energy Cooperation

Interagency Briefing Books (Iran-Iraq energy)

NSC Briefing Books (Energy & Iran-Iraq War)

Japan-US Energy Cooperation

Iran/Iraq Energy Briefings

Natural Gas

Energy Emergency Response System

Oil Crisis Management System (208)