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BRACKBILL, ANN: Files 1984-1987


Media Relations, Office of; Staff Assistant


The Office of Media Relations handled all press contacts with the White House other than the actual White House press corps. It was created in the fall of 1981 from the Office of Media Liaison in the Press Office and the Television Office from the Office of Communication. The office had various names throughout the administration including: Media Liaison; Office of Media Relations and Planning; Office of Media Relations and Broadcasting; Office of Media and Broadcasting Relations). Their staff, physical location in the White House and general functions remained exactly the same during these various name changes. For ease of use and to reflect their organizational unity the Library is naming this office: Office of Media Relations.



Box 1

["Active Seniors" Article 09/16/1984]

Administrative File [I]

Administrative File [II]

Ann Brackbill Files (1)-(4)

John Casserly Interview, with Ronald Reagan for Goldwater Memoirs 07/08/1986

Christmas List 1984 Cards - Press Party


Followup to Defense Speech with Anchors, Columnists and Weekend Commentators


Education Week Questions

Glamour Contest / Search 1985

Glamour Contest 1986

GOP Switchers 10/30/1985

Governors 02/24/1986

["Health Action" Article May 1986]

John A. Holmes School Satellite Address to Students May 1986

[Request for Article for "Hoya Review" October 1985]

Ladies Home Journal Article (1)-(3)

Box 2

National Business Consortium for the Gifted and Talented 06/18/1984 (Press Packet)

Parade Article

Parade Magazine Photo

Presidential Messages [1984-1987] (1)-(6)

Radio / Television News Directors Association Material

Spanish International Network Interview 09/13/1985

Success Magazine Photo

Summit [Geneva 1985]

TV Guide Photo

Wallenberg Committee (1)(2)

Written Questions and Answers

X-Press Information Service (Notebook) (1)-(3)



Box 2 Cont.

Columnist and Weekend Commentators 02/06/1985

Regional Briefing: 03/11/1985 (1)(2)


Box 3

Regional Briefing: 03/11/1985 (3)(4)

Regional Briefing 07/09/1985

Specialty Press [Briefing] 09/11/1985

Regional Briefing 09/16/1985 (1)(2)

Regional Briefing 02/10/1986 (Binder)

SAVVY Magazine Briefing 03/04/1986

Sperling Breakfast 03/05/1986

Regional Briefing 03/11/1986

Columnists and Commentators [Briefing] 04/23/1986

Regional Briefing 06/11/1986 (1)(2)

[American Press Institute Briefing 12/04/1986] (1)(2)

[Material for Unspecified Briefing 1986]

[Association of Business Publishers Briefing 02/04/1987]

[ABC Television Affiliates Briefing 02/25/1987] (1)(2)

[National Association of Broadcasters TV Group Executives Forum - Briefing

04/29/1987] (1)(2)

[Regional Briefing 05/15/1987]

[Regional Briefing 06/16/1987]