This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


BRADLEY, MELVIN L.: Files 1983-1989

Policy Development, Office of, 1981-1983 – See Separate Inventory

Public Liaison, Office of, 1983-1989


Special Assistant to the President




Melvin Leroy Bradley was born on January 6, 1938 in Texarkana, Texas. He spent his youth in Texas and graduated from local Dunbar High School in 1955.


After his high school graduation, Mr. Bradley moved with his family to Los Angeles, California. There he worked in a variety of occupations while periodically continuing his education. He worked as a launderer, clerk, postal carrier for the United States Postal Service and as a Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. During this time he attended college classes at Los Angeles Community College and Compton College. In 1970, he left the Sheriff’s Department to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and to work for the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, as assistant for community affairs. He graduated in 1973 with a B.S. degree. He continued his work for Governor Reagan through the end of 1975.


After leaving the Governor’s Office, Bradley worked as director of public relations for the Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School of Los Angeles from 1975-1977. He served as assistant to the vice president and account executive with United Airlines in 1977-1981. Mr. Bradley was a staff member of the Office of the President-Elect serving as special adviser to the director of the office of Presidential personnel.

From the beginning of the administration, Mr. Bradley was a Senior Policy Adviser within the Office of Policy Development staff, focusing on urban affairs and small business. He continued, on an ad hoc basis, as an adviser to Presidential Personnel on minority appointments. Mr. Bradley was promoted in April 1982 to a Special Assistant to the President for Policy Development. At the time, his primary responsibilities were working with the Office of Policy Development staff to assure that policy analyses for the President were sensitive to the needs and priorities of the minority and disadvantaged communities.

In August 1983, Counsellor to the President, Edwin Meese, authorized the transfer of Mr. Bradley to the White House staff working in the Office of Public Liaison. He retained his title of Special Assistant to the President for Policy Development and was to have continued offering policy advice on minority issues via the Cabinet Council system run through the Office of Policy Development. He also continued his advisory role on minority appointments. He remained associated and reporting to the Office of Public Liaison for the rest of the Reagan administration when he resigned in early February 1989. 

Mr. Bradley is married to the former Ruth Ann Terry and they have four children.

Scope and Content Note

Our initial survey of the Bradley collection shows a much larger emphasis on public liaison work regarding minority and urban issues. In addition, Mr. Bradley was heavily involved with recruitment, assignment, and vetting of minority candidates for appointments within the Reagan administration. These functions began in his earliest days at the White House and continued until he left. Given this evidence, we have placed the majority of material within the Office of Public Liaison collection for Mr. Bradley, although a good deal of material predates 1983.

The Melvin Bradley collection is divided into four series. They are: Series I: Correspondence; Series II: Subject File; Series III: Minority Appointments; Series IV: Publications.


SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE, 1983-1987, (6.5 l.ft., 6 OA Boxes)


This series consists of a chronological filing of both outgoing and incoming Bradley correspondence including letters, memos, and notes.


SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE, 1981-1989, (17.5 l.ft., 16 OA Boxes)


This series consists of material regarding various subjects regarding minority and urban issues and groups.  In addition, some of the material covers minority appointments in general. We have retained Mr. Bradley’s unique filing system which consists of an alpha-numeric code used at the beginning of some of his files. We have tried to interfile all of the other remaining material alphabetically.


SERIES III: MINORITY APPOINTMENTS, 1981-1989, (8.8 l.ft., 7 OA Boxes)


The vast majority of this series consists of minority resumes retained by Mr. Bradley. In addition there are a few subject files dealing with minority appointment strategy, correspondence and name lists.  There is no particular arrangement of the subject files, but the resumes are in alphabetical order by the last name of the candidates.


SERIES IV: PUBLICATIONS, 1981-1989 (1 l.ft., 1 OA Box)


This series consists of a small amount of publications retained by Mr. Bradley for use as a White House advisor.



Container List



          OA 09689

          [Correspondence] September 1983

          [Correspondence] October 1983

          [Correspondence] November 1983

          [Correspondence] December 1983

          General Correspondence 01/27/1984-06/29/1984

          General Correspondence 07/01/1984-09/19/1984

          General Correspondence 10/02/1984-12/03/1984


          OA 11745

          [General Correspondence 01/02/1985-05/30/1985]

          General Correspondence 06/03/1985-07/30/1985

          [General Correspondence] 1983

          [General Correspondence] 1984


          OA 13332

          [General Correspondence] 1985

          [General Correspondence] 01/04/1983-12/16/1983

          [General Correspondence] 02/03/1984-11/14/1984

          [General Correspondence] 01/10/1985-12/30/1985

          [General Correspondence] 01/07/1986-03/29/1986


          OA 14903

          [General Correspondence] 04/02/1986-07/16/1986

          General Correspondence November 1983-December 1984

          [General Correspondence] January 1985

          [General Correspondence] February 1985

          [General Correspondence] March 1985

          [General Correspondence] April 1985

          [General Correspondence] May 1985

          [General Correspondence] June 1985

          [General Correspondence] July 1985

          [General Correspondence] August 1985

          [General Correspondence] January 1986-July 1986


          OA 14904

          [General Correspondence] August 1986

          [General Correspondence] September 1986

          [General Correspondence] October 1986

          [General Correspondence] November 1986

          [General Correspondence] December 1986


          OA 14905

          [General Correspondence] January 1987-May 1987

          [General Correspondence] April 1987

          [General Correspondence] May 1987-September 1987



          OA 09007

          A-1 – Abernathy / Williams / Evers (1)-(6)

          A-2 – Activities Report

          A-3 – Administrative (General) (1)-(5)

          A-5 – Africa (General) (1)-(3)

          A-7 – Assault on Illiteracy Program (packet)

          A-8 – Atlanta Crisis

          A-8 – Atlanta Crisis: The Atlanta Crisis (Missing and Murdered Black Children) (1)(2)

          A-8 – Black Issues: Black Issues 1981

          A-8 – Black Issues: Black Issues 1982 (1)-(3)

          A-8 – Black Issues: Black Issues 1983 (1)-(5)

          A-10 – Black Presidents’ Roundtable (1)(2)

          A-11 – Black Republican Holdovers

          A-11 – Black Issues (1)-(4)

          A-12 – Black Rural Land (1)-(4)

          A-14 – Boards and Commissions (General)

          A-16 – Budget (General)

          A-19 – Congressional (General)

          A-19 – Civil Rights Issues (General) 1982 (1)-(3)

          A-20 – Conservative Democrats

          A-20 – Colleges and Universities 05/08/1982-12/30/1985 (1)-(9)

          A-22 – Energy (General) (1)-(3)


          OA 09684

          A-23 - Enterprise Zones (1)-(8)

          A-23 - 8(a) Set-a-Sides (General)

          A-24 - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (General) (1)(2)

          A-25 - Enterprise Zones (General) (1)-(10)

          A-26 - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (General)

          A-28 - Hoover Conference

          A-29 - Import / Export (General)

          A-30 - Invitations (General) (Folder #1)


          OA 09685

          A-30 - Invitations (General) (Folder #2)

          A-30 - Invitations (General) (Folder #3)

          A-30 - Invitations (General) (Folder #4)

          Invitations 1981-1983 [I]

          Invitations 1981-1983 [II]


          OA 09686

          Invitations 1981-1983 [III] (1)-(23)

          A-30 - (January 1984-December 1984) [Invitations and Responses] (1)-(6)

          A-30 - (January 1985-July 1985) [Invitations and Responses] (1)-(5)

          A-35 - Minority Bank Deposit Program (1)-(3)

A-38 - Martin Luther King (General Reference) (1)-(7)

[A-38 – Martin Luther King Reference] (1)-(8)

          [Martin Luther King Holiday: Letters from Brooklyn, NY Schoolchildren, Early

                   1981] (1)-(48)

          Proclamation - Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 1986

          A-40(a) - Office of Policy Development (General) (1)-(5)

          A-40 (c) - OPL (General): OPL 1983 04/28/1983-11/17/1983 (1)-(3)

          A-40 (c) - OPL (General) : OPL 1984 01/10/1984-12/14/1984 (1)-(12)


          OA 11744

          A-40 (c) - OPL (General) #2: OPL 1985 01/08/1985-12/22/1985

          A-40 (c) - OPL (General) #2: OPL 1986 01/02/1986-07/04/1986

          A-43 - Minority Business Development

          A-45 - Politics (General)

          A-47 - Office of Policy Development November 1982-December 1985

          A-48 - Questions / Answers for the President (General)

          A-50 - Recommendations / Referrals (General)

          A-52 Social Security Issues

          A-53 Speeches (General)


          OA 11746

          A-56 – Travel (General) (1)-(5)

          A-56(a) – Speeches (General) I (1)-(6)

          A-56(a) – Speeches (General) II (1)-(3)

          A-59 – Urban Problems, Projects and Proposed Programs (1)(2)

          A-60 – Vocational Education (General) (1)-(6)

          A-63 – Urban Policy I (1)-(10)

          A-63 – Urban Policy II (1)-(8)

          A-64 – Voting Rights I (1)-(4)


          OA 11747

          A-64 - Voting Rights [II] (1)-(11)

          A-68 - Historically Black Colleges and Universities Central Reference (1)-(14)

          A-68 - Historically Black Colleges and Universities [I] (1)-(16)

          A-68 - Historically Black Colleges and Universities [II] (1)-(16)


          OA 11748

          Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fact Book Volume I, January 1983

          Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fact Book Volume II, January 1983

          Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fact Book Volume III, January 1983

          B-1(a) - Marjorie Arsht

          B-9 - Ed Sexton

          B-10 - Dan Smith (General)

          C’s - [General 1984-1985]

          C-1 - Agency Contracts (General)

          C-1(a) - Civil Rights Commission


          OA 11749

          C-2 - Department of Agriculture

          C-3 - Department of Commerce

          C-3 - Department of Commerce (General)

          C-3(a) - Department of Commerce - Bureau of Census

          C-3(b) - Department of Defense

          C-4 - Department of Education

          C-4(a)  - Department of Energy

          C-5  Dept. of HHS (General)

          C-5(a)  Dept. of HHS/Headstart

          Committed to Serve the Underserved, Department of HHS, Public Health Service


          OA 13331

          C-6  Department of HUD (General) (1)-(4)

          Response to Additional Questions from the HUD Source Evaluation Board, Technical

                   Proposal, Walt Marshall and Associates

          C-6(a)  Department of Interior

          C-6(b) Department of Justice

          C-7 Department of Labor (General)

          C-7(a) Department of Labor/CETA

          C-7(b) Department of State (General)

          C-8 Department of Transportation

          C-9 District of Columbia (General)

          C-9(a) Environmental Protection Agency

          C-9(b) GAO (General)

          C-9(c) NASA (General)

          C-10 OMB (General)

          C-11 Small Business Administration

          The State of Small Business: Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress March


          Small Business Administration Loan Proposal - Hillard and Beverly Hamm (Binder)


          OA 14906


          D-1 - Afro - American Institute for Historic Preservation and Community Development

          D-2 - Alaska Black Caucus

          D-2(a) - American Association of Blacks in Energy

          D-4 - [Arkansas Black Republican Council]

          D-5 - Control Data Corporation

          D-5(a) - Council for Opportunity in Graduate Management Education (COGME)

          D-6 - [Black Leadership Forum]

          D-7 - [Blacks in Government]

          D-11 - Hillmon Development Company, Inc.

          D-11(b) - Hudson Institute

          D-12 - Floyd Hyde and Associates

          D-12 - [Drew Medical School]

          D-13 - [Emergency Land Fund]

          D-14 - [Organizations / Associations (General) -I]


          OA 14907

          D-14 - [Organizations / Associations (General) -II]

          D-14 - ELA [Equitable Life Insurance]

          D-16 - National Alliance of Community Based Organizations

          D-16 - [Heritage Foundation]

          D-17 - National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees

          D-17 - Holland Consulting, Inc.]

          D-21  - National Black Veterans Association

          D-23 - [National Association of Blacks within Government]

          D-23(a) - National Citizens Participation Council

          D-24  - National Commission on the Poor

          D-24  - National Commission on the Poor: President’s Commission for the Poor

          D-25 - [National Association of Minority Contractors]

          D-28(a) - National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives

          D-28(a) - National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives: Ms. Kaye Savage

          D-29 - [National Black MBA Association]

          D-31 - New Black Alternatives Association, Inc.

          D-31 - [National Black Voters for Reagan-Bush]

          D-33 - [National Caucus and Center on Black Aged, Inc.]


          OA 14908

          D-34 - Progress, Inc.

          D-36(a) - Republican National Hispanic Assembly

          D-36(b) - Solid Achievement Management Systems

          D-37 - South East Alabama Self - Help Association (SEASHA)

          D38 - Technical Health Career School (Don Doty)

          D-41 - [The New Coalition for Economic and Social Changes]

          D-42 - Watts Labor Community Action Committee

          D-43(a) - Progressive Alliance of Republicans

          E’s - Firms

          E-1-  Adtech, Inc.

          E-2 - Mark Battle & Associates

          E-3 - J. H. Carr Company

          E-3(a) - Dynamic Concepts, Inc.

          E-3(b) - Freedom Industries

          E-4 - International Business Services

          E-5 - M & M Products Company

          E-6 - James R. Pope

          E-7 - Sonicraft, Inc.

          E-8 - Tipco, Inc.

          E-9 - Unified Industries


          OA 14909

          E-10 - Univox - California, Inc.

          E-11 - Wallace / Wallace

          E-12 - Firms

          E-12 - Minority Owned Corporations / Firms / Companies

          E-12 - [Minority Owned Corporations / Firms / Companies]

          [E-12(a) - Small Business Administration - Paul Glover Letter]


          OA 14910

          [Proclamation - Asian / Pacific American Heritage Week, 1986]

          [Press Release - Black History Month 02/02/1984]

          [Presidential Proclamation - National Afro-American (Black) History Month February


          [Proclamation - National Black (Afro - American) History Month, 1986]

          [Carrizolas-Wheeler Inc. Brochure]

          [Elam, Clarence R. (Correspondence 1982-1983)]

          Expand Associates, Inc (Background Brochure)

          Food and Agriculture Working Group Background Materials

          [Food and Agriculture Interagency Committees] (Notebook)

          Hill, Taylor & Co. (Background Brochure)

          Hold 1981(1)-(9)

          Hold 1981 [II]

          Hold 1982 (1)-(4)

          Hold 1982 [II]

          Hold 1983

          Hold 1983 [II]

          Hold 1984 (1)-(4)

          Hold 1985

          Hold 1986


          Box 11259

          Marshall & Associates

          [Federal Government Minority Bank Deposit Program] (Binder)

          [Minority Communications Office Proposal]

          Proclamations - Minority Enterprise Development Week, 1985 and 1986

          NAACP Annual Legislative Workshops (Folder)

          [National Minority Procurement Fair]

          Letter from Frank E. Pinder & Say Yes, Inc. Concept Paper

          [Public / Private Partnerships] (Notebook)

          Salomon Brothers Inc. (Background Brochure) 1981

          Scheduling Recommendations 1983-1986

          [Secretarial Candidates for Detail (Resumes)]

          Melvin Thompson (Country Club Crest Improvement Association of Vallejo, California)

          “A Proposal to Establish the President's Young Voters Board of Affairs” by David

                   Clarence Faulcon, North Texas State University Student August 1981 (Binder)

          Wharton, Leadership Education & Development (LEAD) 07/13/1984



          OA 09690

          Minority Appointment Strategy

          Plum Book: Color Coded According to Minority Appointments Strategy

          Minority Appointments Office Daily Log Book: Résumés

          Minority Appointments (Notebook) (1)-(5)

          [Black Appointee Statistics]

          [Merit System Standard Regulations]

          [Talent Search Results - December 1980] (1)-(3)

          General Résumé Correspondence, 12/17/1981-07/02/1981 (1)-(4)

          [Partial List: Minority Candidates]

          Partial List Minority Candidates

          [300 Files as of 01/20/1981 - List]

          [300 Files as of 01/20/1981 – List for Card File]

          Top 300 Résumés (Minorities) (Card File – In Card Box 1)

          [Résumés (Minorities] (Card File – In Card Boxes 2-4)


          OA 13333

          Council for Opportunity in Graduate Management Education - Resumes of Minority Students Spring 1981

          Resume Directory (Submitted to Computer) (Notebook)

          Resumes of Asian Americans (Notebook)

          Adams, Andred

          Adams, Theodore Jr.

          Adkins, Rutherford

          Alexander, Lenore Cole

          Alexander, T. M. Sr.

          Allen, Aris T.

          [Allen, Clifton W.]

          [Allen, Don C.]

          [Anderson, Carl D.]

          Andrews, Naomi

          [Archibald, B. Milele]

          Arrington, Lloyd Jr.

          Austin, Sarah

          Bagley, Kernan

          Baker, Roland

          Ballentine, Krim M.

          [Barber, Leroy E.]

          Barber, Richard E.

          Barnes, Donna Maria 

          [Barnes, Frances Agatha]

          [Barrett, Andrew C.]

          [Barrios, Arthur A.]

          [Baskerville, Yvonne Lacy]

          Bass, Josie

          [Bates, Leon E. Jr.]

          Battle, Beryl

          Baugh, James E.

          Beachem, William

          Beadle, Carol

          [Beard, Montgomery Jr.]

          [Beasley, Adrionne D.]

          Beech, Emmel

          Beekman,Augustus A. 

          [Bell, Charles]

          Bell, Theron ("Skip")

          Bell, William M.

          [Bellinger, Henry R.]

          Bembry, Lawrence

          [Benson, David Allen]

          Benton, Margaret

          Bernard, Linda

          Biggs, Bradley

          [Biggs, Charles F.]

          Binns, Milton

          Bivens, Edward

          [Bivins, Otis Lewis]

          [Blackshear, Marc]

          [Blackshear, Patsy Baker]

          Bobo, Benjamin

          [Bogdan, Deborah J.]

          [Boldon, Grace G.]

          Bonaparte, John Hurst

          Bond, James G.

          [Bonds, Walter L.]

          [Boucree, Catherine M.]

          Bowie, James S.

          [Bowie, Victoria]

          Boyd, Janie

          [Boykin, Nancy M.]

          Bradley, George J. Jr.

          [Brantley, Robert L.]

          Brimmer, Andrew F.

          Brizill, Dorothy

          Bromery, Randolph Wilson

          [Brooks, Lillian A.]

          Brooks, Ronald B.

          [Brooks, Rosemary]

          [Brown, Gordon D.]

          [Brown, Henry H.]

          Brown, Karen V.

          [Brown, Raymond L.]

          [Brown, Reginald J.]

          Brown, Robert J.

          Brown, Ronald

          Bruce, Preston Jr.

          [Bryan, Dorothy Payne]

          [Bryan, Locksley Hugh]

          Budd, Wayne A.

          Buffkins, Archie

          Buford , James H.

          Burnette, Alice (Green)

          Burton,Melvin M. 

          Byrd, Toye


          OA 13334

          [Callender, Eugene S.

          [Calvin, Richard "Tip"]

          Campbell, Peggy

          Carlo, L. Diaz

          Capdeville, Douglas L.

          Cannon, N. Carl

          Carmicle, Orestes C.

          Carter, Louis

          Catlin, Robert A.

          [Ceffalo, Alberto]

          Chisholm, Shirley

          Christopher, Garland (Ph.D)

          Chunn, Jay

          [Cleland, John H.]

          [Clemons, Robert]

          Cloud, Eric W.

          [Cockrill, Judy F.]

          [Coleman, Jerald C. Jr.]

          [Collier, Errol L. and Payne, Clem Jr.]

          [Collins, Charles II]

          Collins, Jo Ann

          Collins, Joanne Marcella

          Collins, Robert E.

          Colom, Wilbur O.

          [Cooper, Earl "Skip" II]

          Cooper, Joseph N.

          Cornelius, Samuel J.

          Cornwell, Hazel

          Coruthers, Earl

          Covington, Francis A.

          Crittendon, Jack E.

          Cross, St. George Idris Byron

          Cummings, James C. Jr.

          [Cummings, Marlene A.]

          Curry, Jerry R.

          [Dane, Edmund M.]

          [Daniels, Hattie]

          Davenport, Lawrence

          [Davenport, Ronald Ross]

          Davidson, Fred III

          Davidson, Jackie

          Davidson, Robertson G.

          [Davis, Bettye A.]

          Davis, Jean

          [Davis, John W.]

          Davis, Jonetta

          Davis, Mike

          Davis, Morris

          Davis, Phillip J.

          [Davis, Ronald]

          Dawkins, Maurice

          De Baca, Fernando E.C.

          Delaney, Henry

          Dickerson, Dorothy J.

          Diers, Donald D.

          [Dixon, Arrington]

          [Dobbs, Guy H.]

          [Doley, Harold E. Jr.]

          [Dove, Adrian]

          Down, Dorita

          Dozier, Dorothy

          Driver, Elwood

          [Dubisette, Elaine Huldah]

          Duggin, Thelma

          [Dumas, Roburt Andre Sr.]

          Duncan, Jerome N.

          Dutia, Suren

          Dyer, Lionel R.

          [Dyer, Norman E.]

          Eddington, Susan J.

          Edmonds, Helen G.

          [Edmonds, Lucia]

          Edwards, Donata L.

          Edwards, Paul

          Elam, Patricia

          Elliott, William

          [Ellis, William W.]

          Evans, Melvin

          [Evans, Shirley Graham]

          Evers, Sheila D.

          [Farmer, Ruthe]

          Fashaw, Rochell

          [Favors, Vanicha Ruth]

          [Felder, Henry Edward]

          Ferguson, George

          [Fields, Walter L. Jr.]

          [Fields, Yolanda Michelle]

          [Fisher, Dorothy J.]

          Fisher, William

          Fletcher, Arthur

          Flournoy, James l.

          [Ford, Bowles C.]

          Ford, David L.

          Ford, John W. III

          Ford, Sharon Y.

          [Fortson, John C.]

          [Foshee, Stanley Kirkland]

          Foster, Delores - Jackson, Beverly - Pegues, Francine]

          Foster, Luther

          [Foxworth, Aletha Odom]

          [Francis, H. Milton

          Franklin, (Dr.) Delores M.

          Freeman,Claire E. 

          [Freeman, Richard S.]

          French, David M.

          [Funn, Langston D.]


          OA 13335

          Garrett, Thaddeus

          [Gayton, Gary D.]

          Gill, Wanda

          [Gilliam, Dubois L.]

          [Gilreath, James J.]

          [Gloria, Hermilo R.]

          Gloster, Hugh M.

          Goldman, Bruce

          [Gonzalez, Wilfredo J.]

          [Gordon, Zella T.]

          Gravley, Samuel L. Jr.

          Gray, Elisha Delbert

          Gray, Hope Murchell

          [Gray, Larry J.]

          [Greene, James E.]

          Gregg, Lt. General Arthur J.

          [Grimes, Myrtle E.]

          [Grymes, Beverly]

          Gunn, Wendell

          Gunter, Laurie M.

          Haley, George

          Hampton, William L. (Willie)

          Harbour, Pat

          [Hardin, Robbie J.]

          [Hardy, Gilbert E.]

          Harris, Caspa L.

          [Harris, Joan Berneda]

          [Harris, Marsha A.

          Harris, Lawrence E.

          [Hartigan, John]

          [Harvey, Reginald W.]

          Harvey, Robert L.

          [Hawkins, John R. III]

          Hayden, William H.

          [Hayes, Warren]

          Hayes-Brown, Lorraine

          Hayes, Junius

          [Haynes, Andrew B.]

          Haynes, Leonard L. III

          [Hays, Hazel G.]

          Henderson, Lenneal

          [Henry, Laurel C.]

          [Hicks, Donald A.]

          [Hill, Andrea Estelle]

          Hodges, Clarence

          Hodges, Norman

          [Holmes, Delores]

          [Holmes, Lynn R.]

          [Holt, Laura M.]

          Hooker, Catherine J. L.

          [Hostler, Charles W.]

          [House, James E.]

          Hoyte, James S.

          [Hubbard, Kenneth A.]

          [Hudson, Betty Jean]

          [Hudson, Joseph T.]

          [Hunter, Andre]

          Hunter, Clarence W.

          Huntley, Ronald D.

          Jackson, Adrienne

          [Jackson, Emory]

          [Jackson, Judith M.]

          Jackson, Nathaniel

          [Jackson, Sheila Johnson]

          Jacob-Kraft, Paula

          [James, Ayleen L.]

          Jeffries, Countess P.


          Jenkins, Elaine B.

          Jenkins, Elaine / Howard Jr.

          Jenkins, Howard III

          Jenkins, Timothy

          [Jenkins, Tracy]

          Jewel, Paula

          Johnson, Charles

          Johnson, Gene

          [Johnson, Gregory E. Sr.]

          [Johnson, Jesse W.]

          Johnson, Lonell

          [Johnson, Louis J.]

          Johnson, Mordecai C.

          [Johnson, Nathaniel C.]

          Johnson, P. Louis

          [Johnson, Rosalind W.]

          [Jones, Dionne J.]

          [Jones, Eric Louis]

          Jones, Faustine

          Jones, Howard

          Jones, Nathaniel

          [Jones, James L.]

          [Jones, Jennifer L.]

          Jordan, William F.

          [Joseph, Christina R.]

          Kaiser, Inez

          Kamara, Barbara Ferguson

          [Kelly, Burnett S.]

          [Kelly, Sandra Lee]

          Kemp, C. Robert

          Kennedy, Alfred

          [King, Maria]

          King, Nick

          King, Ruth

          Kisner, Gerald


          OA 13336

          La Fontant, Jewel

          [Lanier, Linda]

          [Lawrence, Charles W.]

          Lawrence, Jimi Anne

          Lawrence, Paul

          [Laymon, John W.]

          Leatherwood, Larry L.

          [Lee, James E. III]

          Lee-Miller, Stephanie,

          Leftwich, Willie L.

          [Lindsay, Gilbert W.]

          [Linse, James P.]

          [Lithgow, William J.]

          Little, Floyd

          Lloyd, Kent

          [Long, Gloria Regina]

          Long, Nira

          Love, Ezekiel

          Lowry, James H.

          Lucas, Henry (Dr.)

          [Lucas, William Larry]

          Lundy, Rafield

          [Luther, Charles]

          Luther, Hilton Foster

          [Lyons, Theodore]

          McAdoo, Harriett

          [McDonald, John T. III]

          McGinty, Doris Evans

          [McGowan, Fonda L.]

          [McIntosh, Rhodina C.]

          [McKay, Margo]

          McKee, Barbara

          McKee, Clarence

          [McKenzie, Lynn Spearman]

          [McKiernan, Stanley W.]

          McKinney, Rufus

          [Magowan, Peter A.

          [Mahoney, Kevin]

          Manly, Howard F.

          Mann, Lawrence C.

          [Marbley, Dorothy]

          [Marshall, Betty A.]

          [Marshall, James D. Jr.]

          Mason, Phil

          Mayberry, Claude

          [Mayes, Joan Dee]

          Mayo, J. W.

          Meggett, Gerald J.

          [Mendinghall, Joseph Scott]

          Michel, Harriet R.

          Miles, Merry J.

          Miller, James E.

          [Mills, Edrena R.]

          Mills, Miriam

          Minor, Marilyn

          [Montano, Gilbert]

          [Montgomery, Carolyn]

          [Montgomery, Catherine L.]

          Moore, Ernest

          Moore, Ettyce H.

          Moore,  Jerry A. (Rev.)

          [Moore, Patricia A.]

          [Moore, William M.]

          [Moreno, W.R. "Rich"]

          Morrison, Gwen [I]

          Morrison, Gwen [II]

          Morrison, James W. Jr.

          [Morrison, Marva T.]

          [Morrison, Trudi]

          [Morrow, E. Frederic]

          [Morton, Audrey Farrar]

          [Mose, Linda Kathleen]

          Moten, Sarah E. (Dr.)

          [Moy, Celeste M.]

          Naughton,  Ezra

          [Nettles, Ernestine]

          Nix, Lulu May Hill

          Oliver, Wallace G.

          Ollie, Bert W. Jr.

          [Oxendine, John E.]

          Pannell, T. W.

          [Paris, Calvin R.]

          Parker, Eleanor

          [Parks, Paul]

          [Patnett, John H.]

          [Patricio, Eduardo T.]

          Patterson, Leonard C. ,

          [Patterson, Maxie L.]

          Payne, N. Joyce

          Pearson, Dorothy

          Pendleton, Clarence M.,

          [Pendleton, George Wallace]

          [Perry, Lowell - Fletcher, Isaiah C. - Tucker, Mary - Kelly, Burnett]

          Perry, Napoleon L.

          Pickard, William

          Pierce, Samuel R.

          Pinto, Patricia M.

          Plummer, Berna D.

          Ponder, Henry

          [Porter, Blanchita P.]

          [Porter, Joanne]

          [Post, Homer V. Jr.]

          Poussaint, Alvin (M.D.)

          Primm, Beny (M. D.)

          Proctor, Earl D.

          [Quann, Warren Wendell]

          [Quarles, Christopher C. III]


          OA 13337

          [Randolph, Anthony A.]

          Range, Leslie G.

          [Rasin, Beth A.]

          Redditt, Edward S. Jr.

          [Redman, DeVera Yvonne]

          Reed, Vincent

          [Reed-Rowe, Helen]

          [Reid, Annie T.]

          [Reynard, Garace A.]

          Rhea, Michael Q.

          [Rhodes, Joseph Jr.]

          Rhodes, Steve

          Ricks, Everett E.

          Rice, Joseph M.

          [Ridley, Mary L.]

          Riles, Wilson

          Rimpel, August

          [Rivers, Mark E. Jr.]

          [Roberts, JoAnn]

          Roberts, Willie

          Robertson, William B.

          Robinson, Jack E.

          [Robinson, Stephanie G.]

          [Robinson, Yvonne Davis]

          Roby, Mabry T.

          Rodriquez, Regina Mitchell

          [Roggerson, Chris Jr.]

          Rollins, Judith C.

          [Ross, Stephen M.]

          [Ross, Wilbur L.]

          [Rourk, Theora Anne]

          Royal, Frank S.

          [Sanders, Patricia V.]

          [Saunders, H. Reed]

          Savage, Kaye E.

          Sawyer, Granville M.

          Sawyer, Mary

          Scott, Walter

          Scott-Brookins, Portia

          Seagears, Margaret J.

          [Simkins, Jeanne Tyson]

          [Simms, William Henry]

          [Simpson, A. Maurice]

          Simpson, Rachel M.

          [Simpson-Davis, Gwendolynmary]

          [Sims, Steven]

          Singleton, Harry M. ,

          Slaughter, Elizabeth A.

          [Smith, Al (Kendall)]

          [Smith, Charles]

          Smith, Dan

          [Smith, Gregory Robeson]

          Smith, J. Clay Jr.

          Smith, Robert E. Jr.

          Smith, Sandra

          Smothers, Curtis

          Solomon, Gerald P.

          [Somerville, Regina]

          Spearman, Leonard

          [Speigner, Theodore R.]

          Spellman, Mitchell  M.D.

          Spurlock, Delbert

          [Spurlock, Peola]

          Stansel, Mary

          [Stephens, Evelyn F.]

          Sterling, Ben

          Sterling, Sam

          Steverson, Howard L.

          [Stokes, Sim E. III]

          [Stradford, Leslee Susan]

          Sullivan, Joyce

          Sutton, Jerry

          Syndor, Norris William Jr.

          [Tabor, Edward W.]

          Taliaferro, Linda

          [Talley, Laverne]

          Tatum, Kenneth I.

          Taylor, Carol Ann

          Taylor, Charles

          Taylor, Lawnie

          Taylor, Quentin S.

          Taylor, Ruth Sloan

          Teele, Art

          [Theus, Lucius]

          Thomas, Dorothea

          Thomas, Edith

          Thomas, Frank

          [Thomas, George Bell Sr.]

          [Thomas, Larrain]

          Thomas, Muriam [empty]

          Thompson, Ronald M.

          [Thompson, William L.]

          Tisdale, Raphael E.

          Todd, Leon W. Jr.

          [Toliver, James T.]

          Tolliver, Lennie Marie P.

          Tombs, Leroy C. Sr.

          Toote, Gloria,


          Tucker, Bob

          Tucker, Willie E.

          [Tungate, Donald E.]

          [Turner, Franklin]

          [Turner, Howard J. Jr.]

          [Tyler, Warren W.]


          OA 13338

          Urbina, Ricardo Manuel

          [Ulloa, Roland Anthony]

          [Valadez, Stanley]

          [Vanderpool, Dwan Constance]

          [Van Devanter, Ann]

          [Van Favors, Bettye]

          Vialent, Fred

          Walker, Simon

          Wallace, Everett C.

          Wallace, Joan S.

          [Wade, William]

          [Ware, Thaddeus V.]

          [Washington, Andrew]

          [Washington, Gloria]

          [Washington, Robert E.]

          Watkins, Goldie B.

          [Webb, Theodora G.]

          [Webb, Willi L. Turner]

          Weiss, Vera

          [Welburn, Clarke B.]

          Wells, Charles

          Wells, Timothy

          Welters, Anthony

          Wharton, Clifton Reginald Jr.

          [White, Edward Jr.]

          [White, Gary L.]

          White, Carol

          White, Louise

          [White, Preston C.]

          [White, Preston L.]

          White, Margaret Batchelor

          [Wicker, Cynthia]

          [Wideman, Silvester P.]

          [Wiggins, Manuel]

          [Wigglesworth, Dorothy]

          Wiley, Phyllis

          Wilfong, Henry T.

          Wilkes, Ernest J. [empty]

          [Wilkinson, Winston A.]

          Williams, Annette L.

          Williams, Barry

          Williams, Bernice

          Williams, Betty S.

          [Williams, Carmen]

          Williams, Charles E.

          Williams,Clyde W.

          Williams, James

          [Williams, Oscar S.]

          [Williams, Owen Lee]

          Williams, Walter

          Wilson, Ed

          [Wilson, Lance H.]

          Wilson, Margaret B.

          Wilson, Margie

          Wims, W. Gregory

          [Wolfe, Elizabeth M.]

          [Woodard, Carolyn A.]

          Woodrick, Nathaniel W.

          Woodson, Sharon L.

          [Wortham, Offie C.]


          Wright, Angela

          [Wright, Elizabeth S.]

          Wright, Nathan

          Wright, Robert L.

          [Wright, William D.]

          Wright, William J.

          [Wynn, Patricia]

          Young, Clifford

          Dr. Young’s Proposal for Welfare Reform

          [Zastrow, Leona M.]

          [Zaidi, S.H. (Nayyar)]

          [Zatarga, Mary Hill]

          Additional Resumes I (1)-(10)

          Additional Resumes II



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