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BRANDON, MABEL (MUFFIE): Files, 1981-1984


Office of Social Affairs


OA 7163

Social Events B January 1981-02/25/1981


OA 7164

Social Events-02/26/1981-04/30/1981


OA 7165

Social Events-05/02/1981-06/24/1981


OA 7166

Social Events-06/30/1981-09/14/1981 (see OA 7181)


OA 7167

Social Events-09/15/1981-10/30/1981 (see OA 7181)


OA 7168

Social Events-11/02/1981-12/30/1981


OA 7169

Children's Programs [Christmas]

Christmas 1981 (1)-(3)

Christmas at the White House 1982 (MHB) [Binder] (1)-(7)

Christmas Card List

Christmas Decorations for the White House

Christmas Gifts from Mrs. Reagan

Christmas Party for President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan

Christmas Present for Senior White House Staff and Cabinet

Christmas Tree File

Dollhouse [Christmas]

Jamie Wyeth Christmas Card

Revised Christmas Plans

[Samples of Gift Wrapping Paper]

Santa Claus

White House and EOP Staff Tour December 13

Presentation of Christmas Tree December 2

Press Preview December 7

Tour for Handicapped December 8

Tour for Volunteers December 8

Tour for Senior Citizens December 9

Congressional Families Tour December 10

Congressional Staff Tour December 11

Military and Secret Service Tour December 12

Diplomatic Children's Party December 14

Press Christmas Party December 14

Press Party December 15

Party for Deaf Children December 15

Congressional White House Open House December 16

Pageant of Peace December 17

White House Resident Staff Tour December 18

Senior Staff Open House December 20

Visit of Prince Fahd / Saudi Arabia 1982 (Canceled)


OA 7170

Social Events-01/05/1982-02/23/1982


OA 7171

Social Events-03/01/1982-03/25/1982


OA 7172

Social Events-03/28/1982-05/24/1982


OA 7173

Social Events-June 1982-July 1982 (see OA 7181)


OA 7174

Social Events-August 1982-10/06/1982


OA 7175

Social Events-10/07/1982-12/21/1982


OA 7176

Choirs (1)(2)

Christmas 1982 (All Info)

Christmas at the White House 1982 [Binder] (1)-(3)

Christmas Card Lists for 1982

Christmas Cards (1)-(5)

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Present for Mrs. Reagan from Staff 1982

Christmas Schedule [1982]

Memos [1982]

[Memos re: Participation in a White House Staff Christmas Sing-a-Long]

Presentation of Christmas Tree 12/9/1982

The President Taping for NBC Special 12/10/1982 Library 1:30pm

Mrs. Reagan Taping for NBC Special 12/10/1982 Blue Room 2:30 pm

Polish Solidarity Ceremony 12/10/1982 9:30

Christmas Decorating Begins 12/11/1982 12:00 [Empty]

Decorating Proceeds 12/12/1982 [Empty]

NBC Christmas Special 12/12/1982 (1)(2)

Taping of Christmas in Washington 12/12/1982

Press Preview of Christmas Tree 12/13/1982 11:30am

Diplomatic Children's Party 12/13/1982 4:00pm

Congressional Party 12/13/1982 8:00pm

Press Christmas Open House 12/14/1982 8:00pm

Tour for Handicapped 12/14/1982 2:00pm

Lighting of Christmas Tree 12/16/1982 6:00pm

Tour for Press & Families 12/16 1982 2-4pm

Press Christmas Party II 12/16/1982 8:00pm

Tour for Senior Citizens 12/17/1982 6:00-8:00pm

Residence Staff Reception 12/17/1982 2:00-4:00pm

Secret Service Party 12/18/1982 6:00pm

Military Tour [12/18/1982]

White House, EOB & Volunteer Open House 12/19/1982 1:00-5:00pm

Mrs. Reagan's Christmas Party for Staff 12/20/1982

Congressional Tour 12/20/1982 6:00

White House Senior Staff Party 12/21/1982 8:00pm

Awards Ceremony 10:30am 12/22/1982

Candlelight Tours 12/27/1982 6:00-8:00 [Empty]

Candlelight Tours 12/28/1982 6:00-8:00 [Empty]

Candlelight Tours 12/29/1982 6:00-8:00 [Empty]


OA 7177

Miscellaneous Files

MHB Memos January 1982-June 1982

MHB Memos - [October 1982-December 1982]

MHB Memos 1983


OA 7178

Miscellaneous Files

Queen's Visit to California 1983


OA 7179

Miscellaneous Files

MHB Travel

Administrative Matters

FBI Forms and Personnel Records

Mrs. Reagan's Past Blocks

President's Task Force on Arts and the Humanities (2 Folders)


OA 7180

Miscellaneous Files:

Visitors' Office / Tour Office


White House Treasurer's Report - 1980 (Credit Union)

Vice President

Thank You Notes from MHB to White House Staff

Polish Events

President - Personal (Clothing, etc.)

President's Box - JFK Center

Prayer Breakfast Material


Radio and TV Correspondence Association

Administrative Matters - White House


Budget (Entertainment)

Cabinet Roster


Congressional Inquires and Correspondence

Contributed Chocolates

Criticism of White House

Critiques of Events

Ellipse Performances

Alternate Official Dinners

Memos sent back to Muffie from Mike Deaver

Memos sent back to Muffie from Joe Canzeri

Mrs. Reagan's Notes

Grants for the Arts (Private Sector)

American Music Scholarship Association

Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts

Young Artists in Performance at the White House

Letters to Promising Artists of the Future

Wines and Vineyards



Tex McCrary

Jubilee Housing

The Home and School Institute, Inc.

Photographs - Diane Brown Gallery

Photographs - General

Library of Congress Newsletters

News Clippings - President Reagan

Mrs. Reagan's Past Schedules January 1982-November 1982

Guidelines for Use of Residence

Gifts (Correspondence)

Ted Graber Tea Table

Food (Organizations)


Easter 1982

Decorator - John Irelan

Flower Arrangements (Photos)

Family Theater - Past Months Schedules, December 1981-December 1982

Family Theater - Regulations Schedules March 1981-November 1981

Federal Arts Funding (Memos and Correspondence)

Mrs. Reagan's Invitation Lists Broken Down by Categories (binder)


OA 7181

Miscellaneous Files

Social Events: January 1982-July 1982

Social Events: September 1981-October 1981

Mrs. Reagan's Past Schedules March 1981-December 1981

Schedules for Office of Social Secretary (Calendar Blocks)

Mrs. Reagan's Guest Lists (See Also Invitation List in OA 7180)

Mrs. Reagan - Memos / Letters

Scenarios - Outdoors

Scenarios - Indoors

Matters of Policy for this Office

First Lady - Gift Ideas


MHB Personal Guest List

Beginnings (TV Series for New Artists)

Hotel Confirmation Forms


OA 7182

Miscellaneous Files

MHB Memos from White House Staff, June 1982-December 1982


OA 8612 (uninventoried)

Correspondence from Mrs. Mabel Brandon: A - G (1982)


OA 8613 (uninventoried)

Correspondence from Mrs. Mabel Brandon: H B Q (1982)


OA 8614 (Uninventoried)

Correspondence from Mrs. Mabel Brandon: R-Z (1982)

Correspondence from Mrs. Mabel Brandon: A-Z (1983)


OA 11456

01/03/1983 Dinner - Congressional Leadership -

01/04/1983 Breakfast GOP Congressional Leaders

01/05/1983 Luncheon President Navon of Israel

01/06/1983 Bill Signing Surface Transportation Assistance Act / Dinner, New Elected

Members of Congress

01/07/1983 Tea, Mrs. Navon of Israel

01/07/1983 Bill Signing, Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982

01/15/1983 Reception Martin Luther King Day

01/17/1983 Reception, Republican Leadership

01/18/1983 Tea, Mrs. Nakasone of Japan

01/18/1983 Luncheon, Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan

01/19/1983 Breakfast, Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan

01/19/1983 Private Dinner

01/20/1983 International Youth Exchange

01/24/1983 Dinner / Vatican Treasures (New York)

01/27/1983 Tea, Mrs. Mubarak of Egypt / Luncheon, President Mubarak of Egypt

01/28/1983 Budget Briefing, Republican Members of Congress / Reception, National Conference of Mayors

01/31/1983 Budget Briefing, Congressional Leadership

02/02/1983 Meeting, World Jewish Conference, Private Dinner

02/03/1983 Luncheon, Chancellor Kreisky of Austria

02/04/1983 Senate Youth Program

02/07/1983 Breakfast, Freshman Republican Representatives

02/07/1983 Signing Ceremony, Air and Space Bicentennial

02/08/1983 Ceremony, African Development Bank

02/09/1983 Luncheon, Regional Editors

02/09/1983 State Dinner, President of Portugal Canceled

02/17/1983 State and Local Officials

02/18/1983 Luncheon, Prime Minister Willoch of Norway

02/22/1983 Medal Presentation, Prime Minister Seaga, Jamaica

02/22/1983 Reception, Conservative Groups

02/23/1983 Breakfast, Godfrey Sperling

02/23/1983 Luncheon, Medal of Freedom

02/24/1983 Briefing, State and Local Officials

02/24/1983 Reception, American Legion Auxiliary

02/27/1983 Dinner, State Governors

02/28/1983 Meeting, National Governors Association

03/10/1983 Reception, National Newspaper Association

03/11/1983 Breakfast, Sophomore Class of Republican Representatives

03/11/1983 Reception, National Conference of State Legislators

03/14/1983 Briefing, State and Local Officials

03/15/1983 Luncheon, Prime Minister Lubbers of the Netherlands

03/15/1983 Reception, Country Music Association

03/18/1983 Signing Ceremony, Small Business Report

03/21/1983 Reception, Republican Congressional Leadership Council

03/21/1983 Dinner, The Chemical People

03/23/1983 Luncheon, Key Supporters

03/23/1983 Dinner, Cabinet and Joint Chiefs of Staff

03/25/1983 American Cancer Society Event

03/28/1983 Carnival of the Animals

03/30/1983 Luncheon, President Kaunda of Zambia

03/30/1983 Presidential Statement Regarding Meeting with NATO Ambassadors

04/06/1983 - PBS Taping "In Performance" (1)(2)

04/07/1983 Breakfast, Senate Class of 1980

04/07/1983 Briefing, State and Local Officials

04/07/1983 Reception, Brady Foundation

04/08/1983 Tea, Mrs. Hurtado of Ecuador

04/08/1983 Luncheon, President Hurtado of Ecuador

04/08/1983 Baatan, Corregidor WWII Women POWs, MIAs

04/08/1983 Briefing, Republican National Committee