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BREAUX, MERLIN: Files, 1985-1986


Office of Public Liaison


Merlin Breaux was born on January 15, 1932.  He was born in Sour Lake, Louisiana. He attended local schools and graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Louisiana after taking time off for a time in the US Air Force.  Breaux began work with oil companies during his college years and worked for Gulf Oil Corporation most of his adult life, rising from an industrial relations specialist to a corporate vice president.  He was asked to work for President Reagan and was a Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison working in mostly commercial and business outreach.  Mr. Breaux died on July 25, 2009.


This collection consists of four series: Series I: Subject File, Series II: Events; Series III: Mari Maseng Events and Series IV: Correspondence. The Library originally had a small collection for Breaux, but later material was found created by him in his assistant Todd Foley’s collection and his successor, Dan Danner’s collection.



          Box 001F

          Alcoholism Council of Greater New York

          American Association of Airport Executives

          American Concrete Pipe Association

          American Hardware Manufacturers Association

          American Supply and Machinery Manufacturers Association

          FY 1987 Budget

          Business Roundtable Employee Relations Committee

          Center for Space Policy (The)

          Chief Executive Officers Tax Group

          Citizens for a Sound Economy - I

          Citizens for a Sound Economy - II

          Coalition of Americans for Privatization 01/23/1986

          Comparable Worth

          Crafted with Pride

          Letters Regarding Dairy Buyout Program

          Downtown Jaycees

          Electronics Industry Association

          FMC Corporation

          Forging Industry Association

          Foundation for American Entrepreneurship

          General Motors

          Gift Unit

          Gold Bullion Act of 1985

          Government Research Corporation

          Hardwood Manufactures Association

          Institute of International Education

          International Brotherhood of Teamsters

          Joint Action in Community Service

          Meat Importers Council of America

          Mid America Committee

          National Association of Homebuilders

          National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers

          National Glass Association

          National Insulation Contractors Association

          (National Medal of Arts) Linda Faulkner's Request for July 14 Luncheon

          National Turkey Federation

          National Technical Services Association

          North Carolina League of Savings Institutions

          Olympic Tool and Machine Company

          President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

          Pro-Trade Group

          Red Food Store Cancer Control Program


          White House Conference on Small Business

          Society of American Florists

          Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association - II

          State of the Union 1985

          Memos from Debbie Hutton for Surrogate Speakers

          Tax Reform Action Coalition

          Touche Ross & Company

          Trade Coalition Group



          SERIES II:  EVENTS

          Box 002F

          08/08/1985 Industrial Relations Research Association’s Panel Discussion on Techniques

                   of Collective Bargaining

          09/23/1985 Trade Address (POTUS)

          10/09/1985 Speech - New Jersey Alliance For Action – New Brunswick, NJ

          10/16/1985 Florida Progress Corporation

          10/18/1985 Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Briefing

          10/18/1985 POTUS Meeting with Chief Executive Officers

          10/29/1985 National LP - Gas Association

          10/31/1985 General Motors and United Auto Workers Group

          11/15/1985 Speech - College of William and Mary Accounting Society – Williamsburg,


          11/15/1985 Trade Briefing

          11/19/1985 National Federation of Independent Business

          11/20/1985-11/21/1985 Speech - Merchants and Manufacturers Association – Los

                   Angeles, CA

          11/25/1986 National Association of Manufacturers (Associations Council)

          11/25/1985 National Turkey Federation, POTUS

          12/03/1985 Tax Reform Action Coalition

          12/04/1985 Speech - Petersburgh, VA Chamber of Commerce

          12/05/1985 Sears Roebuck and Company

          12/12/1985 Bethesda Cosmopolitan Club

          12/12/1985 Present Awards to Farm Families Regarding Conservation

          01/02/1986 Budget - Deficit Meeting

          01/02/1986 Attendees for Briefing for Business Council

          01/13/1986 Meeting with Linda Chavez and DRC Steering committee

          01/23/1986 Meeting with Chief Executive Officers and POTUS

          01/24/1986 Briefing - GOP Activists and Budget Interest Groups

          01/24/1986 Briefing - Chief  Executive Officers (CEO) Regarding Budget Deficit

          01/27/1986 Briefing on Budget Deficit

          01/27/1986 Meeting with Chief Executive Officers re: Budget Deficit

          01/30/1986 Briefing - Council of Engineers and Scientists Organization

          01/31/1986 Briefing - American Speedy Printing Centers, Inc.

          02/02/1986 Budget Briefing – Chief Executive Officers

          02/06/1986 Speech – Stetson University – Tampa, FL - Cancelled

          02/07/1986 Speech – Association of General Contractors – Biloxi, MI - Cancelled

          02/10/1986 Briefing - Council on French Investment

          02/13/1986, 02/27/1986,04/24/1986, 05/0-7/1986 United Auto Workers – General

                   Motors Briefings

          02/19/1986 Briefing - Business Council

          02/19/1986 Briefing - American Tort Reform Association

          02/24/1986 Briefing - National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

          02/25/1986 Briefing - Credit Union National Association

          02/27/1986 Briefing – United Auto Workers – General Motors

          02/28/1986 Speech - Capitol Hill Club - Classification and Compensation Society

          03/03/1986 Speech - West Texas Chamber of  Commerce

          03/04/1986 Briefing - American Association of Airport Executives

          03/04/1986 Briefing – NebraskaLeadership Education/Action Development Program

          03/05/1986 Briefing - Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce

          03/05/1986 Briefing - New England Council

          03/11/1986 Briefing - Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

          03/12/1986 Briefing - Food Service Executives

          03/12/1986 Briefing - Rhode Island Bankers Association

          03/12/1986 Speech - Cascade Employers Association Annual Management Conference –

                   Portland, OR - Cancelled

          03/14/1986 Grocery Manufacturers Association

          03/14/1986 Producer's Advisory Forum

          03/17/1986 Briefing - Independent Insurance Agents of America

          03/18/1986 Briefing - National Association of Federal Credit Unions

          03/19/1986 Indiana Agricultural Leaders

          03/19/1986 Speech - Young Men's Business League, Beaumont, Texas

          03/20/1986 Meeting with American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

          03/21/1986 Speech - American Society of Civil Engineers Spring Meeting – Beaumont,


          03/27/1986 Briefing - Clemson Graduate Students

          03/27/1986 Saudi Arms Sale Meeting

          04/03/1986 Dallas Eagles Event

          04/07/1986 National Industrial Transportation League

          04/07/1986 Briefing - Proctor and Gamble (empty)

          04/08/1986 Briefing - Executive Club of Chicago

          04/08/1986 Briefing - Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

          04/09/1986-04/10/1986 Speech - Texas Association of Business -- Canceled

          04/11/1986 Briefing - University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

          04/14/1986 American Society for Personnel Administration

          04/15/1986 Iowa Bankers

          04/16/1986 Briefing - American Council of Life Insurance

          04/17/1986 Michigan Farm Bureau

          04/17/1986 Briefing - Natural Gas Deregulations - Department of Energy


          Box 003F

          04/18/1986 South African Working Group

          04/22/1986 Briefing - Association Specialty Contractors

          04/22/1986 Briefing - Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business

          04/23/1986 International Forum of The U. S. Chamber of Commerce

          04/23/1986 Speech - Women's Bond Club of New York -- Canceled

          04/23/1986 Marshall, TX Chamber of Commerce

          04/23/1986 Greater Marshall Chamber of Commerce

          04/24/1986 Briefing - Economic Summit

          04/25/1986 Speech - West Texas Chamber of Commerce – Amarillo, TX

          04/28/1986 Briefing - Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce

          04/29/1986 Chamber of Commerce / Small Business

          04/29/1986 Briefing - National Association of Bank Women

          05/02/1986 Briefing - California Bankers Association

          05/02/1986 Briefing - Specialty Advertising Association International

          05/05/1986 Breakfast with Business Leaders

          05/05/1986 Briefing - Foreign Investment Policy Forum

          05/05/1986 Government Research Corporation - Foreign Investment Policy Forum

          05/05/1986 Briefing - Industry Council for Tangible Assets

          05/08/1986 National Forest Products Association

          05/08/1986 Speech - National Petroleum Refiners Association – Dallas, TX

          05/09/1986-05/10/1986 - Travel to Hot Springs, VA as Guest of Business Council 

          05/12/1986 Employees Relations Committee of the Business Roundtable

          05/13/1986 North Carolina League of Savings Institutions

          05/13/1986 Briefing - Texas Association of Business

          05/14/1986 Connecticut Mutual Briefing

          05/14/1986 Briefing - POTUS - Tax Reform Action Coalition

          05/15/1986 Airline Pilots Association

          05/16/1986 Briefing - Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers

          05/16/1986 Speech – LamarUniversity Commencement

          05/19/1986 Briefing - American Supply Association (empty)

          05/19/1986 Briefing – New Hampshire Bankers Association

          05/20/1986 Briefing - Amusement and Music Operator Association

          05/20/1986 Speech - National Association of Credit Management Congress – Detroit, MI

          05/21/1986 Briefing - Batus Group

          05/21/1986 Briefing - American Resort and Residential Development Association

          05/29/1986 Briefing – POTUS - National Association of Manufacturers

          05/29/1986 Briefing - Society of Plastics Industry

          06/03/1986 International Management and Development Institute

          06/04/1986 Speech - DC Bar Association (Labor Relations)

          06/05/1986 Briefing - American Die Casting Institute

          06/09/1986 Book Presentation from Dr. Peter Nord to Mari Maseng Regarding Liability


          06/09/1986 American Stock Exchange

          06/10/1986 Speech - Business Roundtable Construction Committee

          06/10/1986 Briefing - POTUS 15/27/33 Tax Reform

          06/13/1986 Briefing - Businessmen on Investment Climate in Haiti

          Haiti / Caribbean Basin Initiative (packet) (1)-(3)

          06/14/1986 Speech: American Society For Personnel Management - Canceled

          06/16/1986 Briefing – Arkansas League of Savings Institutions

          06/17/1986 Briefing - International Association of Financial Planning

          06/17/1986 State Dinner for Head of State of Uruguay

          06/19/1986 Speech - DC Metro Subcontractor Association

          06/20/1986 Briefing - Association of School Business Officials

          07/03/1986-07/06/1986 Statue of Liberty Briefing

          07/17/1986 National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association



          Box 003F (Continued)

          Schedule for Mari with Leaders of Business Community

          June 7 Luncheon Hosted by Sandy Trowbridge

          July 14 Luncheon Hosted by Dick Lesher at Chamber

          July 15 Luncheon Hosted by Sam Maury

          June 17 Luncheon Hosted by Mike McKevitt



          Box 004F

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (A-C)

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (D-J)

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (K-L)

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (M-O)

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (P-R)

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (S-T)

          Chron Letters September 1985-December 1985 (U-Z)

          Chron Letters January 1986 (A-M)

          Chron Letters January 1986 (N-Z)

          Chron Letters February 1986-March 1986 (A-C)

          Chron Letters February 1986-March 1986 (D-G)

          Chron Letters February 1986-March 1986 (H-K)

          Chron Letters February 1986-March 1986 (L-M)

          Chron Letters February 1986-March 1986 (N-S)

          Chron Letters February 1986-March 1986 (T-Z)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (A-B)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (C-D)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (E-G)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (H-J)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (K-L)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (M-R)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (S)

          Chron Letters April 1986-May 1986 (T-Z)

          Chron Letters June 1986-July 1986 (A-D)

          Chron Letters June 1986-July 1986 (E-L)

          Chron Letters June 1986-July 1986 (M-O)

          Chron Letters June 1986-July 1986 (P-Z)

          Merlin Breaux (Chron File – 1986)

          Pat Buchanan Memos

          Linda Chavez Memos